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Oct 16 15 - Diplomatic Entanglements

[Master] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Oct 16 18:28:06 EDT 2015 ====

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] Time of Day: 07:31 PM. Day 16 Mid ___ tre, Kye {Late Winter} 16th, 1266 TGR.

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

Mike has joined the game on Fri Oct 16 18:54:59 EDT 2015

Mike is receiving the map New Residence first floor...

Mike has received the map New Residence first floor.

[Mike] hey bob

[Mike] so you have any word on those jobs at the library you were trying to get?

[Master] hey there

[Master] none

[Master] there is the Special Projects Coordinator I job that eventually I will be able to post

[Master] everything else has a Masters Degree in Library Science requirement

[Mike] bummer.

[Master] my job will have to wait till Jan is the last I hear

[Master] heard

[Master] they are doing this big reorgnaization

[Master] but I would check the Broward job site

[Master] there are lots of opening scattered around the County

[Mike] i micht. i checked google to see if they had any openings on their events side of the company, but i didn't see any

Michael has joined the game on Fri Oct 16 18:59:46 EDT 2015

Michael is receiving the map New Residence first floor...

Michael has received the map New Residence first floor.

[Michael] thats a lot of spells bob.../data entry bob...

[Master] chuckles

[Master] thousands

[Master] 7 main books

[Master] then 4 more large books to comb through for a couple hundred more

[Master] then a couple dozen magazines

[Master] and then more books

[Michael] The problem will be getting it all into access in a timely manner.

[Mike] so what are we doing tonight? random stuff? we've got what, an afternoon to fill game time?

[Master] I have a list of places to check

[Master] you have what ever you wanted to try to do before dinner like Michael did on the site

[Master] and then we pick up here just at the end of dinner

[Michael] Well no one responded to me online, so I'm gonna explore/reasearch

[Master] and go forward with what ever you want to try and accomplished

[Master] what you talked about on the site was good

[Master] when TMO gets in we will talk about the Spell Database project

[Michael] Okay sounds good

[Michael] Also Lisa never responded, so I guess I'm just going to forge her signiture on a letter of recommendation

[Master] HAH

[Master] Branwyn told you last week Joseph has all the contacts

[Michael] Oh yeah.

[Michael] Cool

[Michael] I'll try not to get joseph killed too.

[Mike] so what's the deal with the mage's guild? i don't want to blindly tie a character to some random group

[Mike] is branwyn a member?

[Michael] Do you have too Mike?

[Master] yes Branwyn is a member

[Master] becasue you are not allowed to use anythign there if you are not

[Michael] Is it bad if you don't affiliate?

[Master] that would be a question for Jospeh

[Master] he was not until Branwyn helped him

[Mike] as her apprentice, branwyn's status doesn't cover me?

[Master] nope

[Michael] Hey bob. Question for you. I don't mind because I'm dedicating serious time for the XP, but would it not be easier to simply share the spell lists on a big PDF and then as spells become relevant apply them to the game engine?

[Michael] Otherwise there just kind of there

[Master] the problem is that we need ALL the spells in one space

[Master] in one database

[Master] Access works best but there are other ways

[Master] then I can export that into a file that can be converted into XML or Javascript or which ever needs to be

[Master] so that it does become part of the new program

[Michael] I actually felt a little ill when I saw all the different stuff that will have to go in each section of access. :) There is just so many different fields to fill out.

[Michael] Just for the spells alone

[Master] yeap there is a LOT

[Master] but that is what we need to be able to fully automate Spells in any program

[Master] but we will get to those late

[Master] later

[Master] for now

[Michael] Ah

[Master] dinner is wrapping up

[Master] did any of the three of you have anything else to add or ask before Ambassador Lorilop leaves for her own place?

[Michael] I didn't. I thought we covered everthing pretty well. Although if she doesn't have an escort I wouldn't mind escorting her back to her residence. I'm getting seriously paranoid

[Michael] So much cloak and dagger stuff

[Master] she has her own guards, they wait in the front room, just like most people's servants do

[Michael] Okay good

[Michael] Power might go out here FYI

[Michael] Big Storm

[Master] so put up a lightning rod to capture it all!

[Master] we are sending you BACK TO THE FUTURE!

[Mike] nope. i left before the dinner so i don't know what's going on there.

[Michael] I'm afraid of what the future holds quite honestly.

[Master] Mike your two would be there for the dinner

[Michael] Basically we got to know the greek ambassador

[Michael] asked questions

[Michael] etc

[Michael] Anything you want to know?

[Michael] BRB Drink

[Mike] did sheh know who the girl was we saw who was killed by the ambassador?

[Master] no

[Mike] did she order the hit on the ambassador?

[Mike] are greeks commonly employed as assassins?

[Master] no one asked either of those questions but you can

[Mike] do greeks really like greek yogurt?

[Michael] I dare you to ask her that.

[Mike] my characters really don't know anything about the assassination thing.

[Mike] they're just here to adventure and learn

[Michael] We'll pretend I caught you up. Also that's what I came to do. Look where I ended up at.

[Master] we can advance an hour and say that the three of you are sitting around the table talking and are all caught up on the ambassador killing thing

[Master] and then Joseph can be there to add in what you know

[Master] and then you have him to ask any other questions you wish

[Master] Time of Day: 08:31 PM. Day 16 Mid ___ tre, Kye {Late Winter} 16th, 1266 TGR.

[Master] Lorilop moved 15'01".

[Mike] hokay

[Master] and so now

[Mike] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] it is 8:30

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] i've been caught up infront of the ambassador?

[Master] in front of Branwyn but no AMbassador Lorilop is gone

[Master] you can always invite her to another dinner

[Master] Phillipe takes care of that and you can add it to the calendar

[Master] to have meetings with who ever you wish

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] She was invited to the upcoming parties too


[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] so then just for me. we had the seance and saw a young woman who we later found out was stabbed by phillipe and hid under the bed on the night of the murder

jimis-93747 has joined the game on Fri Oct 16 19:26:03 EDT 2015

jimis-93747 is receiving the map New Residence first floor...

Jake has joined the game on Fri Oct 16 19:26:12 EDT 2015

Jake is receiving the map New Residence first floor...

[Master] by Joseph not Phillipe

jimis-93747 has left the game on Fri Oct 16 19:26:19 EDT 2015

[Master] and Hello Jake

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Hello

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] okay. joseph doesn't know who she was just that she was in the chambers and had a knife, right?

[Master] right

Jake is receiving the map Base Map...

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] okay. then she may or may niot be dead, under the bed, the ambassador goes in, joseph goes out, fwoosh, fire and death

Jake has received the map Base Map.

[Master] yes to Mike

Jake has received the map Base Map.

[Master] and there you go Jake

[Master] it looks like you are synced now

Jake has left the game on Fri Oct 16 19:28:07 EDT 2015

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] second seance gave us a different girl who told us that she was killed by the ambassador

[Master] yes to Mike

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] somehow we know she was greek. maybe by the greek yogurt she was eating

[Master] because she was a greek priestess from a greek country

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] or that.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] So...Should we put together a timeline of events? In regard to the people and deaths surrounding the ambassador?

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] so did greek girl look anything like skulking girl?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] lol

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] like hello, i'm random greek girl number 2 and you killed my sister kind of thing?


[Master] the Out of Character discussions contains a good list

[Master] the new info from the second Seance is not on there

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] and what did we learn from greek ambassador?

[Master] that she knows that country is greek but did not know the priestess

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] lovely. so dead greek is totally unconnected to the greek ambassador's country?

[Master] correct

[Master] but Lorilop is the only greek person you know in the entire city

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] did anyone ask about greek temples in the city?

[Master] so far

[Master] no

[Master] but Jenivive is there

[Master] to ask

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] then that's what i would ask

[Master] go for it

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "Jenivive, how many greek temples are there in the city?"

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] AFK small emergency.

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] There are no official greek temples in the city

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] There is a small space in the Hightowers Palace

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "Then what about unofficial?"

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] that is neutral for those worshipers who need a place

Aunt Jennevive (Master) smiles at Sere,

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] You think like a insurgent

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] ::shrug:: "I'm just thinking."

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] and I would be very confident that there is some sort of underground temple for greek worshipers

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] as well as norse or celtic

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "But how to find it? Other than this neutral place, do you know of any other leads?"

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] but here with the Grand Celestry they would not risk being noticable

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] they will be very discrete

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] if they look up at all then it would be my pleasure to crush them

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "I think we could get them to trust us if we can convince them we don't want to harm them. The Ambassador killed one of them and we want to know why."

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Holy crap. Once again it comes down to asking the right questions. Bob your killing me over here.

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] If Ambassador Waverlyn did kill a greek priestess, and I would believe it from her except that she hated violence

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "We need to contact them, not crush them. "

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] lol

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "Did she hate the greeks?"

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] (LOL Michael all mysteries are solved by the right questions)

Aunt Jennevive (Master) looks over at Phillipe

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] all i can think of is two weeks ago dr who

Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master) takes a deep breath

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] the important question is...? come on people, just me being in the room should make you smarter.

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I would not say that Misstress Waverlyn hated anyone

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] (someone mention Dr. Who?)

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "Then what did you mean, Jenevive?"

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I think that the Misstress was much more interested in being the smartest person in the room

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] rather than hating anyone

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] (Jenn had Phillipe start answering)

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] (Jenn lived in Drillian for the most part Phillipe was here with the last four ambassadors including Branwyn)

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] ?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] test?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I am just waiting for more questions

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] not sure what to ask. thinking

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Ah, Well Would either you Phillipe or Jennevieve have an inkling where the greeks might gather. Or if not, do either of you know who would know. An information broker perhaps?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Sorry Mike

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Didn't know if you were done

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "Well you made it sound like the old Ambassdor would want a greek killed. Why is that?"

[Master] I will point otu that Jennivive is a high ranking priestess in the Kayugan church,

[Master] enemies of the greeks

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "Were the greeks smart? Did they insult the intelligence of the ambassador?"

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Thank you Bob. That is importatn

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I think that Misstress Waverlyn never took an insult to heart and let it hurt her without making her stronger

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] or learning something from it

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I think that is why she enjoyed chess so much

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I would say that Misstress Waverlyn looked at all the priests as tools to use

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] no matter what their religion was

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "Then why do we think she killed a greek priestess?"

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I was not there, I do not know

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "Was she part of any organizations? Possibly secret ones?"

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] the books that contain the guest lists were burned in the fire

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "Ones that might have seen the killing of a greek priestess as a good thing?"

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] it is possible that the Misstress participated in many secret organzations, she was part of a good many in society

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] and had many visitors

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] OOC rolls eyes. is this like a side quest or main quest line?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] Visitors to Mistress Waverlyn Friend Porto, 26 times; Companion Hellinth, 22 times; Uncle Donooldo, 18 times; Bradt (messenger), 18 times; Sister Shilpse, 12 times; Patron Aslif, 12 times; Patron Manwell, 12 times; Companion Lorap, 12 times; Priest Eglant, 12 times; Priest Zont, 12 times; Priest Oglint, 12 times; Friend Thou, 11 times; Brother Raplin, 10 times; Islet (messenger), 10 times; Brigthorn (messenger), 10 times; Goplit (messenger), 9 times; Driplet (messenger), 8 times; Foegone (messenger), 8 times; Wornt (messenger), 7 times; Crasp (messenger), 6 times.

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)]

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Who Phillipe remembers all this?

[Master] he wrote all that down for Branwyn last month

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Ah

[Master] that was Tristan (Eric) investigating

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] this is the whole reason we're in the city

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I thought it was just because someone needed someone to act as an ambassador

[Master] I would say that your Main Story Line is staying alive in the city and re-establishing that Drillian's Ambassador as a person of prominence

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] okay, so she may have been involved with a secret society who captured a greek and killed it in racism

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] well we accomplished that. where's our xp?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Hahahaha

[Master] the secondary story that is very important because the QUeen told you to finish it is Who killed the previous ambassador

[Master] adn now you have found out that she was trying to start a civil war

[Master] but have not yet explored the why

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] The ambassador or the queen

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] ?

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] invited to every damn council meeting? check. in a major guild? check. got the ear of the ruler? check. got royal family invited to her parties? check.

[Master] and of course now you have lots of other side stories as well

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I didn't know about that

[Master] grins at Mike, yes and very good if those continue

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] so in a matter of weeks we got the drillian ambassadorship back on everyone's radar.

[Master] but remember it has been 2 game months

[Master] now to keep her tehre

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] okay, couple of months.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Then we need bonus XP for getting there so quickly

[Master] LOL

[Master] LOL

[Master] I see your points

[Master] and you will get the story award XP when you do solve things

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] so we could question the most frequent visitors. but it isn't like they're just going to admit to being in a secret society that enjoys hunting down and killing greeks.

[Master] no one has talked to anyone on that list yet

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Okay. Fine. So first things for exploring that line of reasoning would be to figure out just who this greek priestess is if she was known in the religious underground

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] To do that we need to find the worship place

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] To do that we need to find someone who knows about the worship place

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Thereto, Information

[Master] and as an aside you should do that out of ear shot of Jenn

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Def. Planning on it

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I'm glad you told me about her

[Master] Jenn might very well like going out on a crusade to take on the greeks

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Thoughts Mike?

[Master] she is the priestess of a chaotic god

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Right now I'm pretty comitted to solving Book Marked right now. As soon as I'm done with that, i'll return to this problem. Sound good?

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] yeah. i guess the first but probably least likely to get results place to go is this neutral area for religious losers

[Master] also you have hints so far that one reason that Waverlyn was startign a crusade was to get the armies pointed away from Drillian

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] smooth mike

[Master] and Michael it is solve them all concurently

[Master] Book Marked will take a while

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] so there were rumors of an army invading drillian?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Bob, it really gets to hard for me to maintain notes on all of them at once. I can do them concurrently, but I want to start knocking things off the list and stop adding them on. It really does start to get overwhelming.

[Master] that is what Phillipe said about it, that waverlyn wanted to start up a civil war/crusade so that the Terraguard armies would be focused on that rather than Drillian

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Can I ask Phillpe a question?

[Master] smiles at Michael, one the one had, good to know I am giving out so much realistic stuff that it feels like that

[Master] and that is why we have the site, take lots of notes

[Master] and go back when you can

[Master] and yes

[Master] ask away

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] Yes Hugh?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] typing

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] i think that seremella is just the person to go to the religious losers, though. she can use the guise that she's needing her own place to worship since she's a non kayaking priest

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] (chuckles at Mike no one has made that joke yet)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Phillipe you seem to know the political sturggles of the area pretty well from what i've heard. Why would the ambassador try to point the terragaurd armies away from Drilian? What has them looking at Drillian in the first place? Who gains if they go to war?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] You mean who gains if they attack Drillian?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I suppose the army and the navy would both gain influence

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] the Navy in particular

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] that douche bag

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] he's a warmongering republican!

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] but I beleive that is what Mistress was trying to do, to get the focus turned towards the interior rather than exterior people

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] there's a naval admiral on the council who wants more ships. he's quite the warmonger. could have been him

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Not only that, but I thought Terragaurd was pretty pratical. Going to war might gain militarisic influence, but Drillian according to my notes isn't really a lightweight opponent. It would just cost both too much in resources.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I play him Mike haha

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] ok

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] He really is a douchbag

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] THe long term situation in Terraguard is complicated

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] the King is gettign on in years adn there is always the jockying for who will inherit

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] and who will actually sit on the throne in the end

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Is there an heir?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I cannot say I understand even a small part of the complications

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] the Misstress could keep all the various strings in her mind at once

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] (Is this like the war of roses? way too much politics involved?)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] BRB i'm grabbing dinner and taking it back to my computer

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] (bringin up the proper names, just a sec)

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)]

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] it is the year 1266 there is Rowen Farthorn who is now 3 years old

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Thanks bob. I need to do some more reasearch

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] So Mike, what do you want to do today. Any assingments you want me to do?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] and a grand daughter who is 24

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Cause I'm lost on how to proceed

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I think that laying out the various story arcs and what you want to do with each is the best way Michael

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] i want you to find me a shrubery

[Master] LOL

[Master] next step in Fool me Twice is....

[Master] next step in Book Marked is......

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Well I would, but bob would tie in a million other aspects to getting it, so no thank you...

[Master] then look at how to accomplish each

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] quck reminder of fool me twice?

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice shame on yo- well.. you aren't going ot fool me again. -Bush

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] is that the assassination one?

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] next step for that i would say is sere going to the religious neutral grounds and setting up a presence there.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Okay, let me grab my coat and lets go screw crap up

TMO has joined the game on Fri Oct 16 20:11:40 EDT 2015

TMO is receiving the map New Residence first floor...

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] if she can become a part of that group, she might be able to get more info on the greek churches.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Hey TMO

TMO has received the map New Residence first floor.

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] the next step in book marked is wait for the next demons to come and kill them for xp

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Well, I was going to research the curse but i don't know what to do now.

[TMO] sry I'm late

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] the next step in any other story line that we may hvae going should involve pointy death

[Master] that sounds right Mike

[Master] about Book Marked

[Master] and also to Michael for trying research

[Master] but knowign that it will bring attention to the issue also

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] so do you want to divide and conquer today Mike? Or do you want me to go with you?

[Master] as as Jenn mentioned last time they might want to lock up Branwyn as a danger to society

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] yeah. that might not be a good idea

[Master] and yes to TMO also welcome

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] We need to find a reason to be asking these questions without quite saying that Bran is "cursed"

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] you'd need a reason to legitimately be there to not be suspicious. who does hugh worship?

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] hint: not a kayak.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] My lord and savior Jesus Christ? Oh wait this is Bobs world. Uh, I don't know I guess. I don't really have a religion

[Master] everyone has at least a passing interest in relgion

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] good, then today you get to go god shopping

[Master] when a priest can curse you or heal you

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] HAHAHAH

[Master] with a wave a hand

[Master] no need to be a firm believer in any one god

[Master] but

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] might i suggest you have more than a passing interest in the greek ones?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Why, stragnely I do Seremella. I have no idea what came over me.

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] but are nervous because they aren't well liked here. but they seem like great dieties.

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] this is mike talking

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] when i'm ic i use quotations and capitalization

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] because i hate switching back and forth

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I wonder what benefits the greek pantheon priests have... I might just join up

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] okay, then. I'll have sere and elle go to the whatever castle gate yard place for religuous losers.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] alrighty. Lets go

[Master] just a sec

[Master] it is night

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] tmo, go stab something.

[Master] and B once TMO is caught up

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Definetly

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] that's our place c for all other plot lines

[Master] I want to talk about the spell database project

[TMO] working on dinner, is why so quiet

[Master] OK

[Master] so you each have an invite to the Dropbox folder

[Master] it contains the master database

[Master] and book 1 and 2 of the wizard spells

[Master] In the database

[TMO] opening folder

[Master] if you look in Forms there you will see an easy way of looking at each spell

[Master] not the spell input but the Spells form

[Master] and you can see how there are tabs

[Master] for all the information that needs to be input

[Master] plus there is a page on the site that contains more details to help out


[Master] most of it is self explanitory

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] right now i'm swamped on the weekends with hallowween prep, but after that you can show it all to me, bob.

[Master] it is there for when you want it Mike

[Master] Michael is going to get letter B, TMO is going to get letter F

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Okay so start with letter B

[Master] sorry TMO has E

[TMO] I don't have an Access license at home, but can figure a way around it

[TMO] I can open it a few more times

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] The pirate bay

[Master] and you can use Excel and or Open OFfice and other options

[TMO] yupyup

[Master] no one has to do anyting about the Campaigns Available In

[TMO] hmm, I might have a license, actually

[Master] the Spell Description is a copy and paste from the book

[Master] the Game Mechanics advanced and Dueling Chracteristics means you ahve to read the spell a bit

[Master] BUT if htere are things you are not sure of

[Master] that is ok

[Master] under that Game Mechanics tab is a Cross Check field

[Master] and you just put HELP in there

[Master] and I will know to go back and double check things

[Master] after you get a letter done

[Master] you save the database again back up to the folder with your name on it

[Master] and I go and start combing through and combining things

[TMO] what is the goal of this?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Who cares. Free XP

[Master] to have every spell ever published for 2nd edtion in our database

[Master] I cannot find anywhere that it is close to this

[Master] then once we have them all entered

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Bob I cannot find the game mechanic tab

[Master] it is a simple export to put out an XML file or javascript

[Master] are you looking at the Spell form ? or the Spell Input form?

[Master] Spell Input is for a quick way of copy and past in descriptions

[Master] and as you can see some of those things have not been modified from 2001 or earleir

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Okay So this is what I'm doing. Dropbox-Open New Campaign.mdb-Opens Access. Then I don't see that on the tabs on the left panel. I see things like Players, Skills, Spells, Orental Martial Arts Etc

[Master] on the left panel yo uare seeing tables to start with

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] yes

[Master] where it says tables click there for forms

[Master] you will get a list of forms

[Master] Spells is what you want

[TMO] dropdown at the top, select Forms

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Thank you for that crash course in Access. Got it

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Thanks guys

[TMO] sry, my chat window hadn't scrolled down to see he'd answered already

[Master] I used to have this up at the table all the time

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] So fill that out. Then SAVE

[Master] when I was runnign the game

[Master] no need to hit save

[Master] as you move from field to field it is auto saving

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Okay. Then I now have this filled out form. Now what?

[Master] only have to keep on entering info

[Master] go to the next field

[Master] tab from field to field or the arrow keys at the bottom

[TMO] did I see that you want me to save a copy of the db with my name on it to prevent overwriting?

[Master] you should do that yes TMO

[Master] when you upload to Dropbox again is when it needs a new name

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] No I know. But once this entire filled out spell form what do I do with it now?

[Master] click the next arrow at the bottom or tab to the next field and it will start up a new record for you Michael

[Master] and then enter the next spell

[Master] when y ou are all done with the B section

[Master] then you upload to Dropbox with a new name

[Master] spells B by michael perhaps

[Master] and then I am responsible for double checking

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Okay. thanks for that

[Master] and then totally it all up

[Master] I will put other books up in the folder for us to work on

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Wait so your actually double checking this? I was going to create a god spell for a level one character who has no magic experience...

[Master] LOL

[Master] there is a check for me to finish things

[Master] PLUS every spell has a set of campaign areas that it is avaialbe in by rarity

[Master] some spells are common in Terraguard but Rare in the SMall Kingdoms

[Master] and Unknown in the Mid East

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Okay. So for now, open up the spell compendium and go do all the letter B's in Access. Then you check. Then I can move on to the letter C's?

[Master] and when we are all done and we are using the new program when you create a new character you can just click a few buttons and see your spells

[Master] yes

[Master] you can move to the C when you are done with B, after uploading

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Okay. Thanks. It's just a bit of learning curve so I don't screw up

[Master] yeap

[Master] and you can always ask me to check things

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] No. I want to make sure I did it right before I screw up all the letter C's bob. haha

[Master] if you think you are goign to far

[Master] etc.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Bob for that kind of XP I would transcripe all ten thousadn spells during my not so little spare time

[Master] this is a lot of work is why there is a 100XP per spell

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I know. I could do some serious leveling

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] afk dogs

[Master] we have a total of 11 full books

[Master] so my guess is that there is almost 100,000 XP out there to earn

[Master] plus there is someone already working on the 2nd edtion programin g in Fantasy Gronds

[Master] and I told him we will give him some data sets for his work in setting that up for us

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] back

[TMO] sounds good to me!

[Master] we are about 95% done with the proficiencies

[Master] and about 90% done with weapons

[Master] spells are about 25%

[Master] and do double check the existing spells listed there when typing in

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] how do we check to make sure a spell hasn't been

[Master] there might be some of the work done for you

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] oh

[Master] I will periodically post an updated complete database

[Master] last time I did 80% of this work myself and it took me 8 months

[Master] I am hoping to go a bit faster, grins

[TMO] I am a highly reliable contract worker

[TMO] >_>

[Master] smile

[Master] I also have 30 magazines to go read through

[Master] on top of those books

[Master] but we will ahve the definative list of all spells

[Master] and then I will be able to use the fields to auto program some things also

[Master] like we do with proficiencies and Klooge

[Master] I can do a lot with the export files

[Master] OH and Mike did you see my post about the Oculus Rift shoudl be ready next week?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] WUT

[Master] starting up my VR/AR track at the library

[Master] and then we get to work on doing the game in that format for the future, grins

[TMO] oooo

[Master] need to practice with something, might as well make it useful for someoen

[TMO] yay!

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] so you're getting one at the library?

[TMO] do we get Oculus Rifts shipped to our house?

[Master] got it two weeks ago

[Master] should be out of the IT department on Mon or Tues

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] i haven't had any interest in it really. that's cool. i'll have to check it out.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I'm getting HTC's Vive

[Master] excellent Michael

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] the only mrketing i've seen for it is for fps's

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Well when it finally releases anyways

[Master] yeah I am going to to a LOT more than FPS with this

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] plus, i can't immaginen it'll be good for glasses wearers

[Master] goign to transform the library

[Master] have you tried Google Cardboard yet?

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] into a deathmatch arena?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I cant wait for the Portal game on the VR

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] nope.

[Master] we have those too

[Master] you should come to the pumpkin carving contest tomorrow morning

[TMO] I'm not a bleeding edge tech guy. Takes too much money

[Master] then the murder mystery in the afternoon

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] that's cool. i treid signing up my school even though iw ant it to burn down, but they aren't doing the program in florida

[Master] grins, that is why I get to have the library buy it TMO

[TMO] I don't think I could con them into buying me a Rift for sql queries

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] murder mystery tomorrow? i'm not much of a pumpkin carver.

[Master] I have 36 pumplins for the public to carve at 1030

[Master] then at 2 is the murder mystery

[Master] is like a scavenger hunt having to find things/clues in the library

[Master] then see who murdered the Prosperous Patron

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] It was coloner mustard in the dining room with the candle stick...

[TMO] Col Mustard with the bookend in the reading room!

[Master] BOB in the LIbrary with the Candle stick

[Master] is what everyone teases about

[TMO] why is it always Col Mustard people say?

[Master] I am the detective

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] heh. i'll see if i can find someone to do it with me. i'm not one for events by myself.

[Master] you will be put on a team with a couple of other people Mike

[Master] or you can bring a group for your own team

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Man I need to move to Florida. You guys have fun

[Master] BUT the real point was to make sure everyone understands the Spell Database Project

[Master] and has a place to start

[Master] Mike when you want a letter assigned to you just let me know

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] i'll take z.

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] =P

[Master] chuckles

[Master] we are doing them out of order anyway

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] if i come down tomorrow you'll have to help me with the rss feed thing on my phone.

[Master] and there are 4 wizard books, 3 priest books

[Master] sure

[TMO] back in a bit

[Master] IO am there until at least 4

[Master] and once TMO is back we will go back to questions and figuring out how to move forward with which things you want

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] kk

[Master] when you look at the spells Michael you will see there are other things I need to add about each spell too

[Master] especially priest ones

[Master] if you are a priest from Dryads Lair you have a different set of spells than if you are a priest from Drillian even if you are the same religion

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] So what would I add in? Factions?

[Master] for what? Spells? no I do that

[Master] there is a bunch of stuff that only I know

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Ok. So don't worry about that part?

[Master] yeap

[Master] jsut type in eveyrthing from the books

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Okay

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] So far I just have the dropbox spell compendium though

[Master] and the fields from the web page

[Master] nods you have compendium 1

[Master] there is a text version and a PDF version

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Okay. So is that like just 1 book?

[Master] yeap

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] WOW

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I might just level up

[Master] like I said, 100K worth of XP out there to earn

[Master] you, Mike, Lisa, TMO, SPring, etc.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Split between us?

[Master] yeap

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Then I don't have a chance

[Master] depending on who does what with spells

[Master] LOL

[Master] yes you do

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I need 64000 to level up

[Master] not a competition

[Master] and you will get there with time

[Master] it took Lisa 4 years of playing time to get to that point

[Master] you will get there in a year or so

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Yep yep

[Master] because you are earning more faster

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] So..TMO you back?

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] i wanna paint figs again

[Master] that might be possible in the future Mike

[Master] use a 3D modeling program to create new figs

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] sweet. I'll start collecting transmog sets in wow to turn into 3d models.

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] i've already got the programs for that

[Master] it was a question for Carl of when he would open up a store to allow people to sell assets for Tabletop

[Master] so I know that it will be possible with Fantasy Grounds

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Can someone explain in simpler terms for the troglodyte over here?

[Master] building the 3D images that you saw in the Tabletop Connect pictures

[Master] using various programs to do that design

[Master] so that they can be imported into the program

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] but what's this about stores and assets and stuff?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Like a game store?

[Master] once the program is completed

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Character models?

[Master] there will be a store to purchase things from

[Master] exactly

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] That's cool

[Master] will be able to buy a miniature that looks the way you want Hugh to look

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] With how much I play this I probably would even buy one

[Master] I had already paid for 90 miniatures in Tabletop Connect

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Well, if they aren't like 100.00 or something ridiculous

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Ohy

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] 90?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] WOw

[Master] and 7 terrain types

[Master] and the entire program package including unlimited player log ins

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Bob. Please don't bankrupt yourself for this game... We just arne't worth it haha

[Master] grins

[Master] I paid for all the stuff for Klooge

[Master] back 13 years ago

[Master] I can afford to do that every decade or so

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] still though

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] well i'll just make some wow characters for my guys then.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Do you like buy dungeons and stuff too?

[Master] I pay for artists to do stuff for the website and for maps

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] have to collect some good looking priest and hunter gear

[Master] when I want something special

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] test

[Master] yeap

[Master] just waiting on TMO

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] sorry. long day. eyes keep closing

[Master] I have toothpicks

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Thankfully the chime for the text keeps me up pretty well

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I'm reading about EVE Online right now. Seems pretty cool.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Aparently they just had a huge battle

[Master] another one?

[Master] or the one last year that wiped out billions of dollars worth of ships?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Roughly 13,500 real usd , but still no where near last years

[Master] ahh

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Its hilarious that even being so wiped out, alliances in that game still are just as strong. And as soon as alliances fail, there is a bidding war for the people who hold the best dreadnaughts and super carriers. There is some reall money going on in that game holy crap. You know craps getting real when real USD are being exchanged for in game mercenary work.

[TMO] back, sry about that

[Master] nods, it is part of the whole movign online real world just Meat Space and Digital Space

[Master] and So TMO, Mike, Micahel

[Master] is there anything you want to accommplish in the evening before going to bed?

[Master] and then in the morning

[Master] no Branwyn do deal with the morning reports

[Master] who will do that for her?

[Master] Ilero?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] DONT OPEN THE RED RIBBON ONE

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] nothing here

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Sorry a client is calling me. It must be important be right back.

Spring has joined the game on Fri Oct 16 21:15:49 EDT 2015

Spring is receiving the map New Residence first floor...

Spring has received the map New Residence first floor.

[Master] and hello Spring!

[TMO] Marisu can handle official stuffs, but I will probably need some filling in on RP stuff I missed

[Spring] hi hi

[Spring] just a sec i gotta get the earplugs in

[TMO] Spring has sprung!

[Master] ok

[Spring] i am so effing sick of msnbc

[Spring] grumble grouch

[TMO] ah, thought you were going to say you were sick of people saying 'spring has sprung'. ;) I'm you've *never* heard that one before.

[Spring] hehehe i don't mind that

[Master] you can catch up later SPring

[Spring] what's fun is countering "spring like the season?" with "spring like the tightly wound coil of metal"

[Master] a good chunk of what is there is the Spell Database PRoject

[Spring] okie

[Master] and if you want a letter assigned to you to enter let me know

[Master] Michael has B TMO has E

[Spring] i dont even know what we are talking about but if there is a D i want it

[Master] takign all the spells from 2nd edition sources and putting them all into one access database

[Master] there is a drop box folder I can invite you to

[Master] just a moment

[Spring] oh! well okay then

[Master] and invite sent

[Master] and you can do the D spells if you wish

[Spring] and that's two dropbox invites in one evening. my tiny home designer just set up another one

[Master] chuckles

[Master] so Mike you want to jump to morning, TMO and Michael ?

[Master] Spring does not care

[Master] grins

[TMO] fine by me

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] still phone. moment

[Master] Time of Day: 08:00 AM. Day 17 Ko ___ tre, Kye {Late Winter} 17th, 1266 TGR.

[Master] no worries Michael

[Master] Jondar moved 78'06".

[Master] Tristan Elaire moved 86'02".

[Master] Leatherus moved 87'08".

[Spring] hehehe i do not mind

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] okay back. yay for money

[Master] Kenna Westfoot moved 30'06".

[Master] [Marisu]] moved 3'07".

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Hi spring

[Master] and so morning report

[Master] Ilero and Shur are on the couch where Branwyn normally is

[Master] Hugh and Kenna at the table where Indigo normally is

[Master] Phillipe is there, Jennivive, Joseph, everyone normally there

[Master] and Phillipe has a basket with 26 scrolls in it

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Attack: Dagger/Dirk:: is now ARMED.

[Spring] hi michael

[TMO] I am back at the keyboard.

Ilero (TMO)] Hokay

[Mike] I am back at the keyboard.

[Ellenara Psyndarryn (Mike)] "Phillipe, are there any from the council?"

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (where's the baby?)

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] yes there are

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Definetely not in this room. She's playing with some sharp objects in the hallway

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] you know. for demons and stuff

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] that tend to just appear in this room

[Ellenara Psyndarryn (Mike)] "Can I hear those?"

Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master) holds out two scrolls

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) sniles

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] One is a request for a meeting on a tax abatement

[Ellenara Psyndarryn (Mike)] ::takes them:: "Oh. Yes. I know about that."

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] the other is a second request for Branwyn to appear at the council meeting

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] she has missed several meetings

Ilero (TMO)] We has say on taxes here?

[Ellenara Psyndarryn (Mike)] "Please write back that she regrets that she is unable to attend herself, but that I will be there as her representative."

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] You, well Branwyn, is the voice of the Queen

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] if she grants a request it is presumed that the Queen will also

Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master) nods, very well, thank you Ellenara

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I will confirm with Branwyn you understand

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] but I do think she will be happy to have you attend in her place

[Ellenara Psyndarryn (Mike)] does the one regarding taxes require a meeting or just a written request?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] (wow moving ellenara is an upward type of individual haha)

[Ellenara Psyndarryn (Mike)] "Yes. She tasked me with this yesterday."

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] it is a meeting request to convince the Ambassador to make a choice

[Ellenara Psyndarryn (Mike)] nope, bran foisted this crap off on her

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] it has been discussed previously

[Ellenara Psyndarryn (Mike)] yeah. we're doing nothing

[Ellenara Psyndarryn (Mike)] and come the change in season people won't notice the lack of tax abatement due to a smaller wool load or something to that effect

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] teehee

[Ilero]] (TMO) looks lost.

[Ellenara Psyndarryn (Mike)] is the meeting today?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] YOu can schedule it when ever you wish Ellenara

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I will make the arrangements

[Ellenara Psyndarryn (Mike)] "Please tell this person we can talk after the council meeting."

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] very well

[Ellenara Psyndarryn (Mike)] "That way I can take care of both requirements at the same time."

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) sighs and tucks into her toast and honey

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] (updated which letters to whom

Ilero (TMO)] (ugh - Lords flashbacks to all the messages to and from emissaries)

[Ellenara Psyndarryn (Mike)] "Our lives may be long, but that doesn't mean our patience always is." ::smiles::

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] The next Council meeting is on the 19th

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] (mornign of the 17th now)

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] (chuckels at TMO)

Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master) holds p basket with 24 other scrolls

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] Ilero are you handling Branwyn's duties today?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] she said she did not want to be disturbed

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] the last time she said that one of her apprentices died later that day

[Ilero]] (TMO) shrugs helplessly. "Hye t'ink I get short straw."

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I would prefer to avoid that

Ilero (TMO)] What hye need do?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] Tomoorrow is the Ball for King Winston of Golinar

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] we need to submit our guest list tomororw morning

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] in pairs

Ilero (TMO)] Who all going?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] then the next day is both the council meeting

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Im not

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] and the Memorial that Inidgo is attending

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] and a couple of days after that Branwyn mentioned visiting the old residence for another spell casting session

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] why not, hugh?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] and of course we are hosting the Feat of the Basket here in the residence in 7 days

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I think that is more than enough to worry about this morning

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] no one to go with and I don't really want to.

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "My sister and I will be a pair."

Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master) looks askance at that

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I am not certain that two women make a pair

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "We got gowns yesterday that are passable."

[Ilero]] (TMO) counts them off on his fingers. "Tomorrow King's Ball. We needs dates. Next day council meeting t'at Ellenora attend. T'en Indigo do Memorial. T'en few days later seance. Is right?"

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] yes Ilero

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "We dance together all the time back home."

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] and

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] hefts basket

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] 24 scrolls,

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] hugh, you and i could go together. no reason two friends cannot go

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "Besides, we're elves. We do things differently."

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] 15 are requests or invitations for dinners

Ilero (TMO)] Can pair sisters up wit' men from here wit'out meaning anyt'ing, yes?

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "Who are they for? Branwyn specifically?"

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] the other 9 are offers for various things from the families of the City

Ilero (TMO)] Hugh, Indigo?

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] but if you do not wish to, i understand

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] they are all for the ambassador

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] and I would think that perhaps Seremella that we pair you two ladies up with two men

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] so that everyone can believe what they wish to believe

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] ""Well then those replies will just have to wait until she wants to deal with that."

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "We don't know anyone here yet."

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] and we don't know if their dates will be in or on time next week. =P

[Ilero]] (TMO) waves that off. "Not t'ink of as date. We just go wit' people here for appearances."

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] just a companion

[Ilero]] (TMO) nods.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] kk

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] That's fine

[Master] ( I do think it is very fun that Ilero is in charge with only Marisu and Shur from Drillian around, everyone else is new to the group.... just like Ilero was the Ambassador or something..... )

[Shurkural]] (TMO) smiles. "But, if you want to make it romantic, by all means, sugar."

Hugh D'Ambray (Michael) rolls eyes

Ilero (TMO)] (I'm pretty sure Drillian is not *that* desperate that they'd make Ilero the Ambassador)

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] do we even have enough male characters to pair up with?

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (so hugh and ilero are going to escort the sisters?

[Master] over Shur's dead body

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Sure If Mike's okay with that

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] okay never mind

Ilero (TMO)] (what is a complete list of all of our current party?)

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] and isn't hugh going with kenna?

[Master] everyone in the room right now plus Branwyn and INdigo

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (well, she did ask, but then things got confusing)

[Master] althoguh Leatherus, Tristand and Jondar are rarely around as Eric and Guy are not

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] that's why i was going to be weird elves. figured that was the most diplomatic arrangement

Ilero (TMO)] (ok, so we don't have enough men. How horrible would it be if each man took two women, one on each arm?)

[Master] it is supposed to be A date

[Master] Indigo and Branwyn both have one

Ilero (TMO)] (but we're all studs!)

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] can we get random elves? are they still in town, then?

[Master] it should be noted this is the first time any type of requirement has been made like this

[Master] and no to elves in town

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] and then ditch them once we're inside to mingle with people who matter?

Ilero (TMO)] (Hugh, Ilero, Shur, Marisu, Kenna, 2 sisters? If Indigo and Bran already have dates)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] So how do we fix this?

[Master] but you can request Jospeh or Phillipe find someone for you, etc.

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] jiggalos?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] How about we just take joseph or phillipe as a companion?

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] ehm escorts

[Master] Indigo's girlfriend might know some people, grins

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] no way. bringing the house servants as dates to a royal ball? total feux pas

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] eh. we've done plenty of that already haha

[Master] so you need a date for Marisu, Kenna, Hugh, Seremella and Ellenara

Ilero (TMO)] (trying to think of non-tacky alternatives. Jondar is gone, right?)

[Master] Jondar is available

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] And lo another box was checked

[Master] as a sort of NPC when Guy is not around

Ilero (TMO)] (racistly, we can set up Jondar and Kenna)

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] he lied to them. no way.

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] :-)

[Master] Kenna did want to keep an eye on him

Ilero (TMO)] (what better way? ;) )

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] heh

Ilero (TMO)] (we know what Jondar is. We can hire him to gather information for us)

Ilero (TMO)] (shmooze and suck up and get secrets)

Ilero (TMO)] (what about Tristan? Can we use him as an NPC?)

[Master] yes for a date

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I don't think he would care

[Master] and leatherus also

Ilero (TMO)] (aha! Excellent! Forgot Leatherus)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] That being said I'm pretty pissed at Tristan right now...

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] then sere will go with tristan to give her some cred with the kayaks

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] and elle will be stuck with leatherface

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] who hopefully wears a mask or something

Ilero (TMO)] (lol. And Marisu with Mr Silver? :P)

[Master] you can send a request if you wish

Ilero (TMO)] (does Marisu know his real identity? Or did Branwyn keep that to herself?)

[Master] only Branwyn knows

Ilero (TMO)] (trying to think of anyone else we know)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] who was the priest kenna invited for the last feast?

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] the newbie from the temple?

[Master] no name

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] i don't even recall a gender

Ilero (TMO)] apparently he made an impression

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] well jondar kind of stole the thunder

Marisu (TMO)] Yes, why not try Mr Silver? It might be fun to see if anyone reacts to his presence. We don't know much about him, after all.

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I can send a request but I am not certain we will get a response back in time for tomorow

Marisu (TMO)] I understand, Phillipe. Our own fault for waiting until the last moment. If I have to miss the Ball, I will.

Marisu (TMO)] Can you arrange things with Jondar, Tristan and Leatherus as well?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] Of course

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] is there anyone that I need to find a companion for?

[Marisu]] (TMO) smiles. "Thank you, Phillipe. Sorry for making this all last minute."

Marisu (TMO)] I think I'm the only one left out if Mr. Silver doesn't come through.

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] Are there any other requests before I start my work today?

Marisu (TMO)] Not from me.

Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master) looks at Ilero

[Ilero]] (TMO) shrugs. He points at the basket. "Any t'ose I needs see?"

Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master) picks up the basket I will try to find dinners or times that the ambassador can attend each of these

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] and Jospeh will be able to help you with the house adn Atribella with the shopping,

[Jilly (Master)] I have a full basket of rolls that no one ate

[Jilly (Master)] Where is Indigo?

[Shurkural]] (TMO) smirks. "Maybe he's out getting his date ready to go."

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] .me frowns

[Spring] I am away from the keyboard.

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] Ellenara you wanted to visit the mages guild I was told?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Hey guys I'm having a blast but I'm starting to fade. I give it like another half hour and then I gotta call it.

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] (was there somethingin particular you wanted Hugh to do tonight?)

[Ellenara Psyndarryn (Mike)] "I don't know if I want to or not. I will wait for Branwyn for that."

Shurkural (TMO)] (anything Hugh needs to take care o while you're here?)

[Master] so things that Elle or Sere want to do with the day?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Not really.

[Master] and then Ilero, Shur, Marisu and Kenna?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I wanted to do some research but I need to be awake for that

[Ellenara Psyndarryn (Mike)] sere would like to check out that religious no man's land

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] cool lets go

[Master] and I would say that we wiil have time fo ryou to do that Michael next week

[Master] for your research

[Master] and for venturing into the no man's land

[Master] is in the Palace

[Master] and there is suspected to be one in the diplomatic quarter somewhere,

[Master] but you do not know where

Shurkural (TMO)] (what is it?)

[Ellenara Psyndarryn (Mike)] well let's go to the palace, then

Joseph Shortkin (Master) looks paniced

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] me?!?!

[Atribella Olivin (Master)] Well

[Atribella Olivin (Master)] I am sure that we can arrange that

Atribella Olivin (Master) looks around at the group

[Atribella Olivin (Master)] Ilero!

[Atribella Olivin (Master)] you have been with the Prince before

[Ilero]] (TMO) looks startled. "Yah... ?"

[Atribella Olivin (Master)] I have never been to the Palace

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] I have only been there to carry things for Branwyn

Ilero (TMO)] You t'ink Prince let me take group sightseeing?

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] Well you would naturally have servants with you

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] and if you are taking the new Elven guest of the AMbassador

[Ilero]] (TMO) looks at the supposed 'servants' in the room with him.

[Atribella Olivin (Master)] I would love to go to the palace

[Ilero]] (TMO) shrugs. "Guess can't hurt try."

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "I do not want a whole parade. I just want to be shown where I can find other priests, and possibly greeks."

Ilero (TMO)] (greeks and freaks?)

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "Jenevive said they had a place to go."

[Atribella Olivin (Master)] Well I know that when the PRince has guests

[Atribella Olivin (Master)] they must have a place to worship if they do not use the Celestry

[Atribella Olivin (Master)] That is only common sense right?

Ilero (TMO)] Sound good.

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] ::sighs:: "So this isn't a place where it is common for priests of different faiths to go?"

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "Why would you make it sound like it was, Jenevive? Do you hate me because I do not follow your gods?"

Aunt Jennevive (Master) smiles

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] I do not hate anyone

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] well at least not anyone here

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] but I might remind you that I serve the Queen and not the Ambassador

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] I look out for the Queen's interest

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "Well the queen has tasked the Ambassador with finding out who killed the former ambassador. I will hunt for clues through the greek church."

Aunt Jennevive (Master) nods, as you should follow up leads where they take you

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "To find them, I need to find a place where outside priests and worshipers meet."

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] I will be glad to help you root out greek influence

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "Do you know where a place like that is or not?"

Ilero (TMO)] Want hye take Seremella to Palace, see if t'ere place like what she look for?

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "Or were you just going to let me wander up to the palace and cause a problem for Drillian?"

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] I would agree with Atribella that there must be such a place in the Palace

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] and you would have entrance to the Palace because you work with Branwyn

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] but I will only go with you if you want me to expose the heathen to the light of true belief

Marisu (TMO)] In that case, why don't I accompany her, instead of Ilero. I'm maybe a bit better talking with functionaries.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] (Man Fanatics truly are a one trick pony)

[Ilero]] (TMO) nods.

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "But the palace hardly seems like an open place of meeting."

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "I need to meet others of different faiths."

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] If I knew of such place I would be glad to help eradicate them

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "We must find who this greek priestess that was killed was."

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] ::sighs:: "Then you are of no help to your queen."

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] cant we just try to summor her?

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] a dead greek priestess is a good greek priestess

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "Shame."

[Spring] I am back at the keyboard.

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] I serve my queen not the Kingdom, that is Branwyn's responsiblitiy

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Make Jennevive sit before I make her

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] :-)

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "Artibella, take me to the palace. We'll leave the zealot here. She will only hinder our mission. Given to us by the queen if my understanding is correct."

Aunt Jennevive (Master) smiles and nods

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "I do not understand why you say you serve the queen, but would hinder her mission."

Atribella Olivin (Master) curtseys to Sere,

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] (I could make it look like an accident...)

[Atribella Olivin (Master)] please

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "Sister, let's go find a place to worship."

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] hinder the Queen or Branwyn?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Both

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] "You seem to hinder the queen. if you cannot see that, then I am sorry for you."

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Branwyn understands that I would calmly watch her burn if it helps my Queen

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] (now I've never hit a woman...)

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] seriously, bob? are all your npc's really THIS obtuse?

[Master] LOL

[Master] maybe you need to remember that Jenn is AN EVIL PRIESTESS

[Master] who was assigned to your mission by the QUeen

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] i mean, you throw a road block our way here and there, yeah, okay. but you seem to delight in going out of your way to make yoru npc's complete idiots

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Soon to be a dead Evil priestess if she keeps this crap up

[Master] ask Eric how she tied him up in knots

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Then that's one less NPC to deal with

Marisu (TMO)] (intraparty conflicts are so much fun! ;) )

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] She just slipped and fell on my knife 10 times!

[Master] and then you will answer to the Queen for killing her sister in law

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] She wouldn't know it was me...

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] but she says she serves the queen

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] queen wants mystery solved

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] we need to do task a to solve mystery

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] It could be the same person who killed the ambassador!!! PRoblem solved!!!

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] she sabotages our attempts to do task a

[Master] Queen wants to know who killed the previous ambassador

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] KK Fine lets get going

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] so if you follow the very direct line her giving us a hard time is stopping us from serving the queen.

Marisu (TMO)] (not to mention Jennevieve could probably take anyone in our group except maybe Branwyn)

[Seremella Psyndarryn (Mike)] anyway, i'll try and follow this line of questioning later. i'm going to sign out for tonight.

Mike has left the game on Fri Oct 16 22:38:56 EDT 2015

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] yeah me too guys. I'm having fun, but this was a rough week.

Marisu (TMO)] (linear warriors, quadratic wizards)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] see ya

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] thanks for the fun bob

Marisu (TMO)] night Mikes

Michael has left the game on Fri Oct 16 22:39:25 EDT 2015

Marisu (TMO)] well. That leaves me and Spring.

[Master] I am here as long as you wish

[Master] for in character or out of character questions

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] oh sorry, i had stepped away for a sec to straightn alexa out

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] amazon echo

Marisu (TMO)] you missed all the fun!

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] she wants to shuffle everything

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] before that i was in the bathroom :-P

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] sigh, sorry

Marisu (TMO)] nah, it's okay. I'm not big on the arguing myself. That's why I didn't stick my foot in.

[Master] grins, what does Alexa want to shuffle?

[Spring] i did get that everyone hates jenevive

[Master] Jenn is a prickly character

[Spring] the buffy the vampire slayer musical

[Master] she has saved almost everyone's life at one point or another

[Spring] which doesn't work if you shuffle

[Master] but also is an evil priestess

[Spring] wow tricky

[Master] who happens to be the sister in law of the queen

[Master] who is the wife of the brother of the current royal consort

[Master] who is the Man in the Red Cloak

[Master] commonly called Red or Red Cloak

[Master] who is branwyn and Indigo's sworn enemy

[Master] who sold Indigo into slavery

[Spring] complicated. and resentment building

[Master] but Jenn also helped Tristan defeat the Greeks in the temple that he now has

[Master] when you get back to Drillian he has his own temple to start getting followers from

[Master] and Ilero's church has saints in the basement of that church

[Master] so other than that just a friendly priest of the party

[Spring] hehehe

Marisu (TMO)] other than all the evil stuff she's capable of, just a fluffy nice friendly priestess pal of the party!

[Spring] i guess we need to study the psychology of evil people a little more so we can manipulate her better :-)

[Master] OH Eric was sooo twisted about it

[TMO] I'm actually playing an evil character in a different game. It's ... disconcerting at times.

[Master] she had him almost convinced that she was right and he was wrong

[Spring] so did indigo get official with that person who was harassing him?

[Spring] i thought he wasn't actually interested in her

[Spring] but she's already his companion for the thingy

[Master] which person?

[Master] Penelope?

[Master] Indigo likes her

[Master] and she has helped the group out

[Spring] oh well then

[Master] found Hugh a home

[Master] Indigo just has no clue that his girl friend lives in a thieves guild

[Spring] tmo that sounds difficult to me

[TMO] I don't think she ever harrassed Indigo.

[Spring] playing an evil character. all my knee jerk reactions would be wrong

[TMO] It is sometimes. I'm not very good at evil. ;)

[Spring] i read that whole scene with penelope wrong

[Spring] it looked to me like she was trying really hard to make him lik her and he wasn't buying it

[Spring] coming on too strong for him. ah well.

[TMO] eh, it's been a long time. I don't really remember the details, but iirc, Indigo went home with both Penelope and her girlfriend.

[Spring] further complications for Kenna ha!

[Spring] wow, did not know that

[TMO] might've been before you joined us

[TMO] our first public ball, I think

[Spring] well okay then

[TMO] I could be wrong though. Penelope and friend snuck in to it pretending to be nobility.

[Master] that was the ball to welcome Branwyn into the city

[Spring] aha yes, before me then

[Spring] i hate having missed last week. it was family thanksgiving

[Master] it is ok

[Master] we are on a good streak now

[Master] only going to miss one more session before Christmas

[Spring] :-)

[TMO] yah, I'm a bit lost too. Too many irons in the fire, and I've missed too many developments

[Spring] my september from hell is over. it leaked halfway through october

[Spring] too much stuff happening at once. it should slow down now

[Spring] i can't even think of the questions to ask about characters and deelopments right now

[Master] right now the things to do if you want to try to chatch up

[Spring] all i can think of are windows. like the kind in buildings

[Master] is to look through the chat logs from the day that Branwyn was Book Marked

[Master] and go through those logs and mark the appropriate spots with the color Orange

[Spring] oh yeah. i was there for some of that

[Master] that will keep you up on that story arc

[Master] then there is the seance in a couple of weeks

[Master] that will help move the Fool Me Twice story arc forward

[Master] next week will be figure out who this new King is and why the Prince is hosting this ball for him

[Spring] that sounds fun

[Master] and once that ball is done

[Master] we will have the listing of all the people from all the place from the last three major parties

[Master] and I will update the Terraguard page again and then Google Earth

[Master] all the while in the backgroun people can be entering spells

[Master] so that in three weeks on Nov 11th when I have the day off I can start collating things

[Master] and then Nyrma will be gone for Thanksgiving

[Master] and I will do more game things

[Master] grins

[Spring] whee. i have to find a source. i don't have a player's handbook anymore heh

[Master] the sources are in the dropbox I share with you

[Spring] oh well then okay :-)

[Master] I take care of everything for you :)

[Spring] :-)

[TMO] you so kind!

[Spring] ok so i see some pdfs and an rtf

[Spring] that's the source stuff i assume

[Spring] where is the access database they go into?

[Master] in the drop box folder

[Spring] hm i don't see it in here

[Spring] oh, "new campaign"

[Master] yeap

[Spring] i was expecting a different name

[Master] the Spell Database Project page has details as you need them

[Master] book number 1 had the D's for you Spring

[TMO] think I'll drop out too. The kids need to go to bed very soon

[Master] 100 XP per spell

[Spring] as do i

[Master] etc

[Master] then you go have a great night you two

[Spring] oh cool :-) thanks!

[Master] and we will see you next week!

[TMO] g'nite!

[Spring] nitey nite!!

Spring has left the game on Fri Oct 16 23:04:11 EDT 2015

TMO has left the game on Fri Oct 16 23:04:12 EDT 2015

[Master] Hugh D'Ambray XP award: 200. Next level in 46447.

[Master] Ellenara Psyndarryn XP award: 150. Next level in 4150.

[Master] Seremella Psyndarryn XP award: 200. Next level in 533.

[Master] [Shurkural]] XP award: 100. Next level in 33722.

[Master] [Ilero]] XP award: 250. Next level in 5388.

[Master] Kenna Westfoot XP award: 200. Next level in 12540.

[Master] [Marisu]] XP award: 100. Next level in 6762.

XP awarded