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MoButo was created after my last mage class character Motubo (his twin brother) was killed trying to save Jess' character Laila from the Sahuagin. The idea was that since Motubo as a classic fremlin character and as such a joker, what would happen if I created a counter part to his humorous prankster side with a more somber and serious mage. Both of them would have been interested in magic and have a "genetic" or "inborn" proficiency with magic above and beyond the norm. Both of them came from the lands resembling al-Qadim, but whereas one stayed true to the calling of the land (MoTubo became a Sha'ir), the other felt a "higher" calling. There was a series of books called "The Magician's Apprentice" I believe where magic was rather low level and difficult to learn. Most "wizards" were able to follow a specific path to learn magic the "real/normal" way. This one individual was always having problems with the way his magic worked and was considered a flop. He was kidnapped and taken to another dimension where a "higher" form of magic was practiced. He ended up being the greatest magician of both dimensions when he learned that his innate understanding of magic was actually the "higher/purer" form. He had to learn an entirely different way to access this natural, stronger magical talent.

Well for MoButo he had a "calling" to head west. This "calling" led him to Semphar where he went to a special mage college and learned "The True Magic". This made him a bit haughty and snobbish on the outside but inside he was a warm and caring being. He often put down other styles of magic (such as Paul's) as being inferior, while at the same time being amazed at the things Paul had achieved with his abilities. MoButo always felt that it was more important to do what was "GOOD" and "RIGHT" than what was practical. He felt that his magic would always get him out of any predicament no matter how impossible the situation. A good example of this is when against the better thinking of Paul and Kylia he convinced the rest of the group to raid the Chaos Dungeon. I honestly didn't think we had a chance (LOL), but of course MoButo felt differently. After 2 weeks of planning on line with everyone but Paul and Kylia, we all raided the temple...SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!!! We won!!!!!! Hence MoButo's continued belief in the superiority of his magic.

MoButo's other characteristic which was different than MoTubo's his brother was the importance of the group or family. MoTubo always was more interested in the individual or an individual rather than the entire group. MoButo's attitude came because in the depths of his heart he really missed his home and regretted leaving his brother (who died he felt because of his absence) all those years. So whenever possible he wanted to do things that were in the best interest of his party members. One such instance was when Finglas died in the Chaos Dungeon and would have been lost forever. MoButo made a private deal with a ghost to use his one and only Limited Wish spell that was being kept for a special occasion to rewind time and bring Mike's character back to life(no one knew what MoButo had to sacrifice and promise to get that spell). The other time which I will detail in a more in depth fashion was when he and the Paladin went through hell and entered Signum for the sole purpose of buying magical items for the rest of the party. As a matter of fact a lot of those magic weapons are still being used by the DragonSlayers to this day.

Maybe someday he will make an appearance to see how the others are doing, but for the time being he is traveling the different dimensions trying to find a way to return Reign Tandem from his Undead Lycanthropic state before he destroys the world.