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Non-Player Characters

This is a list of significant people that have interacted with the player characters over the years.

Character Name - Contributor

  • TMO Randomly-generated NPCs
I'm messing around with building a random NPC generator, and Bob said to load some up on here if I wanted. Available for any use.
  • Arwad Ustih - TMO
  • Aldenth Garpina - TMO
  • Leuh - TMO; Fighter 3; NE; Female; Str 14; Int 17; Unfair, Moderation, Stubborn, Disorganized; A sword-for-hire whose deadliest weapon is her mind. If she's hired to do a job she'll do her best, but she has little compunction about backing out if she thinks it's a dumb or suicidal idea. She's also willing haggle over tasks she sees as being outside the scope of what she was hired for. Regardless of her faults, her services are in high demand due to the quality of her work.
  • Tais - TMO; Mage 3; N; Female; Str 14; Int 14; Cha 16; Priviledged, Content, Coward, Utilitarian, Impartial, Rational;
  • Berkuz - TMO