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Nov 24 06 - Mindflayer Invasion

[DM (to GM only)] Brad Johnson's tale moved 7'00".

[DM] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Nov 24 18:46:35 EST 2006 ====

Client has joined the game on Fri Nov 24 18:47:47 EST 2006

Lorie has joined the game on Fri Nov 24 18:50:25 EST 2006

mikE has joined the game on Fri Nov 24 18:50:36 EST 2006

[mikE] woohoo

[mikE] klooge updates suck

[DM] grins

SPC has joined the game on Fri Nov 24 18:51:43 EST 2006

[DM] Hey guys the new client by the way is Barak and his wife Katie

[DM] they are just observing tonight

[DM] and welcome Sean

[Lorie] Hello Barak and Katie...Happy Day after Thanksgiving

[SPC] Greetings and Salutations.

[Lorie] Greetings and Salutations :O)

[SPC] And yes, kLoOge updates do suck the big one.

Molly has joined the game on Fri Nov 24 18:52:30 EST 2006

[Lorie] I liked your Turkey :O)

Molly is receiving the map Caves...

Molly has received the map Caves.

[SPC] Thanks 8-)

[DM] hope everyone is recoverd

[DM] from the overload of food

[Molly] hi again!

[SPC] Greetings and Salutations

[Molly] Hi Barak and Katie!!

[Molly] Hi Sean!

[DM] I am ready when you guys are

[Molly] Hi Mike and Lorie again!!

[mikE] okay, off to rescue brad's johnson

[Molly] Happy Thanksgiving all!!

[DM] we have the one group trapped in the middle

[DM] Rose might want to wait to get help from the rest of her group

[DM] and Steve is on his own as well until Ramone shows up

[Molly] um, yeah, I was wondering about that.

[Molly] among other things.

[DM] anyone have any suggestions or concerst?

mikE is receiving the map Caves...

mikE has received the map Caves.

[Molly] is the fire thing breathing??

Lorie is receiving the map Caves...

Lorie has received the map Caves.

[mikE] Well, I think it was cruel to separate the pirate from his Booty

[Molly] so sorry, Steve.

[mikE] sweetums can probably push his way out of the smaller fall to the north

[Molly] perhaps that'll give you some incentive to save her???

[mikE] lor, do you have earth sphere?

[Lorie] Sure... I have all sorts of spheres... what spell are you looking for?

[mikE] move earth

[mikE] or transmute rock to mud.

Katie is receiving the map Caves...

Katie has received the map Caves.

[Molly] how thick are these rockslides??

[mikE] either one of those should clear the rock falls

[Molly] Great One??

[mikE] god, sean's is just 4 feet.

[mikE] he could stick his arm through it

[DM] you have no idea how thick they are from your side

[Molly] okay, how big are the rocks??

[Lorie] rock to mud I can do

[DM] you just know that a wall of rocks fell down

[DM] many many rocks and boulders

[DM] filling up from floor to cieling

[mikE] do rock to mud just on the rock fall, then.

[DM] careful

[Molly] how big are the rocks?

[DM] might want to be sure on that first

[Molly] please!

[mikE] well, if she only does the rocks it'll make some of a mudslide, but shouldn't really hurt them any

[Lorie] the rocks are big...which would make a large mud slide..

[Molly] let's not have an underground mudslide or something.

[Molly] how much air do the middle four have, Great One??

[DM] well that depends on if that fire elemental is sucking up oxegen for his flames

[Molly] okay...

[Molly] is it??

[mikE] shouldn't

[DM] you do not know

[mikE] it's magic

[DM] you are on the other side of the wall

[Molly] rubbing forehead.

[DM] be carefull of which part each of you is in

[Molly] I hate stubborn Great Ones....

[mikE] i'm on the safe side. =P

[DM] Rose is in the deepest section along with Aryln and percival

[DM] adn Kit

[DM] you have air over there

[DM] and the tunnels extend farther anyway

[Molly] Be careful which side that is, Pirate...

[DM] Kira Kylia and Sweetums are trapped

[mikE] rock falls usually aren't infinately large. there might be more rock above that'll fall down, but shouldn't be too much.

[DM] there is no magical feel to this, it was just a deadfall trap you sprung

[Molly] is there any way to time travel or bampf or whatever the people out of there??

[DM] not unless you can cast spells

[DM] which Rose can not

[Molly] I'm not asking about me.

[Molly] ::eyes the wizards of the group...::

[DM] the issue is who is in each section

[DM] Kylia can do some things

[mikE] there are no wizards in the group

[Molly] my group can try to dig people out, but that will probably take weeks.

[Molly] by then, everyone trapped will be long dead.

SPC is receiving the map Caves...

SPC has received the map Caves.

[mikE] i say you get sweetums to dig out one end, they kylia can either magic her end or set the elemental to work

[Molly] so I'm looking for OTHER options....

[Molly] okay...

[DM] just sit tight Molly

[DM] let Kylia work her ideas

[Molly] okay.

[DM] and we will see how it develops

[Molly] ::shrugs:: okay.

[DM] you are just kind of stuck without the rest of your group here

[Lorie] Bob, if I call out for one of the people in the forward portion, do they hear me?

Client has joined the game on Fri Nov 24 19:07:44 EST 2006

[DM] no

[Molly] I have a feeling we're rather stuck even when they get here.

[DM] voices will not be enough

[Molly] ::sighs unhappily::

[DM] ok

[DM] so shouting between is not working

[Lorie] :: nods :: Okay... I walk up to the rock... I want to start doing stone shape and try and fashion a door here

[Lorie] Fire Elemental moved 10'02".

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 2'01".

[Lorie] Fire Elemental moved 6'08".

[DM] ok

[DM] you making a full tunnel? or just a narrow tube to start?

Barak is receiving the map Base Map...

Barak has received the map Base Map.

[Lorie] I want to make it my height ... and we'll see how far it goes

[DM] ok, so 5 foot high and 3 foot wide? for ease of measuring?

Barak is receiving the map Caves...

Barak has received the map Caves.

[DM] 15 square feet

[DM] and you can do how many cubic feet?

[Lorie] 3 cubic feet plus 1' per level

[DM] so 15 cubic feet?

[DM] that will only put you one foot into the rocks

[Lorie] 16 cubic feet (isn't that 13+3)?

[DM] sorry math phobic I guess, or level phobic

Barak has left the game on Fri Nov 24 19:14:56 EST 2006

[DM] so that is still not very far in

[DM] if you want a full sized door

[Lorie] :: nods :: I'll make do with what I've got and cast it a few times to make it go farther

[DM] ok, the map you had in your hands is up in the cooridoor still for you to look at

[DM] you coudl guess that it will be at least 10 foot deep

[DM] so you will need 150 cubic feet to clear a hallway through that minimum

[DM] or do you want to make it a tube to push all the way through?

[DM] like 3 by 3 or something like that?

[Lorie] :: nods::

[Sweetums (SPC)] Okay, how long would it take me to clear a path where I am?

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums moved 2'11".

[DM] with no tools sweetums you can dig otu by hand... hmmm

[DM] let me check for a giant

[DM] humans can do a few cubic feet in an hour

[DM] hmmm in 8 hours you can do 250 cubic feet

[DM] so in a round that would be ....

[DM] 2 cubic feet per round

[Molly] um, out of curiosity, where's pepe??

[Sweetums (SPC)] So 17 rounds to clear out a 3x3x3 cube ...

[DM] with Steve

[Sweetums (SPC)] near where I am.

[DM] yes

[Molly] so, inside the trapped area, or with Steve in the back part of the cave??

[Sweetums (SPC)] Very well ... I start while Kylia works on her end

[DM] with Steve in that area

[DM] ok

[Lorie] Bob, I keep calling out until I hear someone on the other side

[Molly] my group starts digging from our end, for lack of anything better to do...

[mikE (to DM only)] I'm going to poke around some more over here. anything we missed the first time?

[Molly] Rosethorn moved 8'03".

[DM] ok, so there is the tunnel that Kylia is making

[DM] that is the equivelent fo three stone shape spells

[DM] 3 foot high, 3 foot wide, 6 feet deep

Katie is receiving the map Base Map...

Katie has received the map Base Map.

[Molly] merde.

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: Stone Shape: "Area of Effect: (9+13) [9+13] 22 cu. ft. By means of this spell, I can form an existing piece of stone into any shape that suits my purposes. For example, I can make a stone weapon, a special trapdoor, or a crude idol. By the same token, it enables me to shape a stone door, perhaps so as to escape imprisonment, providing the volume of stone involved is within the limits of the area of effect. The fineness of detail is not great. If the shaping has moving parts, there is a 30% chance they do not work."

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: Stone Shape: "Area of Effect: (9+13) [9+13] 22 cu. ft. By means of this spell, I can form an existing piece of stone into any shape that suits my purposes. For example, I can make a stone weapon, a special trapdoor, or a crude idol. By the same token, it enables me to shape a stone door, perhaps so as to escape imprisonment, providing the volume of stone involved is within the limits of the area of effect. The fineness of detail is not great. If the shaping has moving parts, there is a 30% chance they do not work."

[DM (to mikE only)] you see nothing there except I will feed the text of the tunnels to you again so you are clear on it

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: Stone Shape: "Area of Effect: (9+13) [9+13] 22 cu. ft. By means of this spell, I can form an existing piece of stone into any shape that suits my purposes. For example, I can make a stone weapon, a special trapdoor, or a crude idol. By the same token, it enables me to shape a stone door, perhaps so as to escape imprisonment, providing the volume of stone involved is within the limits of the area of effect. The fineness of detail is not great. If the shaping has moving parts, there is a 30% chance they do not work."

Katie is receiving the map Caves...

Katie has received the map Caves.

[DM] The floor in this area is covering in a purplish brine. THe air is warm and laden with misture. The stil humidity smell unpleasantly of onion and cinnamon. The resinous, sicly violet mucous coasts the walls and floors of the tunnel. The floors are covered over with a clear ankle-deep water, the water smells faintly of salt. Here and there small tadpole like creatures swim unconcernedly in the warm liquid.

[DM] that is for a reminder that was not clear last week

[Molly] onion and cinnamon??

[Molly] peachy.

[DM] so three rounds go by

[DM] ROUND: 10

[DM] ROUND: 11

[DM] ROUND: 12

[Lorie] Bob Christy just asked if the game was going on

[mikE (to DM only)] I want to try and catch a tadpole

[DM] what did you tell her?

[DM] grins

[DM (to mikE only)] ok, you can easile

[Molly] that we're having Indian food here....

[mikE (to DM only)] I'm going to stuff it in a pouch

[Molly] curry.

[DM] ok, so did you want to try more ?

[Molly] um, why is our rockslide moving??

[DM] there you to

[mikE (to DM only)] so what's up with the brown pit again? is that like a brain pool?

[DM (to mikE only)] yes, where they are stewed disolved for the young ones to eat

[DM] that is three rounds of work done on the rock slide now

[mikE (to DM only)] I'm going to mix in a bottle of ambrosia

[Molly] can we hear them yet?

[DM (to mikE only)] yes

[Molly] Great One?

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Mate! Ya almost free?

[DM] no to Molly

[DM] and no to Steve

[Molly] ::sighs:: damn.

[DM] what next Kylia?

[Molly] my group keeps digging.

[Molly] all four of us.

[DM] on yoru side Rose you make little progress with no tools, you can get about a foot in after an hour of digging

[DM] but you can not have the others do that

[DM] they are "one round behind " remember

[Molly] yep, I know, but it's better than nothing...

[DM] so they are not available to use for spells or anything

[Molly] one round behind??

[Molly] sorry??

[DM] just like if you are not here, you are "one round behind" which means that no one can use your character

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Drink up me hearties.

[Molly] ah, okay

[DM] no one can attack it

[DM] etc

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] ::mixes ambrosia into the feeding pool for the tadpoles::

[DM] so you can not die if you are here

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Can't start drinking too early.

[Molly] well, okay, then I'm digging.

[DM] grins at Steve pictureing drunk Mindflayers

[Molly] still better than nothing.

[DM] nods to Molly

[Molly] ::steals Steve's rum::

[Lorie] Okay...back

[DM] you just wish

[Molly] ((digging's hard work, y'know...))

[DM] Lorie is Christy coming in tonight?

[Molly] ;-)

[DM] any other ideas on how to get otu of this?

[DM] it has only been 4-5 minutes that the rock slide happened

[Molly] how's their air situation?

[DM] your air is fine

[DM] grins

[Steve the Pirate (mikE) (to DM only)] i fill up my now empty bottle with the brine and stick the tadpole in that so it doesn't dry out

[DM (to mikE only)] good idea!

[Molly] not mine!! theirs!!

[DM] you do not know Rose

[Lorie] I told you...she just sent an email asking if there was a game tonight

[DM] you will find out when you get out

[Molly] ::glares at the Great One::

[DM] did you respond to it? or do I need to?

[Lorie] I can

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] can't you just call her?

[DM] doign so now

[Lorie] email sent

[DM] called they are updating now

[Molly] ok, good.

Hans has joined the game on Fri Nov 24 19:45:56 EST 2006

[Lorie] Hey Hans.

[DM] thank you Lorie

[DM] you are fast!

[Molly] Hi Hans!!

[Hans] hello! i gotta go do Christy's computer.

[Hans] be right back!

[Molly] ok

[Lorie] Can I cast Soft Earth / Stone to push out the rest of the stone ahead of me

[DM] hmmm

Client has joined the game on Fri Nov 24 19:48:11 EST 2006

[Lorie] Evening Christy! Happy belated Thanksgiving

[DM] Soften earth you mean? you do not have that spell

[mikE] hi hi hans and christy

[Lorie] Umm... My spell list says I do

[DM] that is only for halflings

[Molly] Hi Christy!!

[DM] and evil gnomes

[Hans] k i'm back. what's goin' on

[Molly] hi! Happy Thanksgiving!!

[mikE] they're attempting to dig out

[mikE] i'm getting baby mindflayers drunk

[Molly] we're trying to get Kylia, Kira, and Sweetums out of a rockslide.

[DM] I am sorry Lorie I have no idea how that got there,

[DM] use it this time

[DM] and then delete it off the list

[Molly] Hans, you or Christy have any ideas how we might be able to help them from our end besides digging?

[Lorie] It's not like I haven't had this spell for almost 6 years or anything BOB

[Lorie] :X

John has joined the game on Fri Nov 24 19:52:25 EST 2006

[Lorie] JOHN!!!!!

[Lorie] Happy Day after Turkey day ;O)

[Molly] John's Kit, right?

Hans is receiving the map Jail...

Hans has received the map Jail.

Hans is receiving the map Caves...

Hans has received the map Caves.

[Molly] Hi John!!

[John] hello all

Client is receiving the map Caves...

Client has received the map Caves.

[DM] ahh I see Lorie

[Molly] Happy Thanksgiving!!

[DM] two versions fo the spell

[DM] checking now

[DM] ok, when they updated the spell for Spells and Magic they removed the restriction of halfing and gnome from the original one

[DM] so you do have the spell Lorie

[Kit (John)] I am digging

[DM] sorry for the mix up

[Molly] thank you, Kit!

[Lorie] :: shrugs :: no worries

[Lorie] Okay... I'll cast two more Stone shapes to figure out how much is left.

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: Stone Shape: "Area of Effect: (9+13) [9+13] 22 cu. ft. By means of this spell, I can form an existing piece of stone into any shape that suits my purposes. For example, I can make a stone weapon, a special trapdoor, or a crude idol. By the same token, it enables me to shape a stone door, perhaps so as to escape imprisonment, providing the volume of stone involved is within the limits of the area of effect. The fineness of detail is not great. If the shaping has moving parts, there is a 30% chance they do not work."

[Rosethorn (Molly)] so we have all four of the forward group here, right??

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: Stone Shape: "Area of Effect: (9+13) [9+13] 22 cu. ft. By means of this spell, I can form an existing piece of stone into any shape that suits my purposes. For example, I can make a stone weapon, a special trapdoor, or a crude idol. By the same token, it enables me to shape a stone door, perhaps so as to escape imprisonment, providing the volume of stone involved is within the limits of the area of effect. The fineness of detail is not great. If the shaping has moving parts, there is a 30% chance they do not work."

[Hans] Bob- any way I can do a wisdom check to see the best way to get through 100 tons of rock? Or whatever tons of rock it is....

[DM] and that makes it rhoguth

[Client] i just got the kids to bed so I have no idea what's going on. Pardon me for a moment while I scroll throught the chats

[DM] Sure Perical

[Hans] Where's Ramone the wizard????? Magic us out of here, I say!!!!

[DM] grins

[DM] your wizard is AWOL right now

[Rosethorn (Molly)] she made it through??

[Rosethorn (Molly)] of course...

[Hans] Percival: WIS check: (d20) [11] 11. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (13) [13] 13!!!

[DM] Molly can see the 3 foot by 3 foot tunnel that Kyilia magiced trhough the rock

[DM] ROUND: 13

[DM] ROUND: 14

[DM] so you can see each other now

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::calls:: KYLIA!!

[Lorie] :: looks at Rose :: Hello...what are you doing?

[DM] and Percival you now can see that opening as well

John is receiving the map Caves...

John has received the map Caves.

[Hans] typical unreliable magician. dramatic entry and what-not

[Rosethorn (Molly)] digging to get to you guys.

[DM] sweetums is stil digging

[John] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kit (John)] only him?

[DM] made more progress

[DM] but not enough to breatk through yet

[Sweetums (SPC)] I'm almost through.

[Hans] I share my information with Kit, Arilyn & Rosethorn

[Sweetums (SPC)] Three more rounds should have a 3x3x3 hole thorugh the rock where I am.

[Hans] Percival moved 25'02".

[Kit (John)] Kit moved 23'00".

[Rosethorn (Molly)] beth's on her way.

[Christy] Arilyn moved 8'03".

[Christy] I am away from the keyboard.

[Hans] digging carefully at hole

[DM] ok, you can see that tunnel through there now

[DM] you will have to crawl on your stomachs to get through but you can make it

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::calls to trapped group:: you wanna try and come through??

[DM] sweetums on the other hand is still working away

[Sweetums (SPC)] Just in case we need to go back this way

[Hans] Is everybody okay over there?!

[Lorie] Sure we're great...

[Rosethorn (Molly)] is everyone with you?

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Gyar, this be the most boring cave in I've ever been in.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::peers through hole:: where's Sweetums, Ramone, and the pirate??

[Lorie] No... can't say as though I've seen lecherous wizard in a while

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::sighs:: damn.

[Lorie] Or and that rather odd Wizard with the skunk

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::calls:: any idea where the bozo is??

Beth has joined the game on Fri Nov 24 20:03:42 EST 2006

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Hi Beth!!

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Happy Thanksgiving!!

[Christy] I am back at the keyboard.

[Hans] I fear we've risked our lives to meet at a dead end...

[Sweetums (SPC)] Greetings and Salutations

[DM] so the quick update for Christy and Beth are?

[DM] just a sec grabbing a new drink here as you figure out which way to go

[Beth] Hi, all. sorry I'm late!

[Hans] Arilyn, we can see Kylia through a hole in the rocks now.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] we've managed to break through the rockslide in one area, and almost made it through in the second area.

[Beth] ::runs in carrying beer glass and trailing ribbon from craft project::

[Hans] Um, how did this hole appear so suddenly?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] and we have no clue where the pirate has taken himself off to. at last report, he was getting tadpoles drunk....

[Rosethorn (Molly)] magic.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] and Kylia.

[Hans] Interesting magic...

[Lorie] :: frowns :: Sucdenly? I've been working at this a while...

[Christy] we lost our pirate?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::sighs:: apparently...

[Lorie] What have you been doing besides lamenting about the evil of the rock :: taps foot impatiently ::

[Hans] Well, I guess I "suddenly" noticed it, dear Kylia.

[Lorie] :: sighs :: Typical Paladin...all work

[Lorie] :: turns and goes to help Sweetums

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 12'00".

[Lorie] Fire Elemental moved 13'11".

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 3'02".

[Lorie] Fire Elemental moved 2'01".

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] ::starts poking at the tadpoles in boredom::

[Hans] I moved a couple of rocks. They were pretty heavy, yeah.

[Lorie] Sweetums... how goes it?

Beth is receiving the map Caves...

Beth has received the map Caves.

[Sweetums (SPC)] Pretty well M'Lady.

[Sweetums (SPC)] Almost through the rock fall.

[Lorie] Do you need help? I've a bit a magic left today

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::wipes sweat repeatedly off brow::

[Sweetums (SPC)] Perhaps if you wish for the hole to be bigger.

[DM] is the group leavign that area and joining int eh middle group?

[Hans] I prayed about it and it seems you were my deliverance, Kylia. Fantastic work, by the way.

[Sweetums (SPC)] (right now, it's 3x3x3)

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Steve the Pirate: Attack #1: Cutlass: (17-(d20+0+1)-7) [17-(18+0+1)-7] -9 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Hans] Percival moved 21'09".

[Christy] Arilyn moved 21'08".

[Hans] Sure. dead end down there. except for the likes of Kylia, that is.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] um, I thought we were moving towards the front of the cave??

[Hans] She could probably work right through the very mountain itself....

[Christy] i have no idea where we're going-I'm following the paladin. Trouble seems to follow this one

[Rosethorn (Molly)] aren't there two passages??

[Kit (John)] this is surly not a dead end but the entrance from the surface

[Kit (John)] Our goal is the other way

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Kit, have you checked the passages?

[Kit (John)] Not far, if there were guards they be on us by now

[Christy] I know he's kind of loopy but shouldn't we look for our pirate?

[Kit (John)] yoo crawll thru and I'll bring up the rear

[Christy] leave no man behind and all that?

[Hans] and our wild mage

[Lorie] :: whispers :: Do we have to? I'm rather enjoying the reprieve of being called Captain

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Yo ho, Yo ho Killin' tadpoles for me

[Christy] try being Booty

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Steve the Pirate: Attack #1: Cutlass: (17-(d20+0+1)-7) [17-(18+0+1)-7] -9 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Hans] Kit, were you able to find anything down that corridor?

[Lorie] It's odd...I like his skunk

[Rosethorn (Molly)] yeah, I'm sorry you're got stuck with that one.

[Kit (John)] nothing of intrest

[Hans] I am back at the keyboard.

[Percival (Hans)] test

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ok, guys, this tunnel may not last very long. let's get moving, please...

[DM] ROUND: 15

[DM] ROUND: 16

[Percival (Hans)] I say we join the rest of our party and discuss a better way to negotiate these dangerous caves...

[Rosethorn (Molly)] what're we doin'??

Sweetums (SPC) singing "You move 16 tons, and what do you get ... "

[Percival (Hans)] "never separate the party"

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] ((i think the point to these caves isn't that dead end there, but the illithid breeding ground i'm in))

[Percival (Hans)] Thank you, Sweetums.

[Kit (John)] I am waiting for Rose to move

[Percival (Hans)] Wish I had that kind of strength. Really.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn moved 4'05".

[Percival (Hans)] Percival moved 14'03".

[Percival (Hans)] Percival moved 7'07".

[Christy] i think we should round up ALL party members, even the looney toons and then proceed en masse

[DM] Kira moved 15'07".

[Rosethorn (Molly)] are the two passages dead ends??

[Christy] Arilyn moved 14'06".

[Percival (Hans)] Great idea, Arilyn

[DM] they apear to be Rose

[Rosethorn (Molly)] okay

[Percival (Hans)] Yes, from what I saw, mine was a dead end and so was Kit's

[DM] the one is an end

[DM] and kit's gets really skinny

[Percival (Hans)] From her report, that is.

[DM] so unless you can squeeze down inside 4 inches

[DM] they are dead ends

[Percival (Hans) (to DM only)] kit is a she, right?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] okay.

[DM] Beth is away right now

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] ((sweetums can))

[DM (to Hans only)] yes Kit is a she

[Percival (Hans)] Percival moved 9'10".

[Percival (Hans)] helping Sweetums dig

[DM] ROUND: 17

[DM] ROUND: 18

[DM] ROUND: 19

[Kit (John)] come on Rose, I am not leaving you behind

[Rosethorn (Molly)] all right.

[DM] ok

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn moved 20'01".

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn moved 15'09".

[DM] so you have that tunneled through now on both sides

[Percival (Hans)] I can lift 4 stones' worth

[Kit (John)] Kit moved 23'00".

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn moved 4'11".

[Percival (Hans)] (4 stones=apprx 60 lbs)

[Lorie] Hold on... I can cast Stoneshape twice more

Beth has left the game on Fri Nov 24 20:18:54 EST 2006

[Percival (Hans)] standing back

[Percival (Hans)] Percival moved 10'01".

[DM] you do not need to Kylia

[DM] you have enough of an opening to crawl trhough

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: Stone Shape: "Area of Effect: (9+13) [9+13] 22 cu. ft. By means of this spell, I can form an existing piece of stone into any shape that suits my purposes. For example, I can make a stone weapon, a special trapdoor, or a crude idol. By the same token, it enables me to shape a stone door, perhaps so as to escape imprisonment, providing the volume of stone involved is within the limits of the area of effect. The fineness of detail is not great. If the shaping has moving parts, there is a 30% chance they do not work."

[DM] you can hear Steve crooning

Beth has joined the game on Fri Nov 24 20:19:29 EST 2006

[Percival (Hans)] even Sweetums?

[Percival (Hans)] just trying to gauge size

[DM] he was the one tunneling

Beth is receiving the map Caves...

Beth has received the map Caves.

[Percival (Hans)] I'll go whenever I can.

[DM] Sweetums moved 9'08".

[DM] Rosethorn moved 3'06".

[Percival (Hans)] Percival moved 19'01".

[DM] Rosethorn moved 20'08".

[Kit (John)] Kit moved 7'11".

[Christy] Arilyn moved 22'06".

[Percival (Hans)] Percival moved 9'02".

[Christy] Arilyn moved 7'08".

[Percival (Hans)] thank you once again, Sweetums.

[DM] ROUND: 20

[Christy] thanks for digging!

[Kit (John)] Kira, You first

[Rosethorn (Molly)] thank you, Sweetums!

[Percival (Hans)] You didn't do that all by yourself, right? that's not possible.

[Beth] Thank you, Kit

[DM] The floor in this area is covering in a purplish brine. THe air is warm and laden with misture. The stil humidity smell unpleasantly of onion and cinnamon. The resinous, sicly violet mucous coasts the walls and floors of the tunnel. The floors are covered over with a clear ankle-deep water, the water smells faintly of salt. Here and there small tadpole like creatures swim unconcernedly in the warm liquid.

[DM] just so that everyone is up to speed on this

[DM] where you are etc.

[Christy] so let's see what's happening with Steve-maybe the illithids got his crazy brain. they'd probably give it back anyway

[Percival (Hans)] Percival moved 19'10".

[Percival (Hans)] Percival moved 16'11".

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Gyar. Me sword's back.

[Percival (Hans)] You okay, Captain?

[Christy] i have to say that this area has become decidely more ickey since we came by the first time

[Beth] Kira moved 1'04".

[Christy] Arilyn moved 20'08".

[Percival (Hans)] We almost got smushed by tons and tons of falling rock.

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 20'11".

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Oh, I be fine. Killing tadpoles.

[Lorie] Fire Elemental moved 20'06".

[Sweetums (SPC)] (or Bob's actually including the descriptions this time around)

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] And getting them drunk.

[Beth] LOL

[Christy] where'd the tadpoles come from?

[Kit (John)] how do you get dead tadpoles drunk?

[Percival (Hans)] Has the ankle deep water been here since last week, Bob?

Katie is receiving the map Robert-Overland01...

Katie has received the map Robert-Overland01.

[DM] yes

[DM] to the water

[DM] is why I reposted it like that

[DM] to be clearer on the descriptions

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] I gave them me ambrosia

[Percival (Hans) (to DM only)] thanks for the refresher

Katie is receiving the map Caves...

Katie has received the map Caves.

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] I don't think they liked it much. Waste of good booze.

[Percival (Hans)] Let's discuss a better way to investigate these caves, friends.

[Kit (John)] ::slaps Kira on the but::

[Percival (Hans)] I cannot tell a trap from a stepping stone.

[Lorie] :: looks at the Paladin ::

[DM] Rosethorn moved 1'08".

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] But, uh... Yar?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn moved 20'10".

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] What about these things? These be tha treasure.

[Percival (Hans)] I need to be in the forefront of battle, but checking for traps is outside my ability.

[Kit (John)] I don't mind watching ya but as long as it's moving

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] The map pointed to here.

[Christy] I am away from the keyboard.

[Lorie] Umm, :: points at Kira :: that's why we have her... trap detection

[Beth] yep

[Kit (John)] ::slaps Kira on the but::

[Percival (Hans)] Kira, where are you?!

[Lorie] We need to be moving along about now. This isn't the best place for chit chat

[Beth] I would have made the check, but I got outran ::grins::

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::rubs forehead:: thank you for revealing that tidbit of information, Pirate...

[Lorie] If you haven't noticed...perhaps the evil o meter is a bit off on account of the rock slide, but this is where the mind flayers are breeding their next generation

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Yar. Tha's what I'm trying ta say.

[Pepe (mikE)] ::chitters at Molly::

[Rosethorn (Molly)] :: eyes the Pirate balefully::

[Beth] tadpoles?

[Kit (John)] ::slaps Kira on the but::

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] ::points down::

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] tadpoles.

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Aren't they tha squid babies?

[Percival (Hans)] Can someone get Kira, please?

Beth jumps and whirls around barely stopping from pulling her knife

[Rosethorn (Molly)] she's still back in the tunnel.

[Kit (John)] I don't mind watching ya but as long as it's moving

[Beth] Gives Kit 'The Look"

[DM] Kira and Kit are having a private moment

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::yells:: Kira...

[Beth] On my way!

[Lorie] :: smirks :: What would your Mother say Kit?

[Kit (John)] I don't mind watching your bottom as long as it's moving

[Beth] Kira moved 24'07".

[Beth] Kira moved 23'07".

[Kit (John)] Kit moved 21'02".

[Beth] You called?

[Percival (Hans)] What's been keeping you, Kira?

[Kit (John)] come on sweetie

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 17'04".

[Lorie] Fire Elemental moved 24'04".

[Christy] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kit (John)] ::gives Sweetums A big shove::

[DM] how long does the elemental last Kylia?

[DM] ROUND: 21

[DM] ROUND: 22

[Beth] ((I've been having some 'puter issues. sorry for delays))

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums moved 21'09".

[Kit (John)] (all in good fun)

[Rosethorn (Molly)] can someone do a check to see if these things are the illithid larvae??

[Lorie] hold on

[Percival (Hans)] If I may be so bold as to escort you Kira while you search for traps. I'll be right behind you protecting you.

[Kit (John)] Kit moved 18'08".

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] But tha skunk keeps blathering at me ta kill these things.

[Beth] Thank you, Percival! ::glares at Kit::

[Lorie] :: nods :: it's gone BOB

[Kit (John)] ::pinches Sweetums::

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums moved 5'00".

[Lorie] Oh wait...nope

[Beth] Kira moved 13'07".

[DM] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 1'06".

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] While I'm not just anyone's fool, this is a mighty smart skunk

[Lorie] 13 turns

[Kit (John)] All clear back here

[DM] turns or rounds?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] okay, Pirate...

[Percival (Hans)] Following Kira.

[DM] turns it is still here

[Lorie] turns

[Kit (John)] Kit moved 4'06".

[Rosethorn (Molly)] HOLD IT, PEOPLE!!!

[Percival (Hans)] Bob, do we go turn-by-turn while we map & search for traps?

[Beth] Has anyone checked the tadpoles? I'd like to know what they are

[DM] Yes to Hans

[Kit (John)] Are there really Tadpoles?

[DM] you are gathering here in this chamber

[Percival (Hans)] Are they tadpoles or leeches?

[Percival (Hans)] Please leave everyone.

[DM] then it is best to have someone moves forward individually

[Percival (Hans)] Percival moved 31'00".

[Lorie] :: turns and looks at Molly :: Umm...why are you shouting? Do you want to draw attention to us :: sighs :: It's like you've never faced evil before

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn: KNO check: (d20) [4] 4. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (13) [13] 13!!!

[Percival (Hans)] Let's have Kira move forward with me 5' behind her to keep anybody from attacking her.

[Percival (Hans)] Or slapping her.

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] So y'all going to just leave these things here? Aren't these brain bits they're eating?

[Beth] I still want to know what the tadpoles are

[Rosethorn (Molly)] SO, Great One, please tell me if these are the illithid larvae??

[Christy] tadpoles, squidbabies, whatever. let's just kill them to be on the safe side

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Yar. See, Booty knows what ta do.

[Kit (John)] I would rateher kill the moms and dad first

[Percival (Hans)] Are there any tadpoles attached to my boots?

[DM] how would you know ROse?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] cause I just did a knowledge check and succeeded...

[DM] you can make a guess

[Beth] the young can be managed now since we're here if htey are what I think they are

[Christy] the babies are here now. Evil tadpoles in the hand are worth both mom and dad in the bush

[DM] but you have never seen or faced them

[Kit (John)] how about me?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::sighs and rubs forehead::

[DM] you can try Kit

[DM] Fire Elemental moved 3'05".

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Gyar, tha skunk puts it tagether. Says some lubber he knows gave him a book with them in it to read.

[Kit (John)] Kit: INT check: (d20) [20] 20. PROBABLY FAILS against (14) [14] 14

[Christy] can we kill while you all ponder the wonders of tadpoles vs illithis larvae?

[DM] there is your Fire Elemental again Kylia

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn: WIS check: (d20) [19] 19. PROBABLY FAILS against (8) [8] 8

[DM] it willlast for 11 more turns

[Percival (Hans)] Percival: WIS check: (d20) [3] 3. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (13) [13] 13!!!

[Beth] Just kill lthem

[DM] how are you planning on killing them?

[Kit (John)] I would rateher kill the moms and dad first

[Beth] I'd rather kill a hundred frog larvae for nothing than leave 100 illithid larvae by mistake

[Christy] how big are they? can we stomp on them

[DM] sure, you can do that

[Beth] The young are here and now.

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] I thought we already killed tha squids.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] will it work??

[DM] it is just that there are hundreds swimming around

[Christy] if we start killing the babies maybe the adults will come

[Beth] they could get moved before we can get back to kill themj

[Rosethorn (Molly)] peachy.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] will the fire kill them??

[Percival (Hans)] Can the fire elemental roam around the room?

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Navigator, why don't ya do one of those big boomy things?

[Kit (John)] stomp stomp stomp, doing the tadpole stomp

[Christy] i'll start stomping until you guys come up with a bettre idea

[Percival (Hans)] Keeping a watch out.

[DM] how long do you want to stay in this chamber stomping?

[Kit (John)] Yea, let the elemental boild them all at once

[Beth] boil them sounds good

[Beth] hard to stomp tadpoles in water

[Beth] they tend to slide away

[Christy] i like the killing all at once idea but let me get out of the pot before the boiling commences

[Percival (Hans)] Clear the room so the fire elemental can have several rounds of boiling them.

[Kit (John)] Forward ho everyone

[Percival (Hans)] How much longer is our lease on this elemental?

[Beth] Kira moved 15'09".

[Percival (Hans)] Percival moved 5'01".

[Christy] Arilyn moved 13'07".

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums moved 15'00".

[Beth] Kira moved 13'08".

[Christy] Arilyn moved 15'05".

[Percival (Hans)] I mean, Kylia, how long is *your* lease on this elemental?

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 28'05".

[DM] if you get into teh sewer line again

[DM] you will be out of the ankle deep water

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Kylia, will the fire be able to kill them?

[Christy] Arilyn moved 13'07".

[Lorie] Let's just say he's here for a WHILE

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 10'05".

[Percival (Hans)] Please check your buddy for tadpoles. Captain, will you be my buddy?

[Lorie] I can't move the elemental BOB

[DM] Fire Elemental moved 3'10".

[DM] Fire Elemental moved 1'10".

[DM] ok, try now Lor

[Lorie] nope

[Percival (Hans)] We can deal with the rest of the tadpoles once we've investigated these caves.

[DM] Fire Elemental moved 24'10".

[DM] Fire Elemental moved 29'01".

[Percival (Hans)] Unless Kylia wants to do it right now.

[DM] will check that otu later then

[Rosethorn (Molly)] hang on, Knight. one problem at a time...

[DM] just let me know where you want it

[Sweetums (SPC)] I say leave the tadpoles until later

[Sweetums (SPC)] they're no threat now.

[Sweetums (SPC)] And we won't have the fire elemental forever

[Percival (Hans)] Yes to Sweetums' remarks.

[Kit (John)] Rarri & rose, unless you like your feet toasty,, I sugess you pick up the pace

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn moved 30'07".

[Christy] then lets go find some full grown evil

[Lorie] Umm... I could just remove the water?

[Sweetums (SPC)] Besides, they're tadpoles. We can fish them out and leave them on the ground

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] ((you know... one good spell will wipe them out pretty handily

[Percival (Hans)] A wise Sweetums.

[Kit (John)] Kylia, You are so wize

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] ((it's water. lighting bolt will baloon out. fireball will probably flash evaporate the water or just do damage to fry them))

SPC has edited Sweetums's effects.

[Kit (John)] Oh Ramone?

[Beth] ::sighs:: I disagree, I want them dead. now. but, I will follow the rest of the group

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] ((lower water would drop the water level and they'll reverse drown))

[DM] Ramone moved 46'09".

[Kit (John)] Kit moved 14'02".

[Christy] i can fireball if you want

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums moved 17'01".

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ((another possible solution is to flood 'em with alcohol, just like the Pirate was doing))

[Percival (Hans)] Part of our map should say "potentially dangerous baby monsters" in the south sewers here.

[Kit (John)] Steve the Pirate moved 1'06".

[DM] ROUND: 23

[DM] ROUND: 24

[Kit (John)] Steve, please continue your rantng in the sewer

[Kit (John)] Kit moved 3'10".

[DM] brb

[DM] I am away from the keyboard.

[Percival (Hans)] May I suggest we follow Kira to the north sewers? I will be 5 feet behind he to protect her while she detects traps.

[Kit (John)] Mattey, walk the path or be carried

[Percival (Hans)] As soon as there is trouble, Kira, get behind me & the rest of the figthers.

[Beth] ::Salutes::

[Beth] Kira moved 19'05".

[Percival (Hans)] Percival moved 17'01".

[Rosethorn (Molly)] I'd like to take care of our present problem, first, please.

[Percival (Hans)] Rosethorn, what exactly is our present problem?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] we know about this one. let's deal with it.

[Kit (John)] Excuse me, I thought the path across the sewers was still open?

[Beth] I gave up arguing for it, Rose

[Beth] we'll deal with the consequences of that later is my guess

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::sighs:: I know, Kira.

[Christy] the baby evil that will eventually be several hundred big evil

[Beth] yep

[DM] I am back at the keyboard.

[Christy] can I just cast a firebell down there and see what happens?

[Sweetums (SPC)] The tadpoles are quite helpless for now.

[Percival (Hans)] Are you saying we kill hundreds of defenseless creatures?

[Percival (Hans)] I have a problem with that.

[Christy] it won't take long and rose will feel better

[Sweetums (SPC)] Defenseless now? Yes. Once they grow up?

[Sweetums (SPC)] I feel no remorse in killing them now.

[Beth] well, this group doesn't usually run on foresight, so I guess we'll have to live with hindsight

[Rosethorn (Molly)] it won't take long for them to grow.

[Sweetums (SPC)] We don't know for sure.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] and they are exactly helpless now.

[Beth] precisely

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::eyes Kira's back::

[Sweetums (SPC)] But I don't expect them to grow into full adults in the next few hours.

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Gyar, ye want tons of those squid things running around?

[Christy] i'd rather kill that know then later when they're trying to crawl up my nose to eat my brain

[Beth] and what happens if we CAN'T get backi?

[Beth] Or DON'T?

[Percival (Hans)] I wouldn't have any problem removing their food supply.

[Sweetums (SPC)] You back Bob?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] their food supply is US, Knight...

[Percival (Hans)] These aren't exactly baby sea-turtles, now, are they?

[Kit (John)] Steve, we can't kill them while you arein the way

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::eyes the Knight::

[DM] I am here

[Sweetums (SPC)] Bob, is the pool in the groud?

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Gyar, ye be the wimpiest crew I ever captianed. Just do yer magic things, kill 'em and let's find tha booty

[Percival (Hans)] Well, then, when you remove us, you remove their food supply. Let's remove ourselves, then.

[Beth] My people have survived for all these centuries in spite of all that has been thrown at us because we think ahead

[Sweetums (SPC)] Or an above ground pool?

[Lorie] There is the matter of the little ones

[Kit (John)] ::knudges Steve::

[DM] there is a pool that is seperate from the rest of the water on the ground

[Kit (John)] Kit moved 2'07".

[DM] teh brown spot is the pool

[Lorie] They should be dispatched and then we move on

[Beth] Yes!

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Steve the Pirate moved 12'11".

[DM] the mixture of brains, etc

[Percival (Hans)] Torch the brown spot, wizard.

[Lorie] Steve the Pirate moved 4'08".

[Sweetums (SPC)] How deep is the water we're standing in? Ankle deep?

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 31'00".

[Kit (John)] Kit moved 3'09".

[Rosethorn (Molly)] I'd rather not be a food supply for anymore of these things, baby or otherwise.

[Kit (John)] I got your back Kylia, er Lady

[Percival (Hans)] Arilyn, would you do the honors. Give everyone a chance to stand way back.

[Lorie] Bob, I cast lower water on this pool

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn moved 13'07".

[Lorie] They can dry out and rot

[Sweetums (SPC)] I can live with that.

[Lorie] Any objectiosn?

[Lorie] objections even

[DM] the pool or the whole chamber?

[Lorie] :: eyes the party ::

[Percival (Hans)] No objections, I guess. We don't really know what these things really are...

[Sweetums (SPC)] (I'm thinking just the pool with the tadpoles)

[Rosethorn (Molly)] nope fire away. either one of you, Kylia or Arilyn.

[Lorie] It will end up being the entire chamber I'm guessing

[DM] the tadpoles are all throught the floor of the chamber

[Percival (Hans)] Kit, Steve and others, get out.....

[Kit (John)] fire wil hurt Lady more than me

[Christy] if I cast fireball, there's going to be a lot of fire so you should all move a safe distance away

[Percival (Hans)] Fire is hot and burns you.

[Percival (Hans)] Call me simple.

[Kit (John)] She is not crazy enough to do a fireball is she>

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 37'11".

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn moved 6'00".

[Kit (John)] Too tight qtrs

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] ((lower water first))

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn moved 5'09".

[Christy] i am-it only stings for a minute

[Kit (John)] I was thinking flame strike

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] ((that'll leave the illithid larvae exposed. then you fireball them))

[Percival (Hans)] /kit There might actually be 33,000 cubic feet of space here....

[Christy] but if anyone else can kill them without blowing uo the whole chamber, then please go for it. I'd rather save the big boom for when we really need it

[Kit (John)] the room is only 20 ft across, fireball is 30'

[Lorie] Okay...everyone moves themself out of the chamber... RIGHT? ::eyes those still in the room... Steve... Kit... Sweetums... fire Elemental (BOB)

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums moved 9'03".

[Kit (John)] OK

[DM] Fire Elemental moved 28'03".

[Kit (John)] Kit moved 4'00".

[Kit (John)] come on steve

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Steve the Pirate moved 28'07".

[Kit (John)] Kit moved 15'01".

Katie is receiving the map Base Map...

Katie has received the map Base Map.

[Percival (Hans)] If the party would like, I will carry a torch to the feeding pool

[Kit (John)] YOur next Sweetums

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Wha..?

[Kit (John)] If I though a torch would work, I would breathe on the

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Yer gonna toss a torch into water?

[Lorie] Actually Bob...level the Fire Elemental in the entrance once Christy casts. Any larvae that attempt to leave can be effectively toasted

[Katie] Roll #1: (d2) [2] 2, Roll #2: (d2) [1] 1, Roll #3: (d2) [1] 1

[Beth] Sweetums?

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums moved 7'05".

[Beth] Are you going to come out here with the rest of us?

[Beth] ::smiles::

[Kit (John)] Kit moved 6'07".

[DM] McSmirk moved 11'04".

[DM] Captive #1 moved 3'04".

[Kit (John)] All Clear

[Percival (Hans)] Bob, is the feeding pool entirely liquid or just piles or brains & stuff?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] we'd rather not have roast Sweetums, thank you...

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: Lower Water: The lower water spell causes water or similar fluid in the area of effect to sink away to a minimum depth of 1 inch. The depth can be lowered by up to 2 feet for every experience level of the priest. The water is lowered within a square area whose sides are 10 feet long per caster level. Thus, an 8th-level priest affects a volume up to 16 feet x 80 feet x 80 feet, a 9th-level caster affects a volume up to 18 feet x 90 feet x 90 feet, and so on. In extremely large and deep bodies of water, such as deep ocean, the spell creates a whirlpool that sweeps ships and similar craft downward, putting them at risk and rendering them unable to leave by normal movement for the duration of the spell. When cast on water elementals and other water-based creatures, this spell acts as a slow spell: The creature moves at half speed and makes half its usual number of attacks each round. The spell has no effect on other creatures. Its reverse, raise water, causes water or similar fluids to return to their highest natural level: spring flood, high tide, etc. This can make fords impassable, float grounded ships, and may even sweep away bridges at the DM's option. It negates lower water and vice versa.

[DM] just the brown spot is the brains

[DM] the rest is the clear wet liquid

[Beth] No, I've become rather partial to the big furball walking and talking ::grins::

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::winks:: me too...

[Christy] so i'm casting fireball now

[DM] so that does lower the water

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] ((that should lower the whole area, yes bob?))

[DM] and they are flopping around there

[Beth] ::sighs:: And me without marshmalllows

[Sweetums (SPC)] Bob, Bunny wants to know if she can log in and just watch.

[DM] of course

Katie is receiving the map Caves...

Katie has received the map Caves.

[Christy] Arilyn: Fireball: a

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::looks at Kira:: damn!! you're no fun at all!!

[DM] christy are you sure you want to do that?

[Beth] ::sighs:; I know. You'd think I'd be prepared for anything with this group

[Percival (Hans)] how high is the ceiling here?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] you forgot the hot dogs too, didn't you??

[DM] only like 10-15 feet tall

[Beth] well, ..... ::guilty look::

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::eyes Kira:: yeah...

[Christy] i don't think that I wanted to do that right now and I don't know how to direct it

[Percival (Hans)] so, 33 10X10X10 squares. we're going to get singed.

[DM] ok,

[DM] then you do not cast

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::eyes Ramone::

[Christy] are we leaving them flopping?

[Percival (Hans)] let's use "regular fire". can someone light a few torches for me? i don't have fire-building. thanks

[Rosethorn (Molly)] oh Gypsy??

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Ye got a fascination with fire, don't ya?

[Beth] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kit (John)] Not letting anyone back in

[Kira (Beth)] you need the other Gypsy

[Kit (John)] we have bigger fish to fry

[Kira (Beth)] I don't have fire making

[Rosethorn (Molly)] yep. Ramone??

[Kira (Beth)] Ramone!

[Kira (Beth)] oooohhhh RaMOOOooone!

[Percival (Hans)] I don't have anything that can combat a big pile of brains that tadpoles are eating.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] if Ramone doesn't, the Pirate does....

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::eyes Steve::

Bunny has joined the game on Fri Nov 24 21:06:45 EST 2006

[Percival (Hans)] Kit, can you burn the pile of brains?

[Kira (Beth)] yeah, for a couple of oddballs of the first water, they do seem to come up with some good tricks

[Lorie] Go ahead Arilyn and cast Fireball

[Percival (Hans)] Or do something to render it useless?

[Christy] can none of us successfully run two sticks together?

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Gyar, cast one o' those big fireballs.

[Lorie] Center it farther in

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] ((putting a torch into a pile of wet brain matter won't do much...

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] ((one fireball and we're done.))

[Rosethorn (Molly)] our pirate friend can spread some more of his ambrosia around, and we then strike a match to it....

[Percival (Hans)] brains to ashes and mush to char

[Kira (Beth)] ((yup))

[Kit (John)] ::slaps forehead::

[Rosethorn (Molly)] a fireball the old fashioned way....

[Kira (Beth)] uh huh?

[Christy] so bob, how about if the fireball goes in the southern part of the chamber?

[Percival (Hans)] Let's move north-east while Arilyn casts fireball.

[DM] I will place it as far in as you can

[Percival (Hans)] Percival moved 6'01".

[Kit (John)] fire in caves goes twice as far if not more

[Percival (Hans)] beautiful.

[DM] that would be a normal one

[DM] now the expanded one

[Christy] cool-is that red the fireball?

[Percival (Hans)] c'mon, she's a wizard. she would "know" this....

Bunny is receiving the map Base Map...

Bunny has received the map Base Map.

[Kit (John)] ::slaps forehead::

[DM] yes that si the fireball radius

[Kira (Beth)] ouch

[Christy] ohh-that's not cool

[Rosethorn (Molly)] um, let's not do the expanded one, please...

[DM] the expandied one is what actually happened

[Kit (John)] ::slaps forehead::

[Lorie] :: shrugs :: I can handle the damage... :O)

[Christy] i don't like the expanded version

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::sighs::

[Christy] like I said-it onlt stings for a minute

[Kira (Beth)] I wanna know why Kit keeps slapping his forehead

[DM] everyone in the group makes a save verus magic

[Percival (Hans)] 8th level wizard would *know* this

[Kit (John)] what if we are imune to fire?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn: Magical Spell save: (d20) [20] 20. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (+12) [12] 12!!!

[Percival (Hans)] Percival: Magical Spell save: (d20) [7] 7 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]. PROBABLY FAILS against (+15) [15] 15

[Lorie] :: snorts :: We aren't all blessed with such genes

[Kira (Beth)] Kira: Magical Spell save: (d20) [4] 4. PROBABLY FAILS against (12) [12] 12

[Christy] Arilyn: Magical Spell save: (d20) [16] 16. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (10) [10] 10!!!

Bunny is receiving the map Caves...

Bunny has received the map Caves.

[Kira (Beth)] oh, ouch

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Steve the Pirate: Magical Spell save: (d20) [11] 11. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (7) [7] 7!!!

[Percival (Hans)] I have plusses, but I still missed.

[Kira (Beth)] This is not good

[Kit (John)] was I not persistant enough

[Kit (John)] no

[Kit (John)] stop

[Kit (John)] don't

[DM] if you failed your save you take 1/2 damage, and if you made it you take 1/4 damage

[Kit (John)] (name that movie)

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: Magical Spell save: (d20) [10] 10. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (10) [10] 10!!!

[Christy] willy wonka

[Kira (Beth)] PIZZA!!!

[DM] Christy did you roll damage?

[Christy] i like the lake of chocoalte

[Beth] I am away from the keyboard.

[Christy] no-how do i do that?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] roll damage?

[Kit (John)] Great movie, I do not want to see the remake

Bunny has left the game on Fri Nov 24 21:13:36 EST 2006

[Percival (Hans)] roll fireball damage, christy

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] can we forget about that movie and deal with the overly large fireball?

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums: Magic Resistant check:(d100) [72] 72. PROBABLY FAILS against (15) [15] 15

[DM] just roll usign the dice rollers

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums: Magical Spell save: (d20) [15] 15. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (13) [13] 13!!!

Bunny has joined the game on Fri Nov 24 21:14:28 EST 2006

[Kit (John)] Kit: Magical Spell save: (d20) [6] 6. PROBABLY FAILS against (13) [13] 13

[mikE] do fireballs get magic resistance?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] sorry?

[Sweetums (SPC)] They're magic, aren't they?

Bunny is receiving the map Caves...

Bunny has received the map Caves.

[mikE] Steve the Pirate: Magic Resistance check:(d100) [13] 13. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (90) [90] 90!!!

[mikE] in that case, i'm fine

[mikE] have fun regrowing your eyebrows everyone

[Christy] Roll #1: (d6) [3] 3, Roll #2: (d6) [2] 2, Roll #3: (d6) [6] 6, Roll #4: (d6) [1] 1, Roll #5: (d6) [4] 4, Roll #6: (d6) [6] 6, Roll #7: (d6) [4] 4, Roll #8: (d6) [4] 4

[Rosethorn (Molly)] cute.

[Beth] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] Kit's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 71 (-7) - Lightly Wounded

[DM] Rosethorn's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 44 (-7) - Lightly Wounded

[DM] Kira's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 34 (-7) - Lightly Wounded

[DM] Arilyn's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 60 (-7) - Lightly Wounded

[DM] Sweetums's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 55 (-7) - Lightly Wounded

[DM] Kylia Wolfslayer's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 68 (-7) - Lightly Wounded

[DM] Steve the Pirate's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 87 (-7) - Lightly Wounded

[DM] Percival's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 47 (-7) - Lightly Wounded

[mikE] bob, i had my magic resistance there

[DM] Kira's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 27 (-7) - Moderately Wounded

[DM] Percival's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 40 (-7) - Moderately Wounded

[DM] ok, done with teh fire ball now

[DM] all the tadpoles are dead

[Christy] look- lightly wounded. see, it only stings for a minute and all the tadpoles are dead. way to take one for the team

[Percival (Hans)] Um, I just wanted to destroy the food source, people.

[Kira (Beth)] ALL all? None sticking on our persons, hiding in our clothing or shoes, etc?

[Christy] consider the food source destroyed

[Percival (Hans)] Is the food source destroyed?

[Kit (John)] now can we kill the mommies and the daddies

[DM] none sticking to you guys at all

[Percival (Hans)] Please let's go kill the mommies and daddies.

[Kira (Beth)] ok

[Percival (Hans)] following kira

[Rosethorn (Molly)] how badly are percival and kira hurt??

[Percival (Hans)] not bad

[DM] Steve the Pirate's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 94 (7) - Unharmed

[Kira (Beth)] Needs to see where she is going

[Kit (John)] not down the sewers, in the caves

[Percival (Hans)] enough to protect Kira.

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums moved 9'01".

[Sweetums (SPC)] Um guys, aren't we going this way?

[Sweetums (SPC)] Over here?

[Christy] lets find the grown up evil

[Christy] Arilyn moved 8'00".

[Kira (Beth)] ah, praps so

[Sweetums (SPC)] And Bob, where are my halberd rings?

[Kit (John)] Gold star to the walking carpet

[Percival (Hans)] I'm following Kira. She's finding the traps and I'm protecting her from evil.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Great One?? how badly are they hurt? and which way do we go??

[Kira (Beth)] Kira moved 46'07".

[Percival (Hans)] Percival moved 46'05".

[Christy] and are we checking for traps this time?

[Christy] Arilyn moved 16'06".

Katie has left the game on Fri Nov 24 21:19:35 EST 2006

[Kira (Beth) (to GM only)] Kira: Find/Remove Traps check:(d100) [52] 52. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (95) [95] 95!!!

[DM] checking Sean

[Lorie] Yes... we have Kira out there checking for traps now :O)

[Kira (Beth)] Kira moved 12'01".

[Percival (Hans)] Kylia, could you heal me during one of the 10 rounds where Kira is checking for traps?

[Kira (Beth) (to GM only)] Kira: Find/Remove Traps check:(d100) [61] 61. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (95) [95] 95!!!

[Percival (Hans)] Percival moved 8'09".

[Christy] Arilyn moved 10'04".

[Percival (Hans)] We're doing this turn-by-turn, right, Bob?

[Kira (Beth)] Bob? West and North

[DM] Kira checks for traps on both exits

[DM] and finds nothign on either

[DM] Combat has finished.

[DM] Time of Day: 01:00 PM. Day 3 Lad ___ de, Kye {Late Winter} 3rd, 1258.

[DM] Effect Tentcles for Black Suits #1 has expired.

[DM] Time of Day: 01:15 PM. Day 3 Lad ___ de, Kye {Late Winter} 3rd, 1258.

[Kira (Beth)] Which way, people?

[Percival (Hans)] North

[DM] Katie said thank you

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::sighs:: Thank God.

[DM] by the way

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 21'00".

[Kira (Beth)] yes?

[Kira (Beth)] eyes DM warily

mikE has left the game on Fri Nov 24 21:21:55 EST 2006

[Percival (Hans)] she said thank you, by the way.

[Christy] I am away from the keyboard.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn moved 31'11".

[Percival (Hans)] If we go turn-by-turn while you're detecting traps, we won't get pounded by any traps you *detect*

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums moved 8'10".

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums moved 9'06".

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums moved 1'08".

[Percival (Hans)] Is there a priest who can cast "Find Traps". I've heard about this in the abbots.

[Percival (Hans)] Abbeys, I mean.

[Christy] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kit (John)] ::grabs steve and ramone and walks in behind::

[DM] Sweetums moved 2'06".

[Kira (Beth)] I know of a priestess of Brigantia who can

[DM] Fire Elemental moved 31'03".

[Lorie] :: shrugs :: Sounds like a lot of bunk to me

[Percival (Hans)] Let the fire elemental go first. Okay, Kylia? Then he can set the traps off.

[Percival (Hans)] If there are any

mikE has joined the game on Fri Nov 24 21:24:57 EST 2006

[DM] Kira moved 10'02".

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::calls over shoulder:: you boys coming??

[DM] Like the previous open chambers this area is raised higher than most of the surrounding tunnels and is free fo the stagnant briny fluid. Purplish resin however does streak the tunnel. In fact, it appear that some thought was put into shaping the ectoplasm before it dried as the mucous form crude furniture. Three indendations fill with moss hang along the wall of the chamber. At the foot of each indentation sits a pair of two-lobed boots. Above the pads a resinous rod supports several cloth garments on metal hooks. In the center of the chamber three rough shaped chair surround a circular mucousal platform 2 1/2 feet tall. Many shelves of striated parchment lie in neat stacks upon the central "desk".

[Kit (John)] Ramone moved 8'09".

[Percival (Hans)] Unless fire doesn't trigger the traps but I do...

[DM] Illithid Chamber moved 3'06".

[Kit (John)] Steve the Pirate moved 8'10".

[Kit (John)] Kit moved 11'11".

[DM] the room appears to be empty

[DM] that line in the floor

[Kira (Beth)] well, If Kylia wants to risk her fire elemental I suppose so, but I usually disarm the traps as I go

[DM] is where the chamber floor rises up

[mikE] I am away from the keyboard.

[Kira (Beth)] although I have occasionally not been able to disarm them

[Percival (Hans)] Percival moved 9'11".

[DM] out of the water pooling on the floor of the coridoors

[Christy] Arilyn moved 10'05".

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums moved 21'04".

[Sweetums (SPC)] There's only one ring Bob ...

[Sweetums (SPC)] supposed to be two.

[Kit (John)] Ramone moved 9'06".

[Kit (John)] Steve the Pirate moved 10'08".

[Kit (John)] Kit moved 7'03".

[Kira (Beth)] Kira moved 3'02".

[DM] there you go Sweetums

[DM] that is your corrected effects?

[Sweetums (SPC)] Nope.

[Sweetums (SPC)] Inner ring is suposed to be 15' out.

[Sweetums (SPC)] Outer ring is 30' out.

mikE is receiving the map Caves...

mikE has received the map Caves.

[Percival (Hans)] Mike's having problems, eh?

[Lorie] He'll be back up in a sec

[Percival (Hans)] Everyone, we are going 1 turn at a time. is that okay with you? Lorie?

[DM] there you go

[DM] better now? dark close, light farthest?

[Kit (John)] The Elemental will not last quite so long

[Percival (Hans)] Bob, is the opened area safe for me to walk?

[Sweetums (SPC)] Ah, much better.

[Sweetums (SPC)] Thanks.

BiBo!!!!!!!!! has joined the game on Fri Nov 24 21:29:21 EST 2006

[Percival (Hans)] Bibo's here!!! about time!!!!

[mikE] I am back at the keyboard.

[Sweetums (SPC)] (by the way, the inner purple ring is my minimum range for the halberd, the white is the outter range)

[Lorie] MARCO :O)

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] oh good, no one's dead

[Lorie] I tried

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] yet

[Lorie] I really really tried.

BiBo!!!!!!!!! is receiving the map Caves...

BiBo!!!!!!!!! has received the map Caves.

[Kira (Beth)] Marco!!! :)

[Rosethorn (Molly)] well, we tried on you....

[Lorie] Alas, they're all alive...even you

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ;-)

[Christy] i fireballed them, but everyone survived

[Kit (John)] we killed lots of tadpoles

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] the benefits of being a round behind

[Lorie] but it was Christy tonight...casting the Fireball of death...not me :O)

[Kira (Beth)] BUNCHES of Tadpoles!!!

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Happy Thanksgiving, Marco!!

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] you too

[Percival (Hans)] away from keyboard for a minute

[Christy] no one died :)

[Rosethorn (Molly)] thank you!

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] good thing you didn't kill the fire elemental with the fireball

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] because it's always funny when that happens

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] since fire elementals don't actually have any kind of immunities to fire

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] yay for creator oversight :-D

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::chuckles::

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] so where to?

[mikE] up, i'd guess

[DM] you have the empty room in front of you

[DM] up that slope

[mikE] keep going. there's a bedroom up there

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] up it is then!

[Lorie] Yeah empty room!

[mikE] the map notes say so

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] march!

[Kira (Beth)] Kira moved 8'07".

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] or climb

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] or ooze, whatever it is you do in an illithid lair

[Kira (Beth)] Bob, when I did the check was it just on the entryway or the entire room beyond?

[Kit (John)] just waiting for you cutie, and Steve O

[DM] adn you hvae the elemental until 1:27

[DM] so just over one more turn away

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] okie doke

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] so send it forth

[DM] you checked the entrance way Kira

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] :)

[mikE] Steve the Pirate moved 14'07".

[Kira (Beth)] I wanna check the room it'self

[DM] there are the two exits out

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] keep him up front, he's not long for this world anyway :-D

[DM] both slopes going back into the water

[DM] and you do see more tadpoles in those areas

[Kit (John)] oh no

[Kira (Beth) (to GM only)] Kira: Find/Remove Traps check:(d100) [29] 29. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (95) [95] 95!!!

[DM] but no traps in the room

[Kira (Beth)] ok

[Percival (Hans)] back

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::sighs:: yaay::

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] have these tadpoles been attacking us?

[Kit (John)] not tadpoles

[Percival (Hans)] Percival moved 9'09".

[Kira (Beth)] Illithid larvae

[DM] anythign but tadpoles

[Christy] i'm just guessing here but you guys don't want another fireball do ya?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] yep. for days now.

[DM] why did it have to be tadpoles

[mikE] no, it took a while, btu we eventually killed the illitid pool

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] they have any brains with them?

[mikE] did, yes.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] um, not an extended one, no.

[mikE] that was what the brown pool was. we found that out last week

[mikE] everyone just kinda ignored it and went into the tunnel

[mikE] because no one listens to the pirate

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] of course not. he's a pirate

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::eyes the Pirate::

[Percival (Hans)] i didn't ignore it. i made a note of it and continued on.

[Christy] and crazy

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] he cheats and lies

[mikE] any live ones up there?

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] comes with the job :)

[Kit (John)] and blonde

[Rosethorn (Molly)] he might try speaking coherently once in a while....

[Kira (Beth)] so, how many more tadpoles?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::sighs:: too many.

[Christy] poor poor pirate, eveyone picks on you

[mikE] he doesn't cheat. he just makes sure you lose. ;-P

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] you say they're swimming in brine?


[Kira (Beth)] ((he can't. ::grins:: it's his character))

[mikE] they were, but they're dead

[Kit (John)] I will eat them all after Mom and Dad are DEAD

[mikE] we're in what appears to be their bedroom now

[Lorie] No turkey is swimming in brine

[mikE] i think mom and dad are dead, john.

[BiBo!!!!!!!!!] onwards then

[Lorie] :: points at the Kitchen and her Alton Brown turkey ::

[mikE] remember the bunch we killed in the warehouse?

[Percival (Hans)] I like this wizard.

[DM] there is a link on the map to the Tunnels text

[mikE] yup. so anything alive in there bob?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] sorry, Great One??

[mikE] Steve the Pirate moved 15'05".

[Christy] lets find some full grown things to kill before they sneak up on us

[mikE] if not, lets get with the looting and get out

[DM] so I do not have to keep repeating it into the room there is a link on the map

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] what's in the desk?

[Christy] Arilyn moved 6'06".

[DM] Tunnels of Caverns moved 2'04".

[DM] if you want to read it again

[Lorie] The room is empty :: cheer ::

[DM] and the desk has no drawers

[Percival (Hans)] Percival moved 9'08".

[Percival (Hans)] protective stance

[DM] the desk does have more of those stiff sheets of paper

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] k, what's on the parchment

[DM] with those weird markings on it

[Rosethorn (Molly)] what about the parchment?

[mikE] treasure maps?

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] more? there were some earlier ones?

[DM] that one of Malagorn;s previous incarnations thought was the writing

[DM] but you are not sure

[Percival (Hans)] I normally bring my reader with me, but he's at home right now.

[DM] it was from Malagorn after all

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] oh, those

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] well, gather I suppose. never know when pieces of paper will come in handy

[Percival (Hans)] Malagorn. What an evil-sounding name. Knock off all that evil!

[Rosethorn (Molly)] might be an idea to hang on to them...

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] ((who everyone also ignores... even though he's found all the clues so far.))

[Kira (Beth)] ::chuckles::

[Rosethorn (Molly)] not ALL of them, Pirate...

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Keep them. They be good and stiff. Great for wiping yer bum.

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] ((molly... this is ooc chat here))

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] you don't want anything stiff touchin yer bum lad

[Christy] it's hard to know when you have good ideas and when you're just wonky

[Rosethorn (Molly)] and when he's both...

[Kit (John)] I'm just waiting for Kira and Ramon to move along

[Rosethorn (Molly)] is the desk trapped??

[DM] so north or south?

[DM] Kira?

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] thought we were going north

[Percival (Hans)] Kira, would you do the honors? We can map out territory while the others discover whatever clues are in the rooms.

[Kira (Beth)] Kira moved 14'04".

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] ((well, nothing went off when we took all the papers from it, so i'd guess no))

[Percival (Hans)] Percival moved 3'06".

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn moved 8'08".

[Kira (Beth) (to GM only)] Kira: Find/Remove Traps check:(d100) [59] 59. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (95) [95] 95!!!

[Rosethorn (Molly)] fair enough.

[DM] no traps

[DM] splashing through the water and tadpoles

[Percival (Hans)] Percival moved 28'09".

[Kira (Beth)] Kira moved 29'01".

[Christy] Arilyn moved 18'10".

[Rosethorn (Molly)] care to budge, Pirate??

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn moved 3'09".

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] ::glances at Kylia:: "You know what this place puts me in the mood for?"

[Lorie] Leaving?

[Kira (Beth)] Sir Percival, kindly note if I should have a tadpole crawling up me

[Lorie] Yeah, me too

[Percival (Hans)] As Kira does her "detecting", I keep watch out for bad guys. I detect evil in the direction in front of us.

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Eating?

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] "Fried frog legs. I'll have to get some later."

[Kira (Beth)] Kira moved 18'05".

[Percival (Hans)] Doesn't work for traps, but if there are actual evil guys there, I'll know.

[DM] Kira moved 3'00".

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::shoves past Steve::

[Christy] Arilyn moved 15'07".

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn moved 13'08".

[Percival (Hans)] Percival moved 22'04".

[Lorie] Grenouilles? Hmm.... tastes like chicken

[Percival (Hans)] Percival moved 1'03".

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] Ramone moved 15'09".

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn moved 14'08".

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] Ramone moved 6'09".

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 13'10".

[DM] Purplish resin however does streak the tunnel. In fact, it appear that some thought was put into shaping the ectoplasm before it dried as the mucous form crude furniture. There is an indendation filled with moss hang along the wall of the chamber. At the foot of the indentation sits a pair of two-lobed boots. Above the pad a resinous rod supports several cloth garments on metal hooks. In the center of the chamber is a rough shaped chair and a circular mucousal platform 2 1/2 feet tall.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn moved 2'11".

[Christy] Arilyn moved 20'00".

[DM] Time of Day: 01:32 PM. Day 3 Lad ___ de, Kye {Late Winter} 3rd, 1258.

[DM] Time of Day: 01:47 PM. Day 3 Lad ___ de, Kye {Late Winter} 3rd, 1258.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn moved 15'06".

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn moved 5'08".

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] Ramone moved 20'08".

[Kit (John)] Kit moved 17'05".

[Percival (Hans)] We may need everybody here.

[Kit (John)] now you sweetie

[Christy] Arilyn moved 11'07".

[DM] so the fire elemental goes away

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 15'02".

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::calls over shoulder:: get up here, guys!!

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] mmmm... moss

[Percival (Hans)] What is the little orange thing in the room?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn moved 11'03".

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] the room descrip, double click it :)

[DM] that is a room description Hans

[DM] for you to read if you want again without needing to scroll in the chat room

[Steve the Pirate (mikE) (to DM only)] i'll take the time to througouly search the room. anything of interest besides the papers? anything magic?

[Kira (Beth)] Kira moved 2'07".

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] Ramone moved 21'04".

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 24'09".

[Kit (John)] ::give Sweetums a friendly shove::

[Percival (Hans)] Percival moved 22'04".

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums moved 36'04".

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] Ramone moved 13'11".

[Kit (John)] Kit moved 17'04".

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums moved 7'01".

[DM (to mikE only)] just the boots that obviously belong to a mindflayer no magic, you do notice that things are neat and orderly, not that the left ina hurry

[Lorie] Umm... I would suggest we let the thief go first in all cases

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 17'01".

[Christy] Arilyn moved 2'04".

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums moved 16'09".

[Kira (Beth)] Kira moved 15'04".

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn moved 3'03".

[Kit (John)] Steve Mattie, you the lally gagger type?

[Kira (Beth) (to GM only)] Kira: Find/Remove Traps check:(d100) [33] 33. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (95) [95] 95!!!

[Percival (Hans) (to DM only)] my detect evil only takes 1 round, of course

[Kit (John)] Kit moved 13'00".

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Steve the Pirate moved 67'00".

[Christy] Arilyn moved 13'03".

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn moved 12'03".

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] Ramone moved 11'10".

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 12'03".

[Percival (Hans)] watch out for steve the steam train

[DM] Steve make a intution check for me

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums moved 12'10".

[Kira (Beth)] Bob? traps?

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Steve the Pirate: INU check: (d20) [4] 4. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (14) [14] 14!!!

[DM] no traps in the room that Kira can find

[Kit (John)] Kit moved 22'06".

[Kit (John)] Kit moved 20'07".

[Percival (Hans)] Let's give kira a chance to find some traps.

[Kira (Beth)] GODS, I hate semantics

[Percival (Hans)] Captain. And everybody else.

[DM] Steve says this room looks different than the first one, becuase before it looked like they packed up, this room looks like who ever was here left in a hurry

[Kira (Beth)] Kira moved 8'08".

[Rosethorn (Molly)] anything special in this room??

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] ((yes. what the narrator said))

[Christy] we've got 'em on the run

[Kira (Beth)] I want to check the furniture for traps as well

[DM] no traps there,

[Kira (Beth)] or what seems to have served as furniture

[DM] you can easily see that

[Kira (Beth)] alright

[Steve the Pirate (mikE) (to DM only)] anything here they left behind?

[DM] the only thing that could be there is a poison in the purple slime

[Kira (Beth)] are there any cubby holes?

[DM] no cubby holes,

[Kira (Beth)] doors?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] avoid the purple slime, people.

[DM (to mikE only)] nothing left behind but the papers are not neatly stacked more like they were dropped

[Christy] so nobody touch the purple slime

[Kira (Beth)] and more poison purple slime

[Rosethorn (Molly)] stay away from the walls.

[Percival (Hans)] Kylia, can you heal Kira? Kira, can you stand still for a moment?

[DM] she did not get any on her

[Kira (Beth)] we've dealt with it before on that bed in Janwhatserface's house

[DM] she found it before

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Told ya we kilt tha squid heads.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] I doubt we've killed all of 'em.

[DM (to GM only)] Black Suits #2 moved 7'02".

[Kira (Beth)] I could use a bit of healing, though

[Christy] how many have we killed anyway?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn moved 21'02".

[Kira (Beth)] if someone has the time and the magic left

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Of course ya do. Ya say tha opposite of me all tha time.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] too many to count, in my case...

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] hrm... 6?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ((to Hans, no, just a very old warrior elf.))

[Christy] did we have any idea of how many there could be?

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Three chairs in each room... If tha dumb pirate can do his math tha' be six chairs.

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Did I get it right ya damn daisy eater?

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] not really

[Kira (Beth)] the dumb pirate's got a point

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Thar be nothin' in here worth stealin' or killin'. Lets go back up ta eat frogs

[Kira (Beth)] but, I wouldn't count on there not being more

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] Ramone moved 17'08".

[Kit (John)] ::give Sweetums a friendly shove::

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] Ramone moved 13'09".

[Percival (Hans)] let's continue forward.

[Percival (Hans)] Percival moved 9'10".

[Christy] there could be more chambers-let's keep going

[Christy] Arilyn moved 15'04".

[DM (to Hans only)] your evil meter kicks in

[Percival (Hans) (to DM only)] i detect evil seasterly.

[Kira (Beth)] okie doke

[Kira (Beth)] Kira moved 19'05".

[Percival (Hans)] wait!j!!!!

[DM (to BiBo!!!!!!!!! only)] your evil/magic meter kicks in

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 30'10".

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Oh sure. Since the stuff shirt shiney boy over thar give 'is permission we can move right along.

[Sweetums (SPC)] I'm waiting for Kylia

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums moved 30'08".

[Kira (Beth)] Kira moved 13'10".

[Percival (Hans)] Wait. I feel something.

[Kit (John)] ::winks::

[Kit (John)] Kit moved 28'09".

[Percival (Hans)] Something bad.

[Percival (Hans)] I feel it in me bones, as the captain would say.

[Kira (Beth)] Kira moved 7'08".

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!) (to DM only)] I have an evil meter? sweet!

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Then let's go kill it fer gods sake. Maybe it has tha booty.

[Christy] what? are you sensing evil?

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] which way?

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] This be tha worst treasure map ever.

[Percival (Hans)] There is an evil presence to our southeast.

[Percival (Hans)] Prepare yourselves for battle.

[Christy] maybe you're holding it upside down

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] we haven't hit the x yet

[Kira (Beth)] doesn't matter to me

[Percival (Hans)] Please detect traps before we continue. I'll be protecting you, Kira.

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Oh, I just might be! Here, lemme see. ::flips it blank side up:: Oh, is tha what ya meant? Glad I have someone here ta tell me how ta read a map. Because pirates would never be able ta read a bloody map!

[Kira (Beth)] if he says there's evil, I'm gonna hide behind the big guy here

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Tha X was tha stewed brains an tha squid face tad poles

[Percival (Hans)] That's right. Captain Steve should be an expert map-reader.

[Christy] was that the prize?

[Percival (Hans)] Percival moved 10'06".

[Kit (John)] i sugest we not wait, not to let them prepare more so

[Percival (Hans)] Understood, Kit.

[Christy] let's go find that evil

[Christy] Arilyn moved 8'01".

[Percival (Hans)] Spooooooon!!!!

[Percival (Hans)] Percival moved 8'06".

[Kira (Beth)] Kira moved 20'07".

[Christy] evil is afoot

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums moved 11'01".

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] We will beat them on the noses with the rolled up newspaper of JUSTICE!!!

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] ::sighs:: Gyar. Pepe laddie, I think we're surrounded by idjits.

[Kit (John)] and a head

[Kira (Beth) (to GM only)] Kira: Find/Remove Traps check:(d100) [8] 8. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (95) [95] 95!!!

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] Then we'll should BAD DOGGY!!!

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] shout even

[Lorie] Newspaper?

[Sweetums (SPC)] Pardon me, scuse me, pardon me.

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums moved 5'02".

[Lorie] Justice?

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums moved 4'03".

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums moved 3'06".

[Percival (Hans)] Percival moved 4'02".

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums moved 5'01".

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 12'07".

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] never mind, I'm sure hans got it :-P

[Christy] Arilyn moved 8'05".

[Percival (Hans)] It's all black and darkness. I. I. I....

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] I think tha brain eaters would starve ta death with this crew.

[Percival (Hans)] I stepped off the end of the world.

[Sweetums (SPC)] Heart of Darkness

[Lorie] I think you should have invested in a continual light rock :: shrugs ::

[Christy] Arilyn moved 5'10".

[DM] Purplish resin however does streak the tunnel. In fact, it appear that some thought was put into shaping the ectoplasm before it dried as the mucous form crude furniture. There is an indendation filled with moss hang along the wall of the chamber. At the foot of the indentation sits a pair of two-lobed boots. Above the pad a resinous rod supports several cloth garments on metal hooks. In the center of the chamber is a rough shaped chair and a circular mucousal platform 2 1/2 feet tall.

[DM (to GM only)] Black Suits #2 targets Percival. Distance: 6'03"

[DM (to GM only)] Black Suits #1 targets Percival. Distance: 9'03"

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] is it just me or is this the same room we were just in?

[Percival (Hans)] I want a continual light rock. for the record.

[DM] Combat has begun!


[Kit (John)] with one diffrence

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] oh, that's different

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn moved 14'04".

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: Initiative:(d10(+10-+0)) [6(10-0)] 16

[Percival (Hans)] um. hello.

[Christy] these illithids all use the same decorator

[Kit (John)] Kit: Initiative:(d10+10++0) [2+10+0] 12

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn moved 7'05".

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums: Initiative:(d10+20-+3) [1+20-3] 18

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] I guess they get their stuff from goo, moss and beyond

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] Ramone: Initiative:(d10+10-+3-2) [9+10-3-2] 14

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn: Initiative:(d10-+0+10) [9-0+10] 19

[Christy] oh hey, there's someone here and some uplifting and inspiring music

[Christy] Arilyn: Initiative:(d10+10-+0) [9+10-0] 19

[Percival (Hans)] Percival: Initiative:(d10+10-+2) [9+10-2] 17

[Kira (Beth) (to GM only)] Kira: Initiative:(d10+10-+2) [1+10-2] 9

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Steve the Pirate: Initiative:(d10-+2+10) [5-2+10] 13

[SPC] Sweetums targets Shuluth. Distance: 23'00"

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] sweet. he blows stuff through walls

[DM] so what happens is that you mvoe forward enough

[DM] and the two mindflayers jump outof the small crevisis they were hiding in

[DM] to attack percival

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] ((their "not psyonic" attack goes through solids

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] well, it's not.

[DM] and the other one in the back of the room lets off a mind blast

[DM] that fills up the coridoor out to where kira is

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] it's way worse than the psionic version

[Christy] this should be fun

[Percival (Hans)] man, you try to be brave in bob's world and it takes all of 4 rounds of travel to get you killed.

[DM] so

[Sweetums (SPC)] Is it magical based?

[Kira (Beth)] ::sighs::

[DM] waht needs to happen is everyone needs to roll Int

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] ((must be since it's not psyonic!))

[DM] then magic resistance

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] ((woohoo!))

[DM] then saves versus wands

[Kit (John)] I seem to beout of it

[Percival (Hans)] immune to fear and charm...

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums: INT check: (d20) [17] 17. PROBABLY FAILS against (10) [10] 10

[DM] Kit is out of it

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums: Magic Resistant check:(d100) [91] 91. PROBABLY FAILS against (15) [15] 15

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Steve the Pirate: Magic Resistance check:(d100) [7] 7. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (90) [90] 90!!!

[Percival (Hans)] and very very resistant to command

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums: Rod, Staff or Wand save: (d20) [7] 7. PROBABLY FAILS against (12) [12] 12

[DM] Steve, Kylia, and Ramone get a normal save

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] they can seriously mind blast through stone?

[DM] the rest get a save at -4

[Kira (Beth) (to GM only)] Kira: INT check: (d20) [6] 6. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (12) [12] 12!!!

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] Steve the Pirate: Rod, Staff or Wand save: (d20) [1] 1. PROBABLY FAILS against (6) [6] 6

[Percival (Hans)] Percival: INT check: (d20) [10] 10. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (10) [10] 10!!!

[Sweetums (SPC)] Well ... nice knowing you all

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] Ramone: Magical Spell save: (d20) [13] 13. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (11) [11] 11!!!

[Lorie] what do you mean "Normal save"

[DM] you get to roll your normal save

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] as opposed to at -4 with the rest of the munckins

[Christy] Arilyn: INT check: (d20) [15] 15. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (15) [15] 15!!!

[Percival (Hans)] Bob, are you getting all this? it's a lot.

[DM] otherwise you are at a -4

[DM] I will in a moment

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: Magical Spell save: (d20) [1] 1. PROBABLY FAILS against (10) [10] 10

[DM] Black Suits #2: Initiative:(d10+10) [8+10] 18

[Kira (Beth)] Kira: Rod, Staff or Wand save: (d20) [18] 18. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (11) [11] 11!!!

[Steve the Pirate (mikE)] spell or wand?

[DM] Black Suits #1: Initiative:(d10+10) [7+10] 17

[DM] Shuluth: Initiative:(d10+10) [10+10] 20

[Sweetums (SPC)] Bob said wand

[mikE] everyone's rolling spell

[DM] yes to that roll,

[Sweetums (SPC)] roll magic? Or wand?

[DM] it is a save versus wand

[Percival (Hans)] Percival: Magical Spell save: (d20) [10] 10 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]. PROBABLY FAILS against (+15) [15] 15

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] habbit :)

[mikE] wands, hans


[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] everything is a save vs spell, so we're used to it :-D

[Christy] Arilyn: Rod, Staff or Wand save: (d20) [8] 8. PROBABLY FAILS against (9) [9] 9

[Percival (Hans) (to DM only)] I need to update my saves. 10 might be a save, but not at -4.

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] Ramone: Rod, Staff or Wand save: (d20) [11] 11. PROBABLY FAILS against (14) [14] 14

[Percival (Hans)] Percival: Rod, Staff or Wand save: (d20) [14] 14 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (+12) [12] 12!!!

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] don't suppose my tin foil hat helps any?

[DM] letting everyone get their rolls in first

[DM] then will work out the details

[Christy] Arilyn: Magical Spell save: (d20) [19] 19. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (10) [10] 10!!!

[DM] wrong one Christy

[DM] wands, not spells

[Percival (Hans) (to DM only)] i saved against wands without modifiers *and my check is wrong* couldn't update my character....

[Christy] i did that one already

[DM] that is all you need no save verus spell

[DM] did everyone make their rolls then?

[mikE (to GM only)] Character sheet for Steve the Pirate modified: Non-Weapon Proficiencies - ADDED: Mental Resistance, Wizard, , 1, $wi, -1.

[Sweetums (SPC)] well, you said roll Int, then magic resistance (if we have it) then Save vs. wands

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn: Rod, Staff or Wand save: (d20) [4] 4. PROBABLY FAILS against (+11) [11] 11

[Christy] okay, i thought there were 3 to do

[Sweetums (SPC)] Did I roll? yes. Did I make it? Not on your life.

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: Rod, Staff or Wand save: (d20) [18] 18. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (9) [9] 9!!!

[mikE] i made my res, but failed my wands

[DM] I will pause the chat room to go back to check

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] don't need to do the save if you make your resistence

[Percival (Hans)] made my int & my spells (no mods)

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] he said init, not int :)

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] as in initiative

[Sweetums (SPC)] oh

[Rosethorn (Molly)] wait a sec, what're we doing??

[Rosethorn (Molly)] trying to catch up here...

[Sweetums (SPC)] Being slaughtered

[Percival (Hans)] i think I rolled init, too

[mikE] getting your brains sucked out

[Sweetums (SPC)] we got caught in an ambush

[mikE] i'm hoping to snap out of it before they get back to me

[DM] ok

[Percival (Hans)] they can't just immediately suck our brains out.

[Percival (Hans)] right?

[Kira (Beth)] getting attacked by illithid

[Kira (Beth)] again

[DM] so we have Kira and Kylia not frozen

[Rosethorn (Molly)] what do I need to roll?

[Kit (John)] and kit

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] nah, just feels like an ambush cuz any time you have illithids it does

[mikE] if you're stunned by this, i do believe they can

[DM] the rest are all sufferign the effects of a mind blast

[Rosethorn (Molly)] um, is this a charm spell?

[DM] Kit is uneffected

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] nope

[Percival (Hans) (to DM only)] wait. i made my save vs. spells

Sweetums (SPC) ponders just how they can do this when Bob doesn't allow psyonics in the game

[DM] Molly you did the rigth think with your save

[Rosethorn (Molly)] okay

[mikE] there's rules for non psyonic illithids

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] it's not psionics at all, you WISH these guys where psionic

[DM] is not pyonics

[mikE] they're spell like effects

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] the psionic ones are WAY weaker

[Kit (John)] maybe we can learn that spell

[DM] so

[DM] Percival targets Arilyn. Distance: 3'02"

[DM] Percival no longer targets Arilyn. Distance: 3'02"

[DM] Percival targets Sweetums. Distance: 4'06"

[Percival (Hans) (to DM only)] i made my int save and my save vs. spells

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] steve made his magic resistence

[DM (to Hans only)] yes but is the wands that matters

[DM] ahh

[DM] thank you for that Marco

[Percival (Hans)] //dm i didn't make the magic reistance save.

[Lorie] Hmm... to leave or not to leave... hmmm

[Sweetums (SPC)] on applicable if you have magic resistance

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] np

[Kira (Beth)] votes for leaving

[Christy] i didn't do a magic resistance-i don't think

[DM] ok, so the ones that are now blue are stunned for (3d4) [(1+4+3)] 8 rounds

[mikE] leave

[Percival (Hans)] lorie, i'd save leave the bozos (like me)

[Kira (Beth)] RUN!!!

[mikE] and take me with you

[Rosethorn (Molly)] EIGHT rounds???

[Kira (Beth)] grab those who can't think and RUN!!!

[Sweetums (SPC)] more than enough time to suck our brains out

[Rosethorn (Molly)] you're one of the ones who can RUN, pirate!!!

[Christy] i like my brains just where they are

[DM] so before we start off on this round

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] yep, which is why illithid suck. luckily I'm in the back of the line so I have more time than you guys in front :-D

[DM] you see where everyone is

[Rosethorn (Molly)] so grab someone and start running!!

[Christy] i'm very small and portable

[Sweetums (SPC)] Too bad Bob, three short of a total party kill

[Kira (Beth)] I grab Rose and pull her back away from the impending fight

[Percival (Hans)] i can't grab sweetums and I'm not leaving him.

[Christy] pirate! don't leave without booty!

[DM] befroe anyone starts to move

[DM] look at where you are on the map

[Sweetums (SPC)] yeah?

[DM] and I will start counting off the Intiative

[mikE] now he puts us in cups and shuffles us around

[mikE] and we have to remember which one we were in

[Kit (John)] can we move past stunned peoprl easy enough

[Sweetums (SPC)] um ...

[DM] everyone ready? understands what is happening?

[mikE] if we guess right we live. if we guess wrong, we die

[Sweetums (SPC)] there's only three of us that can move.

[Kira (Beth)] wait

[DM] correct to Sean

[DM] yes Kira

[Kira (Beth)] just wait a moment and plan this out

[Kira (Beth)] what are we doing?

[Kira (Beth)] exactly?

[mikE] nothing.

[mikE] because we can't move

[Sweetums (SPC)] distracting the illithid for 8 rounds

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] drooling some

[Christy] i plan to stand very still

[DM] you kylia steve and Kit are there

[Rosethorn (Molly)] can Kira bampf people out of here??

[Kira (Beth)] those of us who can move

[Kira (Beth)] no

[mikE] staring blankly at the wall.

[mikE] i can move?

[Kira (Beth)] I can't bampg

[Rosethorn (Molly)] sorry

[Kit (John)] Steve is not Stunned

[Rosethorn (Molly)] I meant Kylia.

[DM] YEs to Steve you made your MR roll

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] see, the thing is, there's nothing stopping them from doing this again next round and stunning the rest of ya :)

[mikE] okay. spiffy.

[Kira (Beth)] but I can grab and drag

[Kira (Beth)] and come back to help guide sweetums out

[mikE] but they can't see that there's more of us through the wall.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] you guys do time travel, right?

[Kira (Beth)] but, Rose has to move first

[Kira (Beth)] she's blocking the passage

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] no, but apparently they can stun us through the wall

[Rosethorn (Molly)] or am I missing something??

[mikE] but do they know there is anything more to stun?

[DM] the waves travel through the tunnels yes

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] not really

[Rosethorn (Molly)] okay...

[DM] but disapate quickly

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] time travel is for chronomancers

[DM] and Molly you can not move

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] we aren't them

[DM] but that is the point that you are blocking the tunnels for the rest also

[Kira (Beth)] can those who are mind blasrted move on their own if guided?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] how does your traveling thing work?? can you guys do something similar here??

[DM] no

[DM] they are stunned

[DM] in place unable to move

Bunny has left the game on Fri Nov 24 22:17:25 EST 2006

[mikE] kit shouldn't be stunned. she was outside the cone

[Sweetums (SPC)] So bob ... let me get this straight ...

[DM] Kit is not

[DM] yes Sean

[Kit (John)] theyy are stunned not frozen, should be easy enough to move

[mikE] oh, that's a different effect with the same graphic

[Sweetums (SPC)] you are telling us that even though we are stunned and can't mnove

[Sweetums (SPC)] weshould plan what we're going to do the next round?

[DM] no

[DM] I am saying that those who are not

[Sweetums (SPC)] um ... stand here drooling I guess

[DM] should be

[Kira (Beth)] I'm asking what is the plan for getting all of us out of here

[DM] because I will start ticking off time

[mikE] kill the illithids

[DM] and then they will start attacking etc

[Kira (Beth)] How has ideas?

[Sweetums (SPC)] there is no plan.

[mikE] we don't have the magic to get us all out

[Christy] i'm still planning on standing still

[mikE] it's kind of do or die here. or leave and let you die

[Kira (Beth)] so we are all oging to sit here and die?

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] ::droool::

[mikE] can we get past the bodies, bob?

[Kit (John)] is there water on the ground here

[mikE] or do we have to spend rounds moving them?

[DM] you can push Rose down to the ground and walk over her

[Kira (Beth)] I'm not leaving our people behind

[Rosethorn (Molly)] good. push me.

[DM] but then you get to arilyn and Sweetums

[Christy] so bob, can my next character be an avatar?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] DO IT!!

[mikE] into a wall

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] I'm so playing a githyanki

[Kit (John)] is there water on the ground here? BOB

[DM] you ready Kira?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Be careful, pirate.

[DM] yes to John

[mikE] can my next character be an illithid/demon?

[Lorie] Keep it up and I'll raise you all to be miserable :O)

[DM] barely any but some

[mikE] you're comatose, molly. you have no idea what's happening

[Lorie] No death talk

[Kira (Beth)] no, but it seems I have nho ogther damned choice

[Kira (Beth)] lets do this

[DM] not enough to have tadpoles but a little wet

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] gotta get us out of here to raise us :)

[mikE] an illithid/demon priestly bladesinger!

[Christy] ooh, i've always wanted to be a cat. can I be some kind of magical cat person? we can make it up as we go

[Lorie] :: looks down :: Is the water here natural water?

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] good luck with that and not dying

[mikE] woohoo!

[Rosethorn (Molly)] uh huh...

[DM] yes to Lore

[Kit (John)] enough to pool?

[Kira (Beth)] I'm grabbing Rose and pulling her away

[Lorie] Just hold still for a moment please...

[Christy] i could be a red drago turned good

[Lorie] I'm scheming

[DM] are you Ready ? John, Mike, Lorie, Beth?

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] oooh christy, you could be a cat who's been polymorphed into a human and failed her check so she now thinks she's actually a human but she's really a cat

[Kira (Beth)] lorie?

[Kit (John)] enough to pool? BOB?

[DM] I said yes to john

[mikE] i think you should fireball them lor.

[DM] sorry

[mikE] the front ranks can take it.

[Christy] i like it bibo.

[Kira (Beth)] I'm waiting on Lorie to finish scheming

[mikE] i'm waiting for bob to click next

[Lorie] :: perks up :: really? Enough to pool? :: turns :: Okay...

[Kira (Beth)] Praying to what ever gods will listen that she has a really good plan

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] fireball will be about as useful as our drooling is currently :)

[Christy] i need a drink..

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] unless we're REALLY lucky

[Kira (Beth)] I've got one, Christy

[mikE] oh, right.

[Kira (Beth)] It ain't enough

[mikE] magic resistance and all.

[mikE] raise water to drown them!

[Lorie] Kira, grab the hand of Ramone and Rose...

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] lol

[Kira (Beth)] done

[Kit (John)] Take Steve too

[Kira (Beth)] ::grabs Ramone and Rose's hands

[Lorie] Steve, please grab Rose's other hand and Sweetums

[Kit (John)] even beter

[DM] cannot do that

Hans has left the game on Fri Nov 24 22:23:19 EST 2006

[DM] not from where you are right now

[Lorie] Why?

[DM] you can move up there to do that

[mikE] there's too many people to chain together.

[DM] but standing where you are

[Lorie] I didn't say do it NOW

[DM] ok

[Lorie] I am giving orders

[Lorie] :: smiles ::

[Kit (John)] holding ation for first wave

[DM] rose is blocking things from anyone forward of that

[Lorie] I think you have had one too many Nyquil's tonight

[Lorie] ;o)

[mikE] or are we leaving some behind

[DM] lol

[Kit (John)] I think I can get Arlyn and Perci

[Kira (Beth)] I can pull rose out of the way

[Lorie] Bob, please change Kit's icon status

[Rosethorn (Molly)] pull away.

[DM] you can do that beth, or you can grab Ramone, not both in one round

[Lorie] Kit appears to be frozen

[Lorie] danke

[Sweetums (SPC)] Hold on Bob ... why can't she?

[Sweetums (SPC)] Just blow through Rose and grab Ramone?

[DM] will have to go forward, make a to hit on rose

[Sweetums (SPC)] SHE'S FROZEN~

[DM] then pull her back 10 feet to grab onto ramone

[Lorie] If they are frozen, isn't the same as being prone?

[mikE] ramone's behind her

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::eyes the Great One::

[mikE] and how are we grabbing percival and sweetums and moving them?

[DM] you still have to make the to hit roll,

[Sweetums (SPC)] ?

[DM] adn you can not get past rose at this point

[Sweetums (SPC)] oh gee, I swing at the wall.

[Lorie] Not when things are prone? You never make us roll

[Sweetums (SPC)] *swoosh*

[Sweetums (SPC)] oops, rolled a one.

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] so... does that mean the illithids have to make to hit rolls on us?

[Sweetums (SPC)] missed the wall ...

[mikE] i throw myself at the ground!

[mikE] and i miss!

[mikE] i'm flying!

Sweetums (SPC) rolls my eyes

[Kit (John)] WEEEE

[DM] sighs

[Rosethorn (Molly)] okay, push me down, and get the others.

[mikE] we have so got to use that argument someday

[DM] ok, I guess all the magic doens't work then

[DM] so your rings of ac what ever just stop working because you are prone?

[mikE] but lorie, what are you thinking?

[DM] makes it easy on me

[Lorie] that's not what we're saying... we just want to understand why we need to make to hit rolls... if they are essentially prone?

[mikE] we can't get everyone together with or without to hit rolls

[DM] they are stunned and standing there

[Kit (John)] we get plusses

[Sweetums (SPC)] yea, and?

[Lorie] My thought was to make one giant chain with the free / frozen characters and head back to roadhaven via pool

[mikE] think of it as needing to get a good enough grip on them not to loose contact

[Sweetums (SPC)] What's wrong with just shoving someone in that state over?

[DM] exactly to John

[DM] you can do that Sean

[DM] you can shove them over

[DM] but you can not grab them and move them

[DM] that is different

[mikE] okay, kira pushes up between perci and arilyn

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] I'm fine with making a to hit, so long as the illithid have to make em too

[Sweetums (SPC)] okay Kira, shove rose over, grab Ramone and Rose

[mikE] kylia goes between arylin and perci

[Kit (John)] bull rush past Rose Steve and grab her and Sweet

[DM] after she pushes rose to the ground

[mikE] i get between rose and sweetums

[Kira (Beth)] ok

[mikE] kit grabs ramone since she's all dragon strong and drags him over to rose

[mikE] we have just enough people to chain the comasose ones together

[Rosethorn (Molly)] grab as many people as you can and go.

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] don't want you saying they get to kill us without a check just because we're stunned, but we can't grab each other without a check

[DM] yes to Marco

[Sweetums (SPC)] yes, they get to kill us without a check?

[mikE] get lucky rolls and we'll do it before perci gets a lobotomy

[Kit (John)] Marco, they will hit anyway

[Sweetums (SPC)] and we can't grab each other without a check?

[DM] they need to make the normal to hit rolls

[DM] just like you do

[DM] just like they did before

[Kit (John)] - dex

[Kit (John)] +4

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] prolly, but any delay is a good one

[Sweetums (SPC)] Just a question Bob ...

[Sweetums (SPC)] we cast Hold Person on someone.

[DM] sighs

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] oooh, christy. you could be a Nekomancer :-D

[Sweetums (SPC)] We still have to make to-hit rolls on that person?

[DM] yes

[mikE] groan

[Kit (John)] in combat, yes

[mikE] you should be beat for that bibo

[Kit (John)] in non combat no

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] I didn't make it up :-P

[Christy] what's a nekomancer?

[mikE] but you use it

[mikE] neko is a term for cat girls/people

[Rosethorn (Molly)] you don't wanna know.

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] someone whose magic centers around cats

[Rosethorn (Molly)] just say NO!!

[DM] ok, trying to be on target here

[DM] everyone understands what they want to do

[Kit (John)] unlike certain stunned peopler

[Rosethorn (Molly)] (more like dead people...)

[Sweetums (SPC)] I know what we're trying to do

[DM] we might make it through round one tonight?

[mikE] nah. don't think so

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] probably not :-D

[DM] lorie? ready?

[DM] John ready?

[Sweetums (SPC)] hold on

[Lorie] Don't be so grouchy about it! More Nyquil for you

[DM] Beth Ready?

[Kit (John)] yes

[Christy] why make it through rd 1 if we die in rd 2?

[Sweetums (SPC)] what, exactly, do we need to roll?

[Kira (Beth)] No, but let's do this

[DM] you do not need to roll anything Sean

Sweetums (SPC) throws dice at DMs head

[mikE] we need to roll tohits to grab you

[DM] grins

[DM] Kira will have to do make a strength check to shove Rose to the ground

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] gotta stick the die in the dm's belly button for luck

[Rosethorn (Molly)] somebody push me over, and let's get this over with...

[DM] then get past her and up to sweetums and arilyn

[Kira (Beth)] Kira: STR check: (d20) [6] 6. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (17) [17] 17!!!

[mikE] push her and sweetums and arylin..

[Kit (John)] HEy who told you that?!

[DM] and then push

[Kira (Beth)] pushes

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] who told who what?

[Kit (John)] yea!

[DM] so Lore?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] and down I go.

[Lorie] So what?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ouch.

[Kit (John)] the die in the belly button

[DM] ready?

[Kit (John)] go

[Lorie] I'm ready...I'll shove people down...I'm a burly kind a priest :)

[DM] INIT: 9 GOING: Kira

[Rosethorn (Molly)] guess it's you and me, Percy.

[DM] make a strength check Kira

[Lorie] I have strength... :: points at her girdle ::

[Christy] i can take a dive like a girly quarterback

[Kira (Beth)] des eole, amie!

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] bob mentioned it years ago, when he was still living in the other house

[DM] Kira moved 2'05".

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Bonne chance, Amie!!

[Kit (John)] (we swore we would never mention it again, what stays...)

[Rosethorn (Molly)] et bonne forte!!

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] lol

[DM] Kira make that check

[mikE] do we have to be grabbing or just touching?

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] she did

[Kira (Beth)] ::points up::

[DM] I did not see any roll

[Rosethorn (Molly)] thought she did??

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] made her str check

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] when you mentioned it

[Kira (Beth)] Kira: Initiative:(d10+10-+2) [10+10-2] 18

[DM] oh back before

[DM] ok

[Kira (Beth)] I got a 6

[DM] so we did not make it that far

[Kira (Beth)] and that was an accident

[DM] so Rose falls down

[DM] Rosethorn moved 1'00".

[Kira (Beth)] what just did

[DM] Kira moved 5'06".

[DM] ok

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ouch!!

[DM] now you need to make a second one

[DM] to try to get bast arilyn

[DM] and sweetums

[Kira (Beth)] Kira: STR check: (d20) [7] 7. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (17) [17] 17!!!

[DM] Kira moved 3'10".

[Rosethorn (Molly)] YYYEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Kit (John)] strong little thief

[Kira (Beth)] I'm a rather strong little acrobat

[Kira (Beth)] ::grins::

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] where is she going anyway?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] she's stronger than she looks...

[mikE] weren't you paying attention bibo? just stand there and drool

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] safety is the other way

[DM] and there you are Kira

[mikE] hit next

[DM] now you have to hit percival

[DM] just target and make a swing

[mikE] kit, you'll hold action until kylia and i go.

[DM] Kira targets Percival. Distance: 1'10"

[Sweetums (SPC)] I honest don't see why she has too ...

[DM] just roll the to hit now

[Sweetums (SPC)] just reach out and touch ...

[Sweetums (SPC)] it's not like he's defending or anything ...

[Kira (Beth)] I don't have touch

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] trying to find a spot on all that armor she can hold on to :)

[mikE] roll a d20

[Kira (Beth)] just weapons

[DM] anything, you dagger is fine

[Kit (John)] back stab if you like

[Kira (Beth)] Kira: Attack #1: Dagger: (17-(d20++1)-2) [17-(16+1)-2] -2 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]. Probably MISSES Percival (AC FINAL: -5)

[Sweetums (SPC)] Your +20 Hand of Touching is fine.

[Kit (John)] just be in contact with him

[mikE] that's a new way of grabbing onto someone.

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] lol

[mikE] stab them in the back with a barbed dagger

[Kira (Beth)] lol

[mikE] she gets a bonus for prone

[mikE] so i think she made it

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] well, that'd prolly touch from behind while he's stunned I'd think

[DM] nods, a +4

[DM] which is a hit

[DM] by 1

[Kira (Beth)] good, it's all I needed

[mikE] good enough.

[mikE] next

[DM] now click next

[DM] INIT: 12 GOING: Kit

[Kit (John)] holding for 1st wave

[Sweetums (SPC)] Why is kit frozen?

[DM] INIT: 13 GOING: Steve the Pirate

[mikE] hold action till we go. we need your str to drag ramone

[DM] she is not

[mikE] she's not, she's prot evil

[Rosethorn (Molly)] again??

[mikE] any spell effect makes you blue

[DM] Steve

[Lorie] well let's get them together in this nice pretty pile

[mikE] Steve the Pirate moved 21'05".

[DM] make those to hit rolls

[mikE] Steve the Pirate targets Arilyn. Distance: 1'02"

[DM] want me to target for you?

[mikE] Steve the Pirate no longer targets Arilyn.

[mikE] Steve the Pirate: Attack #1: Cutlass: (17-(d20+0+1)-7) [17-(6+0+1)-7] 3 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]. Probably MISSES Arilyn (AC FINAL: -1)

[mikE] sigh

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] that hits

[Kira (Beth)] that should hit

[DM] once again the +4 is what saves you

[Kira (Beth)] good

[mikE] did i untarget her, but still hit her?

[DM] adn now on sweetums

[mikE] my klooge is lagging here something fierce

[Sweetums (SPC)] Um Bob ... why the HELL are are having to roll 20+ to just TOUCH someone?

[mikE] Steve the Pirate targets Sweetums. Distance: 1'04"

[mikE] Steve the Pirate no longer targets Sweetums.

[mikE] Steve the Pirate: Attack #1: Cutlass: (17-(d20+0+1)-7) [17-(7+0+1)-7] 2 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]. Probably MISSES Sweetums (AC FINAL: -1)

[mikE] as soon as i attack, it removes the target. i sense a bug!

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] gotta get a good grip to do what I think we're gonna do

[DM] that is a hit again for Steve

[mikE] the same thing happened both times, bob.

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] a bug? or a FEATURE?

[Sweetums (SPC)] Bug.

[Sweetums (SPC)] It's kLoOge.

[DM] next

[mikE] i target, roll attack, it untargets, then rolls the attack.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] in the pirate's case, probably both...

[DM] INIT: 14 GOING: Ramone

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] ::drool::

[DM] INIT: 16 GOING: Kylia Wolfslayer

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 14'11".

[Lorie] Okay...I'll grab as many of the party through Kira and Steve then pool out

[Kit (John)] who is not connected

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ramone and I.

[DM] you have to make a to hit on ose to grab her

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] ::drools his unconnected drool::

[mikE] wait lor

[Kira (Beth)] Kit can grab ramone and join us all?

[mikE] you grab rose and sweetums

[mikE] kit stil has her action

[mikE] she grabs ramone and drags him over

[mikE] then you pool out

[DM] you can not grab both

[DM] and pool out

[mikE] we'll have to pool out next round

[Rosethorn (Molly)] then leave me.

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer targets Rosethorn. Distance: 2'02"

[DM] Mike has it

[Kira (Beth)] ah, hell

[mikE] but it's okay. even if the illithids get all their hits in, they can't suck until next round

[Rosethorn (Molly)] get people out of here NOW.

[DM] you can grab everyone and them jump next round

[mikE] and we go before they do

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: Attack #1: Faithful Balance: (9-(d20+3)) [9-(7+3)] -1. PROBABLY HITS Rosethorn (AC FINAL: 3)!!!

[Sweetums (SPC)] NEXT ROUND?

[Lorie] Okay I we go, si?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] where's Ramone?

[DM] if you jump right now Kylia you only have you and Rose

[DM] if you grab onto the other pile this round

[DM] then next round you can pool out

[Lorie] Kira doesn't need to roll a to-hit to hold my hand, right?

[DM] you can not reach kira

[Lorie] Or Steve?

[Sweetums (SPC)] What about Steve?

[Lorie] He's much closer than Kira

[DM] you still need a to hit

[Sweetums (SPC)] WHAT?

[DM] he made his two attacks already

[mikE] i got my two.

[mikE] kira only has one on perci

[mikE] lorie needs to do hers

[Lorie] Umm... Steve is a willing target...why do I need to do that?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] we still need Ramone over here....

[Lorie] He can agree to hold my hand...

[Lorie] :: flutters her eyes ::

[mikE] then kit needs to do hers and drag and do a second one

[DM] ok, you can all have those free attacks

[DM] just remember

[DM] that magic armor does not count anymore

[DM] when you are layign there

[Lorie] no no... I'll roll a to hit... I see romance won't float in your game

[Lorie] no hand holding

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer targets Arilyn. Distance: 3'08"

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer targets Steve the Pirate. Distance: 2'11"

[Sweetums (SPC)] Bob ... she isn't trying to do DAMAGE

[Sweetums (SPC)] DAMAGE

[Sweetums (SPC)] you know, slice?

[Sweetums (SPC)] dice?

[DM] you are trying to DO something

[Sweetums (SPC)] pole?

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: Attack #1: Faithful Balance: (9-(d20+3)) [9-(17+3)] -11. PROBABLY HITS Steve the Pirate (AC FINAL: -5)!!!

[Sweetums (SPC)] poke?

[DM] any action requires a to hit in combat

[Lorie] there... two to hits

[mikE] not me

[mikE] sweetums

[DM] thank you lorie

[DM] INIT: 17 GOING: Percival

[DM] INIT: 17 GOING: Black Suits #1

[mikE] well, i work, too. i have sweetums in tow.

[Lorie] :: shakes head :: I completely disagree with this ruling though

[DM] Black Suits #2 moved 1'11".

[mikE] now kit gets go go, bob

[mikE] she was holding action.

[DM] yes if Kit wants to go now she can

[Lorie] I am sad to learn that you'd rule an ally has to make a to-hit to willingly hold hands with another ally

[DM] with what hand? did steve get a third hand suddenly?

[Sweetums (SPC)] It's not everyday that Bob gets close to a total party kill ...

[Sweetums (SPC)] Foot?

[Kit (John)] is everyone holding hands?

[Sweetums (SPC)] leg?

[DM] you want to do three things at once?

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] ooooh... can I?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] except you, Kit.

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] that sounds neat!

[Kit (John)] (my next character will have 4 arms)

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] right now I can only drool, so three things would be an improvement

[Kira (Beth)] Bob, as a multi-tasker yourself, you question this?

[DM] what are you doing Kit

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] wait no, drool and breath, I can breath

[mikE] steve's holding sweetums and arilyn. kylia is grabbing rose and steve.

[Kit (John)] making sure everyone else gets out first

[mikE] so sweetums is grabbed through steve. it's all good.

[Sweetums (SPC)] so grab ramone, and slide into rose.

[DM] so I can go?

[mikE] no kit, you need to grab ramone and connect to rose

[DM] you are not doing anything Kit?

[Kit (John)] I find it hard to belive I can grab Ram and join the group

[Kira (Beth)] No you can't go

[Kira (Beth)] You're not allowed to go

[mikE] you're a half dragon. you can carry or drag a human around

[Sweetums (SPC)] run, grab (hit), then slam into rose.

[Kira (Beth)] period

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::winces::

[DM] John can I go?

[Kit (John)] I asked if I can grab and join or just grab

[Kit (John)] Kit moved 13'06".

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] well, no one is leaving this round

[John] Ramone targets Kit. Distance: 1'10"

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] so you've got this round and next really to connect us

[John] Ramone no longer targets Kit.

[John] Ramone targets Kit. Distance: 1'10"

[DM] you can grab and bring up to the group with a to hit and a strength check

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] kylia can't do the poof till next round

[John] Kit targets Ramone. Distance: 1'10"

[mikE] you go before kylia so you do have two rounds of actions before kylia can port

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] just gotta make sure you're in the line when she does

[Kit (John)] Kit: Attack #1: claw: (11-(d20+3)) [11-(6+3)] 2. Probably MISSES Ramone (AC FINAL: -2)

[Kit (John)] Kit: Attack #1: claw: (11-(d20+3)) [11-(14+3)] -6. PROBABLY HITS Ramone (AC FINAL: -2)!!!

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] yay for that +4

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] the first one hit

[Kit (John)] Kit: STR check: (d20) [4] 4. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (20) [20] 20!!!

[Molly] I am away from the keyboard.

[John] Kit targets Kit. Distance: 0'00"

[Kira (Beth)] YYYAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

[John] Kit targets Rosethorn. Distance: 11'06"

[Kit (John)] Kit moved 9'08".

[Kit (John)] Ramone moved 9'01".

[Kit (John)] OK?

[DM] yes and next round you get to try and grab Rose

[DM] so I get to go?

[Kira (Beth)] NO

[DM] you are set John?

[Kira (Beth)] You don't!

[Kit (John)] what else can I do

[Kira (Beth)] ::grins::

[DM] just making sure

[Sweetums (SPC)] No, she's saying Bob can't go.

[Sweetums (SPC)] Which I agree with.

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] only if you drool on your action :)

[Molly] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] damn

[DM] sorry

[DM] just a sec

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] ?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::rubs forehead:: what're we doin', people??

[Kit (John)] UH OH

[DM] ok,

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] waiting on bob

[mikE] waiting on bob, molly

[Kit (John)] clearly

[DM] you get to make a save versus spell

[Sweetums (SPC)] who?

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] for what?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] who does??

[DM] those that are on the base map

[mikE] on the base map?

[DM] hvae a -4 to their rolls

[Rosethorn (Molly)] all of us??

[mikE] okay. i've got no one on the base map

[Sweetums (SPC)] I suppose I'm on the base map

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::confused::

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] so... percival, rose, sweetums, arilyn

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] ?

[Christy] which map is that?

[DM] actually you all get the same save -4

[DM] sorry

[Kit (John)] welocme to the Etherial plane?

[DM] Thank you John

[Sweetums (SPC)] is this a magic based save?

[mikE] wtf mate?

[DM] yes

[Christy] we stunned people make another save?

[DM] you get your magic resistance

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] don't they have to make a to hit for plane shift? I thought that was a touch thing

[Sweetums (SPC)] yes to whom?

[mikE] well... sucks for them

[DM] nods, it is to Marco

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums: Magic Resistant check:(d100) [75] 75. PROBABLY FAILS against (15) [15] 15

[Rosethorn (Molly)] someone wanna tell me what's goin' on?

[DM] yes it is a magic based rolol

[DM] roll

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] so... they gonna?

[Sweetums (SPC)] Sweetums: Magical Spell save: (d20) [16] 16. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (13) [13] 13!!!

[DM] he already did

[DM] I hit percival first

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] you did?

[Sweetums (SPC)] basically, we're dead.

[DM] and the rest of you joined in the circle

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::sighs:: yippers.

[DM] that was how the combat started by him hitting percival

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] guess I missed it in the mind blast

[mikE] yeah. i apparently did, too.

[DM] so that is a fail on Sweetums

[Christy] i'm confused. who needs to do what

[Rosethorn (Molly)] so do I get to go get drunk yet??

[DM] roll a save versus spell at a -4

[Kit (John)] so steve did not hold on to anybody?

[mikE] go for it.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] for the third week in a row??

[Kit (John)] Steve, what were you doing

[Christy] Arilyn: Magical Spell save: (d20) [11] 11. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (10) [10] 10!!!

[DM] that is a fail

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] ::looks back up the chat:: they made a to hit? I just see them jumping out and attacking

[mikE] why the negative for this bob?

[Sweetums (SPC)] three popped out

[Christy] so are my brains getting sucked out or am i on another plane now?

[Sweetums (SPC)] one did that magic psyonic attack

[Sweetums (SPC)] anothe rplane I think

[DM] becasue all saves versus the spell like attacks are at a -4

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] well, bob saying they attacked, but not actually doing any kind of roll or anything

[Christy] are the illithids there too?

[mikE] lame

[DM] only one of them

[DM] Rose needs to roll a save

[DM] and Kira

[Kira (Beth)] Someone explain to me, please what just happened or is happening?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] save what??

[mikE] you got transported to another plane of existence.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] what 'm I doin'??

[DM] most of you joined together

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] I still think bob's skipping out on the to hit roll whilst being much anal about us making ours.

[mikE] rolling a save v magic

[Rosethorn (Molly)] sorry??

[Christy] so i'm on another plane with 1 illithid? did he at least buy me dinner?

[Rosethorn (Molly)] ::rubbing forehead::

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] unless it was some secret to hit roll that didn't get into the chat

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] cuz it's not up there

[Kit (John)] the group joined hands to teleport to the pool but the bad guys used the link to drag as many as they could to their plane

[DM] I refuse to go back and read

[DM] until everyoen is finished making the saves

[Rosethorn (Molly)] save vs. spell?

[Kira (Beth)] Well, I would certainly like to know when he made this *&%$ng attack

[DM] sok far only two people have

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] on surprise round apparently

[Lorie]'s 11:05, perhaps we should hit the pause button here and start anew next Friday

[Sweetums (SPC)] Bob, for those of us (Beth, Molly) that have no clue as to what is going on ... could you PLEASE be more polite and EXPLAIN what the hell is going on.

[Lorie] when people are less tired and sick

[DM] that is what I am trying to do Lorie

[mikE] okay, but he's right, bob.

Hans has joined the game on Fri Nov 24 23:05:31 EST 2006

[DM] to get ONE ROUND of actions done in less than 45 mintue

[mikE] i just read up and didn't see any attacks.

[DM] instead of arguing every damn thing I say

Beth has left the game on Fri Nov 24 23:05:49 EST 2006

[mikE] well, rose needs to make a save, right?

[Hans] Percival: Magical Spell save: (d20) [16] 16 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (+15) [15] 15!!!

[DM] no

[DM] I will make all the rolls for everyone

[Rosethorn (Molly)] fine. which one??

[mikE] who still needs the rolls?

[DM] just to get us through this

[DM] only Sean and Christy have rolled so far

[mikE] out of everyone?

[DM] yes out of everyone

[Sweetums (SPC)] And you just missed Hans roll.

[mikE] i thought you said just those on the base map

[Sweetums (SPC)] Just like we missed your attack on us.

[mikE] but okay.

[DM] fine

[mikE] Steve the Pirate: Magic Resistance check:(d100) [42] 42. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (90) [90] 90!!!

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn: Rod, Staff or Wand save: (d20) [16] 16. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (+11) [11] 11!!!

[Rosethorn (Molly)] that it?

[Sweetums (SPC)] Yes.

[mikE] i made it. so would that break the chain at me? keeping everyone behind me safe since i don't go?

[DM] no, versus spell please molly

[Rosethorn (Molly)] okay....

[Rosethorn (Molly)] sigh

[DM] no Mike it matter only on who is left,

[Rosethorn (Molly)] Rosethorn: Magical Spell save: (d20) [5] 5. PROBABLY FAILS against (+12) [12] 12

[DM] there will be two groups after this

[Rosethorn (Molly)] shit.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] now what??

[DM] you wait till next week

[Christy] only bad things happen when you seperate the party

Hans has left the game on Fri Nov 24 23:08:29 EST 2006

[mikE] hehheh. well, we're safe!

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] well, we aren't separating the party

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] the illithid are

[mikE] we have the stone away from home on our side

[Kit (John)] realitivly

[Lorie] Bob, do the three ickies need to go to close out the round?

[DM] I have not even finished my action this roudn for the first one

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] well, they still need to make a to hit

[DM] let alone the rest of them

[DM] and the rest of the peopel that need to make saves still

[mikE] i made my magic resistance

[Christy] this sucks

[Rosethorn (Molly)] okay...

[DM] yes it does

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] so, everyone in the group? thought it was just the base map people, but okay

[Sweetums (SPC)] Bob, could you PLEASE EXPLAIN what is going on for those of us that might not know.

[Rosethorn (Molly)] so what's next??

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] Ramone: Magical Spell save: (d20) [15] 15. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (11) [11] 11!!!

[Christy] i think i'd like to be an angel

[Kit (John)] Kit: Magical Spell save: (d20) [14] 14. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (13) [13] 13!!!

[Christy] or a green dragon

[Rosethorn (Molly)] beth's not here.

[DM] still need Kylia to roll he rsave

[DM] I will roll Kira's

[DM] Kira: Magical Spell save: (d20) [1] 1. PROBABLY FAILS against (12) [12] 12

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] ilithids pop out, mind blast everyone, one touches the guy in front at some point, but no to hit roll was made. he then plane shifted out with everyone touching him going along for the ride

[Rosethorn (Molly)] peachy

[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: Magical Spell save: (d20) [12] 12. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (10) [10] 10!!!

[Christy] maybe i could be steve the pirate's crazy sister

[DM] so

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] at least that's the gist I get from the last hour

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] still see no to hit there despite the big to do about us making them

[DM] now we are at the point where I can actually finish my action for the FIRst person

[Kit (John)] we had a lot of fun before Bibo came in

[DM] I will just shut this down now

[DM] and we will pick up next week

[Rosethorn (Molly)] okay

[DM] after I go back and read the room

[Rosethorn (Molly)] have a good week all.

[DM] but if you would have just shut up

[Kit (John)] good night all

[DM] and let me explain

[Ramone (BiBo!!!!!!!!!)] night

[DM] it woudl have worked out fine

[Christy] i'll be thinking of a new character for next week

[DM] have a good week all

[DM] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Dec 01 15:13:47 EST 2006 ====