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Stretching Their Legs Era

From 18-3-339 SKR to 2-4-339 SKR

This story was the second story of the Stretching Their Legs after the Norjak adventure. It was a chance to explore a new race and develop the swamp environment a bit more. The characters started off by Foriso Fairhand getting a task by his mentor in exchange for some training. He was told to go in search of Black Dagger of Sardix. This quest was presented to the group by a cloaked figure who turned out to be a Yuan-Ti. He gave the group the task of assassinating his head priest so that he could take over that position. After some debate the group took the job and assembled their gear.

(I will let the players describe the first couple of days of the journey)

Upon returning home the group dealt with issues during the Home Stories time.

Discusion Threads

Character Quotes

Foriso Fairhand ((crap i should have gone right to the last boat and then gone back to imari))
Branwyn (would have been nice)
Branwyn (sudden love for Imari?)
Foriso Fairhand ((no just figured her spells might have been more useful))
Branwyn this is why non-mages shouldn't have spells :)

Feed Back & Recollections

I was inspired to run this adventure because I always wanted to use the race of Yuan-Ti and the players had never ventured into that part of the world in the past. I spent time trying to research how I could explain so the players would be able to envision a totally different way of viewing the world. Both the difference of the cold blooded races and warm blooded races plus the way a snake-like race would want to live.

I knew the travel to the temple would be a large part of the challenge for the group. Sure enough at one point the entire group was held captive by Lizard Men and I was faced with the dilemma of how to handle the negotiations of the group trying to win their freedom without handing it to them on a platter with the obvious alternative of being forced to create new characters. It was a challenging time. The characters were surprised by a group of lizard men which overwhelmed them and captured them. The battle took most of one night's session, the next week they tried to escape while being taken to a Witch which took up a large amount of time and then the next session they tried a second escape from the Witch's clutches. Three nights worth of combats and complicated interactions. I wrote a post about this over in the Dragonslayer Thoughts section of the site called What Went Wrong? That discussion helped everyone clear the air and we were able to move forward and back into some excellent roleplay.

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