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MoTubo was actually created to tie in the lands of Al-Qadim and the Well? of ? to the ongoing campaign. The Well was apparently created using a Genie. All that was known was that the Well? was "Chaotic". To this day I don't know if anyone knows more about the Well? than that...Well except for the fact that it grants wishes!!! Of course what the true purpose for granting the wishes is still unknown. Is it for ill or for boon?

Anyway Motubo was a Fremlin Sha'ir that loved to play jokes on people. He like all Fremlins walked around naked and didn't understand what all the fuss was about clothing. He had traveled to the west in search of his twin brother Mobuto who had been separated from him when they were younglings. Shortly after joining the DragonSlayers (which he did at a whim because he was bored), They went on a mission to acquire a magical artifact for Kylia. During the trip he pestered the halfling thief Laila to wit's end. During the adventure he and Reign Tandem? lost their lives in an attempt to rescue the kidnapped Laila from the Sahuagin. Later Reign Tandem? was raised from the dead using a wish from the Well?.Reign Tandem? during the resurrection was quested/geased to be the Protector of the Well.