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Miranda Paige


Played by John Anstett / Kaz

Miranda Paige grew up in Loosend. Her father was an adventuring warrior and what little time spent with Miranda he was resting and healing in bed. He died on an adventure shortly after Miranda's second birthday. Miranda's mother died protecting her child in a church versus church situation soon after. Her adoptive parents raised her to be a priestess of Idun. A natural caregiver, Miranda considered the church as her home where she found her natural talent for healing for the church and helping in the orphanage. As she grew into a young she learned more about all the different religions in Looseend, but did as her adaptive parrents expected, and took the calling to be a priest of Idum. Then in her more rebellious teenage years, when the pressure of her adaptive parents were more then she could bear, and the chance came to join the Dragonslayers, and find out who she really was, she jumped at it.

Joining the DragonSlayers was not what she expected. With the first encounter she went from a support member to a front line founder of the new team. She tried for a while but with some serious tests to her faith, she floundered for a while. Envious of the confidence and power she saw in Branwyn, she eventually gave in and changed her profession to peruse the arcane arts. Under the guidance of Hoffman and with the tough love of Branwyn she is becoming a mage in her own way with just a little longing to restore her faith and complete her journey to her ideal self

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