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Narva River

The Narva River is the largest tributary of the Velikaya River. It flows through the western countries of Terraguard and joins the Velikaya River at Dryads Lair.

The Narva is a slow moving broad river that supports many barges as part of the river traffic. There are many small islands scattered along the river's path. During the spring floods only the largest of these islands remain above water. As the river approaches Dryads Lair it forms an open area to create a natural harbor. In general the velocity of the river is less than one and a half miles per hour in the stretch that flows through Domvile and can be as high as five or six miles per hour in the upper stretches.

Traveling upstream from Dryads Lair the town of Northam and Feybark Strand mark the edge of the Principality. North of there the Blumm Wood fills the western bank of the river until the Dukedom of Domvile asserts control of both banks for an almost hundred mile stretch till the Cordrawn Hills pushes down to the western bank of the river. That thirty mile stretch of the Narva is well known for pirates and other brigands.