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Mercenary Unit

Mercenaries are used extensively in the Small Kingdoms and in parts of Terraguard. The countries of Blackwater and Gold Hills have used them the most along with Drillian and have helped to codify the rules that are now part of the Mercenary Code that has spread throughout much of the Western World. There are scores of Mercenary Units; some of them are only a dozen persons strong some are well organized units of a hundred or more.

Some adventuring groups could be considered a Mercenary Unit if they follow all of the rules of the Code and are recognized by the Joint Conclave of Unit Leaders. These conclaves are infrequent and often impromptu meetings when ever there are 21 or more Unit Leaders gathered together. Grand Conclaves are called sometimes when more than 51 Unit Leaders gather to decide on major and minor Code infractions although a Joint Conclave can settle smaller disputes. These Conclaves can be held anywhere but are most often held at the Castle Hoarbrite in mid-winter.

Some Rules of the Code:

  1. Only the leader of unit may disband that unit.
  2. Any contract signed by the leader of a unit is valid.
  3. Any contract for services can be terminated by the leader giving 48 hour notice of such.
  4. Any person or country signing a contract hiring a unit must give 24 hour notice of termination of the contract.
  5. All units must have a Leader and command structure
  6. No unit may consist of a single individual or creature
  7. Units shall not usurp another units name or popular nickname

Official Names

  • Klac
  • Dragonslayers Company
  • Shardik Regulars {inactive all deceased}
  • United Fire
  • Hungering legion, also known informally as the Cannibal Company
  • Silver Hawks
  • Shardik's Forlorn Hope