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Mightier than the Sword

Thedd Era (conflict with Kylia's Keep Era notes)

11-7-1244 TGR - 12-7-1244 TGR

This was a simple murder mystery adventure. The group was asked to try to solve the murder because they were not part of any of the factions that could be accused of the deed. An inventor was killed who had something that could potentially change the local economy greatly. The group made quick work of this adventure and moved on to other stories.

Feed Back & Recollections

This is one of the few adventures I was really disappointed in. I had planned this to be a small town urban mystery with lots of consultation and debate between differing factions. I had not anticipated that the groups power level had gone up high enough to negate some of the tension in the story. The players also were not enthralled at this adventure and had a strong aversion to city adventures for a long time after wards.

(originally out of Dungeon Magazine #29)