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Oct 24 14 - House Affairs - Meeting Rooms Available - Fool Me Twice

[Master] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Oct 24 18:34:03 EDT 2014 ====

[Master] The Maps are new, same names updated for the renovations and the Dryads Lair Districts map is also updated

[Master] I am away getting food and drinks and will be back up shortly.

[Master] Feel free to load each map as you wish, eveyrone is in their assigned bedrooms now.

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

Mike has joined the game on Fri Oct 24 18:57:39 EDT 2014

Mike is receiving the map New Residence first floor...

Mike has received the map New Residence first floor.

Lisa has joined the game on Fri Oct 24 18:57:45 EDT 2014

Lisa is receiving the map New Residence first floor...

[Mike] First one in!

Lisa has received the map New Residence first floor.

[Mike] So I'm nto sure how long I'll last tongiht.

[Mike] My ankle is killing me, but maybe I can find a comfortable position at the computer desk

[Mike] Artiark moved 2'00".

Mike is receiving the map New Residence second floor...

Mike has received the map New Residence second floor.

[Lisa] I'm sorry :(

[Lisa] They don't give you good drugs?

Mike is receiving the map New Residence basement...

Mike has received the map New Residence basement.

Mike is receiving the map New Residence second floor...

Mike has received the map New Residence second floor.

[Mike] Woo! look at Imari's loft

Lisa is receiving the map New Residence second floor...

Lisa has received the map New Residence second floor.

[Mike] i have some oxycodone, but that doesn't seem to be doing much this time, and it makes me super dizzy, hot, and slightly nauceous.

[Lisa] that's serious stuff

[John Anstett] has joined the game on Fri Oct 24 19:02:18 EDT 2014

[John Anstett] is receiving the map New Residence first floor...

[Mike] so like yesterday i said the pain is too bad, so i took one, took some of the edge of the pain, but i felt like so much shit

[John Anstett] has received the map New Residence first floor.

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Mike] but now i'm back to being mostly unable to move since my new hurt ankle is on what once was my good leg.

[Lisa] this is a new thing? what did you do?

[Mike] i can't use crutches properly to move because if i do that it hurts my knee.

[Master] peg leg here you go

John Anstett hello all

[Lisa] Hi John and Bob! :)

[Mike] yeah. oke up tow days ago whith a sore ankle, and it blew up. doc thinks its a bad sprain because i was favoring the one leg

[Lisa] get one of those scooters with the baskets

[Mike] forget peg leg, i just need two new legs. maybe some biotic ones that will let me run faster and jump higher.

[Master] blade man

[Lisa] not that guy!

[Master] so just sent everyone the district map

[Master] Mike adn John yhou have the map right?

[Master] Lisa are you there?

[Master] or did it boot you?

[Lisa] I'm here I think

[Master] yes you are

[Master] good

[Master] can you see the map?

John Anstett yes

[Lisa] our villa takes up a quarter of the diplomatic quarter

[Mike] is that our hose in the SW of the quarter?

[Master] yes

[Master] the big one

[Mike] we should name our house the Villa de Eighth

[Mike] Sixteenth

[Master] and you see that your villa is just a little smaller than the palace

[Mike] Villa de Sedecim

[Master] and sending first floor

[Master] everyone can see the new layouts

[Master] Art's area

[Mike] And Golduk's

John Anstett can you post them to the site?

[Master] later on in the week yes

[Master] there is the second floor

John Anstett and eddie is not sleeping in the stables

[Master] and the girls area that has been changed

[Master] and the third floor nest for Imari

[Master] there is ladder on the wall to reach that area

[Lisa] looks great! :)

[Master] I did not put beds up there Mike, I was guessing you did not want them

[Mike] Yup. I'm pretty happy with the new horizontal layout, too

[Master] the large room is open to the sky the two small rooms are not

[Mike] Probably not.

[Mike] And if she did, a hammock is easy to set up

John Anstett I would think someone would have an issue with Jen having a room as big as Branwyn

John Anstett and next to each other

[Lisa] anyone is free to have an issue

[Master] and the basement area

[Master] the new servants section

[Lisa] and anyone is free to take her on as a roommate :)

[Master] the right most room is the Lab for Branwyn

John Anstett she did imply Hoffman deserved to be treated special

John Anstett but i do not think she will treat Hoffman special

[John Anstett] is receiving the map New Residence second floor...

[John Anstett] has received the map New Residence second floor.

[Lisa] I'm nopt sure she would mind switching spots with you if that means she gets to sleep with leatherus right across the way from Tristan

[Master] so everyone has seen the roleplaying

[Master] and the threads that are all set up

John Anstett i did have one question, may seem silly

[Master] I have many questions so you can go first

John Anstett is our allowance for a year or is there any time set before we get more

[Master] Branwyn?

[Lisa] I don't think there is a time limit

[Lisa] if we run out I think we can ask for more but I would hope we would have made some major accomplishments by the tikme we ask for more cash

[Lisa] I felt like Bob said we would be here gametime wise at least a year so I was paying thngs like rent in a year increment and figured we'd see how it goes

John Anstett we do not want to pay our soliders a year in advance

[Lisa] no

John Anstett as long as we agree on that

[Mike] well, what hook does everyone like most?

[Lisa] but we can budget on the disbursement page for a year's worth

John Anstett Mages Guild

[Lisa] too early for me to say

John Anstett not that I am biting

[Lisa] we have some weird things coming

[Mike] teleport is a very helpful spell

[Master] while we are waiting for others

[Master] did you want to have one of the meetings?

TMO has joined the game on Fri Oct 24 19:24:27 EDT 2014

TMO is receiving the map New Residence first floor...

[Master] see

[Lisa] mystery Silver people

[Master] just have to ask

[Master] ok

[Master] will set that up now

[Lisa] revisit the Bowl of Winds

TMO has received the map New Residence first floor.

John Anstett hello TMO

[Master] you are hosting them in the receiving area downstairs? or in the upstairs?

[TMO] (Yo)

John Anstett how many are expected

[Lisa] hosting who?

[Lisa] Silvers?

Lisa is receiving the map New Residence second floor...

Lisa has received the map New Residence second floor.

[Mike] downstairs has the nice courtyard

[Master] silvers

[Master] and one person

[Mike] dont' want to give people the chance to poke around in our stuff upstairs, either

[Lisa] We can do the Salon - we can keep tabs on one person I hope

[Master] [Hoffman]] moved 2'06".

[Master] ok

[Master] so who else is there?

[Lisa] anyone who wants to be

[Mike] Imari will be there

[Master] Branwyn moved 101'03".

John Anstett Miranda

[Master] Imari moved 124'09".

[Mike] otherwise, why log in?

[TMO] (Marisu would like to)

[Master] Hoffman?

John Anstett [Miranda Paige]] moved 137'02".

John Anstett [Hoffman]] moved 32'04".

[Master] Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 16'11".

John Anstett even if Hoffman is off duty, he will guard the door

[Master] Branwyn moved 4'04".

[Master] [Miranda Paige]] moved 3'02".

[Master] Imari moved 3'06".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (indigo too wherever he is)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (please)

John Anstett (think Hoffman has healed yet?)

[Master] [Marisu]]'s Current Hit Points: adjusted to 16 (2) - Unharmed

[Master] [Hoffman]]'s Current Hit Points: adjusted to 60 (3) - Unharmed

[Master] Barnabas Stone's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 73 (2) - Unharmed

[Master] Leatherus's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 46 (3) - Unharmed

[Master] so ready?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] Madam Ambassador, your guest has arrived

[Hoffman]] ([John Anstett]) hold door open

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you Phillipe, show them in.

[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) stands and bows

[Master] Mr. Silver #1 and Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 27'06".

[Master] Mr. Silver #1 moved 32'10".

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] Madam AMbassador, may I present Mr. Silver, he is here to represent the Silver Family [Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] he has asked for a brief meeting

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Good morning Mr. Silver. It is nice to meet you.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] [Hoffman]]: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=8] 8 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

Mr. Silver #1 (Master) bows

[TMO] (is any of my chars there?)

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] Thank you

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] (Marisu)

Mike is receiving the map New Residence second floor...

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] (*and who ever youw atn)

Mike has received the map New Residence second floor.

[TMO] (kthx)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (you can bring the others up)

[Mike] for reference, Imari will be sitting there fiddling with some feathers and wood and her dagger.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (but you have to get past Hoffman now

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] Thank you for seeing me so quickly after assuming your duties

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Please sit down, Mr. Silver and be comfortable.

[Master] Mr. Silver #1 moved 10'08".

Mr. Silver #1 (Master) smiles

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] thank you

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] I wanted to come and visit to pay my families respects to you

[Master] Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 15'06".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It is good of you to come.

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] have you had a chance to explore the Principality?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Not as much I would like I am afraid. Setting up our household has taken quite some time. But now that renovations are complete, I am quite eager to do so.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Do you have recommendations of what we should see first?

Mr. Silver #1 (Master) warm smile

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] there are many nice places scattered about the peninsula

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] and you might like exploring north of the wall as well

[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) coughs

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] or Tumbledown

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] Sir Indigo, I am glad you are here also

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] I am very happy to meet you

Indigo (Lisa) smiles "It is nice to meet you too. Thank you!"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I have heard it can be a bit dangerous outside the city proper.

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] Only for those that are unprepared

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] or those who wish to poke their noses where they do not belong

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] but we just got settled in

[Mike] I am back at the keyboard.

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] There are many more interesting things outside of the city

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Tumbledown .... that is where they mysterious mound is located?

Mr. Silver #1 (Master) grins, yes

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Where people have disappeared.

[Imari (Mike)] ::whispers to Indigo:: "I wonder where we should not stick our noses."

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] only those who are unprepared for danger

[Indigo (Lisa)] We're always prepared!

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] excellent

[Indigo (Lisa)] Well, usually prepared.

[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) smiles to self

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] that is the best that can be said I am sure Sir Indigo

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] no one is ever prepared for every individual problem that could occur

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] which is one of the reasons I wanted to visit with you

Marisu (TMO)] [Marisu]]: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=11] 11 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 17!!

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] if I may be so blunt?

Marisu (TMO)] (just looking for anything noteworthy about Mr Silver)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Please. I appreciate candor.

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] Marquessa Branwyn, you are not one that is a sticklier for protocal

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] I have a customer who needs something

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] and you are the person I can trust that can handle this request

Branwyn (Lisa) looks at him curiously "Go on. What is it that you need and for what type of customer?"

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] We in the family are acquainted with a wide variety of people

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] sometimes those people would like to meet in private

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] we need someone who is discrete

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] who can provide what we need with few questions

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Hmmm.... you certainly can understand that a person in my position cannot involve herself in something completely blindly. You will have to tell me something.

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles at Mr. Silver

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] I will trust that you have chosen yoru companions wisely and they can be fully trusted and discrete

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] One of the groups I represent needs a place to meet

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] that is free of divination

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] try the Mist

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] so your ability to provide a place in Drillian

Mr. Silver #1 (Master) smiles at Miranda

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] the people I represent are not content to sit in the swamp somewhere

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] they desire a pleasant setting for their discussions

[Imari (Mike)] what do we look like? vishtani? lol

[Imari (Mike)] need a guide for the mist? hire us

Mr. Silver #1 (Master) nods at Imari, we have guides, and transportation

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] but we need a place that will be safe, secure and private

[Imari (Mike)] that was ooc

[Branwyn (Lisa)] For how many people and for how long?

[Imari (Mike)] i'm not going to keep clicking chat as and unchat as

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] 6 people for one week

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] it is a group called the Order of Purity

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] they would like to have a meeting to discuss a particular matter

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Would a nicely kept orchard house in the Jistelle Estates suit them?

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master) (to TMO only)] not ignoring your roll, he seems calm and confident to this point and now he seems to be a bit cautious after saying that name

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] The Jistille Estates is your home I beleive?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] There are stables and staff that can assist them during their stay.

Marisu (TMO) (to Master only)] no worries. She's just sitting making mental notes of the whole conversation for later recording.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Yes. it is.

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] if you could provide us with letters of accomodation please?

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] How about a ride ona ship?

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] your meeting could be over before you get anywhere particular

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] I am not certain that our members would like that

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] it will take a few days for them to complete their buisness

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Order of Purity. They are of the Kayugan faith?

[Imari (Mike)] isn't this house warded?

Branwyn (Lisa) wishes Tristan was here

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] They are from an older group

[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) cringes

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And would they be offering anything in return for this favor?

Mr. Silver #1 (Master) pulls out a small bag

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] tosses it onto the table

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] this is a payment for one weeks rental of the meeting place of your choice

[Imari (Mike)] ::picks up the bag and hands it to Indigo::

[Imari (Mike)] and bob, is our house warded?

Indigo (Lisa) looks back and forth at the group nervously and then looks in the bag

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] (no, not until you do so)

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] Indigo peeks inside and sees that it is full of gems

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (we need to discuss the possible spells in party)

Indigo (Lisa) puts the bag back on the table

[Imari (Mike)] well, let's use this payment to ward the house, then

[Imari (Mike)] it'd be a good idea for us to do that anyway

[Imari (Mike)] imari can do astral warding, but i don't remember how high you have to be do do permanency on a spell

Lisa has left the game on Fri Oct 24 20:03:02 EDT 2014

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] (will wait for her to come back but to others have questions for him?)

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (just depends on how long it lasts, permancy will be expensive)

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] So Mr. Silver, do you have any connections to the mage's guild

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] ?

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] (Lisa texted, she is trying to log back in but wants a moment)

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] Mr Silver, if I could interest you in a refereshment?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I think the Ambassador would like to take a moment to discuss things with her staff

Mr. Silver #1 (Master) nods

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] stands and bows to the table

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] Please do talk, but do not take too long, I would like to go back with an answer soon

[Master] Mr. Silver #1 moved 36'06".

[Master] Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 26'07".

[Master] Mr. Silver #1 and Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 15'00".

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (Hofman follows)

[Marisu]] (TMO) smiles brightly. "I'm sure it won't take long, Mr. Silver."

[Imari (Mike)] Not astral, etherial

[Imari (Mike)] not that i know the difference

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] [Hoffman]] moved 11'01".

Lisa has joined the game on Fri Oct 24 20:06:23 EDT 2014

Lisa is receiving the map New Residence second floor...

[Imari (Mike)] 7 turns/cast

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

Lisa has received the map New Residence second floor.

[Lisa] (sorry - had to reboot modem)

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (so that will work for meetings)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Who knows what the Order of Purity is?

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] .me shakes head

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] sounds anti something

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] which is never good

[Imari (Mike)] Daleks

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I was thinking Orchard House so we can get a report of what happened from Widow Washburn and Medoro

[Marisu]] (TMO) frowns. "I don't, but older than the Kayugan church, and needs protection from divination."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (sound all ethnic cleansing-like)

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] I just want to point out, that you will not and do not have to make everyone happy

Marisu (TMO)] And, just to be careful, I'd suggest picking a place not too close to the Queen. We don't want to endanger her any.

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

Marisu (TMO)] (oh... I have a suggestion, but it's not one I can make in character)

[Master] (out of charcter Mike and John remember this)

Marisu (TMO)] Count Drake

[Master] and make it out of charcter TMO

[Imari (Mike)] "Mr. Silver, can we work under the asumption that your associates do not wish to make a several week journey for their meeting?"

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (OH THAT PURITY)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We can set them up other places. But we would have less knowledge of what they were doing.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (he is outside)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (but he said one week)

[Master] meeting will take one week

Marisu (TMO)] (how far away is Drake? from here?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we would have to ask him - we can't just send them there)

[Master] checking but Drake's Estates is a week or two past Jistille

Marisu (TMO)] (probably too far then. But he'd be in no danger from them, and he might be willing and able to spy on them without their knowledge)

Marisu (TMO)] (and he's supposedly friendly to us)

[Master] (it is about 50 miles farther to Ghostwood than Jistille 425 to 475

[Master] miles

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (how do you know he would be in no danger? I know another little brotherhood group that hunts vamps)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We would be possibly putting someone in danger no matter where we sent them.

Marisu (TMO)] (I found a reference to an Order of Purity on the wiki, but no details)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But ... I do think they just want some privacy.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It is what they do after the meeting when they come back that is probably the bigger problem.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (2005 wow

Marisu (TMO)] (It's a Terraguard group, so Marisu wouldn't likely know anything about them)

[Master] in character no one knows anything about them

[Master] but out of character John and Mike can help you out

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So we cannot keep Mr. Silver waiting too long.

Marisu (TMO)] (Marisu's got them on her notes to research)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] My guess is that they wish to do something here that they do not want the priests her to know about.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] ( i do not remember any more than the name implies, I was trying to remember what they were purging)

Marisu (TMO)] That makes sense to me, Branwyn.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Divination runs rampant here.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (i want to say they are agaiinst Magic, I think)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] If we bring them home, and send messages to have our local people keep an eye on them, we may learn more.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that would be amusing)

[Master] (do you want a hint of a place ?)

[Master] I am an orphan, my mother died giving birth to my older brother

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We could always rent out Miller's for a week)

[Master] lol

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] I am warry, you want to help them but you also want to spy. You may be better at this politics than you think Branwyn

[Master] GMTA

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (oh stop - I already thought of that)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (and miller is biggest gossip in Drillian)

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles at Miranda and laughs "Or worse than anyone could imagine!"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Everything is a chance. Shall we take one?

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] did someone tell you to trust no one?

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] well taking a chance is no big deal

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Old Man Miller's might be better.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] but do you realy want to just be bought

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] do we really need money

[Master] 18-24 gems in that bag

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] I can imagine he is worth more than just money, if he is making this kind of deal

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] he could owe us ....... a favor

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (WOW! Someone would owe US a favor!)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that never happens)

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (smiles)

Marisu (TMO)] (so, are we in agreement then?)

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (of couse the way he said 'family')

[Master] [Hoffman]] moved 13'10".

Marisu (TMO)] (or rather, is Branwyn in agreement? ;) )

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] It is your choice Branwyn, I have given you my advise

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I think so - anyone opposed?)

Branwyn (Lisa) rings imaginary bell for Philippe

[Master] Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 18'00".

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] Yes Branwyn?

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] [Hoffman]] moved 6'01".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Will you show Mr. Silver back in please?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] Very well

[Master] Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 17'07".

[Master] Phillipe Gaston Enquire and Mr. Silver #1 moved 52'11".

[Master] Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 69'10".

Mr. Silver #1 (Master) warm smile and a nod of his head

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I do apologize for keeping you waiting. I hope you did enjoy the grounds.

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] This is one of the view places that I like in the City

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I do believe we can accommodate your friends' meeting.

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] Thank you

[Branwyn (Lisa)] After discussing it, there is an Inn that I think would do a bit better and I can arrange that they will not be disturbed by other guests for their time there.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Your offer is quite generous, but I don't think such a payment will be necessary.

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] I will trust your judgement

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] oh I insist

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] I would never ask you such a thing without offering a present

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It would be nice if we could consider this a favor and in the futiure we can count on your support?

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] you can always ask

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] no need to turn down this small gift

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] I am certain that we will spend some time with each other in the future

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I would hope so.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And I hope I do not disappoint in comparison to my predecessor.

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] I am certain that you will strive to do better

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] Did you know her well?

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] or just of her

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] We had met once or twice

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] I will return tomorrow for your letter of introduction for this Inn,

[Mr. Silver #1 (Master)] Thank you Marquessa Branwyn

[Master] Mr. Silver #1 moved 4'11".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You are quite welcome. It was a pleasure to meet you.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (hoffman escors him out)

[Master] Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 14'03".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (gone?)

[Master] Phillipe comes back after escorting Mr Silver out

[Master] you are alone

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Philippe, tell me about the Order of Purity.

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I have not heard of them

[Branwyn (Lisa)] In all your years here, nothing?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] no, I am sorry

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] sounds like a job for Ilero

Marisu (TMO)] I was just about to suggest that.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] There must be a library here somewhere. probably in the Grand Celestrty.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] smiles

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Branwyn is thinking books - lol)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Can either of you speak to him about it please?

Marisu (TMO)] If only Ilero knew about this mission, he might have gotten information gathering rather than cartography

Marisu (TMO)] (that was ooc)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He really should try to attend these meetings.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] :)

Marisu (TMO)] I'll do it if Miranda doesn't want to.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] oh no, you have a beter working realtionship

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] it has nothing to do with my ablity to understand him

[Marisu]] (TMO) smiles.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Philippe, I need you to write a letter of introduction for a group to stay at an Inn outside of Jistelle. At Redfern Lake. It's called Old Man Miller's.

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] Of course

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Is there any way I can get a letter ahead of them there.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I need him to clear out the tavern and inn for a full week to host these guests only. He needs to be paid by us.

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] You could teleport a letter to a courier

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] who could take it to them for you

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And he needs to keep his ears open and his mouth shut.

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] that would shave four or five days off the time

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Perfect.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (teloprt object is a higher level spell than Teloport?)

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] Who would you like to perform your teleport service?

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (what we need is a pool)

[Imari (Mike)] heheh. wrong part of the country for that

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (but at least we are in the right country)

Branwyn (Lisa) sighs "A mage for hire I suppose. You can arrange that? But I would like myself or Miranda there when it goes to make sure it goes and is not tampered with prior to casting

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] That is not a problem at all

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] do you have someone you trust in Rivers Bend? or perhaps somewhere in Drillian outside of The Mist?

Marisu (TMO)] Sarengar?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Sarengar?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] :)

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (Brother Foto?)

Marisu (TMO)] (you owe me a drink)

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] (grins, you can have Sarengar deliver for you yes)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we shall need to send him some gold as well)

Marisu (TMO)] (gems?)

Marisu (TMO)] (jingle jingle jingle goes the bag)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] If Ilero can appraise them perhaps.

[Master] so Mike and John do you want to tell them about the Order of Purity?

Marisu (TMO)] (the man in demand)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Not sure I want to accidentally send a 3000 gp gem to Miller.

Branwyn (Lisa) grins "Or Sarengar either"

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (no)

[Imari (Mike)] lol. should we?

[Imari (Mike)] as I recall they are a human only militant kind of group.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (and spoil the complete disaster I just walked into?)

[Master] nah it is over from your side of things now

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] rbr

[Master] just a bit of gems and money now

[Imari (Mike)] besides, we're mostly human. get rid fo the shorty and daisy eater, we're golden with them.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol)

[Master] so Mike what is the Order of Purity attempting to do?

[Master] with their tribunals

[Imari (Mike)] that i don't remember

[Imari (Mike)] but i'm guessing it's getting rid of non humans.

[Imari (Mike)] because they only like humans

[Master] no

[Master] John?

[Imari (Mike)] maybe breeding with other races to make them more human?

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (I said before I thought it was magic

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (are they paladins or priests?)

[Master] to be fair as John pointed out the last time anyone was involved with them was back in 04 and 05

Marisu (TMO)] IC: If the Order of Purity is against the Kayugan church, that might be some leverage we can play to keep the church distracted from Drillian as well.

[Master] very well then

[Master] I will let that mystery stay

[Master] I thought John and or Mike would be yelling at the screen about the Order

[Master] so now we can just let it be part of the new mysteries

Marisu (TMO)] (Ilero will be trying to make a contact that can gather information)

[Imari (Mike)] well then i'd say that's a pretty good memory. I think fin met up with them when he was building hisi area up and told them to shove off or something

[Master] yes to Mike

[Imari (Mike)] so for all i know they will be planning a raid on his area.

Marisu (TMO)] (If so, they probably would have done it a long time ago)

[Master] chucles that was a couple of years ago

[Master] in game time

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so if they only like humans - drake's place would have been disaster)

Marisu (TMO)] (but funny)

Marisu (TMO)] :D

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yes)

Marisu (TMO)] (Millar's may be just as funny)

[Master] and so

[Master] &&&&&&&&&&&

[Master] so John about your guard shifts

[Master] you never did answer the questions I asked

John Anstett I am not is charge, I am just managing

[Master] then who is in charge?

John Anstett Iiero

[Master] Hoffman is the head of the house

[Master] Ilero is in charge of intelligence

[Master] Hoffman is in charge of protection

[Master] as I understand it

John Anstett I would think the hier ups would have some opionon

[Imari (Mike)] what is galduk in charge of?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (which means that he can send someone following branwyn all over the place whether she likes it or not)

[TMO] Either way is fine. Did Ilero's suggestion make any sense?

[Master] smell

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Is it Galduk or Galdek?)

[TMO] You seemed to have it in good working order so I wasn't interfering too much. But if you want to hand it over just let him know and he'll take it from there.

John Anstett I was not sure of the diffrences, except it was a set schedule, which I was trying to avoid

John Anstett I am ok with being in charge of the guards, just not all the security

John Anstett I assume we would have some bagic back up

[Imari (Mike)] it's whatever i type at the moment. =P

[TMO] Then I'll let you finish up your list.

John Anstett plus the connections you were going to make

[Imari (Mike)] just ask bibo how bad i am at remembering my own characters' names

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I'm not good at any of that schedule stuff - but I did think if we had a choice of off duty city guards or mercenaries - city giards might be more useful)

John Anstett I sugest off duty city guards but I was nto sure if we had room to house them

[TMO] Ilero has no idea about magic, but he will definitely work on contacts

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (do we have to house them?)

John Anstett to save money

John Anstett and have them close seems good

[TMO] city guards may have a barracks already

John Anstett not that I expect troubble

[TMO] depending on the city

[Master] lol

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I expect trouble and think having some city guards on our payroll might be useful)

[Imari (Mike)] or that just gives the goldcloaks an in to kill us in our sleep

John Anstett with a total of 8 guards, two of which are female, and two are always on duty, we only need beds for 4

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (but not sure about housing them)

John Anstett not sure how everyone felt about that

[TMO] plusses and minuses. Would give them an in, and us a chance to pump them for info.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (they would have to go down in the basement with the sewer entrance and the lab and the other staff)

John Anstett it is a big house, and I do not see where we can have enough people to guard all the entrances

[John Anstett] is receiving the map New Residence first floor...

[John Anstett] has received the map New Residence first floor.

John Anstett that is why I have them as patrols

John Anstett we only need one more bed in the guard room on the first floor

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (there is no guard room on the first floor)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] that is your and leatherus' room

John Anstett and Barnabus

Lisa is receiving the map New Residence first floor...

Lisa has received the map New Residence first floor.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (is Guy keeping him?)

John Anstett (he is on the list

[Master] Guy is not keeping Leatherus

[Master] there will be a new PC for him to play when he is in

John Anstett you mean Barnibus

[Master] this is true also

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (how many entrances to cover?)

John Anstett sewer, front and back 1st floor

[TMO] could easily have a guard each at front and back, and ignore sewer for now if we lock it

John Anstett I thiohgt tristian had some guardian spells

[Lisa] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] you ahve the new portcullis on the water entrance

[Master] it sounds so much nicer that way than sewer entrance

[TMO] lol

John Anstett can we get whistles

[Master] so is it decided to get City Guards?

[Master] your options are City Guards

John Anstett yes

[Master] Mercenaries

[Master] or Sheriffs

[Master] or hire new NPC Fighters

John Anstett we do not want no stinking mercenaries

John Anstett ;)

John Anstett oh wait, we are mercenaries

[Master] so of the optins,

[Master] need an answer so we can move forward

[TMO] I don't know that we want any city guards on the water entrance, given we're most likely to use it for sneaky things.

John Anstett who do the sherifs work for

[Master] Sherriffs are out in the Principality

[Master] they work for the Prince

[TMO] so a trustworthy merc or npc fighters for it might be a better option there.

[Master] the City Guard word for the City Council

[TMO] gold cloaks for the public entrance.

John Anstett maybe we need to be realy PC and have one of each

Hoffman ([John Anstett])] Miss Branwyn?

[Master] she is AFK

[Master] waiting for your decision

[TMO] John, how about city guards for public entrances, and they don't live here, and a few merc/fighters for the water entrance/interior who do live with us?

[TMO] or, we have quite a few PC fighters. Maybe rotate them on the water entrance?

[TMO] we know they're trustworthy, I hope. ;)

[Imari (Mike)] here's an idea, hire a squad of dragonslayers

[Imari (Mike)] they'll be trustworthy

[TMO] they don't come cheap. ;)

[TMO] but that would be a logical choice

[TMO] and in emergencies it would give us a reserve pool of firepower to pull from

Hoffman ([John Anstett])] do they have anyone close by?

[Master] if that is directed at me then yes Branwyn is close by also Indigo

John Anstett I thik they were talking about other Dragonslayers

[Master] beyond that you would need to contact them

[Imari (Mike)] really?

[Imari (Mike)] really, bob?

John Anstett Ok so then two city guards, two Sherifs, living off site

John Anstett I will re work the schedule

[TMO] Ok. Feel free to keep bouncing it off Ilero.

John Anstett they will be expected to work 8 hours and day?

[Master] ok, so you can hire them at 1 GP a week

John Anstett a day

[Master] each

[TMO] can an off duty guardsman handle that workload?

[TMO] since they still have a real job to do too?

John Anstett good question

[TMO] we might need more, for shorter hours. Phillipe will probably be able to tell us.

[TMO] he's probably hired before

Hoffman ([John Anstett])] Excure me Philip?

Hoffman ([John Anstett])] Phillipe?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] yes?

Hoffman ([John Anstett])] Dis you have any issues with hiring guards prevously?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] not at all

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] the local guard captain is used to providing people for the various homes here in the Quarter

Hoffman ([John Anstett])] do the off duty guards or sherifs have an issue working split shifts

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] We have never had a Sheriff before,

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] they are from outside of the City

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] and most of the guards have come from the Guard Captain

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] he sends someone each day

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] if you want someone in particular each day that will cost a bit extra, 1 gp a week I would say

Hoffman ([John Anstett])] so we can just ask for shifts and the guards may change every day?

Hoffman ([John Anstett])] ah

[TMO] (that gets the predictibility out of the way, but gives a single bribe point - the captain.)

[TMO] (he could be bribed to give specific people, or we could bribe him to let us know if anyone tries)

Hoffman ([John Anstett])] (that is all you)

Hoffman ([John Anstett])] (hoffman is very trusting)

[TMO] (poor Ilero. He has such a terrible reputation as a sneaky thief... ;) )

Hoffman ([John Anstett])] I like the idea of diffrent people with only 4 hour shifts, if they are working a second job, better to be short shifts

[TMO] (I'll have to figure out how long it'll take him to think of that)

[TMO] (4 hour shifts probably about normal)

[TMO] (acutally, that might be up to the captain. Guard 1 is only available for 2 hours today, so he sends a replacement at 2 hours)

Hoffman ([John Anstett])] with a Hypogriphin in the stables, do we really need a guard at the back door

[TMO] (we just tell him we want 24 hour coverage, 2 guards at all times)

[TMO] (we're *really* paranoid after what happened to the last Drillian Ambassador)

Hoffman ([John Anstett])] but I want to use the Sherifs, we can not afford to look as if we are palying favorites, for Branwyn's sake

[TMO] (sounds like the sheriffs might not be normally used for this)

Hoffman ([John Anstett])] do we look normal to you?

[TMO] (point)

[Master] Sheriffs are not part of the City

[Master] they are part of the Principality

[TMO] so this is outside their jurisdiction

[TMO] ?

Hoffman ([John Anstett])] I understand, but they can come to the city to work or too far away?

[Master] yes to TMo yes to John

[TMO] what about city guards for in town, and sheriff or two when we travel?

[Master] nods

[Master] that would work

[Master] or if you get an estate house outside of the city

[Master] for the summer, etc

John Anstett so then a bell for visitors and a bell for troubble?

John Anstett or a whistle for trouble

[TMO] Branwyn will like a summer estate. More rent! :)

[TMO] I like bell + whistle

[Master] brb

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

John Anstett I know that game wize it may not be as fun to expect Indigo to protect Brawyn when she is in the city but I know she does not realy need protection

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[TMO] but it's also easily excused. We can explain away almost anything like that due to the murder

John Anstett and this frees up Tristian, Ilero Miranda to always be arround

John Anstett and Imari

[Master] so

[Master] 1 GP a week to the guard captian for an off duty person for the front door every day? all day long?

[Imari (Mike)] you were planning on sticking imari on guard duty?

John Anstett NO

John Anstett to Mike

[Master] John?

[Master] You are the Captain of the Guard

[TMO] don't we have 2 doors?

[Master] yes

John Anstett only 1 gp a week,we can have one for outside each door and we can patrol the inside ourselves

[Master] it is 1 Gp a week per guard

[TMO] what do you think about starting with 2 on each door for now?

[Master] you wanted 4 guards

[Master] just need a decision so we can move on

John Anstett 1 guard can not work 24 hrs

John Anstett are you saying 1 gp covers 24 hrs

[Master] no 1 Gp covers 1 guard, you wanted 4 guards

John Anstett each guard working 8 hours?

[Master] 6 hours

[TMO] wait. I think we're cross talking.

[Master] 24/4 equals 6

[TMO] 1 gp per week for a 24 hour guard position at the front door? Regardless of who it happens to be from time to time?

[Master] no

[Master] 1 GP per guard per week

John Anstett 6 hours a day

[Master] right

[TMO] so for 24 hour guarding, it would take 4 gp.

[Master] right

John Anstett for one door

[TMO] so, 4 guards at once, 2 on each door, would be 16 gp per week

[Master] you can have them walking around

[Master] but yes

[Master] if htey are standing there at one door yes

John Anstett i think we can afford that, sure 16 gp a week

[Master] ok

[Lisa] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] none of them live in the villa

[Branwyn (Lisa)] so none of our fighters ever have to take a guard shift

[Branwyn (Lisa)] good and done

[Master] they are bonus guards

[Branwyn (Lisa)] next?

[Master] John? TMO? Mike? which threads did you want to explore next?

John Anstett Guild

[TMO] our guards can watch the water entrance

[Imari (Mike)] the one that unravels the whole tapestry

[Imari (Mike)] although a thieves guild could be fun to take over and run from my roost

John Anstett MAGE!

[TMO] we can do Ilero on the site if you want. Since it's mostly just me with not much input from others.

[TMO] the Thieves' Guild, I mean

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (and marisu)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (she wanted to meet all the factions and take notes)

[TMO] (point)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (you will have to bring her along)

[TMO] Oh, that'll be good. Marisu, you needs dress uglier. Not good idea prance around in floofy clothes t'ere.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (you coming in next week when no one will be in? )

[TMO] I've got young kids. So I'll be back earlier, but still late.

[Master] Mike now that you are wounded will you be in next week?

[Imari (Mike)] not sure

[Imari (Mike)] all depends on how my ankle goes

[Master] so tonight do the Mages Guild and the Prince?

[Master] then next week do something else?

[Master] if we get tot he Prince

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (you think we can do two meetings?)

[Master] it depends

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we better get moving then)

[Master] so who is going to meet with the mages?

John Anstett Miranda

[Master] Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 3'03".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (uhhh - mages)

[Master] are you doing the initial meeting in the Salon?

[Master] Imari moved 9'09".

[Master] Indigo moved 8'09".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (thought we were coming to them)

[Master] Imari moved 111'08".

[Master] ok

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (will we ever leave the house?)

[Master] right now apparently

[Imari (Mike)] i'm sorry guys

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we live in lockdown in a miltary compound)

[Imari (Mike)] i'm starting to hurt. i gotta go lay down.

[Master] go Mike

John Anstett take care

[Master] see you next week we hope

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (sorry Mike)

[Master] let us know on the site

[Master] feel better

[Imari (Mike)] i'll see you guys next week or the week after

Mike has left the game on Fri Oct 24 21:58:00 EDT 2014

[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) dresses to impress

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (test)

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] map is loading

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (test)

[Marisu]] (TMO) is dressed as perfectly as always. ;)

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] can you see that now LIsa?

[Master] [Miranda Paige]] moved 10'10".

[Master] Joseph Shortkin moved 11'00".

[Master] Branwyn moved 12'04".

Lisa has left the game on Fri Oct 24 22:01:52 EDT 2014

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] TMO?

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] are you ok?

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] can you see that?

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] i do not have the map

Marisu (TMO)] I'm good

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] Miranda is on the map John

Marisu (TMO)] well, I can see text.

TMO is receiving the map Dryads-Lair-districts...

Lisa has joined the game on Fri Oct 24 22:02:37 EDT 2014

Lisa is receiving the map New Residence first floor...

TMO has received the map Dryads-Lair-districts.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] district map yes

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] that is the map you are on

Lisa has received the map New Residence first floor.

Marisu (TMO)] loaded district map

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] Lisa can you see the district map?

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] if not you can just chat at Branwyn

Lisa is receiving the map Dryads-Lair-districts...

Marisu (TMO)] (are we really that large a chunk of the Diplomatic Quarter, or are large chunks of it still hidden?)

[Lisa] I am back at the keyboard.

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] your Villa used to be the Prince's Palace a hundred years ago

[Lisa] is this the same map you had up at the beginning?

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] and yes you are that big of a chunk of the Quarter

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] and yes to Lisa

Lisa has left the game on Fri Oct 24 22:04:54 EDT 2014

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] same map as the beginning of ht enight

Lisa has joined the game on Fri Oct 24 22:05:15 EDT 2014

Lisa is receiving the map New Residence first floor...

Lisa has received the map New Residence first floor.

Marisu (TMO)] (wow. we're Important!)

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] Lisa you can just chat as Branwyn

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] no need to load the map

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] as it is causing you issues

[Lisa] not sure why it was loading fine at beginning of night and not now

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] so Joseph is there to lead you to the Mage's Guild

Marisu (TMO)] Thank you, Joseph.

Joseph Shortkin (Master) nods

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] you are welcome

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You both should be speaking freely. It's just a bunch of mages after all.

Branwyn (Lisa) grins

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You were very quiet Marisu with Mr. Silver.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] i appreciate that, I was afraid when I was not introduced

[Master] Joseph Shortkin, [Miranda Paige]], [Marisu]] and Branwyn moved 46'07".

[Master] Joseph Shortkin, [Miranda Paige]], [Marisu]] and Branwyn moved 58'09".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] They knew I was coming and probably want something from me so i got the original scroll is all.

[Master (to GM only)] Mages Guild moved 2'11".

Marisu (TMO)] I didn't really have any questions, so I just listened and watched. I made some notes, if you'd like to see them later. Probably nothing you didn't think of yourself, of course. But I'm going to try and keep notes on everything to see if we can spot anything that way.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] which scroll?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The scroll inviting me to join the guild. From the morning meeting.

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles "They have promised me a spell."

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] of course

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] (brb quick drink)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] If I join of course and who knows what that will cost.

Branwyn (Lisa) shakes her head "All this joining!"

Marisu (TMO)] I also didn't know how he would have reacted to being questioned by someone my age, when you were standing right there.

Marisu (TMO)] He might have thought it impertinent.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] there is so much none of us know

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I suppose. I just don't want you to think you must remain quiet. There is so much guess work of what everyone is thinking. It is too much sometimes.

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] b

[Marisu]] (TMO) nods. "I'll speak up if I have anything pertinent to add, Branwyn."

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] These mages are a persnickety lot

Marisu (TMO)] How so, Joseph?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Or for entertainment purposes, sometimes something impertinent is also fine.

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] they are unhappy with their standing in the city

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] but there is only so much they can do with the Grand Celestry right there on the hill

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] but everyone wants them for their magic

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] it is as it usualy is

Marisu (TMO)] Who is the leader of the Mages Guild?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Midguard the Magnificent?

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] The Magisterial Master of Magic is his title

[Master] Joseph Shortkin, [Miranda Paige]], [Marisu]] and Branwyn moved 19'05".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The Prince has a Court Mage, doesn't he?

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] Joseph brings you down the street, and through an alley to a building

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] Oh yes Branwyn

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] there is a Court Mage that is dependent on the Prince

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] the Magisterial Master of Magic, MMM, is often in competition with him

Branwyn (Lisa) laughs "That should be fun"

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] the building is a tall wooden structure

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] interesting

[Mage #1 (Master)] the door opens,

[Mage #1 (Master)] Can I help you?

[Mage #1 (Master)] OH

[Mage #1 (Master)] Branwyn the Mysterious

[Mage #1 (Master)] how nice of you to join us

[Mage #1 (Master)] (anyone can set up spells now, knowing you will vist the mage guild today)

[Mage #1 (Master)] who are your companions?

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] I am Miranda Page

Marisu (TMO) (to GM only)] Character sheet for [Marisu]] modified: Spells - CHANGED: Copy -- # Memorized: 1 (0), CHANGED: Sleep -- # Memorized: 0 (+1),

Marisu (TMO) (to GM only)] Character sheet for [Marisu]] modified: Spells - CHANGED: Message -- # Memorized: 1 (0), CHANGED: Read Magic -- # Memorized: 1 (0), CHANGED: Sound Bubble -- # Memorized: 1 (0),

Marisu (TMO) (to GM only)] Character sheet for [Marisu]] modified: Spells - CHANGED: Copy -- # Memorized: 0 (1), CHANGED: Read Magic -- # Memorized: 0 (1),

Marisu (TMO)] spells set

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett]) (to GM only)] Character sheet for [Miranda Paige]] modified: Magical Abilities - CHANGED: 1 -- Current: 4 (0). CHANGED: 2 -- Current: 2 (0).

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] This is Marisu

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Branwyn modified: Spells - CHANGED: Detect Secret Passages and Portals -- # Memorized: 1 (2), CHANGED: Otto's Silver Tongue -- # Memorized: 0 (1), CHANGED: Polymorph Other -- # Memorized: 1 (0), CHANGED: Read Magic -- # Memorized: 1 (0),

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (sorry - spells)

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (you have a lot more to set up)

[Mage #1 (Master)] (all ready? let us start again)

[Mage #1 (Master)] Hello Branwyn, how nice of you to join us, who are your companions

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] I am Miranda Page

[Marisu]] (TMO) smiles. "Marisu Doeskin, sir."

Marisu (TMO)] (brb)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It is nice to have been invited. May I introduce Miranda Paige who has been with me for many years at the Jistelle Estates and a first rate mage in her own right.

[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) smiles and nods

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And the Countess Marisu Doesskin from Drillian who has been with us this last year.

[Mage #1 (Master)] Welcome to the Guild at Dryads Lair

[Mage #1 (Master)] we are a chapter of the greater Magnus Club of Terraguard

[Mage #1 (Master)] I look forward to hearing of your adventures out in the wilderness

Branwyn (Lisa) nods and smiles though none of it means anything to her

[Mage #1 (Master)] Drillian is such a frightful place

Branwyn (Lisa) laughs

[Mage #1 (Master)] of course you will want to be applying for membership

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Not all of it.

[Mage #1 (Master)] that can be handled later for you

[Mage #1 (Master)] I am not certain your companions are ready for that though

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And your name?

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] I am MIdguard the Magnificent, I was the one who invited you to join our guild

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] I am certain that you will be an excellent companion here

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] Please come in side

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles warmly "I had hoped that you would be available. I apologize for the short notice before our arrival."

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] all that is needed is proof of your magic

[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) follows Branwyn

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] a simple working please

[Marisu]] (TMO) brings up the rear.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] before comming inside?

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] nods, we cannot just let anyone in

[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) steps back

Branwyn (Lisa) thinks about the entrance six feet behind Midguard

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn casts a spell against : Dimension Door: I can teleport up to (30*10) 300 yards away.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I'm in)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] :)

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] grins

Marisu (TMO)] Would you like us to cast as well, sir?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (you know I'm going to have fun with this)

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] [Miranda Paige]] casts a spell against : Mirror Image: For (5*3) 15 rounds, (1d4+(5/3)) [1d4=3] 4.666666666666667 additional images of me surround me which you might hit.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] do you have room for all of us?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (nice!)

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] everyone does need to demonstrate some skills

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] Thank you Miranda

Marisu (TMO)] (why did I lose the view of the characters on the left?)

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (try moving the mouse over it)

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] click on the map and hit the number 1

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] that turns the campaign tree on and off

[Master] Mages Guild moved 4'02".

[Master] Branwyn moved 5'01".

[Master] [Miranda Paige]] moved 9'09".

[Master] [Marisu]] moved 5'07".

[Master] Joseph Shortkin moved 3'08".

[Master] Midguard the Magnificent moved 19'02".

Marisu (TMO)] (it's moving the map 1 pixel to the left)

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] num locks

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] the tilda turns the icon bar at teh bottom on and off

Marisu (TMO)] [Marisu]] casts a spell against : Message: For (4*5) 20 rounds I can whisper to (4) 4 targets within (30+(4*10)) 70 feet without being overheard.

[Marisu]] (TMO) whispers to Midguard, "Please sir, may I enter the Mage's Guild?"

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] nicely done Marisu

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] shall we go in ?

[Marisu]] (TMO) whispers, "Thank you."

[Master] Midguard the Magnificent moved 1'11".

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] lead the way

[Master] Joseph Shortkin moved 1'08".

Joseph Shortkin (Master) conjours up a small flame that dances along his forearm and up to his shoulder

[Marisu]] (TMO) messages Branwyn, "This might be the first spell I've cast since I joined you."

Midguard the Magnificent (Master) raises his eyebrow

Branwyn (Lisa) looks back at Joseph is surprise and then checks herself

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] and welcome?....

Branwyn (Lisa) thinks about the Ambasadoe's murder

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (got me so shooken up I can't type)

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] Oh Joseph, were you ok waiting outside?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (he's a witch!)

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] (lol)

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (sorry)

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] I will be comfortable inside thank you

Marisu (TMO)] (Branwyn, my mind went to the same place)

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles at Joseph "We must talk more at home. I am intrigued."

[Marisu]] (TMO) reaches out a hand near the flame to see if she can feel heat coming off it.

Joseph Shortkin (Master) bows

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] the flame flickers out

Branwyn (Lisa) lets a flame dance across her fingertips "Flames are so much fun."

Branwyn (Lisa) waves her hand and makes hers disappear as well

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] very well

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] let us go downstairs

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] he leads you through the doorway

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] and up a set up stairs

Marisu (TMO)] (up is down?)

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] then across a small room and to another set of stairs going down

Marisu (TMO)] (or is down up?)

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] he takes you down two flights of stairs

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] and you are in a large stone walled room, there is a desk and cabinet with a woman sitting at the desk

John Anstett love to stay but it is late, sorry

John Anstett have fun

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (oh no!)

John Anstett good night

[Guild Enforcer #1 (Master)] So Midguard, who did you drag in this time?

Marisu (TMO)] (cya John)

[Guild Enforcer #1 (Master)] at least you are bringing in numbers if not quality

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (night John)

[John Anstett] has left the game on Fri Oct 24 22:45:08 EDT 2014

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] Ahhh

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] you should know who I bring,

Midguard the Magnificent (Master) wags a finger at her

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] Although I was surprised by our dark fellow here

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] I did not think to check his status

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] but Zimm you will be happy to meet Branwyn the Mysterious

Midguard the Magnificent (Master) bows in introduction

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] She has chosen to grace us with her prescense

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] presence

Midguard the Magnificent (Master) goes to teh cabinet and opens it up

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] pulls out a scroll

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] closes the cabinet up again

Branwyn (Lisa) eyes Zimm "You need not be happy to see me if you do not wih to be"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (wish)

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] walks over to Branwyn and hands her the scroll

[Guild Enforcer #1 (Master)] if you can pass the tests then it will be a very good thing for the guild

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles at Midguard "Is it?"

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] Now Zimm you know she is not ready today

Branwyn (Lisa) looks back at Zimm, "I must take a test?"

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] she has lived in The Mist for far too long

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Practical or oral?

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] she will use this opportunity to learn what she missed and then she will be ready to join us

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] as a full member of the Magnus Club

[Guild Enforcer #1 (Master)] you are of course encouraged to participate Branwyn the Mysterious

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And what exactly have I missed?

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] you may become a paying member

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] for your self and your apprentices

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] three is it?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] They are not my apprentices.

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] you are expected to bring at least 2 new spells to the guild....

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] excuse me?

Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master) gestures to Miranda, Marisu & Jospeh

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] they are here with you, they are obviously inferior to you

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] you are a highly skilled mage

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] have they failed you in some way?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I did not even know Joseph could cast until a moment ago and even what he cast could have been a simple cantrip.

[Marisu]] (TMO) messages Branwyn, "If it will make things easier, you could just list us on the papers as apprentices."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Joseph are you a mage?

Marisu (TMO)] (this spell will last a loong time... ;) )

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] I am adept with several spells

[Master] Illustrious Madam Zimm moved 56'11".

[Master] Illustrious Madam Zimm targets Midguard the Magnificent . Distance: 5'05"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I think you are more akin to Marisu than myself by the sounds of it.

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] Very well so Branwyn the Magnificent

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] I appologize

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Do all of us need to pass these tests?

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] the Mysterious

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] you have already passed the test to join the guild

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] to be a member of the Magus Club there is an additional test

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] that apparently Midguard has ensured you will pass

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] now that he has supplied you with your missing part

Branwyn (Lisa) runs her fingers down the scroll

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] we will schedule that another day however

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I see.

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] I will register you and your three apprentices

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] there will be a 5 gp fee for registering,

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And the fees for the guild and the Magus Club?

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] and a 5 gp per month fee for you and your apprentices

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (sorry)

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] the Magus Club will come later

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] you will need to qualify first

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] you are expected to bring two new spells to the guild

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] for our members to add to the library

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] and of course you have full use of our library

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Joseph, do you wish to join a guild as my apprentice? You have lived so long here without it I am not sure you want to join.

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] and the labratory

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] but you will need to pay for any breakage

Branwyn (Lisa) turns back to Zimm "Of course"

Joseph Shortkin (Master) looks at Branwyn with a slight startlement

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Joseph?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I don't want to make you do anything you are not fully prepared for.

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] I would be..... glad to join as your apprentice

Branwyn (Lisa) claps her hands "Wonderful! "

Branwyn (Lisa) turns back to Zimm "We shall join."

Marisu (TMO)] Does this mean Branwyn is responsible if we break anything in the laboratory?

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] Midguard you will handle the fees

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] yes she is responsible for the three of you here at the Guild, in all Guild matters

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I will speak with Midguard regarding the spells? How will I know what is unique to your library?

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] Unique? if you can do that then you are better than Midguard promised

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Then I can give you any spell?

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] He said you would be a new Magus for us, that you were only missed the one part

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] we can arrange for the test later on next month

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] to give you time to prepare and schedule it

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Certainly.

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] I do understand you have other duties here in the City

[Branwyn (Lisa)] There is always time for magic.

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] I told you I scryed her and she was not able to complete the test

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] with this spell she will be fine

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] now I will escort Branwyn the Mysterious back upstairs

Marisu (TMO)] May I ask a quick question?

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] yes? if Branwyn allows it

Branwyn (Lisa) nods

Marisu (TMO)] How could someone block scrying? One of the strange things is that we haven't been able to get clear information about Ambassador Waverlyn's death. I was wondering how hard it was for someone to block scrying.

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] There are several options

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] what I would do, and what I suspect was done in the case of the Ambassadors murder

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] is to create a duplicate

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] so that any scrying spell will have a hard time focusing on which is the correct

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] similar to what Miranda did with her spell

[Marisu]] (TMO) checks Joseph out of the corner of her eyes, just in case.

Marisu (TMO)] [Marisu]]: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=10] 10 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 17!!

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] of course a true seeing will defeat that but you must be there to do that

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master) (to TMO only)] Joseph is standing there listening to everything raptly

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] Really Midguard, it is a wonder you ever passed your tests

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] a scrying spell through a crystal ball can use a true seeing with no impediment

Marisu (TMO)] (are they done?)

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] (yes)

Marisu (TMO)] (k)

[Marisu]] (TMO) nods her head. "Thank you both for the information. It's very helpful."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Yes, I suppose someone has to learn those types of spells.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Never seemed to find the time for those types of things myself.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you very much for seeing us. It has been a pleasure.

[Illustrious Madam Zimm (Master)] I look forward to seeing what you bring us

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] Let me show you the way out

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] He takes you down a set of stairs

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] down a short hallway

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] and up another set of stairs to the room you came in

[Branwyn (Lisa)] /as they walk she asks "What is so different about the Magus Club as opposed to regular membership?"

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] Oh membership in the Guild is open for everyone

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] we have many apprentices and lesser mages

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] to be a registered member of the Magus Club means you will be recognized throughout any Guild in Terraguard

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] I am certain you will enjoy the opportunity to meet mages from all over the Kingdom

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] the test will be so simple for you now

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] 5 basic spells,

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] detect magic, dispel magic, teleport, one spell for offence, one spell for defence, simple really for you

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] now that you have that teleport spell

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] well I will see you soon,

Branwyn (Lisa) laughs loudly

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] have a good day

[Master] Midguard the Magnificent moved 6'11".

[Master] Midguard the Magnificent targets Illustrious Madam Zimm. Distance: 1'10"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] No Magus Club for me Midguard

[Master] He is inside

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we are outside?)

[Master] yes

Branwyn (Lisa) still laughing

[Master] [Miranda Paige]] moved 9'10".

[Master] Branwyn moved 11'07".

[Master] [Marisu]] moved 10'05".

[Master] Joseph Shortkin moved 14'04".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He gave me a very nice gift and I will never be a member of the club.

Marisu (TMO)] How come?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I can't make magic go away.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I just create it.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But i just received a very nice teleport scroll.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Some scrying work he did!

Marisu (TMO)] That seems like an odd problem for a mage of your power.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Not very exact.

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] He said that you were missing something for your test

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It's not a problem for me.

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] he must have thought that it was only....

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I thought he meant the teleport.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Which is why he gave me the scroll.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I can't pass the test without that one either.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But we have all gotten memberships to the Guild at a price less than a table at the Feast of Broodhoy!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Quite a bargain.

[Marisu]] (TMO) laughs.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And you Jospeh! You mustn't keep secrets from me.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Now that you are my apprentice, you must give me a demonstration in the courtyard.

Joseph Shortkin (Master) shakes his head

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] I would not feel right

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I'd like to see what you can really do.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You wanted in.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Otherwise you would have stayed outside on the street.

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] I merely thought to come inside with you

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] I did not think that it was a chance to join the guild

[Branwyn (Lisa)] When I asked in the office you could have said no.

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] and the only thing we know now is that they want to disguise the size of their quarters

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] it would be impolite to disagree in public

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] I understand that if I do attend it will be taken from my wages

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Don't be silly. You are one of us. It comes from the household funds.

Marisu (TMO)] That was an interesting looking spell you did, Joseph. What was it?

Marisu (TMO)] [Marisu]]: Persuasion check: (d20) [1d20=9] 9 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] It is merely a bit of magic I taught myself at home

Marisu (TMO)] Branwyn has a liking for fire magic, I hear. She may be able to help you expand that talent of yours.

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] there was a wisewoman in the village who passed on bits and pieces to me

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And now that there is a library in the house, can I expect to find you there?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You can read magic?

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] no I cannot read

[Marisu]] (TMO) giggles. "Without the flaming hands though, please."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] In a village near here or where you grew up?

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] where my mother raised me, far from our home

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Where was that?

Marisu (TMO)] (is Message still active?)

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] (how many hours does it last?)

Marisu (TMO)] (20 rounds)

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] We traveled with a band of gypsies when I was born, that is what I remember

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] (then it is over)

Marisu (TMO)] (ok)

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] we stayed in a place with vineyards for several years

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] then my mother got me a posistion on a pirate ship

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] and I sailed with them for a year

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] until they were captured

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] they mistook me for a captive so I had them put me ashore here in Dryads Lair

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Can you sail a ship?

Marisu (TMO)] That sounds like a fascinating story, Joseph.

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] I can follow orders

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] I can cook and clean

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And Philippe found you and took you in?

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] actually Atribella did

[Branwyn (Lisa)] How long have you been with the household?

[Master] [Miranda Paige]], Joseph Shortkin, [Marisu]] and Branwyn moved 207'03".

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] for 3 years now

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So I am your third Ambassador?

Joseph Shortkin (Master) smiles

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] nods

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I suppose its too early to ask which you like best?

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] I am glad to serve you as the Ambassador

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] I have never lived in a Palace before

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Ohh. That is not what I want to hear.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] What was your first Ambasador like?

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] Master Crinkin was a nice gentleman

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] (actually no, I am not sure when "Mistress" Waverlyn started, sorry will have to check )

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (hah! not fun to get asked all these questions is it?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] :)

[Master] chuckles

Marisu (TMO)] (was he left handed??? We MUST KNOW!)

[Master] I will have to review but I think that Waverlyn was ambassador for several years,

[Master] so Joseph would have served her then you

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (okay - switch to Waverlyn)

[Master] I know she was already ambasador when Mosskin took over as Queen

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Phillipe says she didn't like fighters or mages or much of anything it seems.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Philippe says she was capable.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Sounds a bit boring to me.

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] "Mistress" Waverlyn was very intelligent, she was always thinking three steps ahead of everyone around her

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But was she kind?

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] she beleived that the Priesthood was the power of the Kingdom

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] she was not cruel if that is what you are asking

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Was she a priestess herself?

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] no

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] not that I know of

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] she prayed regularly

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] daily

Marisu (TMO)] Did she have a favorite patron?

Marisu (TMO)] (patron god, if that wasn't clear)

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] she would say that if you could balance the four religions like rooks on the board, that the kingdom would be always at tension and so at peace

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] I am not sure

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] she always attended the large feast days

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] the priests liked having her there as an example to the other people from outside of the city

Marisu (TMO)] I would imagine so. Were there any factions here you know of who didn't like her?

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] she tried to stay on good terms with everyone

Branwyn (Lisa) nodded at Marisu "And if her balancing act tipped too far out of her control, she could have enemies."

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] she never left the city

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] so there was always someone to speak with

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Are you religious Joseph?

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] of course isn't everyone?

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] who cannot beleive in teh power of the gods when it is demonstrated every day in front of us

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles "Not everyone."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And not everyone follows the Kayugan faith. Since you were not raised here...

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] I follow the gods of my mother

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] Though I have never seen those lands

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] I should be helping with dinner

Marisu (TMO)] Would it be rude of me to ask which gods? I'm sorry, but your story is so interesting I find myself very curious.

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] this new girl Jilly is ..... interesting,

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] she has ideas on how things should be

Marisu (TMO)] [Marisu]]: Persuasion check: (d20) [1d20=12] 12 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] that I am not used to

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] perhaps another time Miss Marisu, when we have more time

Marisu (TMO)] Of course, Joseph. Please, feel free to come visit me whenever. I'd like very much to hear more about Dryads Lair and other lands.

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] He leaves you in the courtyard

[Joseph Shortkin (Master)] and goes down the stairs to the servants quarters

Marisu (TMO)] He doesn't like talking about himself, does he?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] No

Marisu (TMO)] That's most people's favorite subject.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] he has gypsy magic

Marisu (TMO)] I don't know anything about that kind of magic.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Not a popular topic

Marisu (TMO)] Is it different from yours?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] his mother gave him to pirates

Branwyn (Lisa) shrugs "Magic is magic. But he did not learn like we did."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I am surprised they let him in with that tiny flame.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Anyone can learn to cantrip and light a candle if they learn.

Marisu (TMO)] It went up his whole arm, though.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (did it? missed that)

Marisu (TMO)] (I thought so. Up to the shoulder)

Marisu (TMO)] (I might have misread)

[Master] (yes started at palm and walked up arm to his shoulder)

Marisu (TMO)] (single flame, or whole arm on fire?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I missed that completely)

[Master] single flame

Marisu (TMO)] (I did misread. I read it as whole arm on fire)

Marisu (TMO)] (Branwyn is closer to right then. Small flame)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That's why I want to see what he can really do.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He is going to practice.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Whether he likes it or not.

Marisu (TMO)] If.. it wasn't him that started the fire at the old mansion.

Marisu (TMO)] I wonder though.. could he have done that by accident if he was surprised or shocked at seeing Ambassador Waverlyn dead?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Twice?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Someone set her on fire and then the house. Two spells.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Two 'whooshes' according to Philippe

Marisu (TMO)] Yes. I thought maybe fireball, but they probably wouldn't have survived that.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] There are all sorts of fire spells. I have a book of Scarlet's spells in the library. She used to toss smaller fires around.

[Master] Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 65'08".

Marisu (TMO)] I don't know any fire magic, I'm afraid.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We shall all need to think on this.

Marisu (TMO)] I'm trying to write down everything I can think of that might be useful. It might wind up overloading us, but hopefully something useful will be found in it.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It is a good thing. Please do.

[Master] well I can close this down and save it to make it a bit easier for you also

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But I'll tell you. He wants to cast.

Marisu (TMO)] I'll talk with him some more, see if I can get him to open up a bit as well.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He could have easily stood outside but he wanted in badly. Bad enough to tip his hand.

Marisu (TMO)] It was a wooden tower. I hope they have fire protection magic on.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Can you imagine knowing magic and never being able to use it.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He must be aching to cast something. Anything.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I will give him the chance.

Marisu (TMO)] I have a hard time imagining being able to cast a lot of magic sometimes. My talent is much smaller.

Marisu (TMO)] It's useful sometimes, but usually not so much.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Your talents are spread out more. It is a good thing.

Marisu (TMO)] Oh, I'm definitely glad I have them. They suit me.

Marisu (TMO)] But I'll never be a world-class mage.

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles "you're too nice for that"

[Marisu]] (TMO) smiles. "They certainly did seem like they had a hard time remembering what 'nice' was, didn't they?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] They are what they are and they only get worse when they run in packs

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But I was also surpised that Joseph noticed that bit about the house.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He is very good.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Of course they are not going to open the doors wide to first time guests.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But I didn't want to feed him too many complements too soon.

Marisu (TMO)] No. It took me a minute to figure out what Joseph meant, actually. Going up one floor, then down 2 to make it look like we went farther down.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He shall have to do some casting for me first.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (but Bob probably wants to close down)

Marisu (TMO)] (nahhh, it's only midnight. ;) )

Marisu (TMO)] (he's good for another few hours)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol)

[Lisa] he may have already fallen asleep

Marisu (TMO)] (I was just about to say that)

Marisu (TMO)] (but... I want my xp! She should probably go up a level!)

[Master] smile

[Lisa] just sent his phone ringing

[Master] had a different box open

[Master] could not respond here

[Master] will do XP in just a moment

Marisu (TMO)] (np)

[TMO] And I'll start up Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-RP on the site later on this week.

[Lisa] lol

[TMO] I'll be in Austin for a few days for a conference, so my evenings will probably be pretty empty.

[Master] chuckles

[Lisa] if you think you will be in for the last half next week - I'm good with watching Ilero work

[TMO] sitting in a hotel watching tv

[Lisa] sometimes hard to have active conversations on website

[Lisa] for the quick repartee

[Lisa] that Ilero is known for

[TMO] true true. But don't want to monopolize the evening either.

[Lisa] don't be silly

[TMO] you're here to game also

[Master] Indigo XP award: 100. Next level in 29194.

[Master] [Hoffman]] XP award: 150. Next level in 114007.

[Master] Imari XP award: 150. Next level in 41592.

[Master] [Marisu]] XP award: 150. Next level in 22.

[Master] Branwyn XP award: 250. Next level in 86552.

[Master] [Miranda Paige]] XP award: 150. Next level in 7272.

[Lisa] and will be in early

[TMO] gah!!!

[Lisa] LOL

TMO throttles Bob

[Master] LOL

[Master] Next week it will only be the two of you most likely

TMO whimpers in the corner.

[Master] unless Eric logs in late

[Lisa] all she has to do is sneeze next week

[TMO] Achoo!

Marisu (TMO)] Achoo!

[Master] have a great night guys

[Lisa] lol


[Lisa] goodnight!

[TMO] g'nite

Lisa has left the game on Sat Oct 25 00:13:43 EDT 2014

[TMO] cya

[TMO] thanks for the game

[Master] anytime

TMO has left the game on Sat Oct 25 00:13:57 EDT 2014

XP awarded