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Mike Lusignan


Mike is an enigma to many at the table. He played with us for a short time (just under a year) but left a huge impact on many of the players from that time. He was an excellent roleplayer, one of the best I have played with over the years. His outside of the game - game contributions to the rest of the table were just as important.

During this time we ran a monthly introduction to roleplaying seminar at the library where I worked. Mike was extremely helpful during those sessions in teaching all age ranges about roleplaying. I remember him teaching a 60+ year old woman Traveller and her beaming when he told her "you always wanted to be a doctor, this is your chance"

We had long late night game sessions where we would pull out a board game after my game was finished and three or four of us would play for a couple more hours and just talk about life. At the Tenth Anniversary Game his and Barb's presence were missed the most.

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