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Player Communication Archive of 2012

So that everyone understands what happened last session. Bill was hesitant to continue on by himself because he felt his character would have left the encounter with the Hill Giants because Androp was not interested in following through on that side trek.

We called it a night early so that more people could be here to complete that encounter.

I wanted to let everyone know that I went along with Bill's proposal because it is what he wanted to do. But if he had decided to drop the Hill Giant encounter and back out to continue on to the road and further then primary mission that would have been perfectly fine also.

I know it is hit or miss sometimes with players being able to be in (heck Bill will not be in this next session) but everyone as a Dragonslayer has the right to take charge when the situation arises and help move the story along in a way that helps everyone out as long as it does not create a huge danger to any character.

We have five more sessions until I go away for vacation so we should have the time to get the group settled in at the Ghostwood Domain and figuring out how you will interact with the Count.


Lisa, I do not know exactly how it should work which is why I ask :)

I am thinking of this as the last hurrah for the Mercenary Unit days of the group. We have mostly ignored that portion for a while now so I was thinking of setting up the frozen adventure as the last chance to use your forces. Not sure of the location of the adventure yet but I have a couple of ideas. One issue will be if I can get this to happen during the 20th anniversary game it would be more fun for everyone.

Being part of the larger group attacking things is easy enough to make happen it is just if we show the extra icons for the rest of the NPCs on the map at the same time we show your icons. I will need to experiment with map sizes and stripping out some of the stuff we would not be using in Klooge to make things go as fast as possible.

We have plenty of time to work on this, after all Everyone Knows how the current adventure will turn out.


Bob -- I'm not ignoring your question. I'm just not sure which I would rather have. We usually don't attack things as part of a larger force so that could be interesting. But, that's what I thought we were doing when we went to fight the hill giants and then when we got there we found out that everyone was fighting their own giants and so it was if we were there by ourselves. If we were part of a larger force would it be like that or would we be with a bunch of npcs we'd be fighting along side of?

And yes Guy we all know Bob sucks! But so do you for deciding sleep was better than sticking around and killing lizardmen last week. :P

Thanks for giving us more lizardmen. I rather prefer them to the beetles shooting acid out of their butts.

The adventures for next year sound fun. Hope I am alive to be there!


Guy, you want more lizard men? No worries, I can make that happen :)


bob im sure everybody already knows this but just in case YOU SUCK!!!! why couldnt you have had the lizardmen encounter first the one time we actually meet up with sarengars enemy you have to pick when im not there <cries>.

We are solidly into Act IV of Blood Trail now and I have one or two more surprises for everyone.

Of course you know me I am planning on the next set of adventures. I am currently working out the details of an arctic/frozen Era/story arc. It is one village to explore and deal with.

My question for everyone is would you rather it be a commando type of raid or an assault in force by a large group you are part of?

Then after that Era is over I plan on an assault on the Red Dragon lair for you.

Overall for 2013 I want to have a couple of the all day games scattered throughout the year.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


For those not in the last couple of sessions.

The group found some key bits of evidence and followed up on them. It is now apparent that the Church Festival that happens on the 18th (a day and a half away) will have importance.

There is still a meeting with the Count, hill giants, Sarengar, Hoffman & Qui to follow through on plus the little threads that are out there dangling that you did not notice. Which of course I will be tugging on hard over the next session or three.

It does look like we are going to transition to Act III soon, my current plan is to have that happen just before the Birthday Game on Sep 8th.


I do think it is darn funny Guy that you have not been in when one of the new players has a character that is hanging about Indigo solely for the purpose of meeting Sarengar. And he has been in for weeks now and you have not!

You know you can always log in at the end of the night just to say hello, or get your lovely wife to log in and pick up the slack for you :)


wait sarengar had dignity??? when did that happen? and unfortunately work decided to screw things up yet again i wont be in on friday after all ill be stuck in hell until close

You better come in before the Birthday Game! Bob already has Sarengar standing on street corners singing with Treble for loose change. You have to come back before Sarengar loses any dignity he once possessed! -- Lisa

im hoping to make it in this friday but will have to wait and see, BUT i will most definetly be in for bobs birthday game

This makes me so sad, Guy. First John and now you. I will miss you til you come back. If you can, you should stop in even if it is late. Don't worry about your mood. Who knows, playing with Treble might even make it better. I can't imagine you poisoning anything. Well, except maybe Sarengar and even then it would be an accident.

Hope to see you soon!


If you are busy no worries, but do stop by just to say hi once in a while. If you do need something to kill we can do that too :)


ok sorry i havent been around and been on the boards lately, work has been even more stressful than ever. i dont want to risk taking it out on anybody here so ive been staying away trying to just avoid poisoning the fun. this month doesnt look very good for me either since they have me on closes on fridays. i will be back though i just dont know when ill try to keep im contact on the boards when i can.


OH and I forgot Miranda is off with Toybin a hundred miles away to really separate the group.



The group is split into several parts now.

Branwyn - unknown to the rest of the group she was taken off to the Count's residence the evening of the 13th

Ilero - Koorin, Indigo, Androp and Llath know he has disapeared into the cistern system, unknown if he is alive or not, missing from afternoon on the 14th

Qui & Hoffman are getting ready for the Festival of Books at the Temple to Cogse on the 18th (unless John logs in one evening before hand)

Foto is at the Shield Wall Inn keeping the quarters clean and meditating (unless John logs in one evening)

Koorin, Indigo, Androp and Llath - are in a group and going to the meeting at dinner on the 14th

Sarengar is expected to be at the pre-planned meeting the evening of the 14th, he has spent one day exploring the citadel, etc

When last we left our intrepid band of adventurers it was an hour and a half or so till the appointed dinner meeting on the 14th.

We pick up at that point when we start next session (Jun 29).


Sorry to hear you are leaving us for the summer, John. I will miss you on Friday nights. Hope you will be back in September for Bob's Birthday game and then from there. Have fun!


Summer is here and my kids are going to be spending much of their time away at "the condo" and my Friday nights will be spent driving to them. I will try and keep up on line, I let BOB run my characters as he sees fit and look forward to seeing you on line someday.


I have an update I would like people to run on their machines to help Klooge run better.

In your Klooge.werks folder (the main folder you installed Klooge in) there is a file called


Open/edit that file with wordpad and change the two lines of -xmx and -xms

I recommend putting in -Xmx1024m and -Xms512m

Then just hit save (no need to change the file name)

When you open Klooge it will use these new values and we should have fewer drops.


If you host it ..... they will play

I moved TMO's thoughts below to the Desperate Old Men Out of Character discussion page.

I put a list of themes/questions/problems on the Blood Trail page that the group can decide if they are things to pursue and/or when you have an answer for them.

I also need input on the BOB's Birthday Game for 2012. I am tentatively thinking of doing it Labor Day weekend? One of the three days of the weekend, our normal all day game from Noon till 11 PM. Memorial Day weekend was also a possibility, or heck even do it both times.

Thoughts from everyone?


Ideas for searching Vilmar Citadel:

  • Group circles around and approaches from the other side, claiming to be traveling to the city.
  • Mages are not popular there, so we hide ours, so that they are not expecting to have to defend against it.
    • Poly Self, Poly Other, or simple disguise.
  • We can bring a gift of some sort, to make them friendlier. If that is unusual, we can always try to claim it's a custom from Ilero's homeland.
  • Use Charm and Suggestion to get info from guards or others.
  • Use Poly Other or Fly to help Ilero scout for likely locations to store kidnapped princesses.


The group made it through the worst of the traveling to get to Portown. Now that you are out of The Mist traveling will be much easier and safer.

We should be able to finish the traveling part of the adventure and arrive at Portown the next section. Once there it will require you to roleplay and think on your feet as you discuss what and how to deal with this problem.


Everyone should make sure that the info on the Dragonslayer Training Plans is up to date and correct.

The intention is to have everyone fully trained in all the slots they want to use or skills they need to update.

The next Era is going to be run under a timer so there will be no chances for training or extended side treks. While the real world time to run it might take quite a while the game time is intended to be concluded in a handful of months.

Every story arc of the new Era has places for new players to join in on the story in case we get any new recruits or returning players.


oh no! I told myself that I would not come up with any silly mage the majestic type names until I reached 9th level since that would most certainly not happen for eons. Now I have to come up with some Branwyn the whatever name.

All of the characters XP totals are updated. I added in the story arc award for Burst of Building and the 10% bonus awards through that point also.

Branwyn, Koorin, Miranda and Llathandryll all went up in level.

More details can be worked out and plans made on Friday.


no google + account here, never heard of it before you said anything


I do not have a Google+ account as you already know, but since no one responded to your question, I will publicly proclaim it in the hopes someone else will also respond. If you are looking for a Klooge replacement and want us to test something, I would be willing to create a made up account to do that. Let me know. Do you know if we have to use our real names or can I see if GoogleIsEvil is available? :-)


Does everyone here have a Google Plus account? I am working with a couple of people on new Virtual Tabletop applications and we could test out some things for them outside of our normal game.

It runs as an application inside of G+ Hangout.

Does anyone want to try this out?


no objections from me either


No objections from me. So you took away the one unfailing prediction a day? That's too bad. Somehow in my head I pictured this character making predictions all day and we would have to guess which one was the real one :-)


I made a few more changes to Procog. Having one additional spell seemed a little expensive and I like the idea of thinking he has the power. I dare say he is done and ready to put into action. Any objections?


from Guy thats the one and we can always make it bigger and more explosive proof lol besides underground your library and lab would be a bit more secure, and if you ever need to summon anything it would eb easier to contain them underground. besides i really really hate the thought of us having access to that area and not using it for anything.

I wasn't thrilled with the prospect of spending every last dime we just acquired either. I am fine with letting the tower go if we can't afford it. We'll see how the costs break out. We should be coming home to an extra 500 gp for letting the goblin hordes do their thing as well. Should be interesting to see what home looks like after all this plague and goblin looting. And hopefully I will earn some sort of paycheck for court magic tricks. I should really make Llathandryll do this since an illusionist would be far more entertaining than me zapping things.

And if you are talking about that half dug out goblin den that was only 4 feet high in some places for my lab, that would be a thanks but no thanks. :-)


sorry lisa i didnt mean for you to think i was mad or upset about the favor, i guess i had in my head that they were putting up the money and we were building the church so i was counting all our loots as being ahead of the training game for a change but once bob and i talked i got a few ideas about what else we could build at the same time. such as an archery range, a stable, little things like that. and we do have that underground area in the forest we could expand into a workshop for bran.

Without understanding the points stuff, I like the procog priest. I think someone could have a lot of fun playing it.

I kinda like the whole underground thing. We could call it the mage pit, or Branwyn's Bunker. Hmmm... maybe it needs a little work.



1st you can always comment on the concept and the names of the spheres should match the concept. 2nd Branwyn will want a library and lab to do things to make herself more powerfull 3rd The party will want Branwyn to make scrolls and such to help them out more in the future I recommend making scrolls for spells you would not use in combat so your memorized spells can all be for instant use need. Last As a warrior mage I understand why she does not want a tower. Maybe you want an underground lair?


Well that's wonderful news. I am so sorry that I did not see that. I don't know how I could have missed it. At the end of the chat log this is what was there:

[TMO (to GM only)] Character sheet for For TMO modified: Non-Weapon Proficiencies - ADDED: Camouflage, Warrior; Rogue, , 1, $wi, +0. ADDED: Direction Sense, General, , 1, $wi, +1. ADDED: Foraging, General, , 1, $re, -2. ADDED: Fire-building, General, , 1, $wi, -1. ADDED: Night Vision, Rogue, , 1, $wi, -2. ADDED: Observation, General, , 1, $re, +0. ADDED: Reading/writing, General, , 1, $kn, +1.

After originally reading the chat log, I also did word searches on the page before I posted for parts of the word appraise to account for possible typos and still did not see that it was included. I am just thrilled that this was all taken care of and that I do not need to spend two slots on thief stuff.

The cost of the favor issue was the main reason why I didn't want to bring Branwyn back in the first place. Since we can't get out of building the church, if dropping the tower will save some cash and quiet the masses, I would rather do that.


TMO is putting the finishing touches on his new character. It is a thief and he does have appraising, Guy did tell him that it was important.

The tower for Branwyn does not have to be built this round of building. But then you will have to do another round later on to build it. Branwyn at the end of this Era should be 9th level. She will be able to make potions and scrolls and her own ink to write spells with. But she needs a lab etc to do such things in. Hence building the "tower" now as part of this building period so you do not have to click off another year again after this Era finishes. Burst of Building has the notes on things, costs will change drastically once we get input on the details. The Church by far is the largest cost and the basis for this story arc. As evidenced by Sarengar's new magic weapon.

We are starting in Jistille Estates at the beginning of the night and when Lisa is in will deliver the goods and wrap up Flower Power. Once TMO is in he will be able to introduce his new character. Then we will tidy up loose ends, deal with any issues and work on the building process.


I just wanted to clarify some things after reading last week's chat log.

First, the tower was not my idea and I do not want to take away all of what we have earned for it. It would make me happy if I could just add a bit to the library and consolidate my spellbooks. So the building costs should be much lower without it.

The whole thing with the church as the favor happened the night that both Scarlet and Branwyn died at the same time of the plague when we were going down the river on the Viking ship. I wasn't going to bring Branwyn back but Marco's roll to bring back Scarlet failed and I ended up rolling at the end of that night. So the church would have been one of our favors in any event unless both of us had incredibly lousy rolls.

I have to say I was a little disappointed that no one cajoled, coerced or did whatever they had to do so that the new thief that just got built could know how to appraise something! Looks like I know what my two NWP slots are going to have to go for...

John -- thanks again for the last adventure. Hope you come back soon or make one up yourself for us. Sorry I can't comment on the priest thing. They are truly alien creatures as far as I am concerned. All that sphere stuff goes way over my head.


Guy, I thought magor access to Time was too much but I am sure I could make an adjustment. The Unfailing Premonition is only on the priest, with what he does and it does not give any vital informstion sbout what will happen. Knowing this party, it will be ignored anyway. We know when we are walking into a trap and we still do. Tks,


2 things, wouldnt time be a major rather than minor, and their bonus ability kind of wories me in that a person might try to abuse or overuse it especially since 5th level seems to be the starting level. other than that i like it, might be an interesting priest to try and play.

I changed it to a battle axe to make it a more typical weapon and perhaps more tempting.

I would like people to comment on the pros and cons of this new priesthood also please.


I am trying to finish a new priesthood. While I have no intention of running this character at this time, I would to know it is finished. Part of the vetting policy as I understand it is to get other players imput so I would apprecate any comments, especially positive ones. Please check out Procog


PS: When I was DM it was a Hand Ax

being a DM is never an easy thing whether its table-top or on something like Klooge, or even using Skype you not only have to have the path you want the PCs to take, you also have to be able to ad-lib on the fly when the players do something you didnt expect or even hoped they wouldnt do. I respect Bob for being able to keep up with both the players and Klooge.

I feel I should say, after seeing from behind the curtain, I have a better understanding how things work. Even with only three players at a time, it is not easy keeping things going and yet giving individual players time to be involved. I could go on and on about how this was not an adventure I created, picked or was even comfortable with but with these unique players and their ability to be unpredictable, even a simple adventure was challenging to balance the expected events and make the actual events work out. I had come to terms with how things were/are in Klooge. It is not the reason I have not been playing, so my new insight will not be the reason to play again, if or when I play again. I also found myself talking to the owner of a comics and game store and has reason to talk with some pride over having been part of a game that has lasted so long. While the pure nature of the game explains most of the reasons for it's history, it is something to appreciate because it is one of a kind.


We are in the middle part of the Six Griffons Lodge story arc and then will finish off Flower Power and returning to the Jistille Estates.

Once that is wrapped up we will run the Burst of Building story arc to finish off the Stretching Their Legs Era.

I have most of the info for the new Era ready now.

I do want everyone to contribute to the Burst of Building threads so that we accomplish everything for everyone in only a couple of game sessions.


Happy New Year everyone.

The Roll Call page has been updated with the totals from 2011. We will start the year with one missed session then we should be continuing on our regular weekly basis for the foreseeable future.

I am looking for a new player or two to join the game. We will be completing the Stretching Their Legs Era in the early part of the year with one story arc after Flower Power has ended. The new Era will focus on Drillian and your relationships there.

My goal is to have the 2012 Birthday Game take place during the final story arc of the new Era. I am thinking of options for what to do after that. We have I am guessing 66 or so game sessions before our twentieth anniversary celebration in spring of 2013.

Some fun times are on the horizon.


December 31st 2011