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Entry 3

Well we spent our first night in the Elven Forest. It was a quiet night...well it was for me anyway. Everyone seemed to have this things about attracting giant mosquitoes and wolves. I don't know why? They are nothing a good sized swatter couldn't handle and some large puppy dogs. Supposedly the bugs showed up during the first watch with the gnome, Druid and Gretchen the ranger. Must be why the gnome was so tired later on. Anyway during the 2nd watch as the rest were playing with the pups, I and the gnome realized that sleeping would be more productive. I believe Khan had a similar feeling but he decided to have the wolves help him take a nap rather than just stay in bed like the rest of us. Val'Iant decided to reveal his spell casting ability. I guess he must have felt it was extremely important to the wellbeing of someone in the group to reveal his secret? I gather he had some of the wolves nap along side Khan. Well anyway I think it is time to make breakfast so I will put down my pen and ink and get some food before it gets cold.

Entry 2

We have traveled through the power of a magical well to the lands of the Silk Route. We hope to be able to illucidate what is going on through questioning the locals and exploring the area. So far we have basically gotten no where. We questioned some towns members but the information they gave us was sketchy at best. Our questions were fairly openended but they seem to be only able to communicate in short monosyllabic sentences. We questioned a supposed mage (Uther), and the town Elder (Rol) and found out very little information. I don't believe they realize how UNHELPFUL they have actually been. None of them could follow a specific train of conversation or give more than brief answers. I feel we need to be omniscient just to know what questions to ask them, but of course if we were then we wouldn't need to ask them anything!! Anyway the mage and the Elder told us we would be able to get more information from a hermit hag and her handyman. The Elder (and the mage) stated that the elves are never seen, only heard at night when they sing. Although he states that there has been no singing as of late. Also he states that he has actually spoken with the caravan leaders that were attacked. He states that they were "described" as ORCS, but as everyone keeps saying the elves wouldn't abide orcs. Well if they don't abide orcs how come there are orcs around? The next is that they seem to keep confusing the term "raids" with "raiders" and "caravan attacks". By this I mean that they interchange all 3 in equal measure speaking of how there are one group of "raiders" who attack caravans, and another group of "raiders who are orcs". Well the Elder didn't give us anymore information beyond this despite further questioning. I don't know if it is because he is an idiot or because as a politician he refuses to answer any questions unless specifically asked!! Anyway he and the mage reports that the only elf seen in these parts for quite awhile was a dead elf carried on horseback by a bounty hunter. He didn't go into any more detail than that. He didn't seem to know either the name of the bounty hunter nor the name of the elf. Of course this could be because he couldn't think beyond his one sentence answers to illucidate more clearly or because he expected us to ask him.

To any extent we traveled to the hermit hag (Granny W)and found out she was a young woman with some degree of minor magics who was disguising herself as an old woman to be left alone. Her handyman (Twister)seems to be as dumb as the mule he was taking from another farmers house. Basically all she could tell us was that there were elves in the woods - DUH!! I am beginning to wonder at the overall intelligence of human beings. It could be though that all these people are a bunch of inbred idiots. All we got from her is that she could communicate with the elves on a night of the full moon, or we could go into the forest and find them sooner (guess what we chose). Giving up on getting any further information from the towns folk and this "hag", we ventured into the forest. Prior to entering the forest we ran across a human who stated he was a druid. Now I believe that the confusion here is one based on our misconceptions of the term "Druid" rather than his discussion on the subject. I actually gather he is one of the blood sacrificing druids that live in the area next to Roadhaven, rather than the "tramping through the woods eating bark" kind of druid. His knowledge of this area is very sketchy so I believe he is as new to the area as we are. I actually question why he is in the area. I wonder if he is here to spy on us, and keep tabs on us? I wish I could read his mind but I lack that ability currently. I doubt anyone in my group is capable of such magics as well. It would be interesting if we had Wilson or another of Kylia's followers who know more about the Druids of Halstaat. I wonder if the ranger Gretchen knows anything that would be helpful. Is it possible that the Druids of Halstaat are behind trying to discredit the Dragonslayers as they have always been in contention with Kylia who is thier puported leader? Anyway he showed us an easy path to enter the woods and as we quickly realized it is a rather dense wood and travel was slow. After about an hour we were attacked by a group of orcs whom my companions made short work of. 1 of the orcs (I gather he is a bit smarter than the others) quickly realized he was going to die and surrendered. I believe one orc got away into the woods but the density of the forest makes it difficult from me to keep track of all of them.

Anyway this orc named Rold of the Schorg Tribe although more intelligent than the dead orcs at our feet seems to have the same degree of intelligence as the townsfolk. He has been more confusing than the Arcanum Magicorum texts I have read. I believe he would have been more helpful if we had killed him!! To any extent we have gathered somewhat that the elves became restless after the bounty hunter came into the area. Something seems to have calmed them of late. There is a wizards tower in the center of the forest somewhere but whether or not the wizard is in cahoots with the elves may just be a bedtime tale meant to scare baby orcs into going to sleep. It is still unclear when the bounty hunter came into the picture and the actual raids that were branded on the dragonslayers. It is fairly clear that only 1 tribe of orcs the Rockjab is potentially strong enougth to raid caravans on a regular basis. The other 2 tribes Shorg and Incut are not strong enough.

Entry 1

Well I have joined the followers of the Dragonslayers as is my employer's wish. They seem to be a varied group with different skills but no one seems to have any significant clerical ability. I assume they are a tolerant group as our appointed leader is a Troll named Khan!!! I am not sure otherwise what to expect from them I guess only time and the Test of Steel will enlighten me.