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Nov 21 14 - House Affairs

[Master] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Nov 21 09:45:29 EST 2014 ====

[Master] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Nov 21 18:36:05 EST 2014 ====

Guy has joined the game on Fri Nov 21 18:42:26 EST 2014

Guy is receiving the map New Residence first floor...

Guy has received the map New Residence first floor.

[Master] Hello sir

[Guy] howdy

[Guy] and i win lol'

[Master] have you been followign the updates on the site?

[Guy] i havebnt done much of anything except work the last 7 dayas

[Master] well


[Master] your place for Jondar is off new Bond Street somewhere

[Guy] ok

[Master] the other section of the city that is up with more details is


[Master] we will be picking up on the afternoon of the 11th

[Guy] is bond street the same as new bond street?

[Master] they just got back from a visit to the Grand Celestry

[Master] no

[Guy] ok

[Master] brb

[Guy] okies

Lisa has joined the game on Fri Nov 21 18:55:27 EST 2014

Lisa is receiving the map New Residence first floor...

[Guy] hey lisa

Lisa has received the map New Residence first floor.

[Master] b

[Master] Hello LIsa

[Lisa] Hello :)

[Master] so because Lisa is the one here, she can attempt to wrap up the new discoveries for you Guy

[Lisa] shall I log off?

[Master] lol

[Lisa] how come I always have to be the memory stick for ths game?

[Guy] lol

[Master] becasue everyone trusts you and knows you remember it all

[Lisa] flattery will get you nowhere

[Master] because no one would trust me to tell them what is important?

[Lisa] not sure that would be a good sign if no one trusts you

[Master] wry grin

[Guy] hes a DM most players wont trust the DM

[Lisa] eric probably has some trust issues right about now...

[Master] chuckles

[Lisa] so what exactly would Guy like to know?

[Guy] what is sleep like?

[Lisa] boring

[Lisa] zzzzzzzzzzzzz

[Guy] ive had 2 hours of sleep since about 10 pm last night

[Lisa] so sleep would probably be pretty good soon

[Master] Time of Day: 12:10 PM. Day 11 Trall ___ tre, Ohm {Early Winter} 11th, 1266 TGR.

[Lisa] maybe when John gets in you can help hoffman figure out how a girl froze to death on our doorsteps in the middle of summer

[Guy] wish i was tired enough to sleep

[Lisa] you aren't on call tonight are you?

[Lisa] warm milk and cookies - sleep and santa will come soon

[Guy] im on call 24/7

[Guy] and now so is karen lol

[Master] how so for her?

[Guy] she has now joined the fire department as well

[Lisa] wow

[Master] are you sure there will be enough fires to keep both of you busy? ;)

[Lisa] and the maps look a million times better on my monitor at home than my laptop

[Master] thank you

[Guy] weve had 180 calls so far this year

[Master] how does that trend versus last year?

[Master] Branwyn XP award: 500. Next level in 84852.

[Master] Jondar XP award: 500. Next level in 17500.

[Guy] we passed last year about 40

[Guy] plus calls ago

[Master] so I should invest in firetrucks?

[Guy] nah we just got a new one so we wont be getting another one for a few years

[Master] missed my chance

[Master] so one thing we can do

[Master] Jondar can be walking down the street

[Master] as the group is outside

[Master] Jondar has not met Branwyn yet

[Master] and then if Jondar wants to go visit the docks with Indigo? and or anything you would like to do

[Lisa] (so we are outside still? posts during week get me confused on timeline)

[Master] still outside yes

[Master] nothing has moved beyond you getting home and bringing out the letter to Father Mortin

[Lisa] (so posts on site were back for forward in time from right this second?)

[Lisa] (back or forward)

[Master] Hoffman and Guard were previous to this moment

[Master] that was the only actual roleplay

[Master] you zoned in now Guy?

[Guy] yup

[Master] Jondar moved 12'04".

[Master] Branwyn moved 9'04".

[Master] Indigo moved 19'01".

[Master] [Marisu]] moved 24'01".

[Master] Aunt Jennevive moved 9'02".

[Lisa] (miranda talking to branwyn after we got back and marisu and miranda shopping then happens in future)

[Master (to GM only)] Father Mortin moved 55'01".

[Master] Tristan Elaire moved 34'00".

[Master] Yes to LIsa, I suppose sorry I forgot that

[Master] or this can be right after Miranda and branwyn to make it easy

[Guy] I am back at the keyboard.

[Lisa] (it's ok - just a lot of jumping)

[Jondar (Guy)] ((everybodys late today))

[Lisa] (so no going back to hoffman and freezing remains a mystery)

[Lisa] (or going back?)

[Master] So to be clear of the time line, back from Grand Celestry, Father Mortin leaves, Miranda and Branwyn talk, then Jondar shows up as Branwyn and Indigo are taking a brief walk

[Lisa] (lol - leaving tristan to have a nervous breakdown in the street alone while miranda and marisu go shopping)

[Lisa] (nice)

[Master] yes, grins

[Jondar (Guy)] ((now you see why Dms arent trusted lol))

[Lisa] (you are making our characters very cold)

[Master] you have no idea Guy

[Master] and you could be going back inside when Jondar shows up

[Master] Branwyn has no clue who he is

[Lisa] (sorry your whole mission and existence is shattered, we are going out for an afternoon stroll now)

[Lisa] (okay)

[Master] so Jondar walks up as Branwyn and Indigo are on the front stoop

[Lisa] (always wanted a stoop)

[Master (to Guy only)] you can make up what ever sort of haunting things you want about the mansion,

[Master] Branwyn moved 39'08".

[Master] Indigo moved 60'08".

[Master] Jondar moved 89'02".

[Jondar (Guy)] Ahh Indigo my friend how are you this day? Have the ghosts started talking to you yet?

[Master] Aunt Jennevive moved 58'08".

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Branwyn, Tristan is in the chapel

[Master] Tristan Elaire moved 86'08".

[Master] Leatherus moved 31'03".

[Master] [Marisu]] moved 20'08".

[Master] Joseph Shortkin moved 37'11".

Indigo (Lisa) waves "Hi Jondar!"

[Master] Captain of the Guard moved 67'09".

[Jondar (Guy)] who is your lovely companion?

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] I am Aunt Jennevive

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Jennevive can you please leave him in peace until he is ready to speak?

Aunt Jennevive (Master) looks to Branwyn, Of course

TMO has joined the game on Fri Nov 21 19:25:41 EST 2014

TMO is receiving the map New Residence first floor...

[Jondar (Guy)] an aunt come now someone as young as yourself is no aunt.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Yeah, that's Jennevive. Don't make her laugh or she'll roll all over the ground. It's embarrassing.

TMO has received the map New Residence first floor.

Aunt Jennevive (Master) warm chuckle and lightly punches Indigo on top of his shoulder

[TMO] (yo)

[Jondar (Guy)] ((hey TMO))

[Indigo (Lisa)] And that's Branwyn. She's the Ambassador you didn't meet yesterday.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (hi TMO)

[Jondar (Guy)] ahh my dear Ambassador Branwyn its is a pleasure to finally meet you.

Jondar (Guy) bows to Branwyn

[Aunt Jennevive (Master) (to TMO only)] Ilero can be here, back from his meeting with the tailor, the clothing will be ready tonight

Branwyn (Lisa) looks at Indigo surprised and then turns and bows to back to Jondar

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It is an honour to meet you as well Ambassador.

[Aunt Jennevive (Master) (to TMO only)] you can be walking back up the street while Jondar is meeting them outfrom

[TMO (to Master only)] ok

[Aunt Jennevive (Master) (to TMO only)] out front

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I apologize that our introductions have not been properly formal.

Ilero (TMO)] [Ilero]] moved 103'09".

[TMO] I am back at the keyboard.

[Ilero]] (TMO) walks out the front door and stops at the sight of the group standing there.

Ilero (TMO)] (oh, sorry, wrong direction)

[Jondar (Guy)] I am Jondar the Ambassador for Gold Hills, but maybe we can dispense with the titles?

[Ilero]] (TMO) walks up the street and approaches the group from behind.

Ilero (TMO)] [Ilero]] moved 33'07".

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Jondar of the Gold Hills?

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Oh look, here is Ilero of Blackwater

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Prince Ilero

[Ilero]] (TMO) lifts a hand in greeting.

[Jondar (Guy)] Greetings your highness

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Jondar, would you like to come in?

[Ilero]] (TMO) nods to Jondar. He looks at Branwyn. "What hye miss?"

[Indigo (Lisa)] But we were going to the shipyard and look for the airdhip!

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Shall I fetch Jilly for refreshment?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (airship)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Ilero, this is Jondar the Ambassador from Gold Hills.

Branwyn (Lisa) in a lower voice "You have missed more than you can possibly imagine."

[Jondar (Guy)] pleas just Jondar

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles "Jondar"

[Jondar (Guy)] title s tend to get cumbersome

[Indigo (Lisa)] So if you are going to go drink tea or something, can I still go look for the airship?

Ilero (TMO)] Glad meet you, Jondar.

[Jondar (Guy)] the pleasure is mine i assure you, its not everyday one can they they have met a prince

[Ilero]] (TMO) shrugs. "Bet you met a few. And hye got whole family of t'em.

Aunt Jennevive (Master) under her breath to Branwyn is this the third Prince today?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Indigo, it is rude to leave a guest to go running around the shipyards.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Sorry Jondar, there is an ariship we need to look for, but we can do that later. Would you like to come in?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Unless you want to go look for airships...

[Jondar (Guy)] an airship? most dangerous machines

[Jondar (Guy)] or so ive been told, personally ive never been on one

[Indigo (Lisa)] Oh they're fun! You just take some gems and put them in the helm and they get all smashed up and you fly away!

[Jondar (Guy)] i would be glad to accompany Indigo on his visit

[Indigo (Lisa)] Or you smash them up first and then put them in. Can't remember.

[Jondar (Guy)] interesting use of genms

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Well then, let us take a stroll to the docks. It should be fun.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Ilero, are you coming too?

[Ilero]] (TMO) nods and moves to stand next to Branwyn.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Good. I have hardly seen you since we got here. You have been quite invisible lately.

[Ilero]] (TMO) grins back at her.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Let us be off then and Jondar can tell us about Gold Hills. Indigo rarely speaks of his home.

Branwyn (Lisa) starts to walk

[Jondar (Guy)] that my dear is because there is not much to say about the Gold Hills

Jondar (Guy) walks alongside Branwyn

[Branwyn (Lisa)] When things calm down more here, I should like to visit.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Home is boring. The same things happen every day.

[Jondar (Guy)] unless of course you enjoy the smell of pipe weed

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] (sending new map of Diplmatic Quarter

Branwyn (Lisa) wrinkles her nose a bit

Ilero (TMO) (to Master only)] Any closer this time?

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] I put Jilly on the new map as the indicator of where you are

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] leaving the characters on the first floor map for now

[Ilero]] (TMO) walks a bit behind and to the side of Branwyn and Jondar, close enough to hear the conversatoin and join in if he wishes.

[Master] Jilly moved 16'10".

[Jondar (Guy)] of course since we halflings tend to be the major race its quite peaceful except for a couple of spots but then thats why we tend to hire mercenaries.

[Indigo (Lisa)] You hire mercenaries? Like us?

[Indigo (Lisa)] To do what?

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] straight on the road you are on leads to the Palace

[Jondar (Guy)] you have been gone a lonmg time haven t you my friend

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] the left (north( leads to the docks of the Diplomatic Quarter and futher to the Naval Yards

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] to the right leads to the Traders Quarter

[Master] did you want Jennevive to accompany you?

[Jondar (Guy)] surely you remember the tales of the old forest and the dark shire

[Indigo (Lisa)] (choice is that or alone with tristan. Hmmm)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Mercenaries took care of all that?

[Jondar (Guy)] unfortunately not, the drow still make appearances from time to time, and the trolls are starting to become more numeropus again

[Jondar (Guy)] i fear there will be another troll invasion soon and it will be worse than the others

Ilero (TMO) (to Master only)] Eyebrows. Eyebrows would help. *facepalm*

[Master (to TMO only)] chuckles will wait to look then, wry grin

[Indigo (Lisa)] We should go and stop it. Would the Prince here help?

Ilero (TMO) (to Master only)] np. rp is more important. I'm just fiddling.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Isn't that what ambassadors are for?

Ilero (TMO) (to Master only)] how old is he?

[Master (to TMO only)] early 20's

[Indigo (Lisa)] I mean, to get other people to help you do stuff.

Ilero (TMO) (to Master only)] thought he might be younger looking than I made him.

[Master (to TMO only)] and you might want to help Indigo out there

Ilero (TMO) (to Master only)] Nah, he's doing fine. :D

[Jondar (Guy)] Ive been trying but i dont think people really understand what damage trolls can do in large numbners

[Master (to TMO only)] do you really want to invite the Terraguard army into the Small Kingdoms

[Jondar (Guy)] the worst ones are the one that pat you on the head like you re a child and say everything will be all right

Ilero (TMO)] Is better handle problems yourself if can. Others ask price for help, maybe more t'an gold.

Jondar (Guy) nods at Ilero "you are quite correct sir, and sometimes the price for help is worse than the original threat"

[Master (to Lisa only)] there are the elves in the Wildlands to the north of Gold Hills, where Marco's and Devin's elves were from

[Master] So left to the diplomatic docks and naval docks? or right to the trader's quarter docks?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (if I were an airship where would I be?)

Indigo (Lisa) looks up

[Master] (in the air grins)

[Master] grins

[Master] and no ships flying around in the air

Ilero (TMO) (to Master only)] younger with eyebrows;

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Let's try the diplomatic quarter first.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (docks)

[Master] Jilly moved 19'11".

[Master] Jilly moved 20'06".

[Master] Jilly moved 6'04".

[Master] Jilly moved 7'09".

[Master] Jilly moved 17'04".

Indigo (Lisa) thinks he might write home to his family about the trolls

Ilero (TMO)] (be back in a few. gotta go fetch son)

[TMO] I am away from the keyboard.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Oh and how come everybody keeps talking about ghosts at our house when none of us have seen any?

[Jondar (Guy)] just because you havent seen them yet doesnt mean they dont exist

[Jondar (Guy)] walking past there at different times ive seen curtains move, shadows where there werent any people, and strange loghts

[Jondar (Guy)] ((lights))

[Indigo (Lisa)] You would think with a whole mess of people running around the house all day, they'd be mad and want to scare us away.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Maybe they were just lonely and now that we're here, they're happy!

[Jondar (Guy)] or maybe they are waiting to see what your intentions are before making themselves known

[Jondar (Guy)] or they could be waiting for a strong storm to give them the power to do what they want

Eric has joined the game on Fri Nov 21 20:05:43 EST 2014

Eric is receiving the map New Residence first floor...

Eric has received the map New Residence first floor.

[Jondar (Guy)] ((hey eric)))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I think ghost stories often happen when a house has been left neglected for a long time.

[Eric] (hi everyone)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (hi eric)

[Eric] (hey there!)

[Master] Eric I will say that Leatherus is with Indigo and Branwyn off to the docks

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I will worry about ghosts when I actually see one.

[Eric] Ok let me quick catch up

[Master] Tristan is in the chapel alone

[Jondar (Guy)] this is also true, but there was the young girl found frozen to death in the middle of summer

[Master] ..... with Jennivive

[Jondar (Guy)] ((uh oh

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Frozen in summer?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That is a true story? In our house?

[Jondar (Guy)] i saw the body myself

[Jondar (Guy)] it was rather frightening i must say

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Sound like this city has some out of control spellcasters more like.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Who was the girl and what was she doing in the house anyway?

[Jondar (Guy)] now that is a possible explanation for the corpse

[Eric] (ok caught up...)

[Eric] I am back at the keyboard.

[Jondar (Guy)] probably some kid dared to go into the "haunted house" by her friends

[Leatherus (Eric)] (So everyone left Tristan alone with Jennevive? Really rolling the dice there arent we?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And ran into a rogue mage or priest.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we didn't want to - Bob made us do it)

[Master] chuckels

[Jondar (Guy)] (((theres either gonna be a fight or sexy fun time lol)))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (if tristan kills jennevive branwyn will help destroy the evidence)

[Master] and Eric, we did not tell Guy what happened to you end of the game last week

[Leatherus (Eric)] (you mean when you ambushed me with a bombshell?)

[Leatherus (Eric)] (Basically Tristan found out that he was supposed to escort a priest to a different city instead of ever coming to the Jistille Estates. Someone changed the message (or something) and the head of my order is now looking into it. OH and the head of the Church in Jistille is also a fallen priest that Jennevive is using as a pawn. It was her idea to raid the skull church

[Leatherus (Eric)] (little things like that)

[Jondar (Guy)] (((roflmao typical bob))

[Leatherus (Eric)] Yep!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (doesn't sound so bad when you say it like that. Sounded much worse last week)

[Leatherus (Eric)] (yea the paraphrasing doesn't really do it justice)

[Master] lol

[Leatherus (Eric)] (I was pretty much backed up on my heels trying to put it together)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (in any event - are we at the docks and do we see any airships?)

[Master] no big balloons no

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (how about a harbormaster?)

[Master] also remember this is where you load and unload you left your knarr out in the harbor for example

[Master] and there in the building to your right

[Master] is the dockmaster for this area

Indigo (Lisa) knocks on door

[Master] Dockmaster #1 moved 8'06".

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] What in the seven hells are you doing disturbing me on my break you lilly livered ass wipe

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] the door opens

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] she looks back and forth, then down

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] Who the hell are you?

[Indigo (Lisa)] How were we supposed to know you were on a break?

Dockmaster #1 (Master) squints trying to figure otu if this is a joke or not

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You are speaking to the Ambassadors of Drillian and Gold Hills and their companions.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Who exactly are you, may I ask?

Dockmaster #1 (Master) raises her eyebrow

Dockmaster #1 (Master) looking branwyn up and down

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] Well there Ambassador, I am the dockmaster here and I am in charge of what goes in and out of these docks

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] and why did you knock on my door?

[Jondar (Guy)] her attitude is quite typical of the city

[Indigo (Lisa)] Because you are supposed to knock on closed doors and just not go barging in places.

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] shut your pie hole shorty

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] and you see a closed door you leave it along

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] alone

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] you do not go banging around

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] now

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] why are you here?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I want to know if there is an airship docked here if one has sailed recently.

[Jondar (Guy)] keep a civil tongue in your big mouth or we can make sure to find you a new position collecting the garbge.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] If that is not too much trouble Yoru Majesty.

Dockmaster #1 (Master) LAUGHS at Jondar

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] Like I give a rats ass about yoru threats

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] and airships? there ain't no airships in these parts

[Jondar (Guy)] thats no threat you giant dungheap

Dockmaster #1 (Master) gestures to the balistae over on the tower next to the naval yard,

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] they woudl shoot them out fo the sky if they saw anything coming in like that

Dockmaster #1 (Master) laughs at Jondar again

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] you want to be a sailor you better practice some more shorty

[Indigo (Lisa)] She doesn't know anything. She was probably in her office asleep when it came in and didn't see anything.

[Jondar (Guy)] the Prince shall hear of your attitude towards 2 of the ambassadors to his city

[Indigo (Lisa)] We should go to the good docks

[Leatherus (Eric)] (sorry my kids called almost done)

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] The Prince will be glad to know I am treating you with the respect you deserve

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] and these are the good docks there Sir INdigo

[Indigo (Lisa)] Not if they're kept by you they aren't.

Dockmaster #1 (Master) laughs happily

Indigo (Lisa) looks at Branwyn "We should move the knarr to the other docks"

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] Your ship is out there in the harbor, points out to the river, and no one will mess with it under my watch

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We may just do that, Indigo.

[Leatherus (Eric)] (is the harbor master a woman?)

[Indigo (Lisa)] But .... but you aren't watching anything.

Dockmaster #1 (Master) sly grin at Indigo,

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] Oh really?

[Indigo (Lisa)] You are locked in an office and didn't even see the airship that came in.

Dockmaster #1 (Master) sighs

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] I told you there is no airship

[Indigo (Lisa)] Yes there was!

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] if anyone in an airship tried to land they would fire on them as soon as they see them

[Indigo (Lisa)] Why would they do that?

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] the navy is not going to let anyone get near this place with an airship

[Indigo (Lisa)] That's silly.

[Indigo (Lisa)] How far away is the Navyyard master?

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] look at your own place, you have that hippogriff, you want something else flying along dropping rocks on her?

[TMO] I am back at the keyboard.

Ilero (TMO)] (back)

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] or dropping fire down from above?

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] that tower there is part of the Naval Yard

[Indigo (Lisa)] Okay. We'll go there then.

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] for what?

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] You are a navy man I know

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] but not from here

Indigo (Lisa) looks up at Branwyn "I hope the Navy didn't shoot down Mistress Erindale"

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] no one was shot down here

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] not as long as I can remember

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] has been years

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Let's go down to the trader's docks.

Branwyn (Lisa) turns around and walks away

Dockmaster #1 (Master) looks Branwyn up and down from behind

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I am not interested in any more beligerent people today. This morning with Jennevive was bad enough.

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] Hey Sir Indigo

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] she have anyone warming her bed?

Indigo (Lisa) looks back at lady and then and Branwyn and back at lady then runs after Branwyn

[Ilero]] (TMO) draws a knife.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Let's get out of here.

Ilero (TMO)] Attack: Knife:: is now ARMED.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] This was a large waste of time.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I am sorry Jondar to have brought you down here for this.

[Master] Jilly moved 16'09".

[Master] Jilly moved 17'02".

Ilero (TMO)] You want watch attitude. Or learn some hardway.

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] yeah yeah sure

Leatherus (Eric) places his hand on Illero's shoulder "Come Illero, there is no honor to be gained from teahcing this trash any lessons"

[Ilero]] (TMO) glances at Leatherus. "Why waste time wit' honor. He not know meaning. High might "civilization" make soft, stupid, and rude."

[Leatherus (Eric)] (wait is it a he or she?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (she)

[Leatherus (Eric)] (ok that would have made a difference)

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] she

[Jondar (Guy)] sorry all im finally getting tired enough to sleep

Ilero (TMO)] (take care)

[Dockmaster #1 (Master)] (Good, go rest and then go read poor Eric's story later)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (sleep well)

Leatherus (Eric) nods to Ilero "Yes but roughing up a lady for an attitude is not what we came for and you are better than that"

[Jondar (Guy)] i will be innext week and the week after

[Leatherus (Eric)] (g'night Guy)

[Jondar (Guy)] night all

Guy has left the game on Fri Nov 21 20:42:16 EST 2014

Leatherus (Eric) spits at her feet "though I use the term "lady" loosely"

Branwyn (Lisa) looks back to see if the others are following oblivious to the last comments

[Ilero]] (TMO) snorts and rolls his eyes. "Sure." He looks back at the dockworker and sheathes the knife. "See you later."

[Ilero]] (TMO) walks away.

Leatherus (Eric) follows

Branwyn (Lisa) shakes her head "I am afraid I have not made a good impression on the Ambassador from Gold Hills. Maybe tea in the salon would have been better."

[Master] Jilly moved 28'09".

Ilero (TMO)] He sound upset too. Hye t'ink town make bad impression, not you.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I hope the traders dock is close. We can check and then go home and see how Tristan is doing.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thanks Ilero.

Ilero (TMO)] Not want say anyt'ing in front ot'ers. Lady say she sail up on water, not in air. Dockworkers not see airship.

[Leatherus (Eric)] Well that would look less threatening

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Oh! Well then her ship will be near impossible to find unless she has registered it with her name.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I've never seen an airship that looked like a regular ship.

[Ilero]] (TMO) shrugs. "Not know much about t'em."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I wonder if it flies differently. Or should be go back and ask the lovely dockmaster if Mistress Erindale has docked in her harbor?

[Ilero]] (TMO) eyes her disbelievingly.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Well, she's either there or down at the trader's docks.

[Leatherus (Eric)] I say we check the other docks first before we talk to that fool again

Ilero (TMO)] Shur maybe get info out her.

[Leatherus (Eric)] Or perhaps a little gold to grease the wheels?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol going to pimp out the girlfriend are we?)

[Leatherus (Eric)] (LOL)

Ilero (TMO)] (he is supposed to be walking the dark side of town...)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Okay, let's check the other docks first then.

[Master] (ok so loading new map)

[Master] Jilly moved 23'07".

[Master] so to your right is the street back to the Residence

[Master] to the left is the Palace grounds

[Master] you are on New Harbour Street there

[Master] heading into the traders Quarter

Ilero (TMO)] Attack: Knife:: is NO LONGER ARMED.

Leatherus (Eric) looks to Ilero "Aren't we heading to the rough area Ilero?"

[Leatherus (Eric)] (as Leatherus hasn't been out much)

Ilero (TMO)] Not Knife here. Just sailors. Not bad by Palace.

Ilero (TMO)] Too many guards.

Leatherus (Eric) nods and relaxes a little

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Let's hope this dockmaster is a bit friendlier.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (she didn't hear the last comments she had made so is kinda oblivious)

Ilero (TMO)] (probably better off that way)

Indigo (Lisa) looks up just in case there's an airship anyway

[Master] Jilly moved 10'10".

[Master] Jilly moved 9'09".

[Master] Jilly moved 15'11".

[Master] Jilly moved 21'03".

[Master] Here is the main area in and out of the docks

[Master] lots of carts, piles of stuff

[Master] as you wind your way around and through all the people and goods

[Master] you ask where the dockmaster is

[Master] several people shrug

[Ilero]] (TMO) amuses himself trying to come up with an accident of some sort for the dockworker.

[Master] but evenually you come to a large heavyset woman with a scroll in ond hand an a megaphone in the other



Leatherus (Eric) smiles "I think we found her..."


[Master] MOVE

[Master] /ME points scroll at Leatherus and gestures to mvoe to the left


[Indigo (Lisa)] Good afternoon Ma'am


[Master] WHO ARE YOU

[Indigo (Lisa)] Sir Indigo.

[Indigo (Lisa)] We're looking for a ship.

Leatherus (Eric) moves



[Indigo (Lisa)] The knarr, yes.


[Indigo (Lisa)] Oh no! It was pretty hard to get.


[Ilero]] (TMO) sticks a finger in his ear and wiggles it about.



[Indigo (Lisa)] Someone else's ship.


[Master] HEY HEY

[Indigo (Lisa)] No, it would be docked here.


[Branwyn (Lisa)] He means we have a friend that may have docked here for a few days.

[Master] OH

[Branwyn (Lisa)] A Mistress Erindale.

[Master] WHO?


[Master] Oh, sorry there

Branwyn (Lisa) says in a soft voice in hopes of encouraging same "Mistress Erindale"

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] Mistress Erindale from where?

Dockmaster #2 (Master) points with scroll to move things

[Indigo (Lisa)] I don't know if she has a country.

Dockmaster #2 (Master) starts to bring up the megaphone again and then drops it

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] sorry for that

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] it gets loud here

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] they don't hear easily

[Indigo (Lisa)] The Temple of Air and Light.

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] Everyone has a country, unless she is a pirate

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] the who of what?

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] I don't remember hearing about that at any feast day

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It's far away.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Has she brought a ship into your docks in teh last few days?

Dockmaster #2 (Master) shakes her head, not that I remember

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] how big a ship?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I am afraid I do not know.

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] well that makes it harder

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] I only register those that I take a fee from

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] if she did not come to the docks there is no fee required

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] if they brought in their goods from out in the harbor you would be hard to figure out when they were here

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] she owes you money?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Not at all. It seems that she has not registered with you. I am sorry to have troubled you.

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] YOu are the Abassador from the SMall Kingdoms right?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you for your help. You are much nicer than the dockmaster in the diplomatic quarter.

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] Sir Indigo is your captain?

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles and nods to both

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] There was talk of him in the tavern last night

[Indigo (Lisa)] Of me?

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] you really killed a dragonturtle?

[Indigo (Lisa)] No. Not me.

[Indigo (Lisa)] It was all of us.

Indigo (Lisa) waves his arms back at Leatherus and Ilero and Branwyn.

Dockmaster #2 (Master) looks very impressed

[Ilero]] (TMO) points at Leatherus.

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] Not many navy ships that could survive that

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] what were you sailing?

Leatherus (Eric) laughs

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] how many marines?

Ilero (TMO) (to Eric only)] Leatherus?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Ummm .... we were in a couple of skiffs actually.

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] what?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (that was a dragon turle wasn't it?)

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] Damn, you really did kill a dragonturtle? no armored ship?

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] (you actually did two of them, the barge you rammed into one and the other you killed from the skiffs)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (I was ignoring the barge - since that was even more embarrassing)

Ilero (TMO)] (we have/had the shell from one)

[Leatherus (Eric) (to TMO only)] longer hair not so caveman skull. Short growth beard (about 4-5 day growth)

Ilero (TMO)] (was going football jock-ish since really big guy)

Ilero (TMO)] (sorry, forgot to whisper)

[Leatherus (Eric)] lol

[Indigo (Lisa)] I've never been in an armored ship before.

Dockmaster #2 (Master) damn

[Indigo (Lisa)] That would have been better than a skiff.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Or the barge.

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] I owe Doris two rounds of drinks for that

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] the barge?

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] what barge?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I don't want to talk about the barge.

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] I think that you two have a lot of stories to tell

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We lost a very good friend fighting a dragon turtle that day.

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] you have a night the drinks are on me

[Indigo (Lisa)] That sounds like fun. Where?

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] wait that day?

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] who ummm how many did you fight?

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] there is a bar off the naval yards, we tend to gather there at night once a week or so

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] catch up on things, what is happening up and down the docks

[Indigo (Lisa)] Okay. I will try and find it.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Yes, Indigo would love to tell you all about it soon.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you again for your help.

Ilero (TMO)] Much better t'an other dock.

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] The other dock?

Ilero (TMO)] Ever want toss someone in water?

Ilero (TMO)] Almost did.

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] I throw people off the docks all the time

Ilero (TMO)] Want job?

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] HEY YOU MOVE THAT NOW

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol)

[Ilero]] (TMO) flinches.

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] Who are you talking about?

Ilero (TMO)] (did we get the name while I was away?)

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] (no)

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] So Sir Indigo, when you get the chance send word and we will meet you at the Overturned Tankard


Indigo (Lisa) grins "That sounds like a good place"

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] I need to get these laggards moving

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] have a good day Sir Indigo

Dockmaster #2 (Master) nods

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] then moves off a bit

[Dockmaster #2 (Master)] and starts yelling through the megaphone at carters again

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Well, we either go back to the other docks or Tristan will just have to surprised when he goes on his mission.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] If he goes on his mission.

Branwyn (Lisa) tells Ilero briefly what happened this morning

[Master] so heading back to the residence?

[Master] Eric?

[Leatherus (Eric)] (I'm down for whatever. I don't know if we're going to get much out of htat dockworker)

[Leatherus (Eric)] If we go back perhaps a little bribe to help calm that Dock Mistress down?

Ilero (TMO)] (is it in tonight's chat, or the website?)

[Master] (last week)

[Leatherus (Eric)] (It was another torture Tristan adventure)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (ilero wasn't at church last week)

[Master] Marisu

Ilero (TMO)] (oh, that. Ok, caught up with you. Iforgot he wasn't there)

Ilero (TMO)] (spacebar not working right)

[Master] chuckles oh that

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (well now ilero knows what's up)

Ilero (TMO)] (thx.)

[Master] ok, so as you make your way back to the resident

[Master] residence

[Master] we can jump over to Tristan and Jenn

[Leatherus (Eric)] (goody)

[Master] Aunt Jennevive moved 102'00".

[Master] Tristan is kneeling in the chapel recovering

[Master] he hears the door open and close

[Master] but no one speaks

Tristan Elaire (Eric) sighs and turns to see who entered

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Are you ready to talk?

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] I thought you might want to get it out of your system before everyone was around

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] What do you think I have to say to you?

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] well I am certain you have questions

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Yes and when i find someone who is less comfortable with lying and manipulation perhpas I shall get my answers

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Did you do it

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Did you switch my message

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] do which?

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] oh no

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] that happened before you got to me

Tristan Elaire (Eric) smirks "And how do I know that you didn't have this planeed before I got here? Huh? How do I know that you are not trying to use me as a pawn like Father Wilkorn?"

Aunt Jennevive (Master) laughs,

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Of course I am trying ot use you

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Well I'm glad we got that out of the way

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] you know that I am trying ot use you

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Of course. I know you have always used me. The group. That is your way

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] if you succeed then I succed

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Though i pity you

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] It must be lonesome

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] having no one to one trusting you

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] That is where you are wrong,

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] I trust you

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] and I do beleive that you trust me

Tristan Elaire (Eric) laughs

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] you know that I have other motives

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] so you go in opened minded

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] unless you are too emotionally entangled?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Ok i'll play along.. Tell me what did you have to gain by sending me in to clear out the Skull Church. Did you honestly think I would turn it over to you?

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] of course it was worth it

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Wilkorn woudl have put me in the basement, you up top

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Well that won't be the case anymore now will it.

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] no, we have both achieved much more

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I will expose him when I return.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] You wont have your puppet any longer

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] I wonder who killed the ambassador?

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] have you any thoughts on that?

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] do you think they killed her to lure you and I here? to get Branwyn away from the QUeen?

Ilero (TMO)] (and I thought I was paranoid. ;) )

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] How could they know she would be appointed if they killed the old one?

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] It would depend on who killed the ambassador

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] perhaps they knew who the replacement would be before they acted

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (seriously - who in their right mind would have said - I know, if the ambassador dies Branwyn will get a diplomacy job)

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] (lol)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Then we are dealing with a very powerful advasary. Connected...

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (someone like ... Jennevive)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (lol that's where i was going ;)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (sorry)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] You seem to have powerful friends Jennevive

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] I think that you were used to bring Wilkorn to the Estates

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (LOL no worries great minds and all that)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Of course I was. Are you going to tell me that you had nothing to do with that?

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] I was married to a powerful necromancer who made powerful enemies

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Was married?

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] and his brother was a noble and unshakeble person

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] I have not seen Red in years

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Gee did you have a falling out? How awful

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] We have differing views on the undead

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] you and I agree that they should be destroyed, Red prefers to use them

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] You wish to destroy the undead? Are they not the puppets of your master?

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] have you ever seen me allow an undead to live on ?

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] you and I drove all the ghouls from that church

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I have seen you do what the group wanted to see

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I doubt very much they would have trusted you if they saw you petting a ghoul

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Laughs

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] You're a very clever girl

Ilero (TMO)] (I see it now! This *is* the perfect person for Marisu to learn diplomacy from! ;) )

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] smiles, thank you

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (lol)

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] what I am concerned with right now

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] is determining if it is important to know why you were sent to Jistillie instead of Vilmar

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Of course it is.

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] and if it is part of someone's plan to get you, branwyn and myself away from there

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Perhaps

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Indigo is a brave warrior but no one would expect him to solve sucha mystery, anymor ethan they would Toybin

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] That is a troubling thought

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Toybin, Indigo the others like Ilero are straight forward people

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] You and Branwyn can think, scheme, plot and plan

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] I do have faith that with Toybin by her said the Queen will be safe for now

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] of course there is this new puzzle

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Jondar, from the Gold Hills?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] What of him? He seems harmless

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] he is asking for Terraguard to invade his country?

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Branwyn would never allow such a thing

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (sorry i missed that... He is?)

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] is he perhaps trying to sow discontent in the household?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (he asked for help stopping a troll invasion)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (ah ok thanks Lisa)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (not exactly asking terraguard to invade his country)

Aunt Jennevive (Master) walks up close

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] He is simply asking for assistance to defend his land

[Master] Aunt Jennevive moved 16'02".

Aunt Jennevive (Master) kisses his cheek,

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] They will be back soon

Aunt Jennevive (Master) squeezes Tristan's ass

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] LOL

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] We are going to run out of time

[Master] Joseph Shortkin moved 46'07".

Joseph Shortkin (Master) knock knock

[Master] Aunt Jennevive moved 8'06".

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Plesae come in

[Master] Joseph Shortkin moved 8'03".

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] Misstress Jennivive

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Joseph how can i help you

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] Sir Tristan

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] there is someone here from the church

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Please see him in

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] or her

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] he said that he was bringing a message

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] that you were to expect guests for dinner

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] shall I tell him we are accepting?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Is he still here?

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] yes

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I shall see him in my quarters

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks to Jennevive "I enjoyed our chat..."

Tristan Elaire (Eric) walks out

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] he is standing on the stoop Sir

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] waiting to return with his answer

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Very well Joseph I shall see him now. Thank you

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire moved 114'06".

[Master] Joseph Shortkin moved 10'02".

[Master] Tristan Elaire moved 72'06".

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] In your quarter's sir?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Yes thank you Joseph. Please bring some wine for our guest

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] Ahhh Sir, he is just a messenger, do you really wish to have a full audience?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I wish to know who is coming to dinner Joseph.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tell them any member of the church is welcome here

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] Very Well sir I will ask him to come in?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Yes please

Joseph Shortkin (Master) obviously confused on what Tristan wants

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] lol

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Invite him in so I may speak with him

[Master] Tristan Elaire moved 74'03".

[Master] Joseph Shortkin moved 65'08".

Joseph Shortkin (Master) knocks on Tristan's door

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Come in

[Master] Joseph Shortkin moved 5'11".

[Master (to GM only)] Priest #1 moved 10'07".

[Master (to GM only)] Priest #1 targets Joseph Shortkin. Distance: 1'05"

Joseph Shortkin (Master) bows

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] Hello Patron Tristan

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Thank you Joseph

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks to the priest (what order is he from?)

[Priest #1 (Master)] (Uthe)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Greetings. I am told you bring a message for me.

[Priest #1 (Master)] I was to ask your staff about dinner this evening, to ensure that it would be acceptable for two of the Church to visit

[Priest #1 (Master)] if not then to have you come to the Celestry after dinner

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Members of the church are always welcome here. Did they tell you who will be coming?

[Priest #1 (Master)] No Patron

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Who sent you?

[Priest #1 (Master)] I am not certain of anything other than to ask if the Ambassador wished to have visitors for dinner

[Priest #1 (Master)] My superior sent me Patron, I am on duty as a runner this afternoon

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (i'm sure she'll be thrilled)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Forgive me if I seem unwelcoming. There are just precautions to be had due to the untimely end of the previous Ambassador. Please notify your superior that they are welcome for dinnter. I do not know what the Ambassaor's plans are this evienign but I would be glad to have dinner with them

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (HEHE invite all the priests)

[Priest #1 (Master)] Very well Patron Tristan

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (smother her with the god's love)

Priest #1 (Master) bows

[Priest #1 (Master)] and backs out of the door

Tristan Elaire (Eric) nods thank you

Ilero (TMO) (to Eric only)]

[Master] Priest #1 moved 90'01".

[Master] Priest #1 no longer targets Joseph Shortkin.

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] Shall I tell the Ambassador?

Ilero (TMO)] (nah, she loves surprises)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Yes please. I'm sure she will be thrilled

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] very well Sir

[Tristan Elaire (Eric) (to TMO only)] "I like it!"

[Master] and so

[Master] the group returns from their visit to the docks

[Master] Tristan Elaire moved 109'07".

[Master] Joseph Shortkin moved 110'07".

Ilero (TMO) (to Eric only)] I gave him dark circles under his eyes and creases in the forehead for the PTSD thing

[Master] Branwyn moved 17'11".

[Master] Indigo moved 16'09".

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] Mistress Branwyn, welcome home

[Tristan Elaire (Eric) (to TMO only)] ya pretty much what I had in mind :)

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] Sir Tristan has invited several Priests to dinner this evening

[Master] [Ilero]] moved 40'07".

[Master] Jondar moved 19'11".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] oh he did, did he?

Joseph Shortkin (Master) nods

Ilero (TMO)] (evil chuckle)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Well I hope they have some answers.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (its a intervention)

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] (Note Tristan standing there next to Joseph)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (we're going to show you gods love)

Ilero (TMO)] (exorcism. Tristan is possessed by Evil)

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] lol

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (hmmm)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I hope to get some answers as well

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (you are making god's love sound very scary)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] My mind has been spinning since our meeting

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (lol)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] At least they didn't take too long before getting back to you.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] How was your visit to the docks?

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] Dinner will be in three hours Misstress Branwyn

Ilero (TMO)] (going to put daughter to bed)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you Joseph.

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] I will go inform Atribella and the cook about this inclusion

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We better get changed.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Yes though I do not know who is coming. The messenger did not have much information.

[Master] Joseph Shortkin moved 14'09".

Tristan Elaire (Eric) nods

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Do you want us all there or did you want to dine alone with them?

[Master] brb

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] No please join us

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I have nothing to hide from you. I need help and answers

Ilero (TMO)] (back,but will soon need to put son to bed)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (wow that easy? must me nice)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (bedtime is like going to war at my house)

Ilero (TMO)] (wife already did the story reading)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (ah)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And the docks were unsuccessful.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] No sign of an airship?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I thought it would stand out easy enough

[Master] b

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I didn't realize until Ilero pointed it out that she arrived in a regular ship? I'm not sure how that is happening unless you are sailing by boat to reach her airship.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So I did not ask the proper questions at the first dock.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Besides the first dockmaster was rather rude.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So I suppose we should go back.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Well if she can't be found then I shall just have to wait until we depart... If I am allowed.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] We can try again tomorrow

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But not if we have an impressive dinner to get ready for.

Tristan Elaire (Eric) nods "I will get ready"

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I had a talk with Jennevive. I shall tell you later about it

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Is she still in one piece?

Tristan Elaire (Eric) smiles and laughs

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] yes unfortunately

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Too bad.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I look forward to hearing about it.

Tristan Elaire (Eric) goes to his room to get ready

Branwyn (Lisa) looks at Indigo "Go get washed up. We must look presentable for the guests."

[Master] TMO about Marisu doing the spell

Indigo (Lisa) grumbles "Doesn't take three hours to get washed up for dinner"

Ilero (TMO)] yessir?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo moved 91'09".

[Master] you will need to have Copy and Read Magic memorized

[TMO] (yes)

[Master] so in the mornign you can attempt one spell for each Read Magic youhave memorized

[Master] and copy one spell for each Copy

[Master] you can do that on the 12th

[Master] it still takes a couple of hours in the mornin g

[TMO] only has 3 spell slots at the moment. So will only be able to get 1 on a day.

[Master] to memorize, copy, etc

[Master] so you can attempt one tomorrow

[TMO] she'll rise early in the morning to do it before breakfast.

[Master] and then can remorize spells for the 13th and the ball

[Master] but I think you and LIsa and Eric should discuss the Ball

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (then she'll be too busy to save joseph)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (very nice)

[Master] and what how you are gooing to look like

[Master] grins, yes in the morning is Branwyn and Joseph in the Courtyard also

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (what do we need to discuss?)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (Im going to look awesome as usual)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol)

[Master] dresses, magical assistance, rescue calls for the duke you want to get away from, etc

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I assume I am going to be presented formally?)

[TMO] all vital Ball strategies

[Master] that is yes

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I have a couple cantrips planned for my dress)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (going all Hunger Games?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (kind of)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (nice!!!)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (but misty)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (silver dress)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (very nice)

[TMO] I am back at the keyboard.

Marisu (TMO)] Pardon me, Branwyn, Tristan... Do you have a few moments?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (can cantrip some smoke that will dissipate and then can cantrip a shimmer kind of opal effect on it to snaz it up a bit)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (the drillian versus dryads lair effect)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Of course Marisu what's up

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Certainly Marisu.

Marisu (TMO)] I just wanted to go over the preparations for the Ball and the Festival.

[Master] (and new years eve and the dinner party before that, and and and)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Oh the Festival is years away. Do we have to?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (lol)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Branwyn she is just trying to prepare. Surely you have a few moments to hear her out

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But don't you want me looking my best for the priests tonight?

Branwyn (Lisa) grins

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Of course. How long does it take you to get ready

[Master] HAH

Marisu (TMO)] Oh, nothing major about that. I found a reference to a Fest of Luminance that's practiced in the southern parts of Drillian. It involves throwing light against the Mist. I'm going to talk it over with Imari also, but I think it might be a good candidate.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (wow that sounds like home :)

[Master] Are you sure you are married Eric? :P

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] lol

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Much longer than it takes to get ready for battle

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But I can get ready for that instead.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I like that idea Marisu. Very Drillian.

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks to Branwyn "I have a feeling a dinner with priests is going to be a battle for you"

Tristan Elaire (Eric) winks

Marisu (TMO)] I was thinking, if we chose it, it might be a nice touch to have some one control some weather to conjure up a mist.

Marisu (TMO)] Give them a more authentic idea of what the Mist is like.

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks to Branwyn "Is that something you can do?"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I have no control over the weather.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] People here seem to hate the Mist more than anything. I am not sure it will be much of an attraction.

Marisu (TMO)] I'm not sure, but I think that might be a more clerical thing.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I can speak with a priestess of Uthe and see what can be done

[Master (to TMO only)] posiden controls weather also

Marisu (TMO) (to Master only)] yes, that would go over well...

[Master (to TMO only)] well you did learn this morning there was a church of Posiden in the city somewhere

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Also, do yo uthink you could help Leatherus with an outfit?

[Master (to TMO only)] or you can wait to bring it up at dinner :)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] For the ball

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] He's not exactly in tune with today's fashion

Marisu (TMO)] Of course. I took Miranda shopping this morning for a dress. We don't have much time, though. If anyone else wants one, we need to get on it quickly.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I would hate to see what he'd come up with on his own

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I will be fine. I shall wear my formal robes. Thank you Marisu

[Master] (remember Miranda was at the Coronation also )

Marisu (TMO)] (that'll make hers easier then, just touch ups)

Marisu (TMO)] (on the site she asked for help)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Is there anything else? I must get ready for our guests. You will be coming to dinner right?

Marisu (TMO)] I'd planned on eating. Do you want me to not attend?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Robes?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] No please attend

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks to Branwyn "Of course I shall be wearing the formal wear of my priestly order"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You don't want to just be at the ball and not be a priest for just one night?

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks confused at her comment "what do you mean?"

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Not be a priest for one night?

Marisu (TMO)] Formal Balls such as this one, he should be his Office, just like we should be ours.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Well, just a regular man.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Not with all the holiness part of it.

Tristan Elaire (Eric) smirks

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Oh forget it.

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks to Marisu

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] It appears I will be needing formal wear as well

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You should wear what you feel comfortable in.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Something a regular man would wear

Marisu (TMO)] Your church might be able to provide something. I doubt they'd like you to not look your best. Tristan Elaire (Eric) smirks at Branwyn

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I don't want to make you do anything you don't want to do.

Tristan Elaire (Eric) laughs

[Branwyn (Lisa)] This is why I am no diplomat.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] No it is fine Branwyn. You are right

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] It would be good to get out of the robes for one night

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (thinkning a tux with rhinestone holy symbol on the back)

Marisu (TMO)] (jaw drop)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (LOL)

[Master] is that the good Elvis or the bad Elvis?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] lol

Marisu (TMO)] I'll help you find something, Tristan.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Maybe we can ask the priests at dinner what they'll be wearing.

Tristan Elaire (Eric) smiles "That would be greatly appreciated"

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Yes that would be a good idea Branwyn

Marisu (TMO)] And, the other thing I wanted to arrange with you, Branwyn, is some sort of code to use to escape from someone you don't want to talk to.

[Master] (testing a new map )

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I'll just make them start coughing or something

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] black screen here

[Master] Jilly moved 14'01".

[Master] Jilly moved 16'04".

Marisu (TMO)] Also, I have a spell that will let me talk with someone unheard by anyone else. I'll have that ready, in case you need to talk with me across the room.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I'll just make them start coughing or something

Eric has left the game on Fri Nov 21 22:52:12 EST 2014

Lisa has left the game on Fri Nov 21 22:52:17 EST 2014

Marisu (TMO)] (I'm still here)

[Master] do you see the ballroom?

Marisu (TMO)] (yes)

Eric has joined the game on Fri Nov 21 22:53:03 EST 2014

Eric is receiving the map New Residence first floor...

Lisa has joined the game on Fri Nov 21 22:53:12 EST 2014

Lisa is receiving the map New Residence first floor...

Eric has received the map New Residence first floor.

[Eric] back

Lisa has received the map New Residence first floor.

[Master] so I will look at that Ballroom map

[Master] for size I guess

[Master] so you have anything else to work out before dinner tonight?

[Master] plot out any conversations?

[Eric] I'm good

Marisu (TMO)] (Marisu will wing it)

[Eric] Not sure really what to expect

[Eric] (Not anymore....)

[Master] grins

[Eric] :)

[Master] TMO you remember all this?

[Master] Lisa, Eric, options? discussions?

Marisu (TMO)] (I remember everything!!)

[Master] did Tristan want to share any of Jenn's concerns?

Marisu (TMO)] (brb)

[Eric] Yes I will fill Branwyn in on what we discussed as well as her concerns

Eric when we are alone Tristan whipsers to Branwyn

[Eric] Branwyn, I spoke with Jennevive as I said. Though I can't trust anything she says, she thinks that we are being sent here to get us away from Drillian

[Eric] That it is not a coincidence

Marisu (TMO)] (back)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But the Queen sent us here. Who in the world would think she would do that?

[Eric] That's what I said

[Eric] But if someone was powerful enough. Perhaps they made the suggestion to the queen

Marisu (TMO) (to Master only)] how old is Atribella?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Maybe these priests did their divination work and can tell us who wrote the letter.

[Master (to TMO only)] 17 to 18

[Eric] It isn't that far fetched of an idea. After all you are a trusted advisor to the Queen

Marisu (TMO) (to Master only)] oh, wow. I was way off. ;)

Marisu (TMO) (to Master only)] erasing face... ;)

[Eric] I hope that is the case Branwyn.

Branwyn (Lisa) looks over to Marisu, "I'm sorry we got cut off. You tell me something that won't get me into trouble at the Ball and I'll do it. I would simply cantrip some sort of fit upon anyone I wished to not speak with."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I suppose. If that is the case then we must write to the Queen about it.

[Master] picturing Branwyn walking across the room, gestures and guards go flying backwards through the air as she makes way for her to walk

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (remember the bout of hiccups I gave to Toybin to try to shut him up?)

[Eric] I think that would be good to at least get a warning

[Master] everyone wants a fairy tale wedding, then they complain when I show up and curse their first born!

[Marisu]] (TMO) grimaces slightly. "I... don't think that's a good idea, Branwyn. Many of the people there will probably be very powerful or influential, several of them are likely to recognize magic. It wouldn't take much for it to get blown up into a full magical attack in gossip. And if they do find out, they'll probably be pretty upset.

[Eric] I can place a ward on the message

[Eric] to protect it from prying eyes

[Eric] LOL

Marisu (TMO) (to Master only)] pretty, average, ugly?

[Master (to TMO only)] average

[Eric] (FYI Bob I have to work tomorrow so I only have about 20 min left)

[Master] no worries Eric

[Eric] (or so)

[Master] if everyone is ready we can jump to dinner

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yes)

[Master] or we can do it online or next week

[Master] ok

Marisu (TMO)] (ready)

[Eric] We can start if we need to finish online i will have time this week

[Master] Aunt Jennevive moved 138'07".

[Master] [Ilero]] moved 95'03".

[Master] [Shurkural]] moved 4'01".

[Master] Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 2'01".

[Master] Branwyn moved 97'05".

[Master] Aunt Jennevive moved 5'09".

[Master] Indigo moved 169'04".

[Master] Tristan Elaire moved 88'01".

[Master] Leatherus moved 134'08".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Indigo moved 1'07".

[Master (to GM only)] Father Mortin moved 1'01".

[Master] Sinthorn moved 1'07".

[Master] Sinthorn targets Father Mortin. Distance: 3'01"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] [Marisu]] moved 174'04".

[Master] Imari moved 1'08".

[Eric] (really put me next to Jennevive huh?)

[Master] one chair empty who should it be? Hoffman or Miranda?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (miranda)

[Eric] agreed

[Master] [Miranda Paige]] moved 1'08".

Marisu (TMO) (to Master only)]

[Master] Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 5'09".

TMO is receiving the map New Residence first floor...

TMO has received the map New Residence first floor.

[Master] Atribella Olivin moved 1'10".

[Master] Time of Day: 06:10 PM. Day 11 Trall ___ tre, Ohm {Early Winter} 11th, 1266 TGR.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Welcome gentlemen. Thank you for returning to us so quickly Father Mortin.

[Father Mortin (Master)] I feel it is important to solve mysteries as soon as I can

Marisu (TMO)] (he's the guy from the church,right?)

[Father Mortin (Master)] Thank you for having us

[Eric] (yes)

[Eric] It is our honor Father

[Marisu]] (TMO) takes her napkin and folds it across her lap.

[Eric] Did you discover anything?

[Father Mortin (Master)] of course

[Eric] I am back at the keyboard.

[Father Mortin (Master)] I have brought my inquisitor Sinthorn here with me

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Forgive me of course you did

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Inquisitor?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (is he a priest?)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] "we've found a witch may we burn her?"

[Sinthorn (Master)] I am known for being inquisitive and poking my nose into uncomfortable places

[TMO] I am back at the keyboard.

[Sinthorn (Master)] tsk tsk, there are more than witches out there that can harm a man

[Shurkural]] (TMO) stifles a giggle.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (sorry that was supposed to be OOC)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (a little monty python humor)

[Ilero]] (TMO) elbows Shurkural.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I'm sorry. I was unfamiliar with that title is all.

[Sinthorn (Master)] I think of it as a vocation rather than a title Branwyn the Mysterious

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (Is Sinthron wearing a holy symbol of any kind?)

[Sinthorn (Master)] (not visible)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (ok)

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Sir Sinthorn, I do hope that you did more investigating than just on those here in this room?

[Sinthorn (Master)] I always follow the trail where ever it leads me Aunt

Branwyn (Lisa) waves her hand slightly at Phillipe to pour the wine

[Master] Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 5'04".

Ilero (TMO)] [Marisu]]: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=13] 13 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 17!!

[Master] Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 5'10".

[Master] Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 10'07".

[Master] Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 15'03".

[Master] Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 21'11".

[Master] Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 28'01".

[Master] Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 39'10".

[Master] Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 47'07".

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] And where did your trail lead you Sir Sinthorn?

[Master] Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 51'05".

[Master] Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 55'08".

[Master] Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 60'04".

[Master] Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 66'07".

[Master] Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 80'06".

[Father Mortin (Master)] Later

Tristan Elaire (Eric) nods

[Father Mortin (Master)] You Tristan still are quick to jump

Father Mortin (Master) looks across at Branwyn,

[Father Mortin (Master)] Has he served you well?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I am victim of someone's plot and a priest may be in danger Father

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Forgive me if my patience is thin

[Father Mortin (Master)] Patience is a well that should never go dry Tristan

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Tristan is one of my most trusted friends and my Spiritual Advisor.

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks down "Of course Father"

[Marisu]] (TMO) touches Tristan lightly on the forearm and smiles at him.

Tristan Elaire (Eric) smiles back

Marisu (TMO)] (urging calm through bodylanguage.)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You can hardly blame him for being a bit anxious for news, though.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (everyone be touching tristan today)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (lol)

Marisu (TMO)] (he probably wishes Marisu and Jennevive swapped methods)

[Father Mortin (Master)] Those that cannot sit calming waiting will never lead a sucessful ambush

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (i'm having a good hair day)

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles "that is true"

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Wise words Father. I shall work on my patience

[Father Mortin (Master)] I have heard very good things about you Ambassador Branwyn

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But if I might add that speed is of the essence when you are the one being ambushed.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Why thank you, Father. That is always nice to hear.

Father Mortin (Master) smiles I think I might have you teach a class for the younger recruits Branwyn

Tristan Elaire (Eric) coughs on his wine

Branwyn (Lisa) laughs

[Father Mortin (Master)] Those that are filled with the holy vigor forget that their mind is a more powerful weapon

[Ilero]] (TMO) mentally reviews the number of priests he's met that talk too much, and adds one to the list.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] LOL

[Sinthorn (Master)] Father Mortin is correct, Branwyn is one of the most dangerous people to come to the city in a while

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] That is my friend you speak of Sinthorn

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] She is no danger

Marisu (TMO)] Dangerous because of her magic, or for another reason?

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles "Reports of my nature are often misunderstood."

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Only one of the most dangerous? then you must have had it very easy, Branwyn the Mysterious is not used to only being dangerous

[Father Mortin (Master)] Oh I think that I understand her nature quite well Aunt

[Father Mortin (Master)] I doubt that those with a brain will underestimate her

[Sinthorn (Master)] sadly as you said Father, there are few who use theirs

[Father Mortin (Master)] Very well

[Father Mortin (Master)] Tristan

[Father Mortin (Master)] what do you remember of your assignment when you were given it?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I was to report to Jistille Estates. To the newly built Church there. I was also to see if the area was ready for a holy crusade to take back the lands that were taken from the church

[Father Mortin (Master)] Bah

[Father Mortin (Master)] Crusades are always preached by those whose blood will not be spilled

[Father Mortin (Master)] a warrior guards his strength then strikes

[Father Mortin (Master)] not the other way around

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I'll agree with that.

[Marisu]] (TMO) takes a sip of her wine.

Branwyn (Lisa) thinking she likes this one

[Father Mortin (Master)] You were to go to the Church of Cahus in the Citadel of the Vilmar Estates

[Father Mortin (Master)] you were to take over there

[Father Mortin (Master)] to maintain the crypts and to council the family

Tristan Elaire (Eric) raises his eyebrows

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I was to command the Church in Vilmar?

[Father Mortin (Master)] Yes a nice safe quiet place for you to be away from everything

Marisu (TMO)] (Drake is the vampire, Vilmar is where we picked up Shur, right?)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (hey......)

[Father Mortin (Master)] why would someone want you there do you think?

[Father Mortin (Master)] (yes and yes)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] In Jistille?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I don't know

[Father Mortin (Master)] no in Vilmar

[Father Mortin (Master)] out of the way

Marisu (TMO)] May I hazard a guess?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] His talent would be wasted in Vilmar.

[Father Mortin (Master)] please speak

Tristan Elaire (Eric) smiles at Branwyn

Marisu (TMO)] From what I know about Tristan, he's very enthusiastic in his faith. If someone wanted him away from a crusade, it's because they either wanted it to fail,or they were afraid he would pursue it *too* vigorously. Conversely, if he was manipulated closer to a crusade, it's because they wanted it taken more seriously and more active.

Marisu (TMO)] So depending on which way the person aneuvered him tells us something of their goals.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (enthusiastic...)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (very diplomatic)

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Vigorous is a good word for Tristan

Marisu (TMO)] (she is a diplomat born and bred. Just needs the final skill polishing)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (lol)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (but it was mortin that wanted him at vilamar and intercepted note sent him to jistelle wasn't it?)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (that's what i thought as well)

Marisu (TMO)] (that's what I thought, but Mortin just phrased it the other way)

[Father Mortin (Master)] (smiles Lisa is thinking)

[Father Mortin (Master)] So, Tristan tell me if you would be wasted there in Vilmar as your friends say

[Father Mortin (Master)] then why are you now here in the City

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] My talents are best served where they are needed Father

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] If Vilmar was where you wished me to go, I would have succeeded in fostering the family there

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Though I feel I best serve Cahus along side my friends

[Father Mortin (Master)] You would have countered Brother Stephanie quite well, don't you think Branwyn?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Brother Stephanie?

[Marisu]] (TMO) looks confused for a second.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (tristan would have?)

[Father Mortin (Master)] (yes)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Well, that would not be difficult. Brother Stephanie is .... what did I call her? A miserable wretch.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I offered to "fix" her on more than one ocassion but no one would let me within 10 feet of her.

Father Mortin (Master) quiet smile he hides behind his wine

Branwyn (Lisa) looks around at the table "Him if you were looking at her"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Brother Stephanie was turned into a man by a mage and has been on a vengeful tear ever since.

[Marisu]] (TMO) nods in understanding.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] She is head of the Cogse temple at Vilmar.

Tristan Elaire (Eric) at a loss of words

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Shurkural probably had met him.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] They hosted the Festival of Books at Vilmar and other events.

Shurkural (TMO)] I only seen him from a distance. He didn't ever stay at our Inn.

Shurkural (TMO)] And some of the stories about him were scary. So I'd have kept my distance if I did run into him.

Shurkural (TMO)] She was kinda scary before she got turned into a man.

[Father Mortin (Master)] So Tristan, can you think of anyone who would rather have your particular 'fevour' pointed in the direction of Jistille rather than Vilmar?

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks to Jennevive

Shurkural (TMO)] (just remembered Sister Steve from Father Dowling Mysteries)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] No one that comes to mind

Father Mortin (Master) looks at Branwyn

[Father Mortin (Master)] Did you ever dream of being an Ambassador?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Not in the slightest.

[Father Mortin (Master)] To be a dark and terrible Queen with your sword at yoru side, gestures at Indigo

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles and raises her glass "And now look at me!"

Branwyn (Lisa) looks confused at the last bit

Shurkural (TMO)] (what is in this wine?)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] What are you saying Father?

[Father Mortin (Master)] Aunt you only visited the City once before?

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] twice Father, once when I was a young girl and once when I was confirmed in my title

[Father Mortin (Master)] nods

Father Mortin (Master) looks at Tristan

[Father Mortin (Master)] You have never been to the City before?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Never. I was confirmed in the Church at my father's estate under Father Aethelmar

[Father Mortin (Master)] I cannot find anyone in this household that came with you Branwyn that has been in the City before

[Father Mortin (Master)] or had met Misstress Waverlyn

Ilero (TMO)] So none us did it, right?

[Father Mortin (Master)] so tell me Tristan, Why did Mistress Waverlyn want you to go to Jistille instead of Vilmar?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Except Jennevive that is.

[Father Mortin (Master)] what did you gain Branwyn by having Tristan sent to your Estate there in Drillian?

Marisu (TMO)] Because she wanted Tristan near Branwyn or the Queen?

[Father Mortin (Master)] I know what Jennivive jained

[Father Mortin (Master)] gained

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (Mistress Waverlyn?)

[Father Mortin (Master)] Jennivive was able to assist her friends love to gain the throne

[Father Mortin (Master)] (previous ambassador)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I have gained a friend and advisor in Tristan.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (riight sorry)

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] I did not do anything that was not in front of me,

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So you are saying your divination shows that the former ambassador intercepted your orders.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Why do you say she wsa the one who sent me to Jistille Father?

Marisu (TMO)] But if it was Mistress Waverlyn, how did she know of Tristan?

Aunt Jennevive (Master) looks at Tristan

Marisu (TMO)] If he's never been here before.

Sinthorn (Master) looks at Tristan

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (Cuz Tristan is kind of a big deal TMO)

Marisu (TMO)] She'd been the ambassador for some time.

Imari (Master) looks at Tristan

Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master) looks at Tristan

Father Mortin (Master) looks at Tristan

Branwyn (Lisa) looks at Mortin

Marisu (TMO)] (and Tristan drops his illusion and reveals his true self)

[Father Mortin (Master)] LOL

[Father Mortin (Master)] I would like to know why the Ambassador from Drillian took it upon her self to change my orders

[Father Mortin (Master)] and how she did it

[Father Mortin (Master)] and what she hoped to gain from it

Branwyn (Lisa) sighs

[Branwyn (Lisa)] She probably hired someone.

Father Mortin (Master) holds up the letter

[Father Mortin (Master)] This is in her own writing

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Perhaps she wished for me to start a crusade. To create turmoil in Drillian?

Branwyn (Lisa) glances at Phillipe and quickly back to the table

Marisu (TMO)] She could have bribed the messenger, or had someone switch the letter he was carrying without his knowledge.

Father Mortin (Master) holds up his hand

[Father Mortin (Master)] I am ready to believe that you had no previous knowledge of this deed

Tristan Elaire (Eric) sighs and visibly relaxes

[Father Mortin (Master)] and I am also prepared to believe that Branwyn is here as the choice of the Queen

[Father Mortin (Master)] those are matters for another time

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I can tell you right now that I have no knowledge of any of the former ambassador's actions and the more I learn of them I find that I do not condone them.

[Father Mortin (Master)] (I hit enter too quickly)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (sorry)

[Father Mortin (Master)] (no I was guessing wjhat you would say)

[Ilero]] (TMO) thinks, "Matters for ot'er time, but gots say t'em anyways."

[Father Mortin (Master)] I have evenign praryers to lead

[Father Mortin (Master)] I must excuse myself

[Father Mortin (Master)] perhaps I will see you at the Ball?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Before you leave, do you know what happened to Father Wanlorf?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Ye

[Father Mortin (Master)] for now all I know is that he is not alive

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I am sorry for that.

Tristan Elaire (Eric) says a prayer to Cahus

[Marisu]] (TMO) sits back in her chair, frowning.

Father Mortin (Master) nods to the table

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you for sharing this with us

[Father Mortin (Master)] Cahus watch over you

[Father Mortin (Master)] please continue, do not let me prevent you from desert

[Ilero]] (TMO) flashes back to St Clig.

[Father Mortin (Master)] Sinthorn

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (indigo's not doing that again!)

[Master] Father Mortin moved 18'08".

[Master] Sinthorn moved 22'01".

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Thank you father

[Branwyn (Lisa)] PHILLIPE!

[Master] Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 3'06".

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] Yes

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We will be having a long talk after dinner.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] About what you know about this business with Tristan and this DAMNED Crusade!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] This ends now.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (Sorry everyone I really need to get to bed)

Marisu (TMO)] (gnite)

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] go Eric

[Branwyn (Lisa)] goodnight :)

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] we made it through the bulk of it

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Sweet

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Good time tonight.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] See you all next week

Marisu (TMO)] (cya)

Eric has left the game on Sat Nov 22 00:06:30 EST 2014

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn is going on a cusade to end crusades

Marisu (TMO)] lol

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] Branyn I will be glad to tell you anything I can

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You better.

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] but I have never heard of nor met Tristan before he showed up with you

[Marisu]] (TMO) nods to herself.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We will talk in the salon later. I want Tristan to be able to ask you anything he wishes as well.

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] As You Wish

Marisu (TMO)] Philippe, are you a religious man?

Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master) glances back and froth aroudn the room, lookin at Jenn then at Tristan and back to Branwyn

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] The powers of the Gods are mysterious and work in ways that I cannot comprehend?

Marisu (TMO)] Sorry, I take it back. That was too personal a question.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That was a question?

Branwyn (Lisa) laughs

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] is that the rigth answer?

Branwyn (Lisa) laughs harder

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Did he get it right Jennevive?

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] He is too clever for his own good and not smart enough to scheme well

Marisu (TMO)] I'm sorry, Phillipe, I shouldn't have asked. It just popped into my head that Mistress Waverlyn might have had a reason not to share everyihing with you.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Well, he will find himself out on the street if he doesn't start answering questions directly

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I am certain that Misstress Waverlyn did not share everything with the staff

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] she had many messengers that came and went

[Marisu]] (TMO) nods.

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] that none of us every worked with

Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master) winces

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I have always answered every question you have asked Branwyn

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I cannot be held accountable for everything that you do not know

Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master) pales

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Are you religious? Yes or no?

Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master) swallows

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I am sorry for that

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Not a lot of fluff

[Branwyn (Lisa)] yes or no?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] No Branwyn, I am certain that there are Gods but they have not seemed to assist me in my every day living

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Was that so difficult?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That was the best answer I've heard from you all day.

Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master) his eyes bug out a bit as he look at Jennivive and Tristan

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] then back to Branwyn

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Not for its content but for its hoinesty.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (honesty)

[Master] and call it a night there?

Marisu (TMO)] (sure)

[Master] can have desert and discussions on the site

[Master] and TMO you can make a know spell roll now

[Branwyn (Lisa)] cream puff anyone?

Marisu (TMO)] (was just typing to ask.;) )

[Master] if we move past that

[Master] smiles at Lisa

Marisu (TMO)] (just %, or is a skill or stat?

[Master] it is on the dice panel

Marisu (TMO)] [Marisu]]: Learn Spell check: (d100) [1d100=10] 10 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 75!!

[Master] there you go

[Master] so you will memorize Read Magic, Copy and then learn one spell

Marisu (TMO)] coolness

[Master] shocking grasp is it?

[Master] so you can freak people out at the ball?

[Lisa] lol

Marisu (TMO)] yes

[Lisa] diplomat in training

[Lisa] shakes hands and electroshocks them

[Lisa] very branwyn

Marisu (TMO) (to GM only)] Character sheet for [Marisu]] modified: Magical Abilities - CHANGED: 1 -- Maximum: 3 (2), CHANGED: 1 -- Current: 3 (2).

Marisu (TMO)] (she wanted it in case of further hostage attempts)

[Lisa] or in case someone tries to take liberties with marisu's virtue at the party :)

Marisu (TMO)] (nah, she's got Leatherus and Tristan for that)

Marisu (TMO)] (I bet they'd get upset real quick)

[Master] Leatherus XP award: 100. Next level in 669.

[Master] [Shurkural]] XP award: 150. Next level in 36777.

[Master] [Ilero]] XP award: 200. Next level in 30548.

[Master] Branwyn XP award: 250. Next level in 84602.

[Master] Indigo XP award: 150. Next level in 28494.

[Master] Aunt Jennevive XP award: 200. Next level in 0.

[Master] Tristan Elaire XP award: 250. Level-up!

[Master] [Marisu]] XP award: 150. Next level in 9572.

[Master] Jondar XP award: 150. Next level in 17350.

Marisu (TMO)] congrats Tristan

[Lisa] did he not change his sheet?

[Master] no clue

[Lisa] thought he levelled last week

[Master] we will fix that next week

[Master] I will post during the week

[Lisa] he had that sucky hp roll

[Lisa] that's what you said last week

[Master] it is going to be a test next week

[Master] will be in Tampa

[Master] and running the game remotely

[Master] and I posted@

[Master] just not enough to satisfy you Lisa ;P

[Lisa] it does take a lot to satisfy me

[Master] LOL

[TMO] no coment

[Lisa] okay - maybe it is log off time

[Master] Oh man

[Master] go

[Master] have a great night guys

[Lisa] time to say goodnight

[TMO] feedback on Joseph and Atribella?

[Lisa] :)

Lisa has left the game on Sat Nov 22 00:21:58 EST 2014

[Master] I did not check yet

[TMO] g'nite Lisa

[TMO] np

[Master] I will from the log

[Master] you saw how big the pictures are

[TMO] kk.

[TMO] yeah, can removethem from the log. I didn't realize they'd show likethat on the site

[Master] is ok

[Master] will deal with that later

[Master] night

[TMO] night

TMO has left the game on Sat Nov 22 00:22:53 EST 2014

XP awarded