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Main / MorganaLoran

Morgana loves, in her own words, "pretty shiny things." This has gotten us into troubles (and adventures) at times. Christy really played the inability to pass up the chance to add more gold & gems to her own little hoard quite well. I personally believe Bob used this attraction to baubles more than once to lead us in a particular direction...

This char was Christy's first foray into role-playing, which has brought us years of enjoyment. Since this time, a lot has happened, such as getting married, having 4 kids together, and moving to Fredericksburg, VA where we now play online.

This particular character was played at a time where the only way to play was around Bob's table, with books and dice bags spilling over while I tried to keep cans of Dr. Pepper and bottles of wine and IceHouse from actually spilling. We would expectantly peer at the placement of the figs on the huge map and then argue with each other for hours. It was a lot of fun and I kinda miss it. Anyway, Morgana was cool and I thought Christy played her very well for never having role-played before.