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Dragon Fen - Claiming Skull Church

Mining Operations

A description of the various mining operations taking place in and around the Craniate Wastes.

Quellcon Estates

  • 2 miles north of Skull Church on the northern edge of the Wastes
  • Large extensive iron mine with very long stretches of gold & platinum, Small diamond vein
    • Extends very deep underground
  • Established in 61 SKR by Adriana Quellcon

Gnome Mining Village

Strasilo Mining District

  • Siffress Wildwander's Lucky Dwarf Mine
  • 1 mile northeast of Skull Church
  • Discovered on 6-2-349 SKR
    • Silver vein, 2,000 coins/miner/week
      • maximum output from the mine will be 64,000 sp
  • Hired 10 gnome miners from the nearby Gnome Mining Village to work the mine for 15% of the smelted output
    • 2 of the miners also have both Mining and Smelting proficiencies
      • using gnomes as the workforce can excavate 5 feet per week per miner
    • Notes: The Lucky Dwarf silver mine was the first mine to be worked in the Protectorate of Dragon Fen. There was a work force of 4 gnomes recruited to work under the direction of Siffress Wildwander. There were several problems and delays as the gnomes became used to the new working conditions and Siffress learned to be a supervisor. What might have been an 8-32 week production was accomplished over the course of 18 weeks by the team. The mine produced a total of 64,000 work of ore. The mining left a total length of 168 feet of tunnels before the vein came to an abrupt halt. The mine was considered closed on 17-8-349 SKR
  • Copper Fire Mine
  • Copper vein
  • one half mile northeast of the Lucky Dwarf Mine
  • Discovered on 16-2-349 SKR
    • Begin working on 1-4-349 SKR
    • Initial work force of 4 gnomes
    • unknown weeks of productivity
  • 250 coins/miner/week
  • Silver mine
  • 2 miles east of skull church
  • not explored yet
  • 400 coins/miner/week
  • Discovered on 26-2-349 SKR
  • Iron Mine
  • one half mile south of the Lucky Dwarf Mine
  • not explored yet
  • 1,600 coins/miner/week
  • discovered on 5-3-349 SKR
  • Lead mine
  • One and a half mile northeast of Skull Church
  • not explored yet
  • 700 coins/miner/week
  • discovered on 16-3-349 SKR