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Oghma - Celtic - Priests - Gods

Oghma, whose epithet, Grianainech, means “of the sun-like countenance,” is the god of eloquence and language. His speeches and words carry great weight with his listeners, and he is often depicted as having gold chains between his tongue and the ears of his listeners; Celts have great respect for the powers of persuasive speech that Oghma personifies. He has the power to communicate his ideas accurately and quickly, swaying any number who hear him to his cause. Oghma invented the beautiful Oghma script which can be easily carved into stone or wood, especially at places devoted to his worship. Oghma is also known to be a champion, both as a warrior and as a patron of ideas.

Role-playing Notes:

Oghma enjoys visiting and speaking to his flock in the form of his avatar. He strengthens their collective resolve to worship him, and teaches his priests the arts of his lettering and persuasiveness. Oghma seeks justice and will occasionally go out of his way to see that it is done. He will champion small causes at times, even those that affect but one village with only a few worshippers, if an injustice is brought to his attention.

Gods Information

Alignment: NG
Worshiper's Alignment: any Good
Area of Control: speech, writing
Symbol: Celtic chalice

Avatar Information

Oghma’s avatar is an old man, his grey hair is all but gone and he has dark, wrinkled skin. He carries a bow and club, and wears a lion’s skin. His spells can come from any school of magic.

Str 18/50 Dex 17 Con 17
Int 18 Wis 18 Cha 17
MV 12 SZ 6' MR 30%
AC 2 HD 15 HP 110
#AT 1 THAC0 5 Dmg 1d6(club)+3

Special Att/Def: Oghma’s avatar can charm anyone who can hear him. Victims must save versus spells or be charmed, and Oghma’s avatar may continue to speak every round until silenced, subdued, or killed.

Worshipers Requirements

Requirements: Wis 9+ Alignment: any Good
Turning: nil
Armor: any
Weapons: club, bow

Major: All, Animal, Charm, Combat, Creation, Divination, Elemental (all), Guardian, Healing, Law, Plant, Protection, Summoning, Sun, Thought, War, Wards
Minor: spheres the priest has limited access to (1st - 3rd level only)

1 - friends once per day

3 - charm person once per day

8 - mass charm once per day

Duties of the Priesthood

Priests of Oghma are expected to hold their congregations in line with the persuasive powers of their order. Oghma does not tolerate losing worshippers to other gods in the pantheon, and deals out strict punishment to those priests who let their flocks wander.

Known Worshipers

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Note: These roleplaying notes are taken from the Legends and Lore Book, the Monster Mythology Book and many other reference sources; it also incorporates many alterations to those works. The information is provided in this layout for existing players ease of use and access to campaign details.