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Norse - Gods

General Description - The Norse religion is one based strongly on the Viking Way that honors fighting skills and family ties.

Marriage and Divorce - A Norse marriage is essentially a contract between families. While the more progressive families consider the couple's wishes, any decision or action by the couple against either family will be consider an insult if not betrayal to the family. Divorce, while rare, is often part of the marriage contract, detailing the conditions acceptable for divorce and of restitution required by either family. Either the man or the woman can initiate the proceedings. In cases where there is no family or serious conflict within one family, a priest of rank Long Sword or greater can issue a ruling to resolve any issue.

Death of a Character -

Ceremonies -

Interactions with other Religions -

The church hierarchy is divided up by both Ranks and Levels.

The Level is based on the spell level able to be cast, while the Rank is the political standing.

The Ranks are:

  • Dagger
  • Short Sword
  • Long Sword
  • Great Sword
  • Spear

As the weapon lengths get longer the higher the political standing.

i.e. A 1st Dagger is lower than a 4th Dagger. A 4th Dagger is lower than a 2nd Long Sword, even if a more powerful spell caster

AegirNorseIntermediate God
BaldurNorseGreater God
BragiNorseIntermediate God
FreyNorseIntermediate God
FreyaNorseIntermediate Goddess
FriggaNorseIntermediate Goddess
ForsetiNorseIntermediate God
HeimdallNorseIntermediate God
HelNorseIntermediate Goddess
IdunNorseIntermediate Goddess
LokiNorseIntermediate God
OdinNorseGreater God
SifNorseIntermediate God
Surtr?Fire GiantsLesser God
ThorNorseGreater God
Thrym?Frost GiantsLesser God
TyrNorseIntermediate God


  • Greater God/Goddess
  • Intermediate God/Goddess
  • Lesser God/Goddess (up to 6th level spells)
  • Demi-God/Demi-Goddess (up to 5th level spells)
  • Saints (up to 3rd level spells, essentially Minor Access only)
  • Heroes (imbue with spell ability only)