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Orcs with pointy ears

Trade Wars Era

8-9-1259 TGR - 11-9-1259 TGR

This story was the first minor story arc of the Trade Wars era. The group did some investigating and decided that one of the attacks they should investigate was along part of the Spice Road where a band of orcs had left Dragonslayer medallions. There was a wizards tower that is in the center of a forest everyone knows that elves are in control of. The two caravans that have been attacked in the area were both raids by orcs, with the tracks leading into the elven forest. The group decides to visit the area to find out what is really happening.

The group of adventurers appeared out side the village of Thenti near the Thenti forest. They met and talked with several townspeople and then went off to explore the forest.

They eventually found out about a woman who called herself Mercedes who gave the elves some amulets that would disguise them as Orcs. These amulets had the Dragonslayers' symbol on them. They tracked down Mercedes in the adventure the Magic of Music.

Feed Back & Recollections

This was a a short adventure to force the players to take a step back from their very power high level characters and play some of the many Henchmen and Followers that are in the background of the group.

Quote from early on in the adventure:

Kahn - Why do wizards always seem to have towers? Where is my tower?

The group decided to have Khan lead the group and to allow Victoriana Sousterra aka Tori, to go along to translate where needed. If you do not want to read the detais in the chat log please see Khan's Log for a summary of what happened, and the new Player Communication Thread for out of character discussions. John

Facts found so far during the adventure:

  • The Elves have not been heard near the village of Thenti after a bounty hunter rode through with an elf on the back of his horse
  • The attacks by the Orcs posing as Dragonslayers took place after the bounty hunter was seen
  • There are three tribes of Orcs within a four day journey from the village
  • There have not been anymore attacks by Orcs but other caravans have been attacked by misc bandits after those the group is investigating, none of them claiming to be Dragonslayers

Elder Rol - in the village of Thenti
Mage Uther - in the village of Thenti
Twister - farm hand working for Granny W
Granny W - farmstead west of the village, near the forest
Chohen - Druid accompanying the Dragonslayers
Rold - captured Orc from the Schorg Tribe
Trueoak - Elven Ranger who guides the group to the wizard's tower
Gala - female wizard found sleeping in the tower

Here is a copy of all the communications (minus non essentials)between the party and individuals in total for others to read under Orcs with Pointy Ears Mystery Trail for summaries please see the individual character logs

Chat Logs

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