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May 15 15 - Bag of Clouds

[Master] ==== Gaming session started: Fri May 15 18:03:37 EDT 2015 ====

Mike has joined the game on Fri May 15 18:08:29 EDT 2015

Mike is receiving the map mine entrance...

Mike has received the map mine entrance.

[Mike] First!

[Mike] okay, before everyone gets in, and so you have a chance to delete it if you want, i want to say my piece on last week.

[Mike] i was operating under the assumption that the balistae operated like the phb says. a single bolt, and with a target that big i figured it might not even be firing into melee, which gives you a chance to be hit based on size ratio.

[Mike] if i had known they did a huge amount of damage to a large area i would have held back.

[Mike] so i feel that galduk died because i did not know that you changed the rules of the phb.

Michael has joined the game on Fri May 15 18:12:05 EDT 2015

Michael is receiving the map mine entrance...

Michael has received the map mine entrance.

[Master] Sorry for that Mike

[Master] and Hello Micahel

[Mike] now, what's done is done, and you don't have to bring him back, but in the future i feel as the dm it is your responcibility to allert us to any mechanics that deviate from the phb

[Master] and I di dnot change the rules Mike, it is just that the balistae bolt does that much damage

[Michael] Do I need to come back later? Private Chat? I'm not looking

[Mike] you said you were using some battle something or other rules

[Master] battle system rule set

[Mike] it doesn't say that much damage is the phb, which is all i have at my disposal.

[Mike] so like i said, i just think in future planning sessions if there is something else we should know it.

[Master] yes to that

[Mike] okay, that's all i wanted to say. i'm done.

[Master] and it was a great plan except for the running into the middle

[Master] and Mike di dyou see the recent stuff from today on the site?

[Master] when TMO and LIsa and John are in will be a good time to talk about that

[Mike] yes, if i had known they are engines of pure destruction, i would have just sat back and cackled as the eventual broadside completely destroyed the dragon or gnomes as it were

[Mike] not today

[Master] please go read

[Michael] k im back is it safe?

[Master] ys to Micahel and it is always safe to be here

[Mike] and heads up, i'm dog sitting my mom's old dog so i'll have to take at least two walk breaks tonight

[Michael] it was a private converstation

[Master] nah

[Mike] nah, not private

[Master] it was a conversation about the game

[Master] and game mechanics

[Master] which can bore some people is all

[Mike] i was just logging early to give bob a chance to read, refulte, and delete if he wanted

[Michael] Okay.

[Michael] Good to know

[Master] the balistae is similar to Branwyn's catapult

[Mike] hell, there have been some knock down drag out fights in this group at times

[Master] she killed a cow or two with that

[Michael] So iv'e calmed down alot as you can read. Also, I am so confused on what I read tonight.

[Mike] and if it were going to happen it would have happened last week.

[Master] grins at Mike, and yes Michael he means between player and player

[Mike] psft. we've yelled at you too.

[Mike] i seem to recall bibo's character when i joined dyingn due to a rule change/oversight and half the room was shouting.

[Michael] I still love you guys, but you'll probably end up knocking me out from doing something stupid in the game


[Michael] Sorry should have specified

[Michael] I'm not planning something nefarious

[Michael] right now

[Master] There was one night people got upset because of an inability to raise dead

[Michael] I thought you could in version 2.5 of D and D?

[Master] nods

[Master] but raise dead takes one point of constiution away

[Michael] So you just wouldn't allow it? I feel I should know that

[Master] reincarnete changes you to a different person

[Master] ressurection brings you back without the loss of con

[Michael] What's so bad about taking away one point of consitituions?

[Master] there is a page on the site about it Michael

[Michael] I'll look it up

[Master] not all religions think you SHOULD come back

[Master] Greeks yes

[Master] Kayugan no

[Michael] Well, I have no idea what the celts believe apparently

[Michael] Haha

[Master] Shardik? no not in the traditiona way

[Michael] I need to look that up

[Master] Celtic yes but only reincarnate

[Mike] we bringn back the dead the usual way.

[Master] Norse yes but only for those of their religion

[Mike] we heal unusually

[Master] grins

[Mike] just so you know hugh, everyone else does, if you ask imari for healing she's going ot kill you.

[Master] exactly

[Master] seriiously

[Mike] then she raises you from the dead.

[Mike] because that's how priests of partik heal.

[Mike] only, until she levels she can only half heal you. i'll leave you to figure out which half she can do

[Michael] Was I just celtic by random choice? Also, I will keep that in mind. I have no desire to be killed to just be resurrected. Although, It seems like it might come in handy sometime would it not?

[Michael] Oh, Niow i see the downside

[Mike] john's had a henchman resurrected as a troll

[Mike] the bleeds the poor guy for trolls blood to sell to mages.

[Michael] A troll?

[Michael] That's...kind of horrible

[Mike] order of purity stuff is interesting. is that what you wanted me to read?

[Mike] i hope it wasn't anterias's dad they killed

[Master] yes to Mike

[Master] and you do not know

[Michael] That is what I'm confused about I don't know who is who. Can you point pe to the right directiosn?

[Master] so Michael, you are celtic

[Master] you are from the Central Area, where the Druids with a capital D are in charge

[Master] they believe in the old ways, human sacrafice, etc

[Michael] That is rather horrible

[Master] They only do reincarnate

[Michael] And, they also seem to follow true history

[Master] in your travels you have seen other faiths now

[Mike] btw, i was thinking if/when i do loose imari i might bring some henchmen over from greenborough to play and they can earn 1 share xp? i figure given enough time, finglas will learn of the dragonslayers here in his area and will be comcerned about their actions affecting the real ds'ers name. thought he might send over someone to keep an eye on them.

[Master] no to that Mike, Finglas is not alive at this point

[Mike] we are going ot have to get together to figure that out.

[Master] until we ever go back to that arc they are in limbo, they were cut off from the world

[Mike] arg.

[Master] a place where only one person ever came back from

[Mike] that'll never happen though.

[Master] this is likely true

[Master] so Michael you are playing Hugh properly in not knowing exactly what to believe

[Michael] I like my god better then these gods haha

[Mike] i was hoping i could at least have him do stuff in the background so he wouldn't unbalance things. he's the only character i've actually grown attached to. i really don't want him to just be declared dead because the other players in that game all abandoned it.

[Master] he is not dead

[Master] just not playable

[Master] you can have Val send people out

[Master] that is not a problem

[Master] and who knows maybe this group will go wandering some day and encounter a group of adventurers stuck that need help

[Master] grins

[Master] you really think that is too hard of a thread for me to reweave back in?

[Mike] i just dont' see why we'd need help. lorie declared the adventure over, we were surrounded by water, and i'd think she's use the teleport stone to just go home and be a grumpy hermit.

[Mike] paul can just straight upu teleport

[Master] but you were in a place that teleport did not work

[Master] you could not teleport in or out

[Mike] weren't we in the ocean on a boat?

[Master] you had to sail

[Master] yes

[Mike] and we reached the no telepor tzone?

[Mike] if so, charter a boat out and bampf

[Master] yeap

[Master] OL

[Master] LOL

[Master] sure the pirates who kill everyone who enters their lair will just let you sail on out

[Mike] because if there's one thing lorie did, it was take the fastest route back home to her keep

[Master] which was zero movement, even her contingency spell did not work

[Master] only one thing was able to break the containment, one person who the pirates did not want to leave got out

[Mike] well, i just hope you come back to hit someday

[Master] I might

[Master] it was a nicely thought out story arc

[Mike] i clearly don't remember the details. surprize surprize.

[Master] grins

[Master] I think that it was gettign tot he point like Michael felt last session

[Master] people like Lorie, Fritz, Marco were feeling that they did ot want to have the character they had all that invested in die

[Master] but there was no obvious kill the bad guy to solve things

[Master] so they just stopped rather than continue on

[Master] This time Michael had the group with experience to know how to handle things

[Mike] yeah. they got frustrated when it wasn't a straight forward kill bad guy scenario

[Mike] i like the urban setting

[Master] and yes they would have hated this current arc as well

[Mike] some intrigue is good for the soul.

[Mike] as long as in the end you get to burn down anyone who pissed you off enough.

[Master] you still have the strings that you can pull to create a crusade

[Master] and other things that you have not quite stumbled on yet

[Master] and Michael in case you have not noticed yet, there are often things I do that can be seen in foreshadowing

[Master] both as characters and as meta gaming by seeing what I am working on with various parts of th site

[Michael] So bob, could I put that final point into Engineering? I cant really do anything cool with it, but I do want to get kinda back to my roots and become more of a intelligence/scientist. Also I have noticed some of your foreshadowing. I just pretend it isn't there because in the end, it was really just a gnome with an illusion LOL

[Master] which I try to disguise by doing it months in advance

[Master] lol

[Master] and yes to the burgeoning scientist path

[Master] you will be able to concentrate more towards that when you return to th ecity

[Master] and exploring etc

[Michael] Gotcha.

[Michael] I just can change anything and wanted your permission for that point

[Michael] *Cant

[Master] nods

[Master] things adapt, change, etc.

[Master] and as you get better known you will attract others who are interested in things like you are

[Michael] Who knows, maybe someone will randomly need a linguist with engineering experience. I highly doubt it, but hey you never know

[Michael] And yes

[Master] grabing a drink brb

[Michael] I probably could get a job with the city if I wanted. All civilizations need someone who can speak different languages while building crap

[Michael] Getting a drink too, BRB

[Michael] I'm back

[Master] back

[Master] an dvery true to Michael

[Master] so Mike and Michael did you have thoughts on the new dragon in Domvile?

[Master] what are your ideas about it?

[Master] the moving balistae I saw but beyond that

[Master] and that would be something only if you decide to go after when you chose to

[Michael] Oh no, haha I'm not going there. I am a little bit hesitant about planining anything. I gave my thoughts, but I am not making any decisions.

[Master] wry grin

[Master] you have very little choice in that, you will get asked your opinion

[Master] it is always a joint decisions

[Mike] nope, im ded

[Michael] Haha Mike

[John Anstett] has joined the game on Fri May 15 19:01:14 EDT 2015

[John Anstett] is receiving the map mine entrance...

[John Anstett] has received the map mine entrance.

[Master] wselcome John

[Michael] Hey John

[Mike] holy shit, melinda just made me a pizza waffle

[Master] that sounds good

[Mike] it's a pizza crust waffle with cheese and pepperoni inside. cooked on the waffle griddle with marinara on the side

[Master] I am considering

[Master] I have seen the idea of using refridgerator biscuits in a waffle iron

[Master] so John you are all caught up on the site now?

John Anstett yes

John Anstett I am going to uodate Java and have to log off

[Master] did you remember what the Order of Purity was about or was that a surprise?

[Master] ok

[Michael] I have no idea what that is just saying. But I think you told me we will talk about it OOC in game

John Anstett It is not as clear as I remember

John Anstett TMO and Lisa tend to think it is some Pure Dragon think, I remember it more of a only pure human thing

John Anstett but as I had a half dragon at the tie, you can see my confusion

[Master] nods

[Master] yes to Michael

[Master] I was checking on John's memory

Lisa has joined the game on Fri May 15 19:10:20 EDT 2015

Lisa is receiving the map mine entrance...

Lisa has received the map mine entrance.

John Anstett I remember Paul dropping out of the dragonslayers

[Michael] Hey Lisa

[Lisa] Hello :)

John Anstett and I read where we ended, he was reencarnated again and was going by a new name

John Anstett he was home and the away party was sitting in a bar

[Master] hello Lisa

[Master] did you like the reveal on the Order?

[Mike] i thought it was all about humans, too

John Anstett why don't we just search history?

John Anstett i will be right back

[John Anstett] has left the game on Fri May 15 19:15:30 EDT 2015

[Master] Eric will not be in until very late if at all

[Master] closer to 10

[John Anstett] has joined the game on Fri May 15 19:16:57 EDT 2015

[John Anstett] is receiving the map mine entrance...

[John Anstett] has received the map mine entrance.

[Master] that worked well John

John Anstett the search or the reboot?

[Master] the quick reboot

[Master] the history I know

[Master] you never made it to the tribunal

John Anstett it was a klog on and klog off, not a actual reboot

John Anstett and as usual I felt no one understood when I turned in my badge

[Lisa] It did surprise me. My IC post was what I was thinking it was and so I was surprised

[Lisa] TMO has a point that it is still not good BUT

[Master] very true

[Lisa] do we really barge into everyone's affairs?

[Lisa] Are we the policemen of the world?

[Michael] Hail Hydra

John Anstett appearantly you will help a vamp in need

[Lisa] If it was a genocide I think we would have to talk

[Michael] So it was a Vampire?

[Lisa] but if you are a dragon and know the rules and one gets in trouble do we go against a whole order of dragons because we personally don't like how they do things?

[Michael] I never actually saw him come out and say it

[Mike] if we were hydra we'd be setting everythng up. we're trying to be shield

John Anstett i am not trying to be shield

[Michael] Policeman of the world sounds like a police state. I probably just got it mixed up

[Lisa] these are dragons not vampires

[Michael] I'm big on freedom and don't like government in my pants so yeah. Also thank you Lisa I was so confused

[Lisa] Mr Silver turns into a silver dragon and lives in a silver cave somewhere I imagine

[Lisa] why he wouldn't tell me where he lives

[Michael] Thats...intersting?

[Lisa] but he doesn't have a flat in town

[Michael] An imaginative name too

[Michael] So he is just visiting?

[Lisa] :)

[Michael] Oh sorry Hugh doens't know that

[Michael] forget I asked

[Lisa] But none of your characters know this since Branwyn is sworn to secrecy

[Master] it is a good discussion to have as Players though

[Michael] I'll try to forget it then. Shoudln''t be too hard since there are about a million things I still need to learn for this game

John Anstett i know nuttin

[Lisa] definitely

[Michael] True True

[Lisa] and everyone who was at the original meeting and have heard me talking about it the last few weeks know there is a mystery

[Lisa] they can continue to research without her

[Lisa] if they so desire

[Michael] Did you know there is a proficientcy called healthy cooking? Mind Blown

[Michael] Sorry off topic

[Lisa] it's yummy

[Master] Kenna has it

[Michael] Well, I want some mexican super nachos, so chop chop

[Lisa] koorin used to have it and dosed branwyn's food with it when bran wasn't taking healing

[Master] That was a fun bit

[Lisa] tiny doses of healing in food

[Michael] Makes sense

[Master] Michael, Branwyn was pissed about the others killing a dragon

[Master] and she refused to take any healing

[Master] from the damage of the battle, etc

[Michael] She wanted to die?

[Lisa] in pennance for dead dragon

[Lisa] oh no

[Michael] So she had a death wish by not healing???

[Lisa] she just healed naturally

[Michael] Oh gotcha

[Lisa] no death wish

[Michael] So, why change of heart? We went to go kill a dragon, shouldn't you have told the duke to screw off?

[Master] branwyn onlly wishes others dead

[Lisa] lol

[Michael] Or is it comparing apples to oragnes?

TMO has joined the game on Fri May 15 19:27:55 EDT 2015

TMO is receiving the map mine entrance...

[Master] and Michael branwyn did not know about the dragon when they first sent

John Anstett it was the situation

TMO has received the map mine entrance.

[Master] and hello TMO

[Michael] I'm genuily curious not trying to be difficult. I'm trying to piece together backstories

[Lisa] branwyn has a complicated relationship with dragons

[TMO] hola

[Michael] Ah

[Mike] dog duty

[Michael] Hy TMO

[Lisa] hello :)

John Anstett She had made peace with the dragon and someone still wanted it dead

[Master] and yes to Lisa about that

[TMO] (brb - going to get dinner)

[Master] which is also why Branwyn being the one to figure out the Order of Purity is interesting

[Master] rather than it being Ilero or someone else

[TMO] (fortunately the computer and monitor survived my wife dumping them on the floor. ;) )

[Michael] She mad at you?

[Lisa] someone get in trouble?

[Lisa] lol

[Lisa] or just vigorous housekeeping operations?

[Michael] Well, it wouln'dt be that at my house

[Master] so while Mike and TMO are afk

[Michael] Yes.?

[Master] Michael LIsa and John what are your thoughts about how to deal with the new dragon

[Michael] I'm out.

[Michael] You guys decide

[Master] LOL

[Master] no choice on that Michael,

[Master] you have to pitch in and help

[Lisa] since the new dragon was never the menace - it would seem that to go after it would simply a matter of wanting to kill and loot

John Anstett it is not high on my priority list

[Michael] `I am (Whinny voice) I can either flee for my life if neccessary or kill if necessary. Either way I am not going anywhere near a siege engine. It might split an atom or something

[Lisa] and its lair being at the top of a sheer rock face - very difficult to accomplish

John Anstett we should finish with the first draggon first

[Michael] You mean the illusion?

John Anstett the gnomes

[Michael] Well, in all realisty, I do want to kill my first dragon or at least help with that and look the crap outta his lair, but I'm fine with dealing with the muuderous gnomes

[Michael] *loot

[Lisa] lost internet and my typing - grrr

[Lisa] my opinion? I was ok when dragon was a murdering thief

[Lisa] now it is just a dragon in the hills

[Lisa] the gnomes are murdering thieves

[Michael] So it that a yes or a no?

[Michael] I didn't follow

[Lisa] I would say no to dragon and get the gnomes

[Lisa] is there a peaceful way to eradicate the gnomes

[Lisa] ?

[Michael] KK

[Lisa] they like gems

[Michael] Eradicate is a strong word

[Lisa] they must be stopped and they didn't seem to want to voluntarily

[Michael] You mean peacefully subdue them. Or flat out kill them all?

[Lisa] that is the question

[Michael] I'm fine with either

[Lisa] well I am not thrilled with a gnome extermination really

[Michael] I'm leaning towards killing them all in glorious combat

[Michael] oh

[Lisa] I wish Foto was here

[Michael] okay then

[Lisa] I did wonder though

[Lisa] this area is a great mining area

[Lisa] gnomes mine

[Lisa] can we find them one of their own

John Anstett there were only 10 involved

[Lisa] they work it and they get to stare at their pretty gems and not steal other peoples

[Lisa] those gems have probably been doled out to the whole village

[Lisa] everyone has an emerald from the Duke on their gnome mantle

[Master] smile

[Lisa] if somehow we can get them to leave the duke alone and mine their own gems then we might not have to resort to violence

[Lisa] perhaps the 10 could be brought to the duke for justice

[Lisa] just tossing out ideas

John Anstett seems like the most logial choice

[Michael] I doubt it will end peacefully in all honest opinion. They seem rooted in there beliefs but we could do that

[Michael] take them to the duke

[TMO] Gnomes are in the wrong. Thieves need to be punished. Up to the gnome village if they want to protect them or not.

[TMO] People did die from this scheme.

[Master] Marisu is here to be able to talk to the Duke

[Lisa] since she is the only one he will talk to besides tristan

John Anstett i bet he would talk to a knight

[Lisa] we have to think about Artiark and the body of Galdek at some point soon

[Lisa] no - he ignores indigo

John Anstett I was going to send Erindale with the body and anybody who wanted to go

[Lisa] whoever goes back has to deliver the news to Imari

John Anstett so Hugh it is :)

[Lisa] since Indigo was involved I was thinking he should go but if someone else wants to do it ...

[Lisa] and there is Artiark - not anyone can handle him

John Anstett everyone should go or stay if they want

[Master] and how and when are the rest coming home?

[Mike] back

[Michael] I will go if you need me too, but I would love some loot

[TMO] wait until Marisu is strong enough to cast Teleport?

[Lisa] miranda and kenna have animal training/friendship?

[Lisa] lol to tmo

[Master] grins

[Lisa] you must kill to loot

[TMO] depends. The gnome village may accept to give reparations

[Lisa] but that would go to duke - not us

[TMO] true

[Michael] Then no, I don't want to go back.

[TMO] he might reward us for our work

[Michael] I want a part of this

[Michael] That's the point of D and D

[Lisa] loot?

[Lisa] :)

[TMO] hold on... looking up the average temperature of hell, and how quickly snowballs melt.

John Anstett you do not know BOB

[Lisa] lol

[Michael] Well, that too, but no, actually doing stuff with the group and getting something out of it in the end. If I went back on the ship and got absolutely nothing out of it, I would be pretty pissed

[TMO] Ding! New idea for hazing the newbies!

[Lisa] you are carrying a blank scroll with the royal seal on it unless you give it to the group

[Lisa] that is a nice prize

[TMO] "Go over there, away from the loot and xp."

[Lisa] I am thinking about handing the body of her henchman to Imari. That is what I am thinking about for a speedy return and so I am thinking Indigo.

[Lisa] Kenna or Miranda are going to have to roll and see who gets to befriend Artiark

[Lisa] But whether they come back right away - I don't think is necessary

[Master] you have 4 slots on the airship

John Anstett Miranda and Hoffman will work the gnome angle

[Master] so you can go in which ever groups you wish

[Michael] Hmmm. Some parchement or about 1000 pounds worth of gems. Let me think.....

[Lisa] You can rwrite - please deliver 1,000 gp to the bearer of this note on the parchment

[Michael] Actaully I was going to honestly give it to Bran for her own uses. Thats what a group does. Also she can make the most out of it

[Michael] She is in a position of much power

[Michael] She could use it to great effect

[Michael] *affect no effect

[Michael] Grammer

[Lisa] We can hold on to it and when we see a need we can discuss

[Lisa] It is nice to have

[TMO] I've got a few rehearsed phrases for dealing with the gnome village

[Michael] You killed my father, prepare to die

[Lisa] if only we knew where it was

[Michael] *friend

[Master] grins at Michael

[TMO] yep. that's the first problem to solve. we know the direction they went, and we have a prisoner. Two clues.

[TMO] actually, Michael, effect was right.

[Michael] was it? I always get the two confused

[TMO] easy to do

[Michael] You know what even scarier

[Michael] ?

[Michael] I've done like 6 college level english calsses

[TMO] I have a BS in Math. Doesn't mean I remember the high level crap I had to study. I have a minor in German. Can't understand Rammstein lyrics. :D

[Michael] Smiles

[Lisa] I work on environmental cases and so in my IC posts on tourist spots I said I wanted to see the Sites rather than Sights

[Lisa] Do you have alandfill in Dryads Lair?

[Lisa] It happens

[Master] they dump in the river

[Michael] Is that how you knew my mom Lisa? Through Legal department in environment?

[Lisa] yes - her firm is one of our clients :)

[Lisa] we spent a couple weeks in Denver

[Michael] Ah. She never specified. She just said you were cool and I needed to check out your game. I'm so glad I did

[Lisa] I am too :)

[TMO] sites could technically be correct. You want to see the sites - the locations.

[Michael] I found the bard

[Lisa] yes - but when I read it back I just kept thinking env sites and not like the Eiffel Tower type sights

[Lisa] It was funny that I told Silver that the next thing I wanted to see was the frozen dragon shrine!

[Master] yes it was

[Lisa] I do want to go though

[TMO] eh, just a dragon. What's he gonna do, get pissy? ;)

[TMO] I do find it amusing that a dragon came to the "Dragonslayers" for a favor.

[TMO] fun with situational irony!

[Lisa] so Indigo has a secret vampire friend and Branwyn a secret dragon friend

[Lisa] It is strange

[TMO] :( Ilero has no friends.

[Lisa] you need to make some

[Lisa] get out more

[TMO] ... although, he may have a few grudging admirers. A former princess and a vampire count.

[Master] TMO was not here for the secret vampire friend was he?

[Lisa] smiles

[Lisa] no

[TMO] I think I've heard about her, but not seen her in rp

[Master] him

[Lisa] Him

[TMO] oh

[Lisa] that was marco, mike, guy and kaz

[TMO] guess not then

[TMO] don't think I've played with Kaz

[Lisa] Indigo had to brainwash the group to keep the vampire from killing them

[Master] do you like Sherlock Holmes stories Michael

[Lisa] memory wipe to be more specific

[Master] Mike do you remember that story?

[Lisa] he is dog walking

[Master] again?

[Master] Kaz is Guy's wife

[Lisa] (oh I thought it was still)

[Mike] not really

[Michael] afk

[Lisa] sorry

[Lisa] see! memory wipe worked

[Master] grins

[Lisa] what vampire?

[Master] so the duke and the gnomes

[Lisa] duke might have some clues on gnome village?

[TMO] might

[TMO] wonder if gnomes are resistant to Sleep?

[Master] they are not elves

[TMO] Knew elves were, couldn't remember about gnomes

[TMO] do targets of Sleep spell have to be in line of sight?

[Michael] im back

[Master] I was just asking because if you are going to talk to the Duke, without Eric here, then only Marisu

[Master] if you decide not to

[Lisa] there is a close range on that

[TMO] yes. but if we're exploring and are menaced by an illusion, if I can figure out where the casters likely are and put one to sleep, that will dispell the illusion.

John Anstett i think we should leave the prisoner here

[TMO] dispel

[Lisa] 30 yds

[Lisa] affects area of 30 feet

[TMO] yep. small target window. but could work

[TMO] her only other offensive spell is shocking grasp, which is Touch.

[Michael] Okay I've caught up. Lets do this!

[Lisa] You can also creative cantrip

[Lisa] I was down to 4 hp in a battle and started sending clouds of gnats at lizardmen

[Lisa] one for you and one for you

[Lisa] doesn't disable but you can annoy people

[Master] so breaking down choices

[TMO] she's not used to thinking offensively with those (neither am I). We'll have to work on that.

[Master] talk to duke before sending anyone home

[Master] or after that choice is made

[Lisa] brb

John Anstett i vote before

[Michael] Cantrip? (Combined Nonhuman and Transhuman Relations?)

John Anstett not suite

John Anstett quite

[Michael] No that's what that means

[Master] TMO Mike?

[TMO] before

[Lisa] b

[Master] so

[Master] Marisu and who is wandering over to talk with the Duke

[Master] and do you have a plan for who and what to ask

[Mike] no comment.

TMO dons a blonde wig and dress and pretends to be a teenage Countess

[Michael] Lol

John Anstett Miranda will like to go

[Indigo (Lisa)] (think we'd all like to hear what he says)

John Anstett and all we want to do is say we are going to discuss the situation with the gnomes

[TMO] I am back at the keyboard.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (leave payment discussions to tristan? I am surprised erindale hasn't dropped out of the sky yet)

[Michael] I am back at the keyboard.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Actually me too

[Marisu]] (TMO) takes a deep breath and smoothes her hands over her shirt.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] "Dropping out of the sky" not back at keyboard

[Duke Brandish (Master)] (it is only just over an hour)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] ah

[Indigo (Lisa)] (oh - thought we spent the night)

[Duke Brandish (Master)] (not yet, is why I am asking th equestions)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (sorry)

[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) follows

[Marisu]] (TMO) smiles at Miranda, thankful for the company.

Marisu (TMO)] (anyone else?)

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] you should just tell him how it is

[Indigo (Lisa)] (yes please - we'll be quiet)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I will provide back up?

[Marisu]] (TMO) makes her way over to the Duke. "So, Duke Brandish. I believe we've solved your dragon problem. Did you see it all?"

[Duke Brandish (Master)] Countess Doeskin

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] OOC (Snorts)

[Mike] lol 'solved'

[Duke Brandish (Master)] I am very surprised by the outcome

[Duke Brandish (Master)] how in the world did that happen?

[Marisu]] (TMO) smiles sadly. "As are we."

[Duke Brandish (Master)] that gnome scared away a dragon?

[Marisu]] (TMO) stops.

[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) smiles

[Indigo (Lisa)] (he didn't hear the answers to the questions either)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Hold on, I thought we already did tell him the gnomes were behind it. I am going back to look at the text

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I will be occupied for a moment

[Marisu]] (TMO) takes another deep breath. "It appears that the dragon wasn't a dragon. It was a team of gnomes casting an illusion of a dragon."

[Duke Brandish (Master)] That is disgusting

[Duke Brandish (Master)] did you eliminate them?

Marisu (TMO)] (did any gnomes die, or did we capture the only one involved?)

[Duke Brandish (Master)] I mean did Uncle Tristan

[Duke Brandish (Master)] obviously you would not have anythingto do with such vile things

[Indigo (Lisa)] (no - some ran and we captured one)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (your choice on real dragon fly by)

Marisu (TMO)] (knew most ran, but couldn't remember if there were two thieves or one)

Marisu (TMO)] (as far as I'm concerned right now, flying dragon was illusionary bait laying a false trail. may be wrong, but it works for now)

Marisu (TMO)] No, he is captured, not dead. Badly wounded, but still alive. He's told us some about his companions, and we may be able to get more information from him still.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Yeah, we already did this conversation with the Duke. I can post if you want?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Also, I was really an ass last week. Sorry again

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Reviewing text and all

[Indigo (Lisa)] do not dwell on such matters

[Duke Brandish (Master)] please post that Michael

[Duke Brandish (Master)] I do not remember

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Right here? Or on web? Do you want link or all right here?

[Duke Brandish (Master)] copy and past here

[Duke Brandish (Master)] I will go to the restroom qhile you do

[Duke Brandish (Master)] brb

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] [Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Well my Lord it appears you were attacked by a group of gnome illusionists Duke Brandish (Master) low growl [Tristan Elaire (Eric)] We are currently questioning one [Tristan Elaire (Eric)] The others ran off [Duke Brandish (Master)] you mean flaying it alive I hope [Tristan Elaire (Eric)] We will get our answers [Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] That's what I said [Duke Brandish (Master)] the vermin [Tristan Elaire (Eric)] You need not trouble yourself with the messy details [Duke Brandish (Master)] perhaps I should request your assistance in exterminating them once and for all [Duke Brandish (Master)] they have a village hidden in the hills somewhere Mike has left the game on Sat May 09 22:01:58 EDT 2015 Marisu (TMO)] (back) [Duke Brandish (Master)] they need to be eliminated [Duke Brandish (Master)] I have not found it yet. (And it goes on a little bit more, but the gist is he wants us to kill them)

[Indigo (Lisa)] thx

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] No problem. Thought it would save us about half and hour :)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (I remember - Duke offered Tristan job of getting rid of them

[Indigo (Lisa)] (offered him a position and a job)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (wish he would have posted this week)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] yeah, offered to build him a church and stuff

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Also further on we established the duke is lying about his religious nature

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (he should taken the deal)

[Duke Brandish (Master)] b

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] b ?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] oh back

[Indigo (Lisa)] (eric's last words - Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I will chekc what happens from here... But my plan was to take him prisoner and see what the hell is up with the Duke befoer we make any other descions)

[Duke Brandish (Master)] so that is why I was remembering talking tot he duke tonight

[Duke Brandish (Master)] and good to know I kept in character, grins

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Sorry, Did i mistake the converstaion? I thought we had already done it thats why. Sorry bob [Duke Brandish (Master)] (the end with Tristan wanting to talk to the gnome and the duke again)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] So... Should we grill the duke, do some investigating and then go kill stuff?

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (I would not piss off the Duke)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Then lets skip to the lets go kill stuff?

Marisu (TMO)] (is the Duke an actual part of the empire? or a kingdom?)

Marisu (TMO)] (or is this an independent outpost?)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Or paying tribute as a foreighn power?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (lol - what I thought was strange is gnome says duke doesn't have money for army to fight gnomes with all the gems the gnomes stole but then in treaty says 1000 gp worth of gems or something like that to erindale)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (job is done in a sense and no mention of payment)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Probably with the gems we just saved would be my guess

[Duke Brandish (Master)] (Dukedom of Domvile is part of the Kingdom of Terraguard)

Marisu (TMO)] (we weren't getting paid)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] hold the phone. We are doing this pro bono?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (erindale is supposed to though and we are doing this for her and not the duke)

Marisu (TMO)] (Tristan accidentally guaranteed the contract, which made him responsible)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (erindale asked for a treaty negotiator as a favor)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (dragon kill was surprise)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Negotiator to executioner all in a days work

Marisu (TMO)] (Tristan may be able to call on help from his church)

[Master] (Eric said he will try to make it in)

Marisu (TMO)] (God of War may have people willing to war, if it comes to that)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Sorry, you just said God of War and I thought the video game. Took me a moment

Marisu (TMO)] (Marisu will try to avoid war if she can, but realizes she may not. But better to try and fail than not)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Beware the Arm of Cahus!

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (SO now who wants to go home?)

[Indigo (Lisa)] lol

[Indigo (Lisa)] (nothing is happening in gnomeville until we know where gnomeville is - if you wish to try that avenue again)

Marisu (TMO)] (how long till Eric gets here?)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (nothing is happening in gnomeville until we know where gnomeville is - if you wish to try that avenue again)

[Master] 9:00n to 9:30

[Mike] if nothing is happening here, let's switch to the city

[Master] ok

[Master] we can jump there

Marisu (TMO)] ok

[Master] Lisa where do you want to resume after you come up from the lab

[Master] dining hall? courtyard? salon?

John Anstett I am away from the keyboard.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (is there more stuff people want to do that night?)

[Master] we can go to the City Council meeting

[Mike] so does imari know about the meeting with silver?

[Master] Imari knows that Branwyn went downstairs with him

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (she was at dinner and watched them go downstairs)

[Master] and they are now coming back up

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (everyone at the house was at dinner)

[Mike] I am back at the keyboard.

[Imari (Mike)] ok

[Shurkural]] (TMO) winks at Branwyn. "Have a good ... 'private conference", sugar?"

Lisa is receiving the map New Residence basement...

Lisa has received the map New Residence basement.

Shurkural (TMO)] (fortunately there's not much personality overlap btween my characters. would be much harder to keep them separate if there were)

[Imari (Mike)] is silver on the council?

[Master] you do not know Mike

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles "It was nice. I don't get to show off my laboratory often."

[Master] but there is a list of council members on the site that you do know of

Shurkural (TMO)] (I don't think he's been mentioned as one yet)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (there is more than who I met?)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] You should show your lab to Hugh

Shurkural (TMO)] (just a prominent citizen)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] ( I hope Silver isn't on the Council with Branwyn's bribe comment)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (oh with her luck he will be)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (sigh - Marisu please come home soon)

[Master] lol

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Prop: 231 Felony for Bribary

Shurkural (TMO)] (diplomatic immunity)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] CIA will "Diassapear her"

Shurkural (TMO)] (they can try)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] 1984 Style

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (not if she disappears first)

[Imari (Mike)] brb, dog


[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Answer for everytihng don't you bob. :)

[Master] grins

[Master] takes so long this way

[Master] I have a laptop window to look through

[Master] to my home computer

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (those are the 5 I know)

[Master] but website is up on the laoptop here

[Master] juggling

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] \are you doing this away from Home?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (but I am done with Silver for the evening unless tmo and mike want to have at him)

[Master] yeap I am in Orlando, today was the last day of a convention I was attending and presenting at

[Master] and TMO?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (she made an in the moment decision)

[Master] when Mike gets back

Shurkural (TMO)] (no, I'm good)

Eric has joined the game on Fri May 15 20:58:29 EDT 2015

Eric is receiving the map mine entrance...

Eric has received the map mine entrance.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (he's here! :) )

[Master] JOhn?

John Anstett I am back at the keyboard.

John Anstett yes?

[Master] making sure you are here

[Eric] (hello everyone)

John Anstett Hey

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Hello

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (back to domvile)

[Master] only one we rae missing is Mike

[Master] well

[Master] actually

[Master] grins

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yes)

[Master] I was jumping to the City Council meeting

[Master] the twist I have for everyone

[Master] but

[Master] Lisa is right

[Master] we should do Domvile

[Master] while we have Eric and everyone

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I can wait for you to mess with me - continue with Eric please)

[Master] then next week

[Master] LOL

[Eric] (aawwww too kind of you Lisa)

[Master] so back to messing with Eric

[Master] grins

[Eric] Its a solid theme so far

Shurkural (TMO)] (let me guess, most or all of the council are dragons)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I am well aware my time is drawing nigh)

[Eric] (lol)

[Master] LOL

[Master] no to dragons as far as you kno

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] dont say stuff like that Lisa

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] bad luck

[Master] but let us say that will happen next week,

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (why do I have to be Mr. Pink?)

[Master] everyone will be in

[Master] and we will do that

[Eric] (probably best because I won't be here... Most most likely)

[Master] so moving back to the Duke and talking

[Master] DOH

[Eric] (ya... Sorry)

Shurkural (TMO)] (tacking 'as far as you know' on that sentence renders the whole thing null.)

[Imari (Mike)] back

[Marisu]] (TMO) puts his blonde wig back on.

Lisa is receiving the map mine entrance...

Lisa has received the map mine entrance.

[Master] Mike back to playing a corpse for you

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Ow

[Master] or a squawk

[Master] and Michael cuaght everyone up

[Eric] (can I try to make a religon check to try and prepare Galdek's body as best I can according to his rites?

[Master] so now Eric what are your thoughts on pursuing gnomes or dragons

[Master] and yes to Eric

[Eric] Definately persue the gnomes. Though Tristan is feeling played by the Duke as well...

[Eric] Tristan Elaire no longer targets Gnome.

Marisu (TMO)] (that's what politics is all about)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] brb

[Eric] Tristan Elaire: Religion check: (d20) [1d20=9] 9 [MODIFIED (+1)] - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 17!!

[Eric] Ok that's to try and prepare the body the best I can. I do that first. Honor the fallen

[Master] in Carnak a body would be left to the elements

[Eric] ugh

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] right

[Master] or have a priestess of Partik take care of them

Marisu (TMO)] Uncle Tristan, I think we're all in agreement that the gnomes need to be followed up on. But we don't know how to find them yet. We'll have to figure that out first. If the Duke knew where they were, he'd have probably already attacked.

[Master] you happen to know of a priestess of Partik

[Eric] Ya she's gonna love me even more

Marisu (TMO)] (sorry, hold my comment off till after)

[Eric] (I will wrap the body to the best of my knowledge of his faith. I'll place it in the mining lodge until we return. I will turn the body over to Imari

John Anstett we were going to send the shhip off

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] it's going to go ripe soon.

John Anstett with the body and whomever wants to go

Marisu (TMO)] (eh, they kept the previous messenger here for a few weeks)

[Eric] Looks to Hugh I understand but whatever remains we can return for proper funeral rites must be brought back

[Eric] I am back at the keyboard.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] It is only right

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] a few weeks?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] He fought with honor. He deserves all the honor his gods can give him

[Indigo (Lisa)] (nah - it was 9 days before she got home to the celestry)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I understand. It is only fitting. OOC though seriously it will really begin to smell

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] As for the gnomes... I agree Marisu that we have an issue on locating them

Marisu (TMO)] I agree. We should send at least one person with him, to tell Imari and Branwyn what happened.

Tristan Elaire (Eric) nods

[Indigo (Lisa)] I think I should go since this is my fault and then Imari can do whatever she wants to me as punishment

Marisu (TMO)] Mistress Erindale will also want to be paid.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] It was not your fault Indigo

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] He fought like a warrior and died as one.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Yes it was. If I hadn't run up there, Galdek wouldn't have.

Marisu (TMO)] No, the ultimate blame is on the gnomes, even if they didn't intend for anyone to get hurt.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] No. Guys i was just giviing you all a hard time earler when I said I didn't want to go back. I can go back as I am the least valualbe at the moment and I have a full report prepared. Indigo will be needed here and I can get some work done in the city. Thoughts?

[Indigo (Lisa)] The ballistas just probably missed me because I'm short.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Imari knows me longest of all of you other than Miranda.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Then you were spared by the gods Indigo. We will all meet our end some day. One can only hope to do so in glorious battle like he did

Marisu (TMO)] If we find the village, I think Indigo would be of great help, as he wouldn't be at a disadvantage in their small tunnels.

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks to Hugh

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Yes, but you are the most needed member currently here.

Marisu (TMO)] *Sir Indigo

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I can go I have no problem

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] If that is your wish Hugh

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I am only a liability at this point. I can serve elsewhere. I can attempt to get Erindale paid as well if you need me to do that.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Please give my condolences to Imari. I know I'm not her favorite person. You can tell her he died fighting.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] He died protecting us all

Indigo (Lisa) frowns

[Marisu]] (TMO) puts a hand on Hugh's shoulder. "None of us is a liability, Hugh. You shouldn't talk like that."

Tristan Elaire (Eric) puts a hand on Indigo's shoiulder

Marisu (TMO)] (lots of shoulder touching)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] lol

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Its a somber moment

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I feel left out. Should I touch someones shoulder?

Marisu (TMO)] (no, you're one of the touched. you're good)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (you can touch Hoffman)

[Indigo (Lisa)] :)

John Anstett you can try

Marisu (TMO)] (and to the person thinking about touching Marisu, she still has Shocking Grasp memorized)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (man I wish we had Shur to track these lil bastards)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Yeah, but I would like to keep my hand

John Anstett we will have a guide if we want

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Before I go though I have a small request.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] what is it Hugh?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (who's that John?)

John Anstett the gnome prisnor?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (I didn't get a chance to check what happened after I left. Did he agree to cooperate?)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] As soon as I see you all again I need to speak with you immedeietly so I can prepare a report with as many details as you rememver. This is so evidence or some such doesn't spoil. If you kill a dragon, Please bring me back some scales, and if you come accross any strange texts please bring me back one. You know standard postcard stuff for your travels

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (If so can he be trusted...)

Tristan Elaire (Eric) nods to Hugh I will do what I can

John Anstett if he wants to get home alive

[Master] before anyone takes off you should have a plan for if they come back, when, etc

Marisu (TMO)] (I thought about posting Marisu's online, but it looked like he and Miranda were having a conversation)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (erindale isn't leaving without getting paid is she? or is that a given?)

John Anstett Erindale is the next conversation

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (I would assume that was a given)

John Anstett I would not assume she wants to play taxi

[Indigo (Lisa)] (so hugh isn't leaving just yet)

Marisu (TMO)] (at this point, worst case is she won't leave without getting paid, and won't be coming back)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (It was part of the agreement)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (ture)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] True even

Marisu (TMO)] (she's not our taxi, and was only here as part of the agreement)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (how far are we on horseback Bob? Roughly)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] My backside already hurts

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I hate horses

Marisu (TMO)] There might be local hunters we can hire.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (Technically Tristan has held his part of the bargan and defended the Duke against the dragon. Pesky gnomes aren't really his issue)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (can't we go somewhere and take a ship? Thought Bob said that)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] ( I was thinking that this week at least)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (Unless as a group we are out for blood....)

John Anstett i am not out for blood

John Anstett just justice

[Master] I would have to check on distance, but it is a couple hundred miles I am prety sure

[Master] an dyes to the ship

Marisu (TMO)] (You can probably hold out for some sort of concessions from the Duke for your aid, Tristan)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (then we need to define that justice)

[Master] you go to the eastern edge of Domvile and then you can take the river south

[Indigo (Lisa)] (well gnomes will probably show up next month if they are stopped in some fashion)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (are not)

Marisu (TMO)] (but the Duke already knows it's an illusion)

John Anstett bring the 10 to the Duke or negoiate a deal

John Anstett repayment

Marisu (TMO)] repayment and compensaition for the dead

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (I'm in agreement with that)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (We turn the gnome over to the Duke for him to question)

Marisu (TMO)] (Marisu isn't sure about that)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (So has the loss of our own made this personal?)

John Anstett not for me

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (Becuase Tristan sits the fence... It was a loss in battle....)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (But he supports the group)

Marisu (TMO)] (No, I don't think so. Not for me anyways. But if we do this, the Duke executing the gnome immediately won't help.)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Indigo blames himself)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (The Duke would be a fool to execute the only person that can get back at his enemies)

Marisu (TMO)] (hours of IC conversation, slimmed down to a few OOC lines)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (duke needs to understand that 6 months of emeralds are sitting in a gnome village - killing this gnome doesn't get those back)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (He has plenty of funds in these gems to hire mercs if he personal army was deminished)

[Master] ok it is 200+ miles home

Marisu (TMO)] (How wise has the Duke's actions struck you so far?)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (agreed)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (Like a crazy zealot...Sound in my opinion :))

[Master] grins

John Anstett if Tristian thinks his job is done than we can all go home

[Master] This is true also

[Indigo (Lisa)] (so if erindale could be nice and make 2 trips we all could be home in a week)

[Master] this is also true

[Indigo (Lisa)] (we have a kayugen death fest at our place on the 15th)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (I still need to speak wit the Duke. I need to find out what the heck is going on. I still have the dead priestess to figure out(

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] lol

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I can invite him to attend

[Indigo (Lisa)] (mourning of meghrin)

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] Uncle Tristian, there is no way for us to syop the gnomes from comming back

Marisu (TMO)] (Yay! Crazy zealot Duke at Death Fest of another religion! Fun!)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I agree. It is not our fight

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] ey are not alreay scared off, I am not sure what will

[Master] (same religion)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (ya

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] same

Marisu (TMO)] (thought it was Imari's religion)

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] and the treaty is for Mistress Erindale to protect, she can do patrols for her gems

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] If the Duke is a capable ruler than he can fight off a few pesky gnomes. I am not his general

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] if she needs us she knows where we are

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] and we are not his soldiers

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] you could be though

[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) wink wink

Tristan Elaire (Eric) smiles

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Perhaps

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (so here's my take on what we do.. Speak up please. Return the gnome to the Duke. Ask for payment to compensate for our dead. I can RP online the interaction between Tristan and the Duke so everyone doesnt have to sit through that unless people want to participate)

Hoffman ([John Anstett])] I was kind of hopping to be out of the city for a while, but what ever you need sir

[Indigo (Lisa)] (we can do it now)

[Master] now is better

[Indigo (Lisa)] (you are busy durng the week)

John Anstett do you want to talk to Erindale first

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (then I'm fine...And yes that is very true)

Marisu (TMO)] That sounds fair to me, Uncle Tristan. Convincing the Duke might be difficult. He'll probably try to keep you entangled if he can.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (yes)

John Anstett we are here for her

Tristan Elaire (Eric) smiles to Marisu "I'm countining on it)

Marisu (TMO)] I'll be with you. As part of my training. Training by live fire, so to speak.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Then let us take our fallen to the airship and speak with Mistress Erindale

[Duke Brandish (Master)] Looks up from his pacing as Tristan walks by

[Duke Brandish (Master)] (Erindale has not come back down yet)

[Duke Brandish (Master)] Uncle Tristan, are you going to accept my offer? I woujld be honored to have you here

Tristan Elaire (Eric) bows "My lord"

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I would need to consider it my lord. I have obligations with the church that I must discuss with my seniors

Marisu (TMO)] (you could be two crazy zealots in a sea of hills, chasing after gnome phantoms)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (lol)

Marisu (TMO)] (I dub you Queequeg)

[Duke Brandish (Master)] I will give them the appropriate offerings for you to stay here

Corvus has joined the game on Fri May 15 21:38:17 EDT 2015

Corvus is receiving the map mine entrance...

Tristan Elaire (Eric) smiles "I am not horseflesh to be purchased my lord. Though you honor me with your continued praise"

[Duke Brandish (Master)] (Welcome back sir!)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (HEY CORVIS)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] brb need a beer

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Hello

Marisu (TMO)] (Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert! All hands to battlestations!)

Corvus has received the map mine entrance.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] back


[Duke Brandish (Master)] (chuckles)

Marisu (TMO)] (you missed the dragon)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] For now my lord I must send our fallen back.

[Corvus] dammit

John Anstett so did the balista

[Duke Brandish (Master)] Uncle Tristan y ou are not purchased but bid on

Tristan Elaire (Eric) smiles

[Corvus] It has been busy as all hell.....

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Nice John

[Duke Brandish (Master)] those who value a keen mind cherish the chance to have you join them

Marisu (TMO)] (too soon! :P)

[Duke Brandish (Master)] (Mike can catch Corvus up on what he missed as Tristen and Marisu continue)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Then for now I shall turn over the gnome to you for your keeping. He knows where the others are hiding. They have your gems. "Questioning" is a dirty business I do not wish to dirty my hands with

[Corvus] okay

Marisu (TMO)] Uncle Tristan, would it be worthwhile to carry a message from the Duke to your superiors, so that it can be discussed immediately rather than in the middle of something else down the line?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Yes I suppose that could be done

Spring has joined the game on Fri May 15 21:42:34 EDT 2015

Spring is receiving the map mine entrance...

[Duke Brandish (Master)] Because Misstress Erindale is required to protect my lands

Marisu (TMO)] (the gang's all here)

Spring has received the map mine entrance.

[Duke Brandish (Master)] I suggest you give the gnome to her

[Spring] halloo

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Hey Spring

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] For her to do what?

Marisu (TMO)] I didn't realize she was on permanent duty, but was to be available as needed.

Duke Brandish (Master) looks at Marisu

Duke Brandish (Master) then back at Tristan

[Duke Brandish (Master)] do you think that is the case?

[Corvus] Where/s mike?

[Marisu]] (TMO) shrugs. "I haven't read the treaty recently, so I could be misremembering the details."

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] She is an ally my lord. I feel it best for you to handle the issue you can yourself and rely on her for the real problems

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Lest you become to reliant on her

[Duke Brandish (Master)] (LOL it was all of 8 days ago)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (hehe)

Marisu (TMO)] (not for me it wasn't!!!!!)

Marisu (TMO)] (and since we were ALL sideswiped by the dragon thing, obviously there was a bit we all missed)

[Duke Brandish (Master)] So Uncle Tristan you are saying that I do not have to pay her anything if she does not do anything to defend my lands

[Marisu]] (TMO) clears her throat slightly.

Tristan Elaire (Eric) thinks to himself

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Hi Spring and Corvus!)

[Spring] hi! and hi corvus!

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] (eh, just tell him to say that to erindale. She will blast him out of orbit haha)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Very well my Lord you are correct. She has agreed to help protet your land and this mine.

[Duke Brandish (Master)] yes Kenna is there, yes that Isla is there

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] The gnomes threaten what is in both your interests

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I will have Marisu speak to her on your behalf my lord

[Corvus] Hi guys

Tristan Elaire (Eric) smiles to Marisu

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (Hi corvus)

[Marisu]] (TMO) smiles back.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] What do you think Marisu?

[Indigo (Lisa) (to Corvus only)] we just found out a bunch of gnomes have been casting a green dragon illusion in order to steal all the duke's gems

[Marisu]] (TMO) nods. "Of course, Uncle Tristan."

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] You have my thanks.

Marisu (TMO)] (don't suppose there's a copy of the treaty anywhere I can read, is there?)

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks to Duke Brandish "Marisu will speak to Mistress Erindale on your behalf"

Indigo (Lisa) looks up "So how is this all supposed to work?"

[Corvus] /w Lisa Thanks

[Duke Brandish (Master)] no to TMO

[Duke Brandish (Master)] Eric did not post it to th site

[Indigo (Lisa)] (bad eric)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (ya.. that's on my list... Between the all the crap in life)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (so ya nope!)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Sorry but Branwyn asked too.

[Indigo (Lisa)] She takes care of the dragon and gets paid, right?

[Duke Brandish (Master)] (you know Eric if you just give up on either eating or sleeping you could get a lot more done)

Marisu (TMO)] (defense of mine, I think)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Then you have a gnome mine problem and she takes care of that and she gets paid?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (I barely eat... I eat while i worlk)

[Indigo (Lisa)] She doen't have to fly around the mine all day does she?

Marisu (TMO)] (I interpreted it as she's paid fee to be available to defend the mine as needed)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (here is what I had in my mind....thinking back.... There was a small base retainier fee and then gets paid (value negotioted between both parties to attack)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (but the defense of the mine is in both parties interest)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (so she is repsonsible to do that as part of her base fee)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (that is fine as long as the duke's mind agrees with tristans)

Marisu (TMO)] (two crazy zealots can't possibly disagree!!)

[Indigo (Lisa)] lol

John Anstett lol

[Duke Brandish (Master)] grins

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Zealots don't argue they just kill people

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] just the bad ones Huhg

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Hufh

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Good point

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] ya

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Don't worry I got it haha

Marisu (TMO)] (says the priest of the God of War)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Damn dog on my lap

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (smiles innocently)

[Duke Brandish (Master)] only the bad ones kills people? or they only kill bad people?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] They only kill bad people... determined by us of course

[Master] and for Kenna

[Master] what is she doing about the gnome

[Master] between her and Tristan

[Master] that was anothe rpoint that was not solved last week

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (oh sorry i was catching up)

John Anstett I am on the way out, good knight all

[Indigo (Lisa)] (goodnight John)

[Master] night John, thank you

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Aw. Good night John

Marisu (TMO)] (bye)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] nitey nite!

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (Tristan was planning on turning the gnome over to the Duke to be questioned)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (thanks for posting this week)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Later Man

[Indigo (Lisa)] (and turning on Bob's computer)

John Anstett ttfn

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (kenna was for tuning the gome over, but something about the duke gives her a bad feeling

[John Anstett] has left the game on Fri May 15 22:00:39 EDT 2015

Marisu (TMO)] (I disagree)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (there's nothing else that passes for law and order around here though is there?)

Marisu (TMO)] (everything about the Duke is giving me a bad feeling)

[Master] the Duke is the ruler of his lands

[Master] grins at TMO and Spring

[Indigo (Lisa)] (well if gnomes are now erindale's problem then gnome is hers)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (kenna respects erindale a lot more than the duke, even if he does try to seem pious)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] (To the Duke) "Denied"

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (Tristan has some reservations of his own about the Duke but so far he hasn't done anythikng to make him lose his trust)

Marisu (TMO)] (true, we can turn the gnome over to BOTH of them at the same time)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Sorry OOC

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (though he is fast to toss his checkbook around)

Marisu (TMO)] (so that the Duke who will not speak to the Mistress, and the Mistress who will not speak to the Duke, can figure out what to do together.)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (should be loads of fun)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (LOL)

Marisu (TMO)] (which is when we should quitetly disappear)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (cuz she probably thinks this is over and has no clue she has a new problem)

[Master] when you are ready she will appear

[Master] it has been over an hour from the attack

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I suggest you give Mistress Erindale a load of emeralds for her service thus far My lord. It will show her you are serious about holding up your end of the bargin)

[Master] at two she would come down no matter what

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] As Monty Python would state "Get on with it!"

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] hehe

[Duke Brandish (Master)] I will consider your wise thoughts Uncle Tristan

Tristan Elaire (Eric) nods

Marisu (TMO)] After all, she did loan us the balliistae and crews, and she was ready to fight the dragon we all thought would show up.

[Duke Brandish (Master)] but I do wonder if she will be capable of supporting her end of the treaty

[Duke Brandish (Master)] if there is no dragon to attack

[Duke Brandish (Master)] how will she be able to handle gnomes?

[Duke Brandish (Master)] why should I give her anything for a lack of ability ?

Marisu (TMO)] (Dang. I missed my chance. I didn't make Marisu sarcastic)

Indigo (Lisa) scowls

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Did she not provide her airsip and weapons?

[Duke Brandish (Master)] yes Uncle Tristan she did assist you today

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] She held up her part of the bargin then

Marisu (TMO)] And we don't know what else her crew is capable of. We were focused on 'dragon', not on gnomes.

[Duke Brandish (Master)] yet that does not mean when she is needed she will be able to in the future

[Imari (Mike)] afk

[Indigo (Lisa)] (you signed the treaty - too late for second guessing)

Indigo (Lisa) grumbles

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] That is true my lord. One must choose the tool for the job. A carpenter does not use an axe to drive a nail

Marisu (TMO)] (brb - gotta go get wife's dinner)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] An airship may not be the weapon to use against a group of gnomes undreground

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] ahem

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks to Kenna

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] OOC: I'm getting tired of the dukes bull shat. We got things to do, people to kill, places to explore

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] excuse me gentlemen

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] i have a question

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (lol sorry Hugh)

[Duke Brandish (Master)] (I think that Tristan could speak with Kenna and Isla and Indigo as the Duke is ignoring them)

[Duke Brandish (Master)] (and Hugh as well)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] was not the treaty vague, er, i mean broadly defined, intentionally

Tristan Elaire (Eric) nods

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] ? and yet mistress erindale is a party to it?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (so does Tristan have a scary stalker fan?)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] so species of threat should make no difference to the agreement, yes?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Sorry guys. I'm just giving you a hard time. Take all the time you need, I just hate when people play "games" with me. In real life ande in role play haha

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] yes that is true Kenna

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] so let us act in good faith

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) significant look at duke

[Indigo (Lisa)] Thank you!

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] My Lord this is (what is her title anyway? Patroness?)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] patron, thank you

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (aunt?)

Duke Brandish (Master) blinks

Duke Brandish (Master) stares at Kenna

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] My lord this is Patorn Kenna.

[Duke Brandish (Master)] But she is a

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] yes, your grace

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Racist

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) smiles and curtsies

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] A faithful priestess of Uthe my lor

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] OOC

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] d

Duke Brandish (Master) nods and bows to Tristan

[Duke Brandish (Master)] Patron Kenna, welcome to Domvile

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (lol ok now its getting creepy)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] thank you

Indigo (Lisa) sighs

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] your grace, i understand you are an exemplary worshipper

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] brb

Duke Brandish (Master) smile sand bows

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] so i am sure you will do the honorable thing in this ageement

[Duke Brandish (Master)] I attempt to honor the Gods

Duke Brandish (Master) nods to Kenna

[Duke Brandish (Master)] I always honor my GOds

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] (He's going to honor my fists in a second)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] so let us prepare for mistress erindales return, and lets do as tristan suggests

[Corvus] Should I jump in next week?

[Duke Brandish (Master)] yet I find that those who are not of a proper standing are not as diligent in their beliefs Patron Kenna

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (heh)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] well, your grace, lets show them how it's done eh?

[Duke Brandish (Master)] (no to Corvus, you can talk with Indigo, and Hugh and others, only th eDuke is ignoring Isla)

[Duke Brandish (Master)] Are you suggesting we hold a baptism ceremony Patron Kenna? who needs to be feel the blessing of the Gods

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] i am saying that the way the kayugan faith came to my land was by the splendid example of its priests in doing righteous things

[Indigo (Lisa)] Tristan already touched my shoulder

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] my people lined up when they saw

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] let our example be as powerful. let our honorable dealings preach our faith

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] So guys... Can I tell the duke how it is and that if he does not honor the deal we will inform erindale that he has renged on his bargain and let him deal with the literal fallout

[Duke Brandish (Master) (to Michael only)] try getting Hugh and Isla (Corvus) into a conversation

[Corvus] Where we at?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Really!

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (michael, probably so)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Am I near Him?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (shhhh - kenna is doing good)

[Duke Brandish (Master)] I am pleased to put my faith on display Patron Kenna

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] *Sigh

[Duke Brandish (Master) (to Michael only)] yes and Isla is a her

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (i missed whatever it was tristan proposed. soemthing about gems)

[Duke Brandish (Master)] No to spring

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Isla? I thought we were talking to the duke?

[Duke Brandish (Master)] Just that the Duke should pay

[Duke Brandish (Master)] (the duke ignores Hugh, does not hear a thing he says or react to it)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] wonderful! now that that's settled, let's clean up and get ready

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I haven't Said anything yet?

[Duke Brandish (Master)] (The only people that the Duke has talked to is Tristan, Kenna and Marisu, every other comment has been totally ignored, which is why I suggested talking with Isla while the others are talking to the Duke)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I don't know who Isla is

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Please quick summary?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Someone?

[Duke Brandish (Master)] (she is the person there by the cabin that you have not met yet, which si why you would want to talk with her)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (one of the first party who came here to negotiate the treaty right?)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Okay. I would like to approach her and see what's up

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (yes she was here when we got here)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Anyone want to join me?

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (wb eric)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Sorry i was catching up and you were doing such a nice job :)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (heh, thanks. nothing like a little guilt and shame)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] And what is your tale in this whole sordid afair Ma'am?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (lol i'm catholic so I get it)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (well easter and xmas atleast)

[Duke Brandish (Master)] (Hugh was that directed at Isla/Corvus?)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Isla

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I'm trying to get things moving

Marisu (TMO)] (b)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I wanted to finish up one of the three options before bed

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] haha

[Indigo (Lisa)] (it's just hard to have 2 different conversations happening at the same time - if it's ok I am good taking care of the duke)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] So then it settled my lord that you will provide her with some gems. We can ask her to assist you with the gnomes but I do not feel that her talents are best used for that task

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I understand. I just want the duke to uphold the bargain so we can move along. If Isla is the key to that, then I'll do some quick talking.

[Duke Brandish (Master)] Very well Uncle Tristan

Tristan Elaire (Eric) nods

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) nods and looks approving

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Then I assume you have a place at your holding for us to rest? I would like to visit your church as well to pray

[Duke Brandish (Master)] I will give her 500 gp of emeralds

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Wasn't the bargain for 1000?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] OOC

Marisu (TMO)] (that was the dragon, iirc)

[Duke Brandish (Master)] and if she returns to deal with the gnomes i will uphold my end of the agreement

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] OOC eh, sounds fair

[Corvus] Sorry I was absent. I'm in now?

[Duke Brandish (Master)] (yes to Corvus, Isla is there next to the cabin)

Tristan Elaire (Eric) bows "I agree my lord that the threat still remains so she still must help

Corvus is receiving the map Minecrafter Cabin...

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Your offer is both just and fair

Corvus has received the map Minecrafter Cabin.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (So I am here now.)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (nicely done you two)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] hx

Lisa is receiving the map Minecrafter Cabin...

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] yeah good jnob

Lisa has received the map Minecrafter Cabin.

[Master] brb need drinks

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (so who is talking to me?

[Master] Isla and Hugh and INdigo, etc can catch up

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (thanks

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (thanks!)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I asked what your stroy was in this whole sordid afair. :)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Do explain what you mean.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] We havne't been introduced. I was just wondering what your part was in this whole enterprise

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (perhaps an introduction is in order then Michael :))

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] I was merely an escort.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] (Bob said I should talk to him so I did I have no idea what to say really)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Cool. Just an escort for the duke?

[Master] b

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] No, a dead priestess.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] OOC Wait she dead?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (yes)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] OOC What am i supposed to say to a dead person?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (She died so I came to bless the treaty)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] No

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (lol, yes. that was my entrance)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (Isla is alive. The priestess she was protecting is not)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Okay, well now Im really confused and I am slowly backing away from the rottimg corpse

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Oh

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (yes.)

[Master] Kenna has not met Isla either

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (that is why Tristan had to come. To oversee the treaty that the dead priestess was supposed to oversee)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] So I am talking to someone who isn't dead right? That's all cleared up right? No hidden suprised. This isn't resident evil

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] lol

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] well with bob you never know

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] there was that one time ....

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Okay. Well I just wanted to say high and see how you were involved in this whole mess. So many friends dead

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (i played a priestess who THOUGHT she was dead. then she got thrown by a frost giant)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Screw english. Hi not High

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (lol)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (and she WAS dead, and only people who had Speak With Dead could talk to her)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (Isla, my character is not dead.)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (but she still got to do stuff, because she died on her diety's plane)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] *Sigh* Okay. For the current senario I am not talking to a corspe. Gotcha

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] So back to my comment above

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (nope, different person)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (which was...)

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) coming over

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (lol wow that's pretty intese Spring!!)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] hello i am patron kenna. i am sorry we have not met yet

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] which was what?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (lol who's on first?0

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Sorry. I'll just let Kenna do the talking. I am going over here to thiink deep thoughts

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Seeya

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Good to meet you not dead person

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (ahhhhhhhhh I am forever lost!!!

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (lol you're doing fine Michael)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] We need to use Razor Comms or something so we can not mess up the typing

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] hugh, please do not leave yet, you have not told the tale of your journey to the sity

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] *city

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (FYI i have about 30 more minutes. Got an early morning tomorrow)

[Imari (Mike)] back

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] wb

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Who am I telling the story too?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] *To

[Imari (Mike)] i'm guessing i didn't miss anything

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Gosh darn it

[Master] Isla

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Nah

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Is Isla a NPC or a PC for starters

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] someone told me you might be Isla. this is Hugh

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] PC

[Master] Mike while you were gone, they convinced the Duke to pay Erindale for th ecurrent stuff

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] ()

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] he traveled along to the city with me

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Yes, my name is Isla.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] OH! That makes a big difference. He is part of our group?

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (Yes.)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] And the Duke wants Erindale to hunt down the gnomes

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Hello Isla. I am Hugh. I am kinda a cross between obstacle, linguiest, engineer, and bad luck for our group. Hello and I am sure we will get along famously.

[Master] Everyone except Mke has a character there

[Master] to be able to talk with Isla

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] mhm. *stoic face*

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Yeah, lots of people have that reaction. I've given up on subtle for my life. Much faster to go with blunt and quick

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Like a sword in neck?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Sure. Though be aware, I'm pretty nifty with the dagger

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I just don't have pateince anymore for idle chit chat

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] I see.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] So good to meet you, if you need help killing something let me know, if you find any stargne desinges I will help you figure them out. Cool. You seem like an awesome perosn.

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] i heard a rumor that the duke has been inhospitable to you

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I now turn the time over to Kenna

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Wait what? Has he mistreated you?

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] it sounded as though he was ignoring his guest

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] That guy has some balls

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] i remember someone saying it when we landed

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] have you been getting along all right?

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] The Duke and I?

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] i mean have you been managing with food and shelter

[Master (to Corvus only)] you have not talked to the Duke he ignored you the entire time you were here

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] i'm sorry, it's petty obvious the duke isn;t getting along at all

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] and hugh i agee with you

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] my opinion has changed considerably since meeting him

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] I have done what I have needed but no, e did not do anything,'

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (my Rs are not working very well)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Why are we helping him again? He should be treating those who help him considerably better. I say if this behavior continues we should report back to Branwyn and cease our efforts and contact with teh Duke

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Is there anything we can do to help you out Isla?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I am heading back to the city. Would you like to come with?

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] absolutely we should report back to branwyn. we might not be able to stop helping until after she lets us though. how tiresome

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I agree. The Duke's behavior is atrocios and hopefully Branwyn can be the lighting bolt from on high for our good duke

[Imari (Mike)] well you could send artiark back with galduk's body and she could speak with dead

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Who is she?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] (She doesn't know who Bran is?)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (no

[Master] correct

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] (Im sorry guys, I am just screwing things up I'll let Kenna do the talking)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] (I don't know who knows who)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (i just got surprised myself)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (can artiark fly back by himself? was thinking kenna or moranda was going to have to cast animal friendship or something to convince him to come home with us)

[Master] no you are not michael, you are meeting someone new lots of surprises

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (i thought bran hired isla)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (miranda)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Yeah, but I thought if Isla was a PC then she wasn't new and therefore knew who everyone was. Or is this just a newly created PC?

[Master] and no to Art simply flying back to the city by himself, he would continue along to Carnak in that case

[Imari (Mike)] why? he's relatively intelligent

[Imari (Mike)] i'd think he would go back to imari

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] You know what Isla, Im not the one to explain that very well. Suffice it to say she is my patron and I serve her as long as our goals are in harmony. If you would like to come back to the city with me just let me know

[Indigo (Lisa)] (corvus is a new player with us - unfortunately he started and then the game shifted and we didn't get back to this story arc for weeks)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (That and life has kept me away since.)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Ah, well I responded to his character as best I could haha

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] (Totally understand haha)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (you did great)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I glance over to Tristan.* I was acompaning them. *Nods to them.*

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] brb

[Spring] I am away from the keyboard.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Isla is a former pirate looking for revenge that is taking odd jobs on the side since she lost her ship - she stayed at the cabin hoping she would get paid for bringing the body in)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (that is what I remember anyway)

[Master] is a nice summary

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (exactomundo)

[Indigo (Lisa)] :)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] That was the best TL;DR I have ever read thank you

[Spring] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (it was!)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Yeah. Fastest summary avialble haha

Marisu (TMO)] (I'm fading. Think I'll log, and we can do Marisu vs Erindale online if you want)

[Master] ok

[Master] have a great night TMO

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] nitey nitey TMO!

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Seya TMO

Marisu (TMO)] thanks all for the roleplay

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (nini)

TMO has left the game on Fri May 15 22:59:40 EDT 2015

[Indigo (Lisa)] goodnight

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Barely missed it

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] sorry the boy got up again... I need to call it a night and put him back to bed...

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Later everyone

[Master] wry grin Night Eric

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Seya Eric

Eric has left the game on Fri May 15 23:00:14 EDT 2015

[Indigo (Lisa)] see goodnight above

[Indigo (Lisa)] whoa I am too slow

[Master] so now you have no one to talk to the Duke except Kenna

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Barely missed it

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] i missed it entirely

[Master] you need to discuss now getting back home

[Master] before erindale shows up

[Indigo (Lisa)] (thought we were done with duke)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (we could work gnome again)

[Master] I thought so too, but just in case

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Well, I don't really want to walk back

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (Spring, what was your lst response?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (we need his address)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I am down with whatever

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I don't really like planning anymore

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] :)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (in character, it was something to do with not likeing the duke i think)

[Master] someone needs to work on how will you get home

[Master] grins

[Master] Isla wants to come with

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I glance over to Tristan.* I was acompaning them. *Nods to them.*

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] we have too many to go in a single airship ride, right?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (about Artiark - should an animal trainer - friendship spell work to get Artiark home safely?)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I will take a companion and ask the duke for two horses for the trip home. Deal?

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] did someone say something about there being a iver route?

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] *river

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] K. Lets walk to the river and hitch a ride from there. Deal?

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (looking into animal friendship)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I look between the two of them.*

[Indigo (Lisa)] (we should talk to erindale and see what she says)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Okay.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (if she will do shuttle service we can all be home in a week)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Well, lets find out

[Master] there is the airship option, or trek through the width of Domvile to get to the river,

[Indigo (Lisa)] (200 miles is a long trip even if we catch a boat to go down river)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (animal friendship will not work, looking into a different one)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (Is Isla going with them?)

[Master] yes to Corvus

[Master] Isla would go to the City with them

[Indigo (Lisa)] (if she has the patience for it - you might have to raid a gnome village first depending on how this plays out)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (animal summoning is out)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (I still like my find the gnomes a mine of their own idea)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] What city are you discussing?

[Master] Dryads Lair

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I still like the idea of looting a gnome village

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (control animal is iffy - it has to be a simple command)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Go Home is pretty simple is it not?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Well, mayve not

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] I guess I shall join you then?

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (oh wait, does artiark count as an animal?)

[Indigo (Lisa)] He's a hippogriff)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (right. i think we taalked about animal spells only working on standard animals)

[Master] checking the spell description

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] We would love to have you for whatever we do Isla. You seem a rougish type

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] and hugh, i think go home is simple as long as the creature knows where home is

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (we have dogs do that one in mississippi all the time)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Very well.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Haha. True enough Kenna

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (we have a custom that if you see some random dog on the road, you tell it to go home and it's supposed to)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] So what should we do? Raid a village or negortiate a ride home. I leave it to our leader

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I thought you meant that radom dogs would just go where they thought there home was haha

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (true too!)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] So... Indigo. What say you? What do you feel like doing?

[Indigo (Lisa)] I dunno. Depends on what Mistress Erindale wants to do. I really want to bring Galdek back to Imari. Someone who knows her should be the one to tell her what happened.

[Master] Kenna ready for Erindale to come?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] If there are poeple staying here, I feel that you should stay as you are the most likely candidate to assure that the rest of the group stays alive. I will deliver the news, my reports, and a personal statement from you if you would like. Lets talk to Erindal

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] oh yes

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] the clouds clear a bit and the Tarangini decends down to the tower

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] and Mistress Eridale comes down the hill to the mine entrance

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] she looks around and spots Indigo

[Indigo (Lisa)] (fyi - erindale will talk to all of us so we can ask her things and she should actually answer)

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] she comes over to Indigo

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] Sir Indigo,

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] there was no battle, what happened?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Give her the short version

[Indigo (Lisa)] Hello Mistress Erindale.

[Indigo (Lisa)] There was kind of a battle.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] drink

[Indigo (Lisa)] It was gnomes making a magic dragon illusion.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] what about a drink?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] oh he's getting a drink

[Indigo (Lisa)] Some ran away but we caught one.

[Indigo (Lisa)] The Duke wants to give you 500 gp worth of gems though!

[Indigo (Lisa)] But since the gnomes are the ones that are stealing from the mine, he wants you to take care of them instead.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] back

[Indigo (Lisa)] There are 10 from the village that have been doing this but the gnome we captured won't tell us where his village is.

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] are you asking me to help you find the village?

Mistress Erindale (Master) glances around the large group, We cannot take this many up

[Indigo (Lisa)] The Duke says if the gnome problem is taken care of he will give you the other 500 worth of gems.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (test)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] you passed

Indigo (Lisa) shifts around uncomfortably

[Indigo (Lisa)] Well, this treaty ....

[Indigo (Lisa)] this was your and the Duke's treaty.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I watch this all, listening.*

[Indigo (Lisa)] Were we supposed to do all of the mine protecting for you?

[Indigo (Lisa)] I know with a dragon and all but ....

Indigo (Lisa) looks around to the others

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] OOC Why didn't he post the treaty again? This could get ugly

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] We will have to be careful until we know what the precise wording was...

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] I did not think there would be more defending after the dragon was defeated

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Ask if she has a copy of the treaty

[Indigo (Lisa)] Neither did we. But then we thought there would really be a dragon.

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] (Eric was supposed to write out the details and post it on th esite, he has not done that yet)

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] So you are telling me that the dragon is defeated

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] so I should take the 500 you have there in that pouch

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] i thought the dragon was never mentioned until after the treaty

[Indigo (Lisa)] Yes ... well ... no ... well there was no dragon

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] it was not

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] so he treaty is about general defense

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] No, because the gnomes cause the dragon. Ergo, we need to take care of them

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] Uncle Tristan said that the treaty was for us to defend the ine

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] mine

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] and in exchange we would get 1,000 gold pieces

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] I am only getting 500

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Okay, so tell her she needs to defend the mine. She isn't done and that this is a good faith payment

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] and you are telling me there is nothing to defend against now

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] that is what the duke said, to justify paying nothing

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] you want me to be offensive and go hunting

[Indigo (Lisa)] Ummm , no. The gnomes have been coming every months disguised as a dragon and stealing the Duke's gems.

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] we convinced him otherwise

[Indigo (Lisa)] So if you just go away the gnomes might come back with a troll illusion and steal more gems.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] So why don't we let the gnome we captured go?

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] you have a captured gnome?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Well, for starters he is the reason Galduk is dead

Indigo (Lisa) nods

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] did you ask him where the other gnomes are?

[Indigo (Lisa)] He won't tell us where his village is though.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] So far, we are the only ones getting the shaft

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] did you ask him why he attacked this mine?

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I step forward.* let him escape us.

[Indigo (Lisa)] His village is full of all the gems they stole from the Duke.

[Indigo (Lisa)] He's strange Mistress Erindale.

[Indigo (Lisa)] He said they just want to collect the gems and look at them,

[Indigo (Lisa)] They don't think they should be used for airships or for trade.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (Am I with them all?

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] (yes)

[Indigo (Lisa)] they think we should all just look at them and say how pretty they are.

[Indigo (Lisa)] So ... if you did get to the gnome village there would be a lot of emeralds there.

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (does anyone have a spell that works like a tacker?)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] *tracker

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] What happens when you let a ,mouse get away?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] it breeds and destroys my houses insulation?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (smiles at corvus)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (LOL)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (Very true Michael.)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] So...

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] What does it do?

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] it retuns to its nest

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Ah. Yeah lets do that

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] So let the gnome go *pause* and track it.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Sound good Indigo? Then Erindale can have a "finders" fee of the emeralds

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Well, some of them anyway

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] What do you propose my role is in this?

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] looking at indog and Isla

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Yo Yo Indog wut up

[Indigo (Lisa)] What do you want it to be?

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] I understood that I was to help defend the mine, not be be an offensive force for the Duke

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Would you like to be the eyes in the sky and track the gnome from above?

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] We have to let him, *pause* escape on us.

[Indigo (Lisa)] The Duke doesn't seem like he'll be happy until someone takes care of his gnomes

[Indigo (Lisa)] I don't know how to track.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] And, you could collect quite some gems among the stolen goods

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] from what we underestand

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] I do not know how ot track

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] it would be a bonus

[Indigo (Lisa)] Miranda can cast her flying spell on someone to follow them too but I don't know how long it lasts.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] OOC Can she borrow the spyglass and follow?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] no need to track if she can see him the whole time

[Indigo (Lisa)] If we could get the gnome to talk we wouldn't have to track him

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Gnomes are subterranian.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I got nothing then

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] talking will do no good and can take too long.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Someone capable of stalking follows them.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (doesn't last long 1d6 + 5 turns)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I'm not capable of stalking

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Indigo?

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] 6 turns is 1 hour

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] then returns to us after discovering the village with the emeralds.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Nope

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] (brb restroom)

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] (look at spell options)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] So what do we do from here? We don't have a stalker and yeah.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (I didn't see anything on Trustan for tracking - we need a waterboarding spell)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] No, Bamboo fingernail is the way to go. I would probably disclose anything I knew if it was being used on me.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Or roast him slowly over an open flame

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Everyone breaks eventually

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Its just a fact of life

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] b

[Indigo (Lisa)] (now tristan has this very underused spell - command)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (but the innformation they give is crap)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Sounds great! Use that!

[Indigo (Lisa)] (can he cast it and say tell me where village is?)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (oooooooooo)

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] one word command

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Yeah, I did read that somewhere Kenna.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Good call

[Indigo (Lisa)] (ok)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Command him "HOME" and we follow him?

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] :-)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (maybe that could get artiak homme too)

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] (so if you push forward with this and convince Mistress Erindale to follow a gnome for you, how does anyone go home?)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (I have to retire. I shall try and be here next week. nini)

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] nightCorvus, good to see you

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] gnite!

[Master] maybe this is a good place to stop anyway

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] me too, i'm afraid

[Indigo (Lisa)] (hope so!)

[Imari (Mike)] i'm going to go to bed too. night

[Indigo (Lisa)] (goodnight)

Mike has left the game on Fri May 15 23:44:50 EDT 2015

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] have a lovely evening!

[Master] yes it is

[Master] so we have this conversation on th esite

[Lisa] we ar eback to having to make decisions

[Master] yes

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] darn it

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] XD

[Master] ride home or follow the gnome

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] You were a poet and didn't know it Corvus has left the game on Fri May 15 23:45:53 EDT 2015

[Lisa] problem is - we had to have discussions rather than the 2 PCs that can cast diplomacy or persuasion

[Lisa] they can dice roll their way into good graces

[Lisa] Indigo stumbles along

[Lisa] sounded like erindale wants her gems for not doing a heck of a lot

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Well, I would be happy to continue this online? I am getting better at keeping up and submitting my own posts. I also have it tagged in my RSS Feed so I get updates often

[Master] good

[Lisa] and it is our choice what we want to do

[Master] yes

[Master] and yes

Spring has left the game on Fri May 15 23:47:43 EDT 2015

[Lisa] but it also sounds like if we want them then whatever we get from the village could be ours

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Really I am getting frustrated with these people. They want the world for nothing and it's really starting to piss me off. We aren't there solution for every problem. We negotiated for them but we aren't there own personal servants. We have fulfilled our bargain as bst we could. We should let them deal with each others problesm

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] And there is that Lisa

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] We could get something great from the village

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] So I just don't know

[Lisa] that could affect our ability to get multiple rides home in airship

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I just wish we could go do it

[Lisa] is a conundrum

[Lisa] thank you Bob

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] If you guys pack me some sweet treasure for when i get home, I'll ride a horse no problem. I'm not kidding

[Master] smiles

[Master] have a great night you two

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Well. I love you guys. I had fun tonight. Hopefully we get some more done. Thank you bob!

Michael has left the game on Fri May 15 23:49:47 EDT 2015

[Lisa] goodnight

[Lisa] sorry - was reading more tristan spells

[Master] nods

[Lisa] alter emotions

[Master] will be good to know

[Master] there you go

[Lisa] is honesty an emotion?

[Lisa] helpful?

[Lisa] friendly?

[Master] friendly yes

[Master] without a doubt

[Lisa] cast on gnome

[Lisa] in my next life I want to be a priest with 40 spells

[Master] grins

[Lisa] I would be casting all day

[Lisa] anyway

[Lisa] I will let you sleep - sorry

[Master] have a good night,

[Lisa] goodnight

[Master] I will drive home in the morning

[Lisa] ok

Lisa has left the game on Fri May 15 23:52:32 EDT 2015

[Master] ==== Gaming session started: Sat May 16 14:58:28 EDT 2015 ====

XP awarded