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Stretching Their Legs Era

From 9-6-338 SKR to 17-3-339 SKR

This story was the first of a new Era after the Phoenix Era. It was the first traditional story arc the adventurers had as an adventure presented to them that they then went out to explore.

The Dragonslayers took the commission to go clean out a castle for a mage and retrieve some demon journals for him. The group soon discovered that their transport to the castle was the sky ship Javelin with Skycaptain Jack Harkness at the helm. They arrived at the castle floating in the air with little problem but were taken aback by the fact that the castle was listing on a 45 degree angle.

After surveying from the ship they disembarked on the dock and started through the heavy undergrowth towards the castle. Along the way they encountered a shambling mound that killed Kristelle? and wounded several other members of the party.

Upon entering the castle the group saw a scene of distruction as the contents were either slid downslope to the far walls in rooms or previous adventurers had trashed the individual rooms. Three seperate times party members slid downslope and out of windows or doors to fall to the ground below. Foriso Fairhand plumeted from the second floor and would have died if not for a quick feather fall cast by Branwyn. Eventually later that day the group discovered the secret vault on the upper floor of the castle.

On opening the secret door the guardian of the vault attempted to paralyze the group. Imari and Branwyn were able to enter and defeat the guardian without taking any damage. However when they attempted to open the chests in the vault they fell to a trap that paralyzed both of them. This left only Indigo and Miranda Page still standing from the group. After taking a stock of the situation they decided to wait till morning and move the gear and party members who were not able to help themselves to the docks.

In the morning the Javelin returned and Captain Harkness took the group to a sanctuary where they could ask for help. At the Temple of Air and Light one of the priestesses agreed to help the Dragonslayers. After reviving Imari and Branwyn from their paralysis she cast a raise dead to bring Kristelle? back to life. The group gave a donation to the Temple of several gems and agreed to pursue the pirate ship Vanity and her two female captains. The group accomplished this during the Pirate Queens adventure.

Upon returning to the Jistille Estates they arranged for recovery and training for everyone. One day after that Foriso Fairhand received a messenger from his mentor giving him a new task. That lead to the adventure Ophioglossum.

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Character Quotes

A hijacking could be an interesting twist, but if Dan Cooper thinks he's getting our uber lewts, I'll push him off the 45-degree angle island with my own little fingers. - Kaz

Feed Back & Recollections

I was inspired to run this adventure by two things. I had always wanted to run aerial adventures and I thought that a sky jacking/pirate attack would give it a bit more of an interesting twist than a traditional "introduce new monsters" adventure.

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