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Main / Marisu

Countess Marisu Doeskin

Played by Eric {TMO} Thompson

  1. Character Notes
  2. History
  3. Doeskin Family
  4. Adventures
  5. Spells and Research
  6. Other Information:
    1. Zephyr, her horse
    2. Roleplay assistance links
    3. Roleplay ideas
    4. Bard abilities & links

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Character Summary:

Countess Marisu Doeskin showed up at Jistille Estates with no warning one day to announce that she was joining the Dragonslayers. She can barely hold her own on the field of combat, but she excels in the field of personal interaction. While the Slayers were engaged in Dryads Lair, her family has been largely wiped out in a civil war back in Drillian.

While working up a potential NPC and plot line for BOB, the character concept was a really good one, and BOB didn't think he'd be using it any time soon, but said that I had room for another henchman if I wanted. So I tweaked it, and added a few new twists, and wound up with Countess Marisu Doeskin. Because of the holidays and busy schedules all around I wasn't able to get with BOB to add her into Klooge properly before this Friday's session, but we decided it would work to introduce her here first.

Character Notes:

Description: A couple of inches over average height. Slim build. Longish blonde hair, bright blue eyes.
(CHA: 16; Appearance: 14; Leadership: 18; reasonably attractive looks, magnetic personality; )

rping an 18 Charisma score will be a challenge. ;) Please let me know if I start overdoing it. My plan is to do it similar to Ilero and Shur's quirks - present and obvious, without intruding too much on the game or story. And juggling 3 characters will also be a strain. I hope to not let one of them drop silent.

Scars (1 roll per level):

  • None Puncture on Thigh
  • None Scrape on Groin
  • None Scrape on Thigh
  • None Bite on Chest
    • LOL! - figures! Beauty shall not be tarnished!
  • None Didn't roll. No damage taken at 4th level
  • None Puncture on Wings/Back
  • Moderate Cut on Ankle


  • Joined the Dragonslayers on : Day 1 Trall ___ de, Man {Early Spring} 2nd, 343 SKR | EME-IC | Jan0314
  • Killed her first enemy; a goblin in the caves underneath Skull Castle.
  • Killed her first human; a pirate who had been holding her hostage; stabbed him in the back with a knife.
  • Burned by Black Dragon acid breath, 20hp dmg (out of 25 total); magically healed of all but 1 after.

Doeskin Family

The Marisu Doeskin Family Tree


  1. Alia Valebat era
    1. The Enemy of My Enemy
  2. Diplomatic Entanglements
    1. Setting Up Home
      1. House Affairs - Marisu's Notes
    2. Fool Me Twice - Marisu's Notes
    3. Bag Of Clouds

Spell Learning and Research

She seems to fit in light and sound-based spells, and maybe mental as well. I'm not sure about mind-altering spells like Charm Person or Hypnotism. They seem redundant next to her personal skills, but these would also let her work on hostiles, while talking wouldn't.

Known Spells:

1st Level 2nd Level 3rd Level
  1. Scroll
    • Copy
    • Message
    • Read Magic
    • Sound Bubble
  2. Scroll
    • Armor
    • Comprehend Languages
    • Sleep
    • Shocking Grasp
  1. Scroll
    • Glitterdust
  2. Libram d'Amberville
    • Power Word: Sleep
  1. Scroll- Phantom Steed

Available Spells to learn:

1st Level 2nd Level 3rd Level

Spells to find:

1st Level 2nd Level 3rd Level
  • Chromatic Orb
  • Color Spray
  • Dancing Lights
  • Dictation
  • Gaze Reflection
  • Hypnotism
  • Light
  • Phantasmal Force
  • Spook; a bit odd for her, but maybe useful for scaring off someone she doesn't want to hurt.
  • Blindness
  • Blur
  • Displace Self (?)
  • ESP
  • Forget
  • Glitterdust
  • Misdirection
  • Moon Rune
  • Whispering Wind

These are spells that fit with her current style. If she learns different spells that may change her style.

Other Information

Horse: Zephyr

  • Missing, presumed stolen by an escaping priest of Hades at Skull Church during her first adventure with the Dragonslayers. - Recovered
  • Lost, probably dead, after the group's capture by bugbears
  • Age: 5
  • INT: 1
  • Palomino, solid, no markings (A rich yellow-gold coat with a white mane and tail.)
  • Height: 16 hands;
  • Max Jump: Height: 4'; Length: 12'
  • Encumbrance: 180/270/360
  • Traits: None
  • Tricks: (max 6 + 1 per INT)
  1. Piaffes - This is the ability to perform a spectacular elevated trot in place—impressive to behold.
  2. Kicks/bites in battle - The horse assists the rider in combat by lashing out with its front hooves and biting during each combat round.
  3. Climbs stairs/steep incline - The horse is capable of climbing up stairs or steep inclines as long as there is adequate footing. The rider must make a Dexterity check at +2 on the die roll to remain in his seat.
  4. Pirouettes - The horse can turn in place in a circular motion that is useful to a character caught in a tight place or who wishes to whirl the animal about to face an approaching enemy.
  5. Walks sideways/reverse - This trick can be employed in crowd control to sweep compact groups of people out of the way, using the horse's bulk.
  6. Responds to call - The horse comes to its master when its name is called, when it's whistled for, or when summoned in any other manner, as long as it is within hearing distance.
  7. Protects Master - The horse guards a fallen or injured rider until help arrives, and it attacks all enemies who threaten its charge.

Potentially useful links for myself:

Possible Future Roleplay Ideas

  • If she ever becomes my primary character, a henchman for her: an assassin-turned-bodyguard. That would give her some additional combat protection, as well as some rp contrast between diplomatic negotiator and casual violence. ;)

Bardic abilities & links

  • Bards - bard page
    • Influence NPC reactions - group save vs paralyzation -1/3 bard levels
    • Inspire allies - +1 attack/+1 saves/+2 morale, range 10'/level, duration 1 rd/level
    • Identify magic item general nature - 5%/level

  • Dream Magic - Book #1
    1. Moonglow
    2. Sleep of Horror
    3. Conjure Dream Object
    4. Enter Dream
    5. Slumberward
    6. Endless Slumber
    7. Sleepless Curse
  • Dream Magic - Book #2
    1. Curse of Forgetfulness
    2. Detho's Delirium
    3. Power Word: Sleep
    4. Healing Dream
    5. Lesser Spelldream
    6. Sleepwalking
    7. Conjure Nightmare
    8. Alter Dream
    9. Greater Spelldream
    10. Lullaby