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Archive of Player Communication from 2010


I was able to download to our newer laptop and it seems to work well on the 64 bit machine. I would like to test it before the game as we left the game at an important point.

Enjoy either way.


Happy Holidays to everyone.

We had a very good year and thank you again to everyone who participated. The Roll Call page is updated and congrats to Kaz for being player of the year for the second year in a row. This makes it 5 years in a row that we have had a female player win the award. One other major milestone passed was our 800th session.

We welcomed Lisa this year and passed a few milestones for Players along the way as well. Kaz passed the 100 session mark, Mike passed the 300 sessions point and John was the first to pass the 500 games played mark. We had 11 different players visit us this year at one point or another with 6 of them attending at least 25% of our sessions for the year.

I look forward to some fun story arcs in 2011 and more good times on Friday Nights.

Thank you all for stopping by,


My new mapping project is coming along nicely and by the end of the year we will have good maps of the Small Kingdoms and of Drillian for immediate use. Both of those are in the finalizing stages. Another mapping project of placing all of the campaign world on a globe is coming along much faster than I thought it would. The cartographer/artist and I are almost done with the merge details for some existing maps and then we will be able to see where all those places the group has adventured through the years. There is also a very cool add on for Google Earth that will allow us to overlay this and make all of our own markings there as well.

The Skull Church story arc is coming along nicely and we should have a couple more weeks of sessions at least there. Of course there are the other Favor Stories to account for also. I think that these three story arc will take place over the summer and early fall then we will see where we go from there. I have a couple of nice adventures in the works.

Of course we have the end of the year award session coming up very soon also. We are playing on Dec 10th & 17th. Then we take the next two weeks off and resume on Jan 7th. Hard to believe it will be a full year after we decided to restart with the Phoenix Era.


Just a reminder to everyone that this week (Nov 26 10) I will be running the game remotely from my sister-in-laws. It should not look different for anyone but me, except that my response times will be slowed by being on one smaller screen and the fact that the laptop screen redraw rates can get slow with all the graphics of Klooge.

Everyone be patient and no one gets killed :)

Edit: Tested in the morning and things are a go for tonight



Arrr, I'll be running late tonight as I have a scool function. We'll see how late.

Till then.



Pirate Queens

Oh Lord
Somebody - somebody
Can anybody find me somebody tooooo loot?
Got no feel, I got no rhythm
I just keep losing my beat
I'm ok, I'm alright
Ain't gonna face no defeat
I just gotta get out of this prison cell
Someday I'm gonna be free, Lord!
Find me somebody to looot
Find me somebody to looo loooo looot

looking forward a couple of weeks



Nice plate and we will miss you tonight if you do not show up as Guy is not in either. Means Lisa and Kaz will zoom ahead perhaps if they get Marco to follow along ;)

Yes we can use Klooge to do just about anything at all. For traditional board games you only need an image of the game board and then of course it is very easy to throw a bunch of icons on to move around on it and use the dice roller.

What game were you thinking of?


need to look for Black Death in my files somewhere


Two points and a question

1) I just saw someone with Bob's license plate "MR DND" 2) With as tired as I am at 9:00 AM, I do not think I will be up for tonight's game 3) Would it be possible for a guest DM to run a game that is not DND? I am not talking changing the def files, just using what we have to play a different game.



Can I say "Thank GOD" we were not fighting the dragon during Monday night's game? Sorry Bob. Everyone look for NPC's with Red, White and Blue because we can kill them at will, but they will be tough.



Excellent job to be so successful with the first Dragon the group faced. Now a short trip through the swamps back to home and you can look for a way to save Foriso's life.



what you missed if you were not there. Hoffman wokred with the group, put up a white flag to try and talk to the missing witch, building two rafts with Indigo, Kristelle hunted for some food and Miranda did some healing. In the morning Indigo killed a frog for breakfast and ...

Good to see a couple of people starting ideas on the Out of Character section for Ophioglossum and I hope to see more happening there.

I also wrote a post about this over in the Dragonslayer Thoughts section of the site called What Went Wrong? where I would like to get everyone's input on what the heck happened with this encounter and how it spiraled so far out of control.

Guests as well as Players are encouraged to contribute to the conversation there.



So check out the Ophioglossum page for the full links.

Not sure where this is going now



In review, the one class I have not experienced enough is a thief. As the current party has a full time thief, maybe in the birthday game I could be a thief like character. Maybe.

As far as the current adventure, keep working on the witch, see if she can turn to gas "at will" or only so many times a day.


13 Aug

One of the things that Lisa and I have been forgetting to do - and this is me posting a reminder because I'll forget by next week - is rolling knockdowns. Especially in the situation we're in right now, we really need to remember to do this! We need all the help we can get...



Good session tonight, story arc is progressing nicely. Game night #798 is next week. This is adventure #64 that we have had over those sessions.



To be clear:

The update inside of Klooge is not working for me (and at least one other person) so you might have to do a full install. Just install like you would the first time and only the new bits of the program will be installed. All your other things are still there.

This fixes our dice rolling issues, and the stupid boxes around the icons (at least stupid if you are not playing in a 4th edition game) so that is good. No clue on the chat issues or any other issues that we typically have when someone has to do something slightly new.

See you all on Friday



New Klooge update for everyone.

This fixed all of our problems with the dice rolls and took away the boxes around the icons.



New Adventure will be underway tonight. First is some backtracking to cover things we had to skip to introduce the new adventure while Guy was in last week. Then off into the swamps.



Can I name the mosnters and bad guys before I kill them? I think it might make the game more rewarding. (hint hint I am at work now)



Thank you!

I picked Sunday the 19th for the day because it works for more people it seems. So far we have Kaz, Guy, Lisa, Mike, Lorie, John that are interested.

I still am looking for more people for that day but now that we have a date it will be easier.

And of course we are looking for one or two more people on a regular basis on Friday nights.


Heck just let me know a month in advance and ill request the weekend off to make sure ill be there, Karens up for it as well. Guy


That is a B-day gift I can afford. What do you give the DM who has everything?

Really, having one long period of play on a Sat or Sunday would be fun.



Going into the June break while I am gone with a cliff hanger for an ending.

Miranda and Indigo as the two Henchmen still standing trying to save the day. Imari and Branwyn are paralyzed with Kristelle dead. Foriso is at 1 hit point. The group has about an hour before Sky Captain Harkness returns to pick them up.

I am sure there will be plans and schemes galore, examining every spell and skill you have.

It will be fun when we get to play again.



If John wants to retire Miranda that is always possible. She has 5,565 XP which is the amount that a Player would have to have left to "purchase" Miranda to play as a Player Character. To take on Miranda as Henchman the Player Character has to be one level higher. Miranda is level 3 right now.

  • Kaz has 11,593 XP and Kristelle is dead.
  • Guy (Foriso) is 4th level
  • Mike (Imari) is also 4th level
  • Lisa (Branwyn) is also 4th level

Barb is first level so is out of the equation right now.

A partial list of options is:

  • Lisa take on Miranda as a Henchman (not a good fit for several reasons)
  • Mike take on Miranda as a Henchman (not a good fit for several reasons)
  • Guy could take on Miranda as a Henchman if he wants to.

Kaz has potential in a couple of ways.

  • She could take on Miranda as a Player Character
  • She could bring Kristelle back (more on that later) and then take on Miranda as a Henchman
  • She can create a new character and then take on Miranda as a Henchman if the new character is 4th level

There is also the idea that Miranda could revert to an NPC status and be a "camp follower" of the Dragonslayers Company Detached. In that case I would control her as the NPC.

Finally there is the outside chance that John or a different Player could return and take Miranda on as a character to play.

Of course all of this presumes that the group wants to keep Miranda around long term. If that is not the case I will revert Miranda to NPC status for the remainder of this story arc and then she can fade into the background after that.

This is just the fodder to start thoughts and conversations I have more to add later on today and I want to start a conversation about the Death of a Character.


And here is the start of that conversation. Should a Character come back? It is part of the Out of Character section that I am feeling more inclined to add to lately.


I am in Orlando this week and will not be in. What I think would be best is for me and the group is to retire Miranda and let someone take her on as a henchman. When I find my way back I will take on a fighter that will not be so critical to the party. Enjoy, however it works out.



I did not know we created a slot on the ship for John's henchman. We definitely did not slot him for any metal. As far as I knew from the posts, John was starting over on creating him and on the two nights that we made plans and loaded the ship, this henchman was never discussed. To me, to have this henchman suddenly appear would be very "deus ex machina", but then maybe that's appropriate for the arrival of a priest - their god just drops them from the heavens.



Sorry to hear about Kristelle, Kaz. The quickest way I know to get you a character to use for now is to finish my henchman, so I will do what i can to have him available by Friday.

I was not convinced I was going to bring in Michael, maybe just someone, based on getting the character fleshed out. I wonder if we slotted for one person on the ship if Kaz could create him/her as her new character, if she was ready to move on?



We had our first Death of a Character in last night's session as part of the Norjak story arc. We are keeping with the Campaign Continuance rules from Chapter 1 so in the event that Kristelle does not come back from the dead Kaz will be creating a new character at the end of the story arc.

There are lots of potential ways of bringing her back still, it will depend mostly on what the group wants to do.



I'm sorry if last Friday I didn't seem enthusiastic about adding another priest to the party. I agree with Bob that you should build the character you want to play. I think you have great ideas and this character will be lots of fun. This way too, we can always pawn Miranda off on her brother when she has her next crisis of faith.



Very glad to have Guy around more often, it will be fun to have Barb back as well.

John I think you should play who you want and will have fun with. Now that Inventory is done at work I only have this week of my assistant being away on vacation and I go back to normal (or what passes for it). I should be able to concentrate more on adding to those pieces for you.

Looks like one more session to end this Era and then moving into the next.


as far as my schedule goes im actually off at 6 next Friday,i do go in early on the Saturday but its 9 and not 6 so i can actually stay and on the 14th i start my 6 days off



I agree the party needs a fighter-type, type being as important as fighter. We only have one main character and one henchman at this point. But when you examine the difference between fighter and fighter-type, there are only a few important differences. With the right priest, and the reason for choice of priest, the gain may out weight the loss.

Hit Points - Fighters and types have more, as does a priest of Retaw; Weapons- Fighters can more but any character tends to use one main one; Specialize - Only single class fighters can, and the extra attack is hard to replace, but the bonus on the roll is still a roll, and other things can effect that.; Armor - Priest are more limited but can improve AC in other ways; THAC0 - At lower levels the difference is much less, and it is still a roll.;

Am I missing anything?

At this level and in this campaign where we do not have the resources to get the best weaponds & armor, may not want to wear armor and need all the healing we can get I think a Priest of Retaw who is willing and able to fight can be more useful then a straight fighter.

But I still like the input.



WOOHOO! Barb, it will be great to play with you again!



The last Original Dragonslayer looks to be rejoining our game again soon. Barb did testing on KloOge with me today so she will be able to log in on Friday nights. Not sure about April 30th but should be the next week. In case you do not know this game started one night in my living room "a long time ago" with Barb, Brian and John.

Any other retired Dragonslayers out there are welcome to rejoin also.



Brian remember you can make it occasionally into the game as well. If you have to log in later in the evening or only alternate weeks like Guy does.

Hope to see you soon.



I don't think I'll be making it tonight. Friday night just doesn't seem to work for me at this time. I'll be letting you know if I can arrange it better.


4-17 (John was posting from the future)

I would think that being a Priest of Retaw is doable we just need to finish the work on Her.

The Paladin idea is also valid, but not from Drillian because of how that Order works only in Pairs.



Thank you all for indulging my roleplaying. I had intended to make Miranda a dual class but we already have a good mage and we need the healing. I want to bring in Miranda's brother, who I would like to be some kind of warrior priest. He is a diffrent mythology as ther were adopted by diffrent parrents. (more story to come). I was still looking at the diffrent priests, still hoping to find my priest of F ate. I wanted to see if BOB could finish or let me finish the details for Retaw, if I can be one of her priests.

I am still looking in case not. Maybe a palidin?



Does that mean you will both be home in time for next week's game?


4-17 Sorry I didnt make it in last night but work has been crazy and trying to get ready to go to south carolina I wouldnt have been much use. I will be in for the next session though. ill be in late but i will be in! Guy


OK, I've got my character posted under Roll Call. I don't know if I was supposed to or not, but I thought it might be an easy way to see who I am. My name is Denib Dae. Soft E, soft I.

I have no problem with starting 1st level. That's what I assumed I'd do anyway. And yes, I know what assuming makes me.

BTW, I think everyone in the world should be forced to read this Bob will, I'm sure, appreciate it as well.



Very glad to have Brian back it will be fun. I think that having Brian come in at first level is not a hardship for him and it will work out well. He is experienced and will be able to fit in quickly. He will not start at full zero XP but will be at half way to 2nd level. If he is successful working with Miranda during the rescue he will be right in line to go up in level fast. And if things do not work out for everyone (which I doubt will happen but one never knows) then the re-created character(s) will be right at that level.

To the Phoenix Era name I thought it was appropriate for a rebirth of the campaign. Maybe we can restart again in 16 something years and find another appropriate myth to base it on.

Looking forward to next week and seeing how you handle this.



Actually... Bob tried hard to kill us off or otherwise trap us on some other dimention. In the end it was the group itself that kind of sort of broke up. They are still there stuck in limbo. A new start is a new start though. If I had known you were still waiting... Actualy I had to be draged into this thing too.

Glad your here. And speaking of which, I just want to make sure we do not set an unwanted precedent. Current rules would allow Brian's new character to come in at the average level of the party. I know if and when Fritz comes back he will want that. I know I am the lowest level for a reason, but Bri-guy should not have to suffer my fate. Not sure on all the levels but 2nd or 3rd level will not out balance the game but will give Brian the chance to be on almost equal footing with the rest of us.



OK, so I wanted to start the whole campaign out at 1st level, and it would be a lot of fun, etc etc... Now you decide to go ahead and do that and I get left out?? I'm an Original Dragonslayer! That's right! An OD! (Playing air guitar!)

Now I'd like to know what exactly is the Phoenix Era? Does it actually have a meaning? Going by what I read on the Dragonslayers website I'm guessing that a lot of characters were killed and this new group, all starting at 1st level is the 'rebirth' of the group. If that's the case, then of course the whole 'Phoenix' tag makes sense.

What's the deal???


NO WAY! 100 games without killing a charcter? That is just not right.

I guess if that is your goal, way to go!



I keep missing these Milestones when they actually happen but I want to recognize them.

Last session was Kaz's 100th game.




Yes John, you can always heal any icon, you just have to be logged in to do it.

If you have to log out early, you still count as being there for the night, and if you do healing that counts as participating.

Lisa is going to try to log in from the airport just to help out during her traveling day today.

Glad if you can log in.



If I log in at 6:45 can I heal who is not there? If I stay till 7:01 am I still eligable for xp based on who is there on time? In case BOB did not tell you, I will be driving to Ft Pierce, I might be able to log in while the wife is packing, just seeing if it is worth it. ;)


3/27 I want to add after talking with people that I am flexible in when the next story arc runs, it can be the first of the new era and work just as well. I do think there should be some discussion on who needs to train and what they want to train in so that the group as a whole can make some plans.



Green Acres is well underway and after that I have a small adventure to run to complete the Phoenix Era. I do want to hear from everyone if they want to work on training before the next story arc or if you want to wait till the new Era starts and the beginning adventures for that being everyone training. By that point I think that every character will need training for one or more proficiencies.

I also am encouraging everyone to explore bringing in a new player or helping an retired player to return.


Life is very good right now.

We have finished two story arcs in the new Era and the group overall has earned just about 20,000 Experience Points between everyone. The breakdowns as of right now are:
John (Miranda) - 1st Level (hairsbreadth from 2nd)
Mike (Imari) - 3rd Level
Guy (Foriso) - 2nd Level (hairsbreadth from 3rd)
Kaz (Kristelle) - 2nd Level
Beth (Aeiria) - 1st Level (hairsbreadth from 2nd)
and our newest Player Lisa (Branwyn) - 3rd Level
I want to thank everyone for great roleplaying these past few weeks and the challenges that everyone has faced with the new characters and new story lines.

I will post the new story arc pages so that discussion can happen there about training issues and other things.

Welcome to Lisa as part of the Dragonslayer family.



I posted some thoughts on the Out of Character thread about this current crop of training. What I wanted to say here is that I do want to roleplay out both the search for a trainer and the travel and training for the characters in the future. I want the players to feel that your characters started at zero, built up to average, and now after this training period and the next adventure or three you are above average. That means not just anyone can train you in the future, etc. I think it will be fun I have some ideas on how to make this happen inside of story lines etc.

I also agree with Mike that just clicking off too much time does take the fun out of things. I do not think that we will do much of that in the foreseeable future after this first training session.

But as always if the group wants to run that as an adventure I can adapt to that as well.

And good work on starting the In Character discussions also, hope we can have more of that between sessions.



I don't mind adventuring on the way to training. However, you made a good point, Mike, about the possibility of leveling as we go from one training place to another. If that turns out to be the case, we should probably do the occasional 'clicking off', but since we won't know until we try it, I say definitely adventure. Heck even just roleplaying the travel time would be fun.



So Bob brought up the point of training last week. Us priests will need our actual churches to train us. They are easy enough to find, but will take a good, long time to actually get there. I vote we adventure there. Even if it's just Bob rolling for random encounters along the way. Just clicking off two weeks and saying we walk somewhere will take some of the fun out of it for me.

Then for lisa we'll need to find a mage willing to teach her. I have a feeling that'll be an adventure all of its own. I'll tell the story of just trying to get longsword mastery if anyone wants. Bob made us go on a months long adventure for a proficiency the PHB makes sound like fairly common place as long as a warrior survives to the level requirement.

The one downside, if you would call it that, to adventuring all the way from church to church and wizard tower is that we may well level again just going back and forth at this low of a level. But that is more realistic in my mind. Feel free to weigh in guys.



I have been working on the proficiency section, primarily the weapon skill areas. I also added in character links for the new characters on the Roll Call Player pages.

I am starting to recruit old players and look for new players to help round out the group now that we are better established with the New Campaign and we are moving forward with the Phoenix Era.

I hope that everyone can contribute to the Out of Character and In Character sections for the Digging Deeper story arc over the next week or two.

Thank you to everyone for making this restart so successful.


A note of congratulations to John. He might not be in this week to hear it in person but he is the first person to cross the 500 sessions played mark. I would have made a note of it in the game last week if I had realized it was happening on that date.


Thank you all. Unfortunatly, my laptap had to be reformated. I want to see how it performs without adding Java and Klooge for a while to see how it effects my performance, so I will not be playing for a couple weeks. Hope you can have fun without.


4-Feb 2010

Happy Birfday, from Guy and me! :)



Happy birthday old man. Now let's be hobbits and give us our presents!



Happy Birthday John!


I want to develop Michael, Miranda's brother and my next character. (replacement or hechman, depending on situation) I wanted to see if BOB can finish off a couple Gods I am interested in, if we can be their priests. Keldorian - Retaw or Addmere or Kayugan - Cahus.





Please let all the Dragonslayers know how much I appreciated you thinking of Steve and me. I would not be able to get through this without friends like you. The basket of orange, fuschia and white mixed flowers you sent to the Augusta service were bright and beautiful. The white roses and carnations at the Ohio service were a big surprise and absolutely perfect. Thanks to all fo you again for your osupport and thoughtfulness.




All the appropriate pages are now posted. Phoenix Era has the traditional things plus two new parts I added to test if the players like it. A chart for the NPCs with Friends, Neutral and Enemies listed to help keep track of who is who. There is also a Themes listing. This is to let people know that I am thinking are the current themes in the game. I hope that people like these and can add to them. If they are not useful we will drop those in the future.

The Born in Fire story arc page is up also. There are the OOC and IC pages listed there. I do not expect there to be too much activity there but I want to continue the tradition and have people roleplay some.

This is a short small 'shake down cruise' for the group. I want to be sure we test out the characters mechanics properly and give everyone a chance to feel out their new 'skin' to start off. Then a second story arc will start and we will move forward with the campaign.

I do want to guide the game in slightly different directions. I want to have more roleplaying - and as important I want to reward that roleplaying. I want to use the proficiencies in more descriptive terms, I want the group to feel that no matter if there is two players or eight players in at a particular time that they can always do something to advance their characters and or the story line.

Things are starting off well,


I do have an OOC and IC thread/page already set up, just waiting to get all the characters ready and start roleplaying to post for everyone to contribute to.

Thank you for this though John, it will be good to have the original cast listed somewhere as well.


I think there should be a list of characters starting this Era. Cast of Characters


1/18 Happy Birthday Fritz

1/16 Thank you everyone for last night.

Lots of chaos but I do think that we should be ready to go on the 22nd. Very complete character sheets and getting the new players integrated worked well. 7 players to start off the new Era.



Just so everyone knows the road map I am working off of.

I plan on this next session (1/15) being one that deals with completing the character sheets and information for each Player. I also want to be sure the site is updated for each player and character. At some point during the night I expect us to start roleplaying those new characters and getting to know each other.

I will be posting the Era and Story Arc pages on Friday night along with the chat files for creating the characters and the beginnings of the adventure. By the next session (1/22) we will be into the first story arc and continuing along with the campaign as normal.



Yes Mike, all good thoughts on that culture and your priests attitudes.

Yes there will be Era and Story Arc pages up soon (they are already built in my DM section) and I will reveal those 'very soon'.

One thing people can do is create their new character pages linked off of their player pages.

Friday will get us started and then the next week we will be in full swing and back on the adventuring trail fully.



Okay, so until this new campaign has it's own era names and chat logs I guess I'll put all my toughts here. So after reading about Carnak, the barbarians, and Partik I've started developing who my new character is.

So Partik is the god of death and traveling. The barbarians mostly keep to themselves, but some do go out in mercenary companies to fight and prove themselves. The way I figure my priest would most likely go out from the tribes as opposed to the other priests because Partik is about wind and travel. She also could be there to care for any other barbarians/send them on properly. Bob, what would we know about barbarians in our mercenary company? It's been noted that their symbol is usually the raven. She's got a raven tattooed across her face to show her standing among the tribes and to always be with her holy symbol. Plus, the chick crow looks cool and that's the picture I used for the icon. Her throwaway stat obviously, is cha, and I figure that might also play a part in her low cha.

I'll post more as I think of more.



So as the game has been floundering a bit in the opinion of some of the players recently. With several long term players dropping out it was decided to 'freeze' the current campaign and pick up in a new place with new characters.

Over the course of the next couple of sessions we will complete the creation of new first level characters and getting the new campaign stories started.

As always old players are welcome to return to the game and we will be recruiting some new players during the year also.

It will be exciting to see how the characters and player develop.




Mike, if you want to take the group (or some of them, or whatever) and go to Ozy's lair, then do it. I thought we were on the same page about not actually going to his lair, but obviously mis-remembered. I even went back to check the log from that night, and can't figure out why I thought that. So, for that, I do apologise.

Figure out who's going, hop on the ship with Jocquin, and talk to him.


Just to make my position clear, last week the consensus of John and Kaz seemed to be to not continue on with this adventure. As I understand it, neither one of you think it is a good idea to go with Jocquin and show up at Ozzy's hide-out in person for peaceful OR violent reasons. Fine. I thought that if we went ourselves, we could be active in finishing this adventure, talk with him, try to diffuse some of his hatred toward the group, etc.

I still stand firm that we need to meet with him as leaders to leader of our respective powerful groups. He is a very powerful enemy and we don't want him just out there possibly planning and plotting against us.

As far as Jocquin is concerned, he is going to go bother Ozzy again. It is inevitable that Ozzy will get more pissed off at us for it. This is why I thought it would be a good idea to go ourselves, to diffuse the situation immediately, rather than hope he wants to talk about it with us later. If you two both think it's best to send him off alone, I will go with the majority vote.

If we do just sent Jocquin off with a note and go back to our lives, I will in my mind be marking this down as yet another adventure unfinished. We left the Blue Gill adventure unfinished the first time, we left the Mist Wars unfinished, we have three unfinished dungeons? I feel like the only reason we finished Hell was because Bibo had us stranded in it, and the only reason we finished the egypt one was because three people were stuck in a dream unless we finished it. If we can't finish these larger scale adventures than why do we play larger scale characters? Maybe we need to retire these and go back to beer runs.

If any of you felt I shut down last week, it is due to this frustration. I don't agree with the path this adventure is taking, but I will go along with the majority rule of the party.

Kaz, to answer your question, what I was hinting at last week is the cloud covered mountain where the winged elves live. Bob set that up ages ago as something of a question mark that we could explore at some future date and time.


Ok John,

So what should I have ready?

Is the group of you ready to declare this adventure over? Just need to know that.

If you declare it over fine with me I will work out what I can for the next story arc.

Of course you all know that you have already sent Lord J to go to find Blue Gill again anyway, and he was clear that he is going to go do so unless Lady Kylia were to intervene. And you know that him showing up will tick off Blue Gill again. And you have no resolution to the attacks on the caravans being blamed on the Dragonslayers.

If you want to go home to wait for word about Lord J you can do that too. How that will work I do not know. You lost track of him before like that, and you know he is going again into an area that will be un-scryable.

You have walked away from other adventures and other Eras before. You all have balanced the desire to continue them with the consequences of not finishing them. Just like with Mist Wars. The group decided not to continue, so the Vampire Lord won that battle with the Paladins.

This is OUR game. I do not let the players just do what ever they want and I try to create stories that make sense for both the Players and the Characters who are involved.

With what I saw on Friday night we have three people who wanted to finish this story arc/Era. Each has a different way of doing that or at least a different idea of what it means to be finished.

I am at a loss to know what to actually prepare for the next session now.



First, I thought it was quite clear that we were not going with Lord J, especialy with Mike's reaction. I have never felt so much pressure to do an adventure. We have been trying to get the players on the same path for so long and when we finaly "decide" to go home we get one player hanging up on us and the DM making an adventure in the area, "in case" we change our minds. I know part of the problem is I have been playing too much, too long and with a character who should be able to determin his own goals, but I do not think the soultion is to force the entire party to do an adventrue that no one wants to do. If we can not move on without "finishing" this "Era" then I would just as soon click off time researching, training and the like. One of the biggest reasons the "party" does not want to persue the current adventure is that besides involving someone we have crossed swords with before, does not really concern us. Now you want us to do a small little adventure in the same area, becuase we don't want to go home. Maybe we need to eliminate the Pools and Teleporters? It's hard for me to want to play when, as Fritz said, it's no longer our game.

If we can get players to show up, maybe we need to have the State of the Game meeting now.



I have the basics of a side adventure ready in my mind now in case you decide to not go with Lord J on his journey. It will be something here in the Island Kingdoms because even if you do not chose to go with him you will need to find a way to keep tabs on him and your scrying will not work on him once he gets too close. Also I am trying to be prepared for the idea that you might follow him anyway and sneak into or do your own investigations about finding the missing island.



So, last night, Finglas made a comment about how he felit like something was going on back home (Finglas' home, where his parents are). Was this a clue to the adventure we will undertake while waiting to hear a reply from Ozymandius? Mike, was that what you had in mind?

Just wondering. K

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