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Overdue Fines

Team Building Era

10-8-1259 TGR - 28-8-1259 TGR

This story took place after the The Dragon! The Dragon! The Dragon! that Mike ran as a Guest DM adventure.

After performing a recovery task for the Druids in Hallstatt during the Taxes are Evil adventure the librarians in Wolfspack hired the Dragonslayers to perform a similar mission.

A wizard had borrowed several books from the library and had not returned them. The library hired the group to go retrieve one of the books. There were two problems that required the expertise of an experienced adventuring group. One was that the book (The Joychuckle list of healing minerals to be used in mermaid cultures) needed to be brought back intact. The second was that the library did not know where this person was. They had a teleport coordinate to be able to jump to the wizard's home but not knowing exactly where this was.

The first attempt to complete the mission was not quite a rousing success. Four of the party members teleported to the coordinates. They encountered two Gnoll guards and a young apprentice mage. She was subdued by the group after sounding the alarm and they moved onto another room. While checking for traps and unlocking chests in a barracks room Ramone? was attacked by a Cloaker that had been masquerading as a blanket on a bed. In the ensuing battle the party barely avoided being split up and Ramone? died. After Moirra used a speak with dead to determine how to use Ramone's teleporting daggers the group retreated to Roadhaven to try and bring Ramone back to life and find a new plan of action.

The second time in Ramone decided to charge in and go as quickly as possible from room to room. This worked well until a group of bugbears came out of some unexplored doors. The group dispatched them, but lost track of Ramone in the process. After finding him in a lounge area, Ramone decided to take advantage of one of the chairs and get some rest.

While Ramone was busy experimenting with a decanter the rest of the group decided to back track and explore the areas that they had left behind as they were chasing after Ramone earlier. Finding a few tomes and scrolls they were able to start eliminating some areas from their search.

After partially solving the Glyph on the doorway, the party had a long drawn out debate with Ramone on proceeding. They quickly found the book they were looking for, but two party members died in the protecting trap, including Ramone again.

After returning from Roadhaven and the raise dead the group pushed further into the wizard's lair, finding and dispatching many guards. They found several libraries with various books and encountered an angry wet carpet that demanded a sacrifice.

After exploring some more, they encountered a Cook who gave them clear directions on where to find the Lady Ulter. Unfortunately the group decided to go a different way. After finding another poison gas trap, with Kit and Ramone (yes again!!!) dying the group was able to talk with the mage and make a deal to accomplish all that needed to be done.

Spending a few days cleaning up the damage the Dragonslayers had caused to her residence, they group then went back home to Roadhaven. They then followed up with an adventure called The Bigger They Are.

Feed Back & Recollections

Once again a simple hook, with a barely non-stereotypical dungeon crawl that leads to a very fun time.

This had some fun interactions with the characters and some of the NPC's that continued to frustrate the players.

Great exchange that happened...

[Percival] This would have been a great place to get the unicorn horn that we needed
[DM] and yes the unicorn is trapped
[Percival] Um, that is something we'll have to rectify after our task is accomplished
[Percival] "I will free that unicorn after we deliver our package to the wizard."
[Kit (John)] I think it's dead
[Percival] Oh.

Having Ramone die three times in the same adventure must be some sort of record!

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