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Player Communication Archive of 2013

If you are asking John about the upcoming story arcs Yes there will be two separate parties for at least part of the time.

The plan is: return home, give out XP for story arcs, training and other home things. That should take us into the first week of January. Then Indigo and Tristan will be getting their assignments. After the group finds out what those are the players will divide up how you want to try and accomplish both tasks. The What you need to do is going to be assigned, the HOW you do it and the WHO is with WHOM is totally up to the players.

I also have Devin's adventure ready to go at a moment's notice so if he is available in January I can slide his adventure in also. Branwyn/Lisa and Shur/TMO are almost fully set up along with some planning for Foto and Qui.

So a minimum of 5 more story arcs in this Era as long as everyone lives through each of them.

Is this like last time or are we going to need two separate parties?


Everyone did a huge amount of adventuring and accomplished a lot the last couple of sessions.

3 night time encounter rolls to go for the last night on the road then 3 more to get back to Jistille (after crossing the river) so minimum of 1 and most 7 possible encounters to go.

The group managed to deal with two of the three biggest problems in the lake on your journeys to and fro.

It does look like the last session of the year will be the last for this story arc. Then training and misc Klooge work before the start of the next two adventures. I will be running the two of them concurrently so that when Eric is in we switch to Tristan and when he is not (presuming Lisa is in) we go to Indigo's tale.


I need a like button on here or a plus or something.

It looks like the next Era will be very interesting indeed.

To highlight this again:

I have an update I would like people to run on their machines to help Klooge run better.

In your Klooge.werks folder (the main folder you installed Klooge in) there is a file called kLoOge.Werks.l4j

Open/edit that file with wordpad and change the two lines of -xmx and -xms

I recommend putting in -Xmx1024m and -Xms512m

Then just hit save (no need to change the file name)

When you open Klooge it will use these new values and we should have fewer drops.


I will be there tomorrow (FINALLY!!!). I can be here as well for the 29th. I may be here late on the 22nd as well. Sorry I've been MIA lately! As for a henchman, I would definitely like to roll one up. I guess I would like to discuss with you Bob on what I would roll up. I can stick with a cleric (Belinos) or it appears we have a couple priests coming so I can roll up something else. A fighter or paladin would work well as a henchman for Tristan as well as any cleric from my church.


So that gives us a quorum :)

We will play every night for the next couple of months. There is one week in March that we will miss but that will come later.

This week we will be starting with the expedition into the swamps for Hoffman's triumphant return.



I can play too - Lisa

I expect to be here, John --- as of right now i dont have any plans for the 29th so i'll be able to play Guy

The current plan:

We will not be playing on Nov 8th because I will be driving to Pensacola for a concert that weekend.

TMO and Lisa will be roleplaying on the site with their meeting with the Queen and delivering the items they found during Ilero's adventure.

Then we will pick up on Nov 15th with the group going back into the swamps for Hoffman to meet up with his mentor again. Once there we will see how the group feels about leaving Hoffman there to train or if they want to wait for him. We cross that bridge when we get to it. I expect that the swamp encounters will take several sessions again to play out.

For Thanksgiving weekend I wanted to hear from everyone if they want to play or not. I am anticipating that I will (change of plans) be home for Thanksgiving and so available to run the game on Nov 29th. Will we have players here that want to play? John? TMO? Eric? Devin? Lisa? Guy? Anyone?

It will most likely be swamp encounters so lots of action.

Once the group makes it back home to Jistille after the swamp journey I will be awarding the story arc XP awards for the current two adventures. Then we will do training and bring everyone up to current. Then the Indigo and Jharym story arcs will be starting. Currently the time frame for that looks to be January. After all those are over we will pick up with either Branwyn's story arc or with someone else's depending on how inspiration hits. How I see this is the current Era extending out well into fall of 2014 and past our 1,000th game session.


definetly a good idea especially for me since lately im out of game more than in anymore. life is just nuts for me lately and i must admit im loving it since its been fun times rather than the stressful days of past. ill try to be back in as soon as possible but the haunted house is just to much fun never worked in one before but i can honestly say that ill be doing it again next year muhahahahaha. Guy

I think it's a good idea. This way if someone isn't in one week and it's important for their character, we can just work on the other story line. I am good with the BOB craziness. Lisa

Question for everyone.

I am toying with the idea.

After everyone is home safe and sound from the current two story arcs there will be a short training period so that everyone can do what they would like. Hoffman will finish his Mastery, etc.Then I have two separate story arcs already finished and ready to go. One for Indigo and one for Jharym.

I am thinking to run them concurrently even though one takes the group North and one takes the group Southwest. So the Player Characters would go North and the Henchmen would go Southwest.

Indigo's adventure - Indigo, Miranda, Shurkural, Sylviis, Foto, Qui

Jharym's adventure - Jharym, Branwyn, Hoffman, Ilero, Tristan, Barnabas

This mix is the current group, Eric might take on a henchman for Tristan who could go along with Indigo. Foto and Qui are there as well for when Guy is in to have a character to play.

So far not too crazy. However I am thinking that I would run both adventures each session, depending on who was in at the time and what everyone was interested in pursuing at that time. So from 7 to 9 when Lisa and John and Guy are in run Indigo's when Devin logs in later switch over to Jharym's story etc.

I am leaving this idea up to the group to decide. The two story arcs are very different and each are scalable by level. I think that part works well. I am not sure if the group would want to switch back and forth between the two adventures in the middle of a session or if we should just run one then run the other to catch everyone up to the same timeline again.



Thank you everyone, it was a great time.

If you could not make it check the chat log, quotes, etc.

See you all next Friday!


I have been working on KloOge updates.

So far I have accomplished:

New Base Movement

Adjusted Movment

The adjusted movement auto computes from base plus abilities but does not automatically add in encumbrance yet.

I have also added in several new Temporary Modifiers for Armor stats.

I have the Dex bonus for AC automatically added in now.

I have the Final AC auto computing from the 5 parts that go into it.

I am still working on Armor section to have it easier to compute the actual Armor Class when you change armor types.


ok folks sorry i havent been in between a bit of depression, and then celebrating my birthday the game hasnt really been at the top of my list of things to do. I will try to be in friday but i wont be in on the 6th because karen and i will be celebrating our 10th anniversary. I should be in on the 7th though,as always depending on whether i get called out or not.


Leaving this here so I remember to check to see if the wiki is putting the correct authorship tags

We definitely have the branding part down.


The site is fully transferred to the new servers now and there should be no further interruptions in service.

BOB 8/8


I agree with John that you could say we are in a bit of a pickle after last week and the usual suspects we see on Friday night were definitely missed. I should be in on time this Friday and worst case scenario, I will toss our Potion of Explosion at the tree and definitely take him down a bit, if not totally destroy it. Bob said that if Branwyn would have tasted just a drop of that potion (as she usually does with potions) she would have taken 26 pts of damage. If we toss the whole bottle at it, that should pretty much take care of the tree.

In case you don't have time to read the chat log to see where we're at... It is pretty funny though that I suppose depends on your perspective. Poor Tristan is following Indigo trying to save him from himself. The tree gave an illusion of being a treant and so Indigo thought it was a nice tree and ran right over - just to get scooped up and almost eaten. Miranda is covered in a foul smelling syrupy goo that smells so awful Hoffman can do nothing but stand there hunched over puking his guts out. And Brother Foto is ready to charge the tree with his flaming sword after just having his own near death experience.



I would call this a one alarm fire, not so desperate that we need to call all the troops, but just enough to put the word out. We ended the game last night with one main fighter incapacitated and another seriously wounded facing a single large foe with 70 or so hit points left. Especially if I am not able to be there first thing, the group will have their hands full. Anyone who can is always encouraged to log on but this coming Friday just a little bit more. I understand there is a magic ring available for bribing if it inspires anyone ;)



Sorry that I went missing today. I had a family member who wanted to spend time with me, and family takes precedence.

-- Christina


This week (Jun 28 13) we will have a work on Klooge and character things to start. Informal back and forth about anything anyone wants to do about character work, spells, etc. Towards the end of the night I expect to introduce the new NPC for Christina to play and to start the next story arc.

The current plan is for that adventure to be going off into the swamps to find a weapons master. At this point we think it will be for Hoffman, although at the last moment I might swap it out for AndropI have already been told this is a bad idea so this will be a Hoffman story arc no matter what. Then you will have a better idea of what the group needs to do for this person.

Along the way through that story arc we will be having Ilero's story arc interupt it as part of where you will be traveling through will happen to intersect with his adventure.

I know TMO will not be expected in for three weeks or so but that will not be a problem. Bill is not expected in for several more weeks as well although he might get the chance to look in on us sometime.


Sorry for the problems at the end of the night on Jun 07 13 with the weirdness on the map and such. Afterwards I did test and that one particular map continued to give problems. However we found that the next maps did not.

We also found something that might help everyone for future games.

Sometime during the week bring up Klooge and under File there is a Purge Cache option. Clear out all the various games you have there (if you log into other games than ours it is up to you if you want to delete them). Then the next time you log into the game it will take a bit to resync everything but this does seem to clear up memory issues on map loading.

I am also going to work during the week on clearing out some of the old sounds, characters, etc so there is less to sync.

For the next adventures I will go with smaller maps as well. The art will not be as nice but overall I hope the experience will be the same.


I have an update I would like people to run on their machines to help Klooge run better.

In your Klooge.werks folder (the main folder you installed Klooge in) there is a file called kLoOge.Werks.l4j

Open/edit that file with wordpad and change the two lines of -xmx and -xms

I recommend putting in -Xmx1024m and -Xms512m

Then just hit save (no need to change the file name)

When you open Klooge it will use these new values and we should have fewer drops.


For those not on my social media comments what I posted this morning in some places.

It was twenty years ago today That we all gathered up to play We've been going in an out of style But we always seem to find a smile

So let me introduce to you The game you've known for all these years.....

Hey Christina,

Yes some of us put dates but a lot of the times there are none.

However if you look at the top right of the page there is a History link that will show you the history of the page and when (and what) each comment made was.



I wish I could see dates on the comments so I could figure out when each comment was made.


I wrote a little bit over on the Dragonslayer Thoughts portion of Out of Character about planing.


For the next month or so I want to experiment with the timing of the game. I will still be bringing the game up at 7 PM EST but I will be looking to really start play by 8 and I plan on running until Midnight EST. We seem to be getting more players from the western time zones so this will give them more time to log in and have time to play.

We might move the start time to 8 on a regular basis and see how the sessions go over the next couple of months.

Be sure to plan for our Twentieth Anniversary Game coming up in May.


I have an update I would like people to run on their machines to help Klooge run better.

In your Klooge.werks folder (the main folder you installed Klooge in) there is a file called kLoOge.Werks.l4j

Open/edit that file with wordpad and change the two lines of -xmx and -xms

I recommend putting in -Xmx1024m and -Xms512m

Then just hit save (no need to change the file name)

When you open Klooge it will use these new values and we should have fewer drops.