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Player Communication Archive 2016

Last time, on BOB’s WORLD! “When Last We Left Our Intrepid Band of Adventureres!” (9, Dec 2016)

-Basic Summary:

-Gotta love Monty Python references. Ah, document searching. My mother laughs and feels sympathy. Also Swimming is a useful skill when you need it most. I wish I picked that. It’s one of those things you think is useless…until your drowning. Carissa finishing up stats for character.

-Quote of the Night: [Lisa] (he is a halfling so maybe a small shield? [Master] nods, is why I said Buckler [Lisa] like I know how big a buckler is [Master] smile [SpringDiesel] big skillet lid [Lisa] that's better

-JTOM wails on Branadarus. Funny.

-Michael Yells at screen as you head back toward sirens while reading summary.

-Also Spring, that diet sounds miserable. Cheat away.

-I had to include this because I thought it was hilarious: [Lord Branadarus (Master)] WHAT? Ilero (TMO)] HYE TEST SIREN NOW [Lord Branadarus (Master)] WHAT?

-Discussing eating giant parts. Jilly goes crazy.

-Combat begins: Bullman fight.

-Love the link bob. Thought the GOT reference was funny for the fire lady.

-Still fighting. Mario Joins the fray.
-Still fighting……Okay done.
-List of people to kill. The Hound. Love it bob.
-What a lovely statue in the middle of the road. TMO is wary of Gorgans/Medusa like creatures. Nothing eventful happens.
-YAY! The group reaches a keep.
-Basic intelligence gathering
-Decided to camp within the keep. Yeah, no pictures of the mines of moria appearing in my head or anything.
-- You do remember what was lurking outside the entrance to the Mines of Moria, right? ;)

This summary is subject to the opinion of the writer who wrote it and stuff. You know the drill. If I offend you, i'll edit this send me a text or something.

Thank you Michael for the summaries. I will be giving out XP for those as well.

My plan for the next few session is to explore the keep you have found to see if indeed it is the place where the scrolls you are looking for are there. I imagine that it will take three or four sessions overall to do that. Then I plan on having everyone finding and exploring the other potential lost keep area to look for the magic items in the care of the bugbear king.

Once that is completed heading home to Dryads Lair, many sessions from now.

After returning home there are a couple of threads to wrap up and one grand adventure to go on.

Over on the Weekly Chat History I have marked out that the next potential missed session is several months away. February 10th I might be teaching at Disney in Orlando but that is not confirmed yet. Not sure if it would affect the game that night.


12-02-2016 (Hugh/Michael)

Last Time, on BOB's WORLD!
->“When Last We Left Our Intrepid Band of Adventureres!” (23, Nov 2017)
-Basic Summary:

-Mario rolls crazy good for new character. Look at this guy over here!
- Still discussing stats...
- Okay the game officially is started by master.
-NEW PLAYER: Carissa
- Discussing finer points of klooge and tips/tricks.

Lisa’s response to bob overloading a new player with a ton of stuff:

[Master] the Wildlands. The Wildlands is an area bordered by Terraguard to the east across the Velikaya River and to the west by the Central Mountains. The southern border blends in with the northern shire of Gold Hills and the northern border merges into the Northern Wastes with no fixed delineation although some say the Gelion River marks the border between the two areas. The Lorien woods are said to be the home of several Elven towns while the Orcnest Deep provides a hiding place for several humanoid tribes that pillage on the Velikaya River.

[Master] is where you are from

[Lisa] that's confusing

- Spend lots of time at a found dilapidated mill
- I am obsessed with opening the cellar door. We spend about 20 min discussing opening it. - Nothing in the cellar
- Life isn’t fair. Moving on

QUOTE OF THE NIGHT: [Mario Teq LT] i have to read up on Elves, never been one
[Master] there is a bit of a backstory on your character sheet too now
[Master] you need a name for you and a name for your sword
[Master] and your sword is intelligent
[Master] can speak
[Master] so it needs a name
[Indigo (Lisa)] Keebler

-Wow I type horribly with you guys. Good thing this isn’t graded.
- Hmmm. OH! Abandoned creepy village where nothing happens. Yeah that.
- Hugh decides life is too much and jumps off a cliff and somehow despite falling 60 ft, the gods have mercy and he doesn’t die. I guess someone was looking out for him. This time. RIGHT BOB!?
- It appears to be the work of sirens.
- In a dire situation Branwyn and Branadarus still manage to be a lovely couple.
-The group saves Hugh and proves that despite all odds, they can save people. That was meant to be funny not mean.
-Exchange parting fairwells and….. XP Awarded
-End of game
-End of summary

This summary is subject to the opinion of the writer who wrote it and stuff. You know the drill. If I offend you, i'll edit this send me a text or something.

11-29-2016 Mario

In creating a new Elvin character, I came across this website of Elvin prefixes and suffixes. Combining them, 'meaningful' names (?) can be had for characters. I am creating an Intelligent Sword, with powers against magic users and enchanted ones. So i used Teb (sword), Houn (magic), and Drin (stealer) as a name. Have fun!

Oh sure, cuz magic users are the bad guys. Sword and Branwyn are going to get along swimmingly :) - Lisa

11-18-16 Michael

So I was going to post this at the beginning of our session, but I may be a few min late. I know we all sometimes have a little trouble remembering some stuff, so as I can, I'm just going to post highlights and stuff before our sessions in the Klooge chat. As I said though, might be a little late today so here this weeks

“When Last We Left Our Intrepid Band of Adventureres!” (11, Nov 2017)
Basic Summary:
-Delta Rae is a good band
-So many centipedes
- God, still so many centipedes
-Okay. They Finally all died
-BOB WORDS OF WISDOM “[Master] I think that the key thing is to have encounters a far away from the sleeping people as possible
[Master] so they do not walke right up and eat them

-Grumpy Winged Lion Thing (Still not sure if we ever decided on what it was) Roars at us to get out of its way. We wake-up, drag, kick, shuffle sleeping people out of its way. It merrily stomps down the path and into the night.
-Um. Looks like some healing went on
-Branadarus makes some funny comments.
-DIE OF DEATH [Indigo (Lisa)] (care to roll the dice of destiny?)
[Snezana (SpringDiesel)] Roll #1: (d20) [1d20=2] 2
Shurkural (TMO)] DOOOOOM

MAJOR ENCOUNTER: Three cyclops. While I try to talk our way out of it, Branadarus steals goodies that are to be announced at beginning of this session. They Inform us that they smashed Lion. Good to know. Bob grants mercy and I talk my way out of the encounter with help from everyone.
-TMO spends 10 rounds with bow drawn. Kudos on that arm.
-Michael promises to never do a whole game talking unless permission from group is granted.
-More Healing
-End of Game
End of Summary

11-11-2016 07:27PM EDT

The connection is timing out when I try to join. Is there an issue tonight? - TMO

11-04-2016 10:34 PM EDT

Just got a text - The Internet went out at Bob's house and is a service provider issue. Game is over for the night I believe.

For the record, the dice panel showed a 17 as my encounter roll for first watch!



Don't think I can make it tonight. Not likely to make it back from memorial service in time. One of Johnny's close friends.


To confirm for everyone we ARE playing tonight.

I have rebuilt all the KloOge things as quickly as possible. The campaign loads and all is well. .... Well I am down to only one screen at the moment but that is a PC problem not a KloOge one.

I really want a fun good game tonight, thank you everyone for being patient.


To keep everyone in the loop. My computer seems to be dead. No way to recover it to allow me to get in. BUT the hard drive seems to be ok so I bought a new computer. It will arrive on Tuesday and I will transfer the data over and we should play on Friday as expected.

I will update everyone as the week goes along. That does not prevent anyone from contributing on the OOc and IC threads to keep everyone involved.

See you soon,


As of 3:30 my computer at home is unable to be accessed. Apparently a Win 10 update stopped the keyboard and mouse from working so I cannot get to the password screen to log in. I will update this page if I do manage to get logged into my computer.

If I run Klooge from a different laptop we would have zero nada nothing to use except the chat. No characters, maps, etc.

A great thing to come home to.......



Just found out I have to ^H^H^H^H get to go to a wedding tonight. It's a relative on Johnny's side and important to him. So I won't make it in. I'm sorry.



We are playing tomorrow (10-14) but we might end early at 11 or so. I have to leave for the airport at 4 am so not sure if I will want to take a nap or just plow through the whole night.



Hey guys, life got in my way today and I won't be on tonight. I apologize. I should however be on next week if all goes well.


There is a hurricane coming. It should be past us by Friday so I plan on playing as long as we have power.

I did break my wrist today however so my typing will be greatly slowed.

Jilly will be very quiet :)



Hey Lisa, I've got your to-do list. I think it's pretty good. Hopefully we can just go down the list and get ready for our next uh. I would say adventure, but you know. Those seem to end in interesting ways. :) I'll call it an outing.


No worries Spring. Life happens. We'll survive. We always do. (Knock on Wood) :) We just have to be more careful then usual haha. Have fun at your party!


And then I bugger everything up. I got invited to Ian's 21st birthday in Colorado tomorrow. Given how things have gone the past few years, this is a very big deal and I'm going, even though it means an 8-hour drive each way. Leaving this morning. It means I can't make it tonight or tomorrow.

I'm really sorry, guys. They're my sons. I've barely seen either of them last few years, and they're both going to be there.


I started the BOB's Birthday Game pages early so that everyone can contribute to the planning and comments there earlier.

When we start play on Sep 16 16 it will be the morning report for that day. Spring's new character has just been introduced. There will be the re-summation of what happened during the After Shave story and what the next steps will be. Then we will figure out what things you want to do, what things you need to do, and how everything will move forward.

We will be playing on Sep 16 16 from our normal time 7 PM EST until Midnight, then we will pick up again on Sep 17 16 and play from Noon EST until Midnight.

I look forward to a fun game, I hope that everyone comes and gets to roleplay for hours and hours.



There is a game tonight. I have been called into work and will leave by 6 and should be home in time to start up at 7. If not sit tight and I will let everyone know when we come up. It should not be more than a few minute delay I hope.

We pick up in the morning and visiting the church to bring Sere up to walking wounded.


Home on time


If you could imagine a football game with your family with lots of screaming and yelling and AH HELL NO's, you can imagine what it was like to read that script. I miss one game and, while I may or may not have made any difference at all, everything went to hell in a handbasket. Bob, I tip my hat to you for craziness. I am so sorry I wasn't in to help. Also feel terrible for Kenna. Teaching a language? Jeeze. Hugh has linguistics and I would rather Kenna be safe and sound. It would probably suck for him, but seriously, Kenna is useful! Do we have anyone capable of healing left? Also lost another weapon (head meet desk). Hopefully she can talk her way outta that till we can figure out this craziness. Also Mike, Sere is still kinda alive we need you man! And even if you did die, we would go rescue you somehow. Sometimes fecal matter just is flung at the fan. This game really really gets frustrating sometimes and bob does punish our incompetence (cough) , but he's occasionally merciful haha. Also for the love of god we have to have Branwyn with us. She keeps us in line and would have no problem slapping some sense into us if we need it. :) You have no idea how much I am looking forward to our next game.

Update on Demon Called (what I call part 2 of Book Marked when we finally get there. Just what i've started calling it, not anything official. It's what I refer to the potential expedition to take care of our demon problem) Also easier for my own reference. It's coming along well. I've highlighted some conversations within our logs, but while I was gone, I had some serious power problems. My inverter for my Jeep gave out and I had no way to power my laptop and I hate typing documents on my phone. (Also for Lisa, Durango, CO is much nicer when there isn't so much snow lol) Anyhoo, I've got several reference pages saved and when I have some time this week am preparing a basic summary and thoughts together for you all. Bob, do you just want me to create a summary post in Book Marked? Thanks all!


So an eventful night both with lots of stuff happening and then making it through things very quickly afterwards.

Go read if you were not here.

One more session before the prelude to the Birthday Game.



Thanks Lisa! That was exactly what I was looking for.



I'm sorry but I don't really have one place that has all that info. But most of the conversations about it have had Jennevive there. The name of the book was the Fiendomicon of Iggwilv. Branwyn opened it in the second half of the August 28, 2015 chat log. The best advice I can give for searches is to maybe use these search terms:

Branwyn AND demon AND Jennevive


Branwyn AND "red scrolls"

You would only need to look at hits for chat logs from Sept 2015 forward. Then when you open the chat log you can do a find on this page for demon and that should jump you into the conversation.

Hope this helps a little. When you get back, let me know where you are and maybe I can help out with getting info together. Have a great time on your trip!! Lisa

Hey Lisa, sorry to bug you. I will be out of wifi range most likely in the canyons of Colorado, however I still will have my Laptop. I have already compiled a list of information regarding Book Marked per my assignment since I wont be in for this week and copied it into an offline database. However, I seem to be having a more difficult time finding your characters conversations about the "demon mark." I'm probably just overlooking a very simple link, but I keep coming up with the basics from the search bar. Not conversations from Jennievive, etc. If you have a moment, could you please post a link so I can copy that offline? No worries if you are busy, I understand that. Just whatever you remember and I will crawl through the text to copy. :). I will have some free time to type up a good summary for everyone while I am gone and will post as soon as I'm back. Hopefully it will help us prepare for our inevitable descent into hell :) Literally. I am also compiling some strategies for our trip. Different ways to enter and exit. Supplies needed etc.


Yes to Michael Lisa will get a turn soon. When Mike and her are both in is the best time but soon(ish) everyone will be back at the residence and things will return back to normal. At least normal for this group.


Hey guys just want to say thanks again for last night. That was a lot of fun. It's good to know that (at least so far) our plans can work. Also thought that we worked well together. Bob, we may need to dedicate a friday so Lisa can do stuff though. I think it's been three weeks and she's just patiently waiting to do things. I love even just sitting in on the game, but it would drive me bonkers if I could do absolutely nothing at all :) Cant wait for next game guys. If you need me to do anything on the site feel free to let me know.

Also Lisa and Bob, thanks for pointing us to thinking about the mage angle from the fight two games ago. Didn't really think about that possibility. From the conversation and alliances talk she was spouting, that paints the situation in a new light. Still pisses me off she was a voyeur with the damn ogres though. At least wait until we off them before popping up and scaring us. We got this though. Need to do some thinking on what we say if we meet her again.


That's one serious spell. And I thought Branwyn's spells were scary. :) Very creative! -- Lisa

I emailed this to BOB a few weeks ago, and his answer was "yes" (paraphrased). He suggested I post this here for discussion.


I've had an idea. I know that mages can develop new spells with research. Do clerics also develop new spells perhaps through worship?

I thought of a spell for Kenna. I call it "The Come to Uthe Moment". Probably it should be invoked by touch.

When it is cast, the recipient of the spell, in just a matter of moments, relives their entire life. But this time they experience every feeling that they caused others: every pain, every pleasure, every joy, every sorrow. If they killed one man, they would feel not only the pain of that man's death but also the sorrow of his family. When it is done, Kenna asks, "Do you repent?" If they do, they might choose to become a follower of Uthe and start a new life. If they do not, they are damned to continue as they have, and reap the natural consequences.

Could she start developing something like this? It could help her missionary work and possibly even work defensively. It would have to seriously disorient if nothing else.



Historically hammocks were not used much in the temperate climes where Dryads Lair is but that does not preclude you from doing so. They will not work well in winter however as sleeping on the ground gives you the surface to radiate your body heat back up and keep you from freezing overnight. Hugh Ice Cubes. :)

The armored/defendable wagon is something that you can look into through Branwyn's connections with the Gypsies. They travel by wagon most places. Except in the woods here where you had to abandon your wagon and got into trouble with the ants.

Overall this is very much like when the group first started adventuring in the swamps years ago and had to adjust to what they were doing. Then traveling in boats and in the city most recently. Now you are back out to more woodsy wilderness adventures for the next bit intermixed with diplomatic moments.

Picture everyone sitting around the campfire then Branwyn jumps up, runs into the tent, comes out in a ball gown, teleports to some Earl's party then teleports back to the tent in time to take a watch.

Just idle speculation, not sure Lisa likes the idea of 5% chance of death or more once or twice a week.


Thank you for that explanation Lisa and Bob, that actually does clear many things up for me. So, in all, if I want the benefit of waking up the group, step 1 is to scream at them followed by a quick kick to the shins? Also, I agree with TMO. As soon as we get back, we need to design some tree hammocks. My goodness. Although those damn moquitoes would probably get us nonetheless. I need to think on this. Is anyone an engineer? Make us an armored wagon or something :). I appreciate the explanation.


Yes to everything that Lisa and Michael said.

The way to look at things.

You are asleep: You wake up when you are woken up by someone intentionally, groggy but eventually awake.
Asleep and someone is fighting a cat (see below): You are an adventurer you are used to a little noise, you grumble and turn over
Asleep and someone kicks you because of a fight with a cat: You roll your Con or lower to wake up with a bonus of 4 {ie if your Con is 12 roll a 16 or less}
Asleep and someone screams in pain because of a fight with a cat: You roll your Con or lower to wake up, no bonus
Asleep and someone screams and kicks you because 5 wolves are there: You roll your Con or lower with a bonus of 8

One key judgement call I used that encounter especially with surprise:

Asleep: Goblin bashes you on the head, roll Con to wake up with a bonus of 4
Asleep: Goblin can just slit your throat and you do not wake up

Yes it is dangerous out there in the wilderness, that is why it is called an adventure.

-- We all need tree hammocks.. - TMO

8-19-2016 Nice post :) Bob or others can correct me if I mess this explanation up. No bonuses for waking people up, but you get them to roll to wake quicker if the people on watch try to wake them. Here's how it goes from my experience.

Say for instance, I am on watch about 15 ft from sleeping people. One cat comes and attacks me. I don't yell or do anything to try to wake people. One of 3 things will happen. 1. I kill the cat and everyone sleeps on and we all get cat kabobs for breakfast. 2. The cat kills me and the next watch wakes up to find my half eaten remains. 3. The cat and I fight for a couple of rounds and between the howling cat and me screaming in pain as its claws rip at me. This eventually wakes the group by about round 3.

When you feel more comfortable with what your character can and cannot handle in combat, you will know whether you should try to wake the group or not. My own characters would not wake the group in a one cat scenario, but would in a five wolf scenario. If my character is close enough, maybe I just kick a fighter/ranger awake and let the casters sleep so I am not yelling and waking everyone. To me, it just depends on what the encounter is, if I have Branwyn with/without spells, Indigo, etc.

I will say it is hard on the other players to watch a night ambush while their PCs are asleep. If the PCs on watch do not try to wake them, everyone else just sits there thinking - is it time yet? can I wake up now? He's going to die soon ...

Hope this helps a little. Anyone please help explain this too - especially if you think I am off base. Lisa

Hey guys, sorry I wasn't on last week. I was in the back country of Utah. I will def. be on this week though. If you need me to participate online or something let me know. Also, good job killing those goblins, although to be honest that sleep mechanic makes me never want to sleep again while on adventures. Out of curiosity, does the watch give a bonus for waking anyone up? Otherwise, we might as well just all sleep. If the watch yells at you to wake up, do you still have to flip a coin or whatever? Maybe we should keep buckets of water nearby to splash on sleeping people :). Anyways, sorry again about Friday. I'll back you guys up really well this Friday.


Eric, I just emailed you the IP address


I've been awhile. But I still don't see it in the game list. Is there a certain address I can type in?


Game is up, works fine

Hi all, I can start Klooge. I have Java 1.8.0_91-b15, and I get a log in screen. So maybe revert back to this version, and flush the Java cache...

-Mario 7-29 7:27 pm EDT

I blissfully updated Java this morning.

Now it says Klooge is not a valid program.

Trying to fix.... stay tuned.

At least I have Internet


This is off-topic, but it just popped into my head for no reason. If any of you play Minecraft Pocket Edition, I have a Realms server for me, my kids, and my nephew. I'm only opening up invites to people I know because of the kids.


Welcome back Eric!

Yes I will have Dominic up and ready for you tonight.


July 15

So I know I've been MIA for awhile. Life got crazy. Divorce, new job, new everything, my dad died, etc...etc... Long story short its been a brutal year for me. Good news is that I'm hoping to get back into playing on a regular basis. Starting with tonight. I'm horribly behind on the story line so I'll just pick up and run with it where you are all at now. See you all tonight!

PS Bob, I'd like to play the new priest I created just before my life went insane on me last time if possible.


Spring, we will miss you but I bet he does too from all the building. TMO will be back so they will just suffer without a healer.

Grins, so what else is new ;)


(Bob - I checked, and none of Ilero's contacts seem like they'd be good healer material. Only two of them have above average WIS, and they're both evil, although I suppose an evil cleric could still be a healer. The top 2 in the list are the ones. - TMO)

July 14

I was wrong! I am so sorry, I have to go with Johnny to a function tomorrow that I forgot all about. :-( Don't know if we will be back in time to play.


July 3

So we now know we have at least two or more journeys to work on recovering the things lost during Barber for Hire. I am starting off with the idea that they will be all contained in the After Shave story arc and we shall see how that goes.

I will offer that Branwyn might want to establish a new tradition for the morning meetings and include a quick look in on who ever is off and away on missions so that people back home will know what is happening out in the field.


So everyone is back in the Residence. Everyone is safe and sound and mostly healthy.

Key things that are now problems after Barber for Hire is finished.

  • Shur's family heirloom sword
    • Tracking it down and recovery {this is the sort of thing that starts an adventuring career and I have an idea about that}
  • Marisu's spell scrolls
    • Jilly, Hugh and Anton know the rough location where the wagon was abandoned in the woods.
  • The prisoners in the basement
    • Branwyn has to make that call, she mostly has, and then decide what to do about bodies etc.
    • This is one reason the Residence has so many spirits to talk with

For these yes TMO can do RP on the site to contribute to planning and such as of today.

Use this page: House Affairs In Character Conversations for such planning.

Also as always

  • Fool Me Twice wrapping up
  • Finishing with Indigo's journey {now a couple of days out of sync}
  • Lord Sam's heritage
    • You know nothing In Character yet

I have been preparing a couple of new story arcs that will require participation by everyone as a group as well as the BOB's Birthday Game story arc. Does anyone know they will not make it that day?

The next two sessions we will not have TMO (7/1 & 7/8). Does anyone else plan on being missing? I know Spring is trying to make it back.


-- TMO: Alright, I've read the session and will think about how to participate.

I am more than game to do RP on the site if that can be worked in in any way. But the next two Friday nights I'll be traveling - absolutely no way to join on the highway or from airports. - TMO

It is a horrible time for Shur and Marisu to not be in. The scrolls are where the wagon is, the sword is where the bugbears were. That could mean the village, the place where you slaughtered them all or another place. Finding Shur's family sword is going to be a challenge. The horse is dead. Jilly and Hugh and Anton will know where the wagon is/was and can go find that spot and attempt to recover the scrolls for Marius if they think of it.

As to importance I think they are very important. Family heirlooms are on things but the scrolls are Marisu's way of casting. Without them she will have to restart from scratch on spell books, etc.

All in all Barber for Hire created several interesting twists and new threads to continue.



Silly, Bob. Branwyn won't care. Everyone is alive and she is back to take care what she was supposed to be taking care of at home the last few days. No problem IC there. :)

That said ... I'm not sure how many game days we will go through in 3 weeks to add onto the days since the items first were lost, but TMO, either OOC or IC, might want to make a plea for the other characters go get his characters' valuables. Branwyn is back to work at the house unless the other characters get themselves hopelessly stuck again. Every day that passes is another day the scrolls, sword and horse(?) are up near the bugbear village. The longer they are lost seems to me like the harder they will be to find. Bob can confirm or deny. I'm not sure how important they are to TMO or his characters any more. Just something to think about. And I would think the PCs who will be here would need some convincing/motivation to venture back by themselves into the danger zone without either the items' owners or Bran/Indigo coming along.

That's what popped into my head game wise anyway. Other than I hope TMO & Family have a wonderful vacation wherever they may roam! :) Lisa

Did Branwyn sign off on that?

I'm probably going to be out for vacation the next 3 Fridays. Hadn't realized how quickly it was coming up on me, sorry for the short notice. Also wasn't 100% positive I was going to be able to take the whole trip or not.


Back up and running normally today so everything should be fine for next week.


I got the modem working but now my computer gives me an error accessing this website so doing this on my phone.

I imagine we will be good for next week. I put down those that were in and those that tried as attending tonight.

See you next week.


6-17-16 Bob's modem died and cannot be brought back to life. Unfortunately that means no game tonight and Bob gets to go shopping for a new modem. Lisa

6-5: I am very scared of all the page edits Bob has been doing lately... - TMO


Bob has a weapons chart on the site but the formatting is off. Try this link:


Thanks TMO! I might need help looking at that. Perhaps Bob and I can go through it, but he said he thought it was just bad rolls, so it probably was just that. I hope. I appreciate it! Michael

6-3-16: I'm having a last minute date night with the wife tonight. I'll either be late or not on at all. Sorry for the short notice. - TMO

Post-game edit: We went to see Civil War, finally. We'd both had a rough week and needed some us time. A comment to Hugh: make sure your attack bonuses for your specialization are the proper direction. Due to the way Klooge does the math, giving yourself a +1 is actually a penalty. Plus To Hits in your character sheet should be minuses. So a -1 for a +1 to hit, etc. We found that with Ilero and his +3 flail. He missed so often with it Bob and I dug in and figured out what was going on.

Hey Guys, just want to thank you for a fun night. Thanks for the advice for using a slot for a different weapon. Do you know where on the site I can find the stats for each weapon? Or is that not here. Example, Dagger is 1d4. Looking for different swords and weapons to pick a decent one. I appreciate it guys. See ya next week.


Looking forward to the new wrinkles that happen with the events of the last night of game play. It will be very helpful to have Spring and Mike in though everyone now has a character involved in the Barber for hire story arc.

We still have other story arcs to work on of course. Indigo is roughly in sync now. It is the afternoon of the 3rd for him and the morning of the 4th for the Barbers. Ilero and Ell are waiting on a beach in winter until they decide what to do about the voices that Ilero heard in his head. Does he stay there for how long waiting for Branwyn?

I am also looking for a new player or two for the year. If you know of anyone who might be a good fit for us please invite them. Or invite them back in if they are old retired players.

I am beginning to line things up for the BOB's Birthday Game that will happen on September 17th so that we have a grand full day adventure planned with a definitive goal to aim at. I would like to get a 'new' player in before that if possible.


6-2-16: Sorry. I will post in Indigo thread today. I got sick and it knocked me out of commission for most of week (speaking of needing medics). It's better now. Lisa

Lisa there is now a thread for you to continue Indigo's conversations. I have added in several pieces of Gold Hills as well.

Indigo is now one day behind the Barbers arc.

I do hope that everyone gets to come in this week to see what happens in a winter forest with only one character standing tall and strong.


Sorry you could not make it Spring but I have seen the progress on the wagon and it looks good.

Everyone should read through the two most recent chat logs May 13 16 & May 20 16 to see how the rescue mission went and who survived.

See all of you except Spring next week I do hope.


You killed my character while I wasn't even online!?! UNFAIR! - TMO ;) j/k - Thanks Lisa!!
PS - congrats Mario!

My build is way behind schedule and I have to have the waggon neighborhood-decent before the end of the month. So I can't make it next two Fridays. I'm sorry, guys.



I think that would be very good to do. Once Hugh is back in the city we can set that sort of thing up on the the City Excursions page. That is exactly what this is for.

There is no promise on my part though that I can contribute as much as I would like. Right now my priorities are Friday nights and then Indigo's story would be next to post in for me. I look forward to what happens in the next couple of weeks as we see how the rescue goes.


Michael (Hugh)

Hey Bob. So I know I am currently out of the city, however, as you might have seen in the general text log TMO and I were engaged in, it got me thinking about other smaller side quests/adventures that either I, or we could do while the main questing/suffering occurs. I would very much be interested in seeing if there are something like freelancing contracts stuck to boards around the city, or the like. Either things to do around the city, or other exploration and shenanigans I can get up to. Well, if Branwyn clears it. I don't need her wrath upon my head. If you would be amiable to that, could we set up a page for it? I have no idea what we would call it, but I would be able to do a lot of roleplay on it until at least July. That's when work will really pick up for monsoon season. It's mostly just something to do to gather knowledge/research, find people who can appraise certain items, make contacts, find cool gear, and that kind of thing. Hell, since it's online, I might even talk to your characters :). I really do want to figure out more about Hellhounds as well. If I can get into the mages library with an escort or something I am sure I can find something out. And, hopefully I wont turn into a brick of ice. That's not fun.

I might very well be late and/or not there tomorrow night as well. Sorry. One of my wife's aunts is coming to town for the weekend and the plan is to have dinner tomorrow night. Sorry if this sinks any plans. I'll let you know as soon as I do if the plans change. - TMO

UPDATE: No plans this evening. Will be in as soon as I collect and feed my kids as usual.

Mike had a death in the family and will not be in tomorrow night (4/29). Spring (see below) will not either.

We will pick up with any last tidbits for the night of the 28th if needed. Then we do the morning meeting for the 1st. Important because it has the information from the Queen's responses to the previous month's letters.

Then we go back to the Barbers and advance that story line a bit, along with Ilero.

I anticipate that it will be a lot of talking out of character also as who ever is in helps digest the news you learned and how you will go forward with things. It does not matter if you have a character directly involved, your brain power will be appreciated. We are getting to a time where there are may threads to keep organized so you do not forget something. Copying from Lisa's list that is further down this same page eliminating ones that are done {or you are locked in the middle of}:

City Adventures

  • Mistress Waverlyn’s Murder – Branwyn, Kenna, Marisu
  • Get Ships for Drillian – City & Elsewhere? – Indigo
    • Thread not started
  • Demon Mark – City for time being – Branwyn, Kenna
  • Frozen Girls at the Manor – Branwyn
    • Haunted House thread
  • Sam’s Parentage Ronwith – Branwyn
    • Thread not started

Travelling Adventures

Obviously Lisa cannot do all or plan for of these alone. The group does have options to not select some of them. Things that have to be done before the group can think about leaving for home:

  • Fool Me Twice
  • Barbers & Riders
  • Book Marked

I recommend you do include finding out Sam's parentage and ships for Drillian. Both of those were Royal requests.



Afraid I'm not gonna make it tomorrow night, and not Friday of next week either 4/29. The next Friday 5/6 might be possible, depending on how well I've prepared for building the next day. Sorry to be scarce - this is the race to finish my waggon.


We should start on time tonight (4/8) Mike will not be in. We will start in The City and go with Lisa and who ever is in. Michael and Mario both have plans to make also for the prisoners. Once TMO is in he can continue Ilero's trip. We will pop back into the prisoners I mean Barbers when Spring is in so that we can settle out things there and move that story a bit forward as well.

With luck we can have everyone but Indigo caught up to date on the 28th. Who knows maybe we can work that in too.


Just an FYI in advance: I will not be in Apr 22. - TMO

Hey guys, I will be working tonight. I'm sorry I cannot be on. I'll see you next week.

Michael Harmon

As a wrap up on where each character is:

  • Indigo is off on the Merchants of the Free Range story arc that is slowly (very) moving along. I need to do more entries on that.
  • Kenna, Shurkural, Marisu, Hugh and Anton are captives in the bugbear village. When we resume there it will be morning, the date is right on the Weekly Chat History. (28-10-1266)
  • Ilero, Branwyn, Ellenara are in the City the morning after the Feast of the Basket (26-10-1266) and have several options on things they want to do. We will do those here on the site and first thing next session. Mike, TMO and Lisa should be in to RP their stuff. Note there are two days to account for to bring those two groups back into sync.


  • Seremella and Jilly are "unknown" at this time. Mike will decide if he wants Seremella to be a captive in the bugbear village along with the others or if he wants to be alone in the woods. Pluses and Negatives for both things. At one point in the night Kenna had more hit points than all the other characters combined. Seremella could be part of the captives, have full spells and hit points, and help work out an escape. Or she could be a lone wolf attempting a rescue by her self. The village has roughly 34 bugbears in it, the group is tied up in the center around a fire and are about to get breakfast. No one has seen Jilly at all. I recommend fully reading the last two chat logs to be sure to be caught up on everything that has happened in the last 24 hours of game time.

Of course there is the chance to talk in the Barber for Hire pages about plans and ideas between now and Friday. Or in House Affairs and City Excursions to talk about things in the City.

As far as I can tell everyone will be in on this next Friday.

It will be interesting.


Internet is back and yes we are playing tonight. - BOB

Hey all, this week i'm not going to be able to make it (I know I know) i'm trying to juggle work, trips, and all sorts of other fun goodies. I promise I am trying to get back in but you know what they say, life happens.

Michael Harmon

Remember this is the week we start late.

There is an Official Visits page up for Branwyn's formal visits to various countries around Terraguard.

Those will start fairly soon in game time so we should probably have some discussion on who goes and who stays.

These and other various story arcs give opportunity for Players to pick up an NPC to play as part of the entourage who could conceivably become a Henchman to someone in the group.

okay cant get klooge to update and stuff. i wont be on tonight guys.

see ya next time.

Michael Harmon

There is a new version of KloOge to download. This should fix the IP address issues as well as public broadcast. I also updated the ini file for your settings so when you install this it will automatically assign 1 gig of space for Java/Klooge.

I am presuming that everyone is running a machine with at least 2 gigs of ram now-a-days.


I agree that it is a lot of fun that you have the danger of the scrolls which everyone concentrates on but all the other dangerous story lines of crusades and invasions etc. get glossed over because "all that talking".

We have a good balance of complicated v. easy story lines; combat v. talking solutions; group v. individual story arcs.

Remember you have only visited 9 districts in the City and there are 23 more that no one has ever visited and none of the 32 have been explored fully.

We have enough here for many more adventures of all types.


I find it funny and a little sad that the most likely combat will occur at the morning meeting during the reading of the scrolls.

I will offer up the tidbit that it seems Branwyn and her group have gotten known as "the adventurer ambassador" based on several of your guests asking questions during dinner conversations and Lord Branadarus becoming her fiance.

With Indigo and Shur being the up front fighters, Kenna and Jenn being the priests, Branwyn and her apprentices being mages that leaves the thieves to be.........

Random note - I was going over the events in my head tonight, and I realized that Ilero seems to be gaining a reputation as some sort of master thief, but really, he hasn't done anything in Dryads Lair to earn it. It's all smoke and rumors based on Regor's reputation rubbing off onto him. Not necessarily a bad thing, it may even prove useful. If he were a more duplicitous or scheming man, he might try to take more advantage of it. - TMO

So you might have noticed I did a bit of work on story threads today.

All the links for:

Have been entered and the color coding added to various chat logs.

The Haunted House thread has several new footnotes added and the roleplaying is continuing on there with John and the staff.

Lisa has her own RP threads going also for both Branwyn and Indigo.

When doing your Roleplay please expand on things, do not leave a one liner that does not give others a chance to expand. Remember the improv rule of "yes and" to help build stories up.

Also do not go back to old conversations to add new bits. With everyone scattered about the City and elsewhere we need to be sure that everyone is contributing on the correct dates. Do not jump a story ahead too far if others are participating. If others are not (or they are all NPCs) then feel free to build the stories up as much as you want.

I hope to have a couple of more stories ready to introduce over the next couple of sessions so that everyone understands you have unlimited adventure and story opportunities in this Era.


I am not planning on being in Friday, still have not updated Klooge come to think of it but I'd thought I would to contribute here. Any characters in town whom want to run into mine would be fun.

1-22 I am staying over at my parents house this evening so I won't be on... Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Have fun and see you next week!


1-17 Here is a list of the possible adventures and puzzles we have been given to solve. We need to decide which we are going to do and which characters are going to do which ones. I am going to try to keep Branwyn as close to the City as possible to take care of things at home. Her character needs to respond to all of these request scrolls and Bob needs to plan for the ones we are going to do. Please add your character's name to the items you want your characters to do. I can have Branwyn see if some of these can be postponed (like the ring or wand until we have taken care of some of the ones that need our immediate attention). Everyone, of course, will be working on city type things when your characters are at home, but if we are going to start outside adventures, we should probably get going on those - Lisa

City Adventures

  • Mistress Waverlyn’s Murder – Branwyn, Kenna, Marisu
  • Get Ships for Drillian – City & Elsewhere? – Indigo
    • Thread not started
  • Demon Mark – City for time being – Branwyn, Kenna
  • Frozen Girls at the Manor – Branwyn
    • Haunted House thread
  • Sam’s Parentage Ronwith – Branwyn
    • Thread not started
  • Storage on Dock - Manor - Ilero

Travelling Adventures

Michael - Bob can't get into yahoo right now. The game is up. Click connect manually and enter the IP address he sent you. After you click connect, manually close the pop-up connect window and you should get into the game. Lisa

Hey guys, this is Michael on Jan. 8. Usually bob is online about now and I'm wondering if i'm doing something wrong? I got the new version of klooge and sent bob an email but maybe he didn't get it. If any of you are seeing this in real time would you mind telling him I cannot connect. I don't want him to be mad at me. I'm going to be checking this and as far as I know he has my email so... thanks guys!

Michael Harmon

So Kurris from KloOge was very good to us. I have a new updated version of the program that I can use for the foreseeable future. On the KloOge page there is a link to the download for the new version for us.

You will need to download that prior to joining in the game for the next session.

This means we can continue to use KloOge until something like Tabletop Connect/Fantasy Grounds 3D is fully developed and we create the programming we need for it.


It was a great year and I look forward to another fun one with all of you. Happy New Year.


I have an update I would like people to run on their machines to help Klooge run better.

In your Klooge.werks folder (the main folder you installed Klooge in) there is a file called kLoOge.Werks.l4j

Open/edit that file with wordpad and change the two lines of -xmx and -xms

I recommend putting in -Xmx1024m and -Xms512m

Then just hit save (no need to change the file name)

When you open Klooge it will use these new values and we should have fewer drops.