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Memorial Dungeon

5-2-1233 TGR to 11-6-1233 TGR

This early era of the campaign was the first time the group did a task after completing the Beer Run. The Dragonslayers found a hidden dungeon in the Bronda Hills that turned out to be a long lost Memorial to the Last King of the Bronda Hills. When it was discovered that this was an old dwarven lair it became a reoccurring theme for the family of dwarves to recruit the Dragonslayers to come reclaim the Memorial Dungeon for them yet again.

During this time the group also went into a Goblin lair for the first of several trips there.

After another of BOB's adventures here, or rather to find it again, the Memorial Dungeon became the responsibility of the Dragonslayers. Being a favorite destination and adventure for John, he assigned one of his henchmen Kazza to stay and develop the Memorial Dungeon and Kit has been assigned to assist at time.

Not only is it the first and most developed dungeon BOB made but it has one of the most powerful magic items built in, a teleport without error device.