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My Shoes!!!

Team Building Era

8-5-1259 TGR - 18-5-1259 TGR

This story took place after the Taxes are Evil adventure. The group was home in Roadhaven recovering and relaxing when Wilson came to the group to ask a favor. It turns out that his step mother had a job she needed to hire some adventurers for. A little girl had dropped a house on his step mother's sister and stolen her shoes. The group agreed to help chase down this little girl and retrieve the shoes.

In due course they found the sister, and along the path in the enchanted forest encountered a scarecrow, a tin man, several manticores and a group of Rakashasa. With several characters dead after that battle a visit to the Jarl of Tramolf for a resurrection for Percival was a quick side trip then a return to negotiate with the Rakashasa and exchange Ramone? for information and secure passage.

The group made it through the forest after helping dealing with the bears, to find an expanse of poppies laid out in front of them. After burning a swath through them with a fire elemental they came upon a castle at the end of the valley.

Kira, Gretchen and Kylia did some recon and found several traps and pitfalls on the way up to the keep. The drawbridge was down, but the gate was also. The entire area was very quiet.

After going back to regroup and bring the rest of the team forward several illusions were discovered and a large Clay Golem guarding the entranceway was defeated.

Finding the girl, Kinętikę? in an upper room of the tower, she complained that she just wanted to go home to her 'house made of brass'. The group was successful in getting her back to her father. They then returned to Roadhaven to have a planning session on how to rescue Ramone? from the Rakashasas and what to do about the shoes they had recovered.

After rescuing Ramone? the group remembers that they forgot to retrieve his gear, so go make a second rescue for his equipment. They decide to keep the shoes rather than give them back to Wilson's stepmother.

They then moved onto the next adventure Father Knows Best.

Quote overheard from Paul

Lady Kylia and Paul walk along, slightly behind the rest of the group.

"Lady Kylia, how can you continue to hang out with these young adventurers? They seem so chaotic to your goals and lifestyle. They fly by the seat of their pants, with no real plan or direction. The Gypsy has been able to take care of himself and has not yet betrayed the group as I have seen, your wizard can only cast so long before he goes crazy and now you let a Druid tag along. I think I need to worry more about you then them. Have you been feeling ok?"

Before she can answer, there is a sounds of struggle ahead.

"You can answer that later, sounds like they have proved my point."

Paul flies off in their general direction.

Feed Back & Recollections

I was a bit afraid at first that this too obvious of a story line would prove to be too 'cheesy' to come off well as an adventure. But the group did a wonderful job of taking the premise very seriously and this has turned out to be a very fun story. In the end in typical Dragonslayer fashion the rescue went off without a hitch, but then the key flaw in the plan was discovered. A very 'DOH!' moment.

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