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by !!John Anstett

While I love DND, I miss playing a few other games from the past.

Shadow Run Battle Tech

Guest DM

I am considering what if any game I would want to run on a short term basis. I have run games in the past and every so often I really want to run another one. I was itching for Shadowrun but that has eased as of late. I don't think Battle Tech will get the response equal to the effort to teach the rules. Then I remembered the last game I ran. I had started the idea based on making a DND adventure that could be adapted not only to multiple level but also for good or evil, not just evil humans but an adventure for the monsters of the world, using the humanoid book to create player character Bugbears and Orc and the like. So I started thinking in that direction again and, while it would certainly not be in BOB's world, maybe we can use his Klooge to play a game where the player characters are not the heroes (or even well intentioned adventurers). Hypothetically speaking, there would have to be a reason why various evil races would have or send one individual to work with another similar race, and why they would not kill each other when they have the chance. I have a few ideas. Not that it is any more predetermined as why adventures get together, but I want to make it make sense. I had even gone as far as to think what it would be like to answer a few peoples dreams and make an adventure where the characters all were or at least could be Dragons. While I think it would make the story of working together easier, not that all Dragons get along, but it seems an easier theme. It leads me to lots of ideas. Just thought I'd throw it out there and see who is paying attention.

6/14 Tranor's Pass new idea John