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The adobe city of Outreach is the northernmost settlement of Everreach. Almost all people wishing to trade with the various tribes of Everreach must travel from Rivers Bend and through Outreach to reach the plains. Looking out from the city to the southeast there is nearly one thousand miles before reaching the closest permanent settlement of Everreach.

Where the the large escarpment that separates the Great Plains from the Great Swamp reaches the smaller escarpment that keeps the Rumbling River flowing to the north of the Great Plains meet there is a small secondary upper plateau that creates an additional barrier to travelers from the Small Kingdoms. The Traders Reach pathway crossing this upper wind swept plateau where there are no settlements can be a challenge for anyone who has not experienced it before.

Perched at the southeastern corner of this upper plateau Outreach controls the choke point for all trade heading south. Named for the term the tribes use for those not from the Great Plains the Outlanders.

Outreach is the home of the Ye Xa Yabine group, also known as the Habina tribe. They formed an alliance with the large Asiniibwaan tribe when the combined tribes pushed to the northwest and built the settlement. The Calimay tribe occupies an area to the east of the Habina tribes area and controls access to the head of the Potawatomi River that leads into the Asiniibwaan tribes area and so are interested in controlling their area and access between the two tribes. Along with the Siletz tribe that controls most of the Potawatomi river most outlanders only ever encounter these four tribes during their visits to Everreach

Outreach - Great Plains view
View of Outreach from the Great Plains.