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News & Updates

Current Story Arc : For the Love of Mist Era - Recovering Doeskin - Third Time is Tradition

Anticipated Next Scene: Returning to Dragon Fen manor

Next missed session : No Game on July 26th, September 20th maybe

BOB's Birthday Game 2019 will be on 2019 09 28

Dates Players will miss :

TMO will be very late, if on at all, 7/19
Spring is out July 19 and 26.

Recent developments in the campaign

I would like to restart the ongoing KloOge projects to make sure we have the tweaks we want to the program.

Recent updates to the web site

RSS Feed to add to your favorite news feeds.

There is a download link of the most current DSWorld file for people grab on the Campaign World page.

All of the character's XP totals include the 10% bonus through the Wedding Crashers & Bebbux story arcs.

There is a page detailing the Dragonslayer Training Plans that is the defacto listing of the characters in the campaign at the moment, with their levels and future plans for training.