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Player Communication archive of 2014

Glad you tried. I posted the XP for Ilero.

We will see everyone (except Mike) on the first game of 2015 on Jan 2nd.


Nope. You've already posted the game by the time I got in. Sorry about that. - TMO

That stinks TMO, hope you can make it in for a quick appearance for the End of Year awards.

Oh, it's Friday today, isn't it? My nephew gets back from his father's tonight, so we're doing Christmas tonight. I doubt I'll be back in time to join up with the game. - TMO

This is what I did last weekend.

This new job will be very fun.

I may not be able to attend tonight. We've got a garage sale tomorrow that we've been too busy or too sick to prepare for, so tonight is our last chance. I will show if I'm able. - TMO

Sorry I haven't posted this week. I just got out of the ICU in the hospital. I had a blood clot in my leg. I should be on Friday. I get out tomorrow.


OMG Eric! So glad you are okay. That's one way to get out of work. Next time just go with the reliable 'my goldfish died' excuse and nothing requiring hospital stays please. -- Lisa

For Tabletop Connect there are some familiar names appearing on the test data.

I passed that along to you just in case you wanted a handy chart for things :)

But given this info then Jennivive and Marisu bloodlines are separated enough that they can get married.


If the family relationships thing was because I hadn't traced Marisu's and Jennevieve's relationship yet, it's because I don't think they have one. Each Queen is a daughter-in-law to the queen before, except in this last case. Cousins are when two people share a common ancestor. Jennevieve is the ex-(maybe)-wife to the brother-in-law of the Queen. If the current Queen was actually adopted as a daughter by the previous Queen, that would make Marisu and the current Queen Second Cousins, with no actual blood relationship (at least, not within these 3 generations. Probably some genetic relationship if you trace farther back.).

I suppose you could call Jennevieve the sister-in-law of Marisu's second cousin. But there's no technical relationship term for that that I know of. ;) - TMO

I got a package of new maps over the holiday.

Just WOW.

I have decided to start posting them faster than previously expected.

I think you will like this.


To confirm for anyone who looks in here prior to the game. We are playing tonight (Nov 28) and Klooge should be operating normally.

I will be a little slower than normal as I am doing a remote desktop into my home computer to run the game from a laptop while visiting family.

We are picking up at what anyone did not do on the morning of the 12th. Then we have about 24 hours from that point till you leave for the ball.

Hope everyone is having a fun holiday weekend.


Lots of good roleplaying happening. Lots of tangled threads to stories. 36 hours to go before the Prince's Ball.

This week I am sure that people will be both busy and needing distractions from family etc.

My current plan is to drive to Tampa Thursday morning and be there until Sunday. Dolphins play on Monday night so no worries about missing that game. ;)

For our game on Friday the 28th I intend on running like normal. I will be at a disadvantage as I will be running the game through a remote access point on a laptop. My current fall back to that is to have all the files on my laptop and run from that. My fall back fall back position is to play through quick fire posts here on the site.

The intention is to play through the day of the 12th here on the site then on Friday play out the Ball but if there are more things to do we can do those also. Before we can start the ball we need to know who is going, who is staying, descriptions, etc. I will be working on NPCs for the event this week as well as adding bunches of maps I hope.


Yes to Eric on the Tristan training Marisu as an option. It would have to be after you return from the Bag of Clouds adventure but it would only take a couple of weeks with Tristan's wisdom.



To respond to your list below for TMO, Tristan has both Diplomacy (yes he can be diplomatic. Just when he needs to be....) and Politics and rolled as a trainer in creation. Not sure if there is something special about those two but I thought I'd put that out there.


- *snicker* - given what Marisu's seen of Tristan's interactions (at the church, etc), she might be a bit dismayed at the thought of learning Diplomatic skills from him. ;) - TMO

WHAT Tristan is a fine diplomat. Just don't disagree with him and you'll get along fine....

- that is not how I define diplomacy. 0:D - TMO

Not sure where this should go, so I'll put it here and let Bob shuffle as needed.

Using a random holiday generator, one of the ones it came up with is Fest of Luminance. A purely local Drillian festival, it takes place on morning after Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. During it, everyone comes together to throw as much light as they can into the sky to greet the sunrise. It is more popular the further into the Mist you go, and symbolizes resistance to the Mist and the hope that someday the sun will burn it all off. Methods range from magic spells, enchanted items, or even just mundane torches and candles.

Although not what I was thinking of when writing this, it occurs to me the wand lights scene at the end of Half-Blood Prince movie is very similar in concept, if you want a visual of the ceremony.



For Marisu's NWP your options:

  • Diplomacy - will cost 2 slots and will need to have trainer from outside of the group. That should be easily found in the city. - this one - TMO
  • Politics - will cost 1 slot and will need to have a trainer from outside of the group. That should be easily found in the city.
  • Bureaucracy - will cost 1 slot and Jennevive can train her for free and quickly.

All three apply to what I think you are trying to accomplish with her. Diplomacy would be a priest training her so it would be a short training time.

Training times are the number of weeks = 19 minus the wisdom of the trainer

For spells:

Each spell she wants to learn that is currently in someone's spell book it will be:

  • read magic
  • roll to know spell
  • 1d2 days per spell level to write into the book and 50 GP per page it takes up {1d6-1 plus level of the spell}

So you can pick one spell to learn before the ball, maybe. Or she might still be buried in spell learning the day of the ball and would miss the ball or blow the writing portion of the spell and need to start again. 50/50 chance of it working.

That should be all the game mechanic things worked out. Now off to the Roleplaying Sections. Those will happen in between things at work and tonight.


11-17 I'm just throwing this in here for Bob: Marisu is going to try and cram some spell copying in before the Ball and airship flight.

She levelled up on the 31st, and last learned new spells before that, so if levelling up is required, then she has done that.

She'll do them, in this order, as many as she can: Shocking Grasp, Charm Person, Unseen Servant, Mount.

Last time she could try 6 spells. I don't know what the limit is this time, although she doesn't have time to do them all. At best she could manage 2 before the Ball, I believe.

The process is: Cast Read Magic; roll Spell Knowledge; Copy spell into spellbook, correct? If all goes well then, she might be able to cram 3 in. I'd have to discuss that with you to make sure the method I have in mind would work. It's iffy.



Excellent news Guy.

I have plans (in between work meetings) today and tomorrow to respond with:

  • TMO
    • NWP question
    • Tailor RP with Ilero
    • Herb hunting with Shur
  • John
    • Guard conversation
  • Eric
    • Continuing revelations
  • Lisa
    • Indigo's trip to the naval yards

Only about 48 hours of game time to try to accomplish things before the Prince's Ball


11-17 well i got some interesting news for everbody. I will be in for the next 3 sessions torturing you all. muhahahahahahahahaha. <coughs> but seriously i will be able to make the next 3 sessions so fun times for all



Indigo's primary weapon is not magical. He is however, in possession of a magic pick that he would be happy to lend to Hoffman to go werewolf hunting. Branwyn told both Tristan and Shur that they could pick their teams and she would not interfere. Far be it from Lisa to argue with the Ambassador of Drillian. Branwyn also told Indigo that priorities needed to be paid attention to and he is not going werewolf hunting.



As a player, now that we know all options, I think Indigo should go after the werewolf and Hoffman should go on the airship. indigo's primary weapon is magical where Hoffman's is not. He does have a magic weapon so he certainly can go. it's the meta Gamming situation that Hoffman and Miranda should not be on the same adventure with so much going on. Of course there are a couple days before we split up again, and yet another mystery to sold and lead to another quest. No plans can not be undone by the master planner.



I thought it was funny! Tristan should be excited about both really. He gets to represent the Kayugan faith in peaceful treaty negotiations and possibly go kill infidels in a crusade. Sounds like interesting dinner conversation to me :) Lisa


Soooo.... Lesson 1 for Eric, read all posts before posting. I didn't catch there was a new spin with this treaty Lisa!! Sorry, about ruining the dinner atmosphere. Guess that's what happens when you come to a game late and leave early... I changed the post to have both items addressed... READ ALL THE POSTS FIRST. Got it.


Bob - Do you think it would be better for Marisu to study Politics (a Noble-only NWP) as her NWP for this level, or spend her NWP and WP to buy Diplomacy (a Priest NWP)? - TMO


So I have come up with the plan for how to organize all the interactions between the characters both here on various pages and in the chat logs.

Over on the Calendar of Events page for the Diplomatic Entanglements Era there are now links to the many places.

By using Anchor Points on various pages we can link from the Calendar of Events directly to the relevant portion of chat or to a particular page.

You will see that some entry lines have a normal 'inline' link that takes you to a place and others have footnotes. I am using the footnote to indicate multiple places that an event is referenced.

I think that this will help us all keep things easier to find when you need to know that bit of information you need.

Please do not create new pages just for individual conversations, etc. Continue them along on which ever page they take place in and then we will link to them as needed. I will also be adding location pages for Dryads Lair soon as you start to explore more of the city. I want to be able to use those same anchor points to link from the location to the conversations that happened there as well.



Yes I know there are tons of great stuff happening on lots of pages.

Feel free to add your additional roleplay and thoughts about things to the existing pages.

I will be creating day by day links that also cross link to locations so that it will be easier to see what happened when and where in the next few days and weeks.

Once the new pages are all up and running I hope that everyone will understand how they are organized and can find the information you want easier.

So many good things happening and we have not started a formal new story arc in the new place yet. :)


10-30-14 Lots of good stuff going on with the many threads.

Thank you to TMO & Lisa for help in keeping it all organized.

There will be a time in the nearish future where I will set up archive pages for the various days. I will link them back and forth to the different neighborhoods as well. The official maps of the city are not quite done yet but once they are we will have it all set up much like Rivers Bend is with zoomed in maps of each area labeled with which buildings you have explored and visited.

When you are in Klooge you will see the trails of explored areas you are going through during these roleplays as well.

Holloween night we will play, I will have the game up, Lisa will be in early, TMO and Eric will be in mid to late and of course everyone is encouraged to look in if you can during the night.


as of right now the next time ill be able to play will be on the 7th. very frustrating to keep getting my schedule changed around on me.


So this past chat log Oct 24 14 was the first with multiple colors to show the various story arcs and threads for the Era.

Obviously anyone can add to those as you feel they are relevant. I am keeping the idea of text changing colors for story arcs and backgrounds changing colors for threads to help make it easier to skim through a log and jump to particular parts. I am putting the story arcs as separate pages and threads to this point are not.


I will definitely be trick or treating with the kids. I MAY be able to get on late. If I can, I will jump on but it wont be until after 9:00 at best. I'm still planning on being on Friday. To be honest I'm having some issues with the wife as of late. We're not doing so well... Not sure where it will all end up. If I'm not there then I may be dealing with that issue. Last weekend I slept at my parent's house... Good times. I'm going to try and catch up with reading today. I'll post if I can. Thanks for everyone's understanding for my absences while I deal with the homestead.

And really TMO you didn't know I was a PRIEST!! I'm hurt... :) Yes he's a priest, but a priest of warfare and warriors. So he's not a paladin (as in held to a code) but he's still a warrior (kinda like a Templar but his order is more often involved in the planning of battles rather than fighting in the thick of things like paladin. We are the military arm of the Kayugan faith)


So it looks like on the 31st we will have Lisa and TMO in, no Guy or John.

Mike and Eric are still up in the air.


Odds are good I'll be out with the kids for a while. But probably not too late. - TMO

I would expect to be occupied that night.


--- Looking ahead at the next several sessions.

Guy will not be in on 10/17 nor will Eric.

Eric will be in the next week of 10/24 but not on 10/31 if the pattern holds.

TMO, John, Mike, Guy will you be in on 10/31?? {I am banking on Lisa not wanting to go trick or treating}

I have no plans at all that night other than to play the game but it would be good to know ahead of time who will be here.


That stinks TMO. Well I suppose for mini TMO it will be a good thing. But they will miss you on this edition of House Hunters: Terraguard

10/10: We moved son's birthday party to this afternoon. I imagine I will be home before the end of the gaming session tonight, but I honestly don't know when. So I'll definitely be late, but probably not miss it completely. - TMO

No there has not been any new update or news on Tabletop worth sharing recently. I would guess that this weekend will be a new build released but I am not certain of that.

I was just talking today about the idea of perhaps a monthly meeting with other DMs and people using it in its beta phase for a best practices and tips sort of thing.



Any news on the Tabletop Connect migration? Is there a release date yet? Just curious...


There we go... well that sucks. Going there sounds pretty cool. Minus the whole ebola thing...


Grins at Eric, not flying over just hosting the Destination Fridays at the library that is Ghana. This is the last one for the year until they pick up again in February.

I will able to do things online just about the entire time except that Friday for a few hours.


Wow Ghana?? What made you choose to go there? For work or pleasure? I'll check this week for posting. I'm pretty busy. Also, found out today that its looking like I'm working every other Friday for awhile again..... Its probably going to start up again in the next few weeks. SUCKS!!!!


That stinks Eric,

So on Sep 26 14 we will not have Eric or Mike in. Guy/Sarengar should be in to help sail from Rivers Bend to Dryads Lair. Lisa, John and Miranda will be in to help repel pirates.

Once you arrive in Dryads Lair you will have the introduction to your existing staff and then you get to go house hunting. I will try to introduce at least one more thread/story arc as well.

Then remember we will NOT have a game on Oct 03 14 - I will be in Ghana. You can of course do a bunch of roleplaying and planning on the threads here on the site through the night as you wish.


9/23 I can't make it this Friday. Sorry I should be there next week. I will post if anything changes.


I will be there Friday but may be a little late 8:30-9:00. I have our corporate summit Friday and won't be home till later. I also need to help get the boys to sleep because my wife is running the "Tough Mudder" race Saturday morning and needs her rest. As for Saturday, I will be home alone with the boys most of the day so I'm planning on being there I just will be very "in-and-out" to deal with the kiddos. I updated what Tristan's and Leatherus' plans are for the training phase. Not much since Leatherus didn't get any NWP this level but is holding for one WP for mastery. I'm pretty close to 7th level with Tristan though. I'm not sure where his xp shook out with any bonus xp. But if he gets a level he wants to learn 4th level spells (if training is required). Plus, he will get a new title in the church. Besides that, the new church is taking up all his time and he will be making trips back and forth between to make measurements, etc. for his engineering plans. Looking forward to the new arcs! See you all tomorrow. I will check back in today as I get time. Tomorrow I won't have time to post...


There are some things we can do online here (the visit to Loosend for example) and we can time shift other things that involve rolling dice.

I do believe there is a long list of things to appraise. So you will be rolling until your fingers are worn and cramped. :)

I do hope you get to make it in for a bit on Friday for the reveal.


TMO - Plans have shifted a bit, and are NOT defined, but one possibility is that I will be on a date night with the wife Friday. Her Dr. appt that was originally Thurs got shifted today to Friday. So you might want to lay in some plans in case I'm not available Friday and do those on Saturday, which I should be able to attend, as we've moved Mini TMO's birthday party to October some time.

Friday (9/19):

  • When TMO & Eric are in we can work on the roleplay of the church
  • When TMO is in we can wrap up Ilero's training
  • When TMO & Lisa are in we can journey to Loosend and see what happens
  • When TMO & Lisa are in we can roll spell learning checks
  • When John & Miranda are in we can finalize her new character
  • When Mike is in we will wrap up Imari's training
  • When Lisa, TMO, Mike, Eric and John are all in we will have an audience with the Queen and you will find out what the new Era is all about.

At the end of Friday night and on Saturday morning you will start on the first two story arcs and find out what the third story arc is. We might even get to the fourth story arc and finish one of the first two story arcs if you are lucky.

Of course as people come in and out we will jump around to accomplish all of this.

I am anxious to get this new Era started. I took time off the first week of October to work on this and on Tabletop Connect. I might take other days off in October for that as well.

This will be fun.


I like what you have done with the family backgrounds and analysis. I always appreciate details to work into stories, roleplay, etc.

I do not like the word cloud you linked to. I think that putting it in a grid like that makes it much less cloud like and more chart like. Which I think the paragraph and list form you are doing is better than a chart.



I dusted off my Random NPC generator to build Ilero's family, and had an idea about presenting the traits. I'm not sure if this is effective, or just more confusing. I wondered if doing it as a word cloud might work: (Click to see Screenshot) Any thoughts on the matter? Good, bad, meh? (Note: if I remember correctly, that's Orrager Sauscha shown)



OK, so you can blame TMO for the new off shoots that are coming. I have done the research on sites and programs, hosting, costs, etc. It helps that I work at the library and have two excellent research librarian friends who are very into this as well.

There is a new link over on the off site links section in the near future. We will see just how convoluted we can get with this.


Ummm, you can do that? I wanted some sort of thing to keep track of all the complications. That was one of the reasons in Everyone Knows that the Queen wanted to check on Toybin's lineage.

Have not come up with a nice way of doing it here on the wiki, other than putting in a picture of the family trees.



TMO - I can help you set something up, np. Very basic overview here: TMO.Ancestry

9-12: Bob- reading the royal history page. Ever thought about setting up a private account just to keep track of the noble family lineages, marriages and offspring? ;) - TMO

Branwyn: 1 spell and one trip to Loosend with Marisu. I was thinking taking Jilly to haul us in the wagon on the way over to speed things along and we can ride next to her on the way back (contingent on our success). Indigo can go for protection of the ladies. The trip would, of course, have an open invitation to any character that wants to visit a big city. I'm just not sure who wants to go.

9-11 Excellent stuff this week.

I reorganized a few of the roleplaying parts to keep the stories flowing easier.

We do need a list of what each character is doing for training so that I can layout a time frame for each part. Some of the things need to be done in the game session on the 19th but others we can do here in roleplay. A short list here please of each thing each character is training for will help. I know Branwyn is doing spells and so is Marisu. We can roll those results quickly in KloOge that night.

Beyond that, traveling priests, rescuing horses, training for thief abilities, Imari's return from her training, etc. all can be laid out on a time line.


  • Ilero - NWP: Orienteering; WP: Punching; Thief skills.
  • Marisu - Learn 2nd level magic; Spell Research if there is time.
  • Shurkural - doesn't get any proficiencies this level, iirc. Get her sword silvered and enchanted.
  • Tristan - Going to start the renovation process (engineering a design, etc.). Need to work with Ilero and the Soumi priests on removing any artifacts or saints.
  • Leatherus - No NWP this level. Still holding 1 WP for mastery of 2 handed swords. Going to work on finishing the armor for Tristan.

TMO Does Ilero need any thief skill training?

  • Good catch, forgot about that. I'd thought about adding a 'visiting Regor' note, but forgot all about it. Yes, he will probably need some training. Next time we log in we can handle that. I'll need to see his skills to see which he'll raise.


Sorry everyone I've been MIA on the boards. Just wrapped up a nightmare job. I had to go clean up a mess left by a "former" employee. 12-14 hour days, 7 days a week... Good times. But I'll be on tonight. As for character plans between arcs. Here is what I have:

Tristan - Needs to try and figure out what that force field is (unless we achieve that in game before then) in the skull church. He will also be working on engineering plans on how to seal off the skull caves entrances (he wants to totally change the landscape to erase the old gods that held this church)as well as the secret passage in the house (so no one can use that against him). Plus, he has massive renovations inside the church (new altar, new statues, removing the old ones, etc). Not sure how funding will be provided for the labor to do that. Perhaps the main church will provide assistance? He plans on writing a letter requesting funds as well as other Cahus priests to come. He plans on honoring his pledge to Ilero and leaving the dead saints below. However, he plans on entombing them. His goal is to make this church a military stronghold (fortified walls, gatehouse, archer towers, etc) for any "potential" religious wars that may or may not occur... Of courses funding will be my main problem...

Leatherus - Finish up the set of plate armor he was working on. Also, long term goal for him is mastery of two handed swords. He will lend his brawn to Tristan in his construction needs. Besides that, he's pretty green so not too many ambitious plans as of yet.



Yesterday Carl from Tabletop Connect posted this to the Google Plus Community in response to a question about when the software would be "ready".

"By the end of September to middle of October, I expect Tabletop Connect to be "competitive" with other VTTs. That is to say, I will feel comfortable recommending the use of TTC for on-going play versus other VTTs available.

The feature set is continuing to evolve with some unplanned features being added, like the silhouette miniatures. Fortunately, with an continuing updates, backers will get the full-use of TTC and benefit from new features.

Completing the full initial asset list will be the longest part of the process. Backers, however, won't be required to choose which assets fulfill their pledges until at least a critical mass of assets are available."

So we do have that to look forward to in the mid-future.


8-26 Just wanted to post that I'm ready for the housekeeping session between eras. :) The party pack is updated so we can have Ilero do some appraising and Branwyn some scroll reading when we get back.

I went through all the spell books and only one spell is jumping out at me as a must have. So Indigo will rest and Branwyn will try to learn Shocking Grasp. A nice little 1st level spell, but at Branwyn's level it could mean instant death at a touch for some low hp unfortunates when it delivers 11-18 pts of damage. Very fun, very Branwyn. So my part will be fast and easy.



I had planed on Qui being away for awhile. After the airship training, he is looking for someone to have the same deal of training for his thief skill. I had no plans to click off time. After having last Friday night away from the game, I have decided to take a couple more off. I am sorry, but I think it is for the best.



I do think we can see what events warrant taking how many months off then work out the details of those later.

Shur having a baby would be interesting. A nice way to bring that bit in without having to deal with her adventuring while 8th months pregnant.

There is no doubt that some time will click off for training and such but it does not need to be a full year either. If Qui is off training and Shur decides not to have a baby you could click off only the 6 or so months instead of the full year and Qui will return to the group at the right time.

That is if Qui still wants to do the airship training in the first place.


TMO 8/17

I've updated the Training Plans for my 3 characters. Ilero has his Scout Guild thing coming up at 9th. To be honest, I'd never even considered marriage between Ilero and Shurkural. I'll have to ask them what they think of the idea. Marisu hasn't had a chance to really develop her personality yet, but that will come. Until then, we'll just go with the basic ideas, more spells, more combat ability, so she's not stuck hiding at the back of the pack every time there's a fight.

8-17 Lisa

I am good either way on how much time we click off. Depends on what John's final plans for Qui are so I can't really answer that. Though if we do click off a whole year, I would expect some changes in our characters. For instance, Ilero and Shur would be married, maybe expecting a little ranger/thief? I mean Ilero wouldn't just leave Shur hanging all that time, would he? :)

Branwyn and Indigo won't be leveling so there is no training for them. What I would like to do with whatever time we have is to continue transferring spells from my third into my main 2 spellbooks and I will do some checking and see if there are one or two spells I'd like to add. I like where Branwyn is spellwise with her character and don't want to go on a big spell shopping spree or anything like that without good reason. No to magic item creation for me as well.

8-16 Just to let everyone know what the current planing is.

We have four more sessions before the BOB's Birthday Game this year. 8/22, 8/29, 9/12, 9/19

I think we will be wrapping up The Enemy of My Enemy in one or two more sessions and also one or two more sessions for Long Live the King. Then we will have our normal cleaning up XP & Training issues.

If all goes as it seems now we will be starting the new Dragonslayer Era during the Birthday Game.

Things that we will need answers for: Do you want to click off the year of time for Qui to get his Airship training? If not a full year how much time do you want to click off? What training etc does everyone want to do? What spell research or magic item creation does anyone want to do? Are there are things that you want to do that involve minimal roleplaying?

Once we are done with the two story arcs I will updated everyone's XP to include the 10% bonus and be all tidied up through the end of this Era.

The new Era will involve many different story arcs; some of them all jumbled together. It will be fun, new and interesting.

Without giving anything away I can say that everything starts with an audience with the Queen.



I will not be in Friday due to a school function.


One thing that was tickling at the back of my mind about Qui and his Omen Reading I did double check today.

Performing the ceremony of reading an omen requires an hour or more. Special tools or supplies, such as runesticks, may be necessary depending on the character’s favored form of omen reading. Some superstitious or primitive cultures may place a great deal of weight on omen reading, and a skilled diviner may be held in high regard by these people.

So we need to be careful on those checks, that ticks off a whole hour at least. Much like checking for secret doors is an easy thing to say but that takes a full turn per ten by ten area of wall.


Planning on being on Friday. I'm going to be late. Not sure what time. I have a birthday party for my niece to attend. I'll be on as soon as possible.


I'm home again now, and don't anticipate missing any more nights any time soon. - TMO

That sucks Eric. TMO will not be in either, nor Mike. Lisa and John will have to carry on.


I won't be on this Friday. Sorry everyone... Summers are INSANE for me. I'm really really hoping for next Friday.


I emailed everyone some images of potential character sheets to use with Tabletop Connect.

Please comment there or here about what you think of them.


I'm planning on being on Friday. I have to work the next morning but that's what coffee is for!


Not sure this is an update, but I might be working Saturday so I might not be traveling and be in my normal time. I guess you will see me when you see me.


Correct Bob. I will be on Mackinac Island Friday. I won't be back until after the 4th.


I was really close to Not traveling tonight, but the kids badgered Laura into leaving tonight. I will be late, but I expect to be in.



Eric to clarify, will you also miss the game on Jun 27? We will have that next week then take a week off.


I have to go get drunk at another beer fest tomorrow night. It's tough being popular... Sorry everyone. See you after the Fourth of July.


So today the is the first day to purchase anything for Tabletop Connect if you were not a backer of the Kickstarter. For those of us that were there was a chance to change our orders, add things, etc.

So that everyone knows what will will have available later this year.

I have the GM license with unlimited player log ins. I have 7 different terrain packs. I think that will cover just about anything that we will use to get started with this. I have 72 different miniatures in my bundle.

I am suggesting that no one else purchase anything unless you intend to run your own game with this program. Later on there will be plenty of opportunities to purchase your own miniature if you want to be able to bring it into the game with you when you log in, etc. There will be much to explore with this before we shift over to such a different VTT platform.

On a side note, if anyone has any character sheet they would like to see me implement with this program please send me the image of it. I intend to start exploring my options for that portion of the customization here in June and July.


I emailed all our regulars a link to the dropbox download for the most recent version of Tabletop Connect. This is part of the every two week update download.

We are still in beta testing so do not expect an easy go through it BUT I wanted everyone a chance to poke around and see how things are developing.

He (Carl Pinder the programer) still is anticipating a final product release in September.

I am not 100% committed yet to this, but it is very close to that. I am not going to go to TC until we can do all the current things in Klooge in TC.


Dammit! Marisu would have LOVED that XP award for defeating the Fire Elemental! *headdesk* Congrats on that, guys! - TMO

I won't be available on the 4th. We'll be watching fireworks. I'll be on tonight.


Speaking of the 4th, I will be out then, as we'll be driving to Kansas City. I'll have my laptop with me, but absolutely no idea if I'll be able to log in or not. Safest to say not. Looking like 2-3 weeks in July I might be scarce due to vacation. - TMO

It's all good TMO. As it turns out the kids do not plan on going to the beach this weekend so I should be in and as I should be off July 4th, all traveling should be done before game time. but who knows, only the shadow


TMO will not be in this next Friday most likely.

Yep, sorry folks. My parents are in town. Originally they were leaving on Thursday, but plans changed and they're headed out Saturday now. - TMO

I am looking ahead and saw that July 4th is on a Friday this year.

Who will actually be playing that night? I am guessing John, TMO, Eric with kids will not be around?

Thinking of calling off the game that night because of that.


Here is the link to the Tabletop Connect discussion section over on Google Plus.

There was an update today that said the village update will come out on June 15th so I will be able to do some real testing later on this month.

As always I will pay for the licenses for Players to log into my game.




I may have said this before, but I do not want an adventure specifically for any of my characters. No matter what happens, I do not plan on running more than two characters at a time. Plus, with the summer and not knowing when I will be playing or missing, I do not want to have too much responsibility/



We have done well the last two sessions to bring both story arcs to a dramatic denouement.

For Long Live the King you have found several artifacts, you have the shield and need to decide how to get out of the temple/cave and what to so with the expected encounter with Red Cloak.

For The Enemy of My Enemy you have the climatic battle in front of you. Greek, Suomi and Kayugan priests all fighting on the same side against an out of control Fire Elemental that has already killed two of your scouting group and an unknown number of Greek priests. Branwyn and Tristan have protection from fire cast upon them by Aunt Jenevive and combat is joined. You are standing in the large pool of water in the expectation that it will provide some protection.

Depending on developments here on the threads and who can be in when will decide which story arc to run first. Then we can flip over to the other one if everyone wishes right away.

I am sorry for the disaster that Klooge connections have been lately. I will try some things with removing large chunks of the adventures to see if that helps with the staying in sync issues. Also I will try to remember to change the 'sync sounds' function in my GM settings to see if that affects it as well. I did testing with Lisa and we could not duplicate the problems.

I am also very hopeful that the new program TableTop Connect will be our replacement program later on this year. I invested in the Kickstarter and have full access to all the beta testing.

The next Era is full blown in my mind now and I am working away on the details. I have 3 to 5 story arcs already in the planning stages. More details to follow after we finish these two current story arcs and see who is still standing.



Still hoping to be on tonight. I'm definitely going to be late. I totally agree Bob that my boy gets a birthday every year but my wife LOVEDS to go all out so...well... I guess I get to do more work! It all depends on how far along I can get tonight with cleaning and setting up. Hoping for around 9:30 if I can get on. Hope to see you all!


3/21: Unrelated note: I am setting up to run some board games by email, posting the boards here on this website, by the grace of Bob. Right now the only game I have set up is Betrayal at the House on the Hill, but I'm hoping to do more. If anyone is interested, let me know and I can add your email to my contact list. I'm starting up a game (or games, depending on how many players I get) this weekend. Knowing the rules in advance isn't necessary. I'm happy to teach people how to play.


Oh come on, he had a birthday last year! How many of these are you going to be sucked into!


You will be missed, it will be an interesting evening.


5/21 Sigh.... I have to work Friday :(. I wouldn't count on me being there... Sucks!! Sorry everyone. Next Friday I should be on but it may be late. My son's birthday is next Saturday so I have a lot to do the night before.


Well that sucks for us, John. You shall be missed on both adventures. But may you have safe travels and a good time at the end of your journeys.



While Friday was not the best game, it had some great moments. It may not be called a dungeon, but I am glad we are inside. Other comments I think I will keep in character. We did not leave in the best of situations but to make it worse, it did not occur to me that I will miss the next two session as I will be traveling. It is possible I will be able to log in at the very end of the night, but I can not be sure. I want to allow any new players to use my characters and maybe even cast a few spells on line but we will have to see what is allowed.



I'll be in late tonight. Son's Kindergarten graduation is tonight. It starts at 6:30pm (about when we normally do) so I'd expect to be in about 60-90 minutes later. - TMO

Be glad to have them TMO.

Lisa: They moved and are looking for a local game? Your game is local for everyone on the planet BOB: grins We are the Planets Game

There is Wapit and someone for them to play.


Just as an FYI, I extended an invite to my wife's cousin and her husband. They just moved to a new area and posted on FB looking for any local games. Don't know if they'll come or not.


I know that this is very early in the process but this is what I am looking at for a possible Klooge replacement.

Just a sample video to show how the maps would change in this new program.


So the next session 05 16 14 will feature the Long Live the King story arc.

I suggest that everyone have their sound on before joining the game so that you will be ready for the clues that will automatically appear as you are going along. Also you might want to review the previous audio clues on the pages there in the story arc.

We will start the night in the rough hewn passage that you found and explored down to the worked area that indicated the start of the temple area.

Over on the Out of Character pages I will give some basic answers to questions anyone has.

One thing to note (head over there for more details) you will start in Combat Mode to keep accurate track of how much time is passing.


Sorry you won't be in but it is a much better reason to miss



Hey everyone. I just realized I will be going to the world beer expo this Friday so I won't be on. See you all the following weekend



That's a bummer! You'll be missed!



Totally forgot that I've got an event I'm going to this evening, and so won't be able to show tonight. Sorry for the late notice.



Thanks everyone for the comments. She's doing a lot better. She will be released this week and will stay at an assisted living center for a month before coming home. Her heart isn't as strong but they are confident she will be able to function independently. I'm planning on being on Friday. See you all then.



Sorry everyone for my absence last Friday. My wife's grandmother went into the hospital Friday late in the afternoon. She was in pretty bad shape. Very confused. She kept saying it was 1954 and asking where her dead husband was. So I was in the ICU all night where we couldn't have cell phone on. She's stabilized but still a little touchy. The doctors think she has some kind if blood disease that has weakened her heart. I'm still hoping for next Friday. I will post when I know if I'm working or not.


That's awful, Eric. I'm so sorry. I'll be sending good thoughts out to you and your family. Lisa

Our family Hopes for the best for you and your family - John

Hard enough to deal on your own, plus the kids. Family first, you knwo we will be here. - BOB


That new program looks like a video game maker. So cool.

Beyond the connectivity issue that does not seem to be just me, I should not have rolled, I should have known better. I still think the charm was more effective than waking Shur, but I am open for discussion.



Funny you say that. Watching 20 mosquitoes get zapped by the light never seems to stop that 21st.


4-23 That's not entirely true Bob. We aren't dead, we are under a spell. And I cannot see the other characters getting themselves zapped after watching 4 people get hit. They will carry on. It is just a matter of whether they will give up on the frozen characters and move on without them or if they will save them. It's in their hands. Who knows? Maybe the other characters will say 'forget them, we have a temple to find' and go on their merry way. The person who originally set the trap will eventually come back and release us and take us in for questioning. The previously frozen characters will move over to the dark side and hunt down the characters who left us to rot in the wilderness. Could be very exciting. But far from over. The possibilities are endless.

And that is very good news Eric! :)


I'll do my best to catch up so I'm not totally lost. Sounds like quite the situation I'm stepping in to!! I should be on next week as well. I'm thinking my weekends should be open more often for gaming so I should be back soon to a full player. Not a part timer...


We will play Long Live the King first with Mike and Eric in because they are the only ones that can save the group (with the help of Tonya and Felicity we hope).

If they save the group then we can pause it there and go back to The Enemy of My Enemy for the second part of the night.

If they do not save the group then we can go back to The Enemy of My Enemy permanently because everyone else will be dead.

With a week to plan on-line I would like to start that story arc off first to see what happens.


I thought if Eric was in we would play EOME? The other adventure is just standing arround.


I say it is up to Eric

That is excellent news Eric.

The very quick summary.

You are on a path, you come across two tents and a broken down wagon. Indigo investigates and is "paralyzed". Then Qui, then Miranda, then Foto. Lisa and John will be in and have commented on the Out of Character thread.

Shur is still not paralyzed - but TMO will not be in.

Imari is not paralyzed and is flying above all on her hippogriff - Mike should be in.

Leatherus should have help from the new two players who are auditioning as well.

More summary beyond that is dependent on surviving this encounter.


Extremely good chance I will be on Friday. I'm going to give it a 96% chance. Unless the D&D gods hate me, count me in. I'm super behind on what's happening in the LLK arc. I'm buried at work but I'll try and catch up. If anyone has time to post a quick and dirty summary that would be appreciated.


This will be an interesting week.

We ended the session on Apr 18 14 with 4 of the 6 characters paralyzed from some unknown effect as you were dealing with an empty campsite.

Mike has Imari and TMO has Shur still available. Then there will be who ever else shows up to help save the day.

In the Out of Character Thread for Long Live the King there is a map of the current situation for everyone to talk about this week and plot and plan to see what can be done to save our heroes.

This will be fun,


Good to hear you will be in. I want a waterproof mic in the shower just for that reason.

And yes it is not too late to still have a word or two with the horse. We will do that at the beginning of the night.



should be in tonight. hooray. also, thought of something in the shower, where all our best thinking gets done. Don't know if it is too late, but i'd like imari to ask the talking horse for some of his hair. i gots me a plan to do something fun.



Sorry to hear. Hope the best for you. I will be looking forward to your return



My work has decide that I am in need of a weekend of work. It was very generous of them. I have to go to the lovely land of Ohio this weekend to review the status of a project we are starting. I don't think I will be able to make it Friday. I was really hoping to. I will be trying to post online this week and next as much as possible. If anything should change I will post and let everyone know....



Doesn't matter to me. It seems like we are much closer to finishing Tristan's adventure than Indigo's. I fully expect the EME crew to be sitting around doing nothing while we wait for Indigo's group to return. We are steps away from Greekness in the caverns while Indigo is talking to a pony over a week's journey away from home and he still has no clue where the temple even is, much less where the shield is.

Whatever people want to do is fine. Tristan's adventure is a faster pace one and so I understand and find myself also having the eagerness to continue, while Indigo's is more of a slow trudge. Not to mention the whole competing religion, which priest is going to kill which priest holy war amusement that goes with the world of Tristan. Last count I believe is four competing sects all about to say their hello's. I can hardly wait. If everyone is good with having one finish earlier than the other, I'm good with it too. Branwyn can always find things to do at home to get herself into trouble. Or, if she suddenly becomes psychic or something, there is a lady dwarf that wouldn't mind having a chat with her in Primsen.


I will take that into consideration John. I do fully expect that the only time the two group are going to be synced up again is when both story arcs are over.

There is a nice chance for RP on both story arcs right now also.


I think we should keep on EME as long as Eric is in. We are behind in the time line, have more characters in LLK and more to discuss on line to keep the story fresh. Not to mention, if we don't get caught up, we may get stuck only playing the older one untill we catch up



So unfortunately I have social obligations that I can't get out of with any grace or chance to sleep in my own bed tonight. Sadly, I will be out tonight. Hopefully nothing gets in my way next week.


I heard from Eric today. He will be in tonight (Apr 11 14) and next week as well. So tonight we will run Enemy of My Enemy and then next week go back to Long Live the King.


So all I missed is one of my henchmen getting robbed by a member of the party and contemplating eating a talking horse. Oh the talking horse knows of a local tourist attraction.

Not bad.



Sorry Eric,

I will not make your return. Please have fun without me.


I will be there tonight. This is my game on week. Next week I will be working most likely. See you around 10. Shoot me a text if you get on earlier Bob!


Just a reminder about tonight (Apr 04 14) that we will start very late.

I hope to be home by 10 so we will have time to continue the roleplaying from the threads on the site. We will see who is actually in for those last two hours to determine which story arc we pick up.

I believe Mike and Lisa will be in tonight, beyond that I do not know.

For next week it will depend on if Eric is available to go with which story arc. I think we will be getting back into the every other week if Eric's schedule is back to normal. Who will be available?



hey guys, sorry for the lack of attendance right after I came back. It was Ren Fair season down here and we get pretty hectic with that and guests coming in most Friday nights. Then the last two weeks were broken computer weeks. But now I have my computer back, no more fairs to go to and I'm all ready to go. at ten, apparently.



I won't be on this Friday... Yea work! Have fun for me.



I'm sorry we won't be seeing you for a while. :(

But I am very happy you are back to work and getting hours.

All the best to you and Karen and hope to see you soon. We will miss you!



That stinks Guy, but at least I hope you are making the extra money. There will be a spot for you.

Once a Dragonslayer Always a Dragonslayer


well unless another