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A brief history of Orts (by Marco)

Long ago there were two kingdoms by the names of Othangrir and Thalius in what was to become Terraguard. Othangrir was home to some humans, while Thalius was home to some half-elves. For many years these two kingdoms bickered constantly and had many wars with each other. Eventually that all changed.

Killian and Kerianne Leadur, the King and Queen of Othangrir had a child named Fodur. Palaius and Eustacia Giddathul, the King and Queen of Thalius had a child named Cadavra. When they were about fifteen Fodur was hunting boar in the woods. One boar gutted him; Fodur lay on the ground and prepared to die. Cadavra loved all life and therefore did not hesitate to heal Fodur's wounds as she found him laying in the forest. Using her healing powers she revived Fodur, and as in all such tales of star crossed love he awoke and the two became enraptured with each other.

Over the next few months they met secretly always in the woods. Knowing their love could not be hidden, Fodur proposed and went to seek her father's permission. His hope was to bring the two kingdoms together in peace and harmony.

As soon as the parents found out they were outraged. They secretly sent assassin to kill each of the other rulers for allowing their child to ruin their lives in such a way. Over the course of several months Killian, Kerianne, Palaius and Eustacia all succumbed to the assassin's skills.

Within a year of inheriting their respective thrones Fodur and Cadavra did get married. To erase the memory of the recent tragic past they merged the two kingdoms into one and renamed it Orts.