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Nathoud is one of the four countries that make of the Celtic world in the Central Area. Unlike Hallstatt or Keltoi that have found a balance of power Nathoud has risen and fallen several times.

In the distant past Druids ruled with a firm hand in these lands. Then they were surplanted by a mageocracy, the only time that mages have ruled any Celtic country. That time for Nathoud brought them great power and wealth, but also corruption and tyranny. During this time there was a migration of elves away from Nathoud and they settled in the Pleasant Valley Gateway Oasis.

Currently Nathoud is ruled by warrior kings who keep a tight lid on all magic both Druidic and Wizarding. There is a large pinnacle of rock called the Beacon Cairn that Nathoud counts on to help defend themselves from anyone coming in from the endless waste.

Along the caravan routes that travel through here are several small villages. The village of Woodwind played a part in the story the Magic of Music.