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Ongoing KloOge Projects

This is a list of the changes we would like to see in KloOge. Most of them involve one of us rewriting the Def File to add these features. KloOge Character Sheets will be most effected by these changes as we add or subtract things.

Priority Items:

Chat - what do we want to see exactly?

The parts that i want to work properly first are getting combat right. (+ bonuses and - bonuses working)

I believe this has been done. Bring any errors to our attention for fixing. - TMO

Combat changes? - do we want to put in rule changes about movement and attacks? or keep it to the current move then attack?

New things would be:

  • Weapon in Hand ***is this properly implemented?*** yes
  • Weapon length/reach
    • combine with threatened areas and weapon in hand
    • change from an auto 5 foot radius to a tag from the Character Sheet Weapons
  • Threatened area ***is this properly implemented?*** currently 5 foot
  • auto target threatened icons ***is this properly implemented?*** auto targets enemies within 5 foot range
  • Knockdowns
    • auto roll the knockdown when the damage roll is made
    • compare the result to the target's size/knock down number
    • auto roll save v paralization to see if knocked down
  • bonus attacks/natural d20
    • should currently say roll again, can we have it automatically re-roll again?

I think this is one bundle of things that will work once we know how to set up the weapons properly. Comparing to the 4th edition and 3.5 edition things will be very helpful, and once this is done most of combat is handled in a clean way that people do not need to know any rules. Just move forward and attack who you want.

Then the next ideas to tackle:

  • spells
How to handle this with the data lists for imports
how to make the lists on the dice panel work better
add back to right click menus?

spell database project

Data Lists to complete

  • Spells
  • Armor {Armor Data Files}
  • Weapons
  • Skills
  • Theme/skins
    • to make Klooge look more like this site
    • find/make new icons to reflect our game
    • also make Image Sharing theme/skin match this site
  • script for movement distances (flash a warning when moving more than half for example
  • effect scripts for range modifiers
    • turn into one large combat script?
      • weapon ranges
      • flanking/rear bonus
  • armor effects for type of weapon

I think these are three nice features that make the game feel better. The last couple obviously only work if the earlier things do. The theme/skin for the game I would like to match the website, the look and feel for KloOge to meld better with that. Our own custom buttons on the icon table, right click tables for what we want, with hot keys for common things.

  • Calendar effects over multiple days
  • Encumbrance calculations with appropriate effects

Both of these make the long term game effects work better without any work by the players. Training on something, building, learning, long term spell effects, poison or curses, all would flow more seamlessly.

We are drifting farther and farther away from a true 2.0 or 2.5 game, and I want to make sure that the new bits all are properly accounted for and noted in the Def file why they are there and how they work. We should take out anything we don't need rather than leaving it in.