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Player Communication Archive 2017

12/26 Carissa

Thank you BOB and Lisa for doing summary this week! Much appreciated! :)

12/24 John

I just want to confirm that my idea to use Comprehend Languages with the charm flute does not work, the spell only allows me to understand them. On a side note, the silence 15' radius used the previous week was not Sound Bubble so it was used incorrectly thought not critical in this situation, I want to make sure it is not used by mistake next time

There are many options to use here on the wiki as Carissa points out. TMO did some great work with tables and highlighting on some pages. He did a great job on The Ball when Branwyn was introduced as the new ambassador.

Everyone should feel free to explore any formatting choices they like and we can also see what we can automate like some of the things in the formatted chat that Lisa has done or even adding tweaks to KloOge so that it automatically imports.


That was three years ago??? - TMO

Thank you Carissa for all your work on the summaries.

Long ago I decided to keep everything here on the wiki as 'flat' as possible. Meaning that rather than people needing to learn to type for campaign world places and for chat logs that everything would be lumped under main so that only the double brackets were needed to create new links and new pages.

I like your idea for external links opening in a new tab as an addition to this.

Seriously I do enjoy the idea that everyone wants to contribute here on the site. We would not have as fun of a game without Lisa, TMO, John, Mario, Spring, Carissa, etc. adding their own touches.


Patties/flat are good. This one just seemed worth passing on. Another small note that my first coding language was HTML4. I really enjoy playing with formatting. Anything else I do formatting wise can be ignored by others. :) - Carissa

12/17 Carissa

Small note that from Leg B onwards, any external links added to summary will now open in a new window/tab. It was bugging me. If you want me to also apply it to internal links, let me know. If there is something like that that bugs you, also let me know so I can fix it/change it.

And if you don't want to dig through Wiki to figure out how to do it for any of your postings, simplified:

To have a link open in another window, use %newwin%...%%:

Thank you Spring!


- Double thank you, Spring! - Carissa

- And more big thanks! Hope all went well with your ankle and we get to see you this Friday! Lisa

So something weird happened tonight when I tried to save the chat log.

The FaceBook posts that I tried to share cut off the chat when I saved as HTML which is what I normally do.

Then I saved as TXT (because I never close until I know it is posted) but it has LOTS of extra formatting crap for Lisa, TMO and Carissa to sort through.



An Otterly crazy story

12/12 John

I call it foreshadowing, a nice piece of writing. You could almost add the double meaning back then if only we knew.

12/11 Carissa

I was looking for something in chat (and couldn't remember when it was), ran across this, and found it interesting to reread in retrospect. Figure it's worth condensing and putting up here for what it's worth which is at least some food for thought. And not because I'm suspicious of Tiberius, but more to try and get insight into what Queen Cinna is after, especially with the belief that this is an opportunity she hasn't had in 267 years...

Someday soon someone will have to start their attempt to gain the throne of Terraguard. Farthorn the Tenth will die at some point and there will be a tangle for the throne. Mother would love to have a chance at that game, and if I am excusing myself from the dance, then perhaps Sam will want to take my place as Mother's choice of piece to move. I think the point is that Sam is not a Prince of Dryads Lair, or Terrabrink or Terraguard.
Tiberius ... you will respect Sam's wishes in this matter.
I will do as you ask, but I will encourage him to speak with Mother. She more than anyone will give him the best options. Prince Loplin would have told him and let him chose would he not? If he wanted to give good advice? Perhaps Prince Loplin is too cautious?
I think he loves him too much and wants to protect him and keep him safe.
Or has made choices for Prince Sam. I can understand that. My mother will be very very interested in this development, and I am not sure that there is anything in the world that can stop her once she finds out. If I wanted favor in the courts, I would take this information and let Sam know that he has a chance to rule the Western World, and that with a little help he would be on a path to achieve that. I do think that Sam should come with us home, meet with Mother and discuss with her the different paths available to him. Someone else will decide. It is up to Sam how he reacts to those who make those choices. I chose to go on a life of adventure, and to keep my self away from the options of those at court, but if there is someone that Mother can use as a wedge to pry open a space, you have to chose to be part of that or find a way out.
I love my family, and I love my freedom more. (Jul2817)

12/4 Carissa

You bring up some good points. I suppose for the sake of the page, it will be classified as what that individual is to the group as a whole. In this case, Tiberius gets overruled. Definite enemy of Branwyn. Likely enemy of Jennevive. Natural enemy of Ilero and the elves. Enemy of my friend is my enemy for everyone else.

Also a good way to think of neutral characters. I do not foresee any of us inviting Queen Cinna to lunch in the future :)

Although she might invites us to BE lunch...

12/4 Lisa

I would say enemy. But I suppose it depends on which character you ask. Tiberius would say friend. Branwyn would definitely say enemy as well as Jennevive most likely. Ilero wasn't too thrilled with the last vampire he met and is not a big fan of any of the undead. OOC - I would say a neutral character is one that you could bump into on the street next month and be able to say - 'Hello, let's do lunch some time' and just smile and keep walking. If/when we see Queen Cinna again it most likely means someone is going to die.

12/3 Carissa

Trying to keep up with characters encountered on the journey (initial storyline page) and realized I forgot someone very, very important.

To the point: Queen Cinna as an enemy or unknown? Discuss.

Seeing how I already classified her as enemy, you see where I'm leaning, but I could actually be persuaded towards unknown. There is also a high chance we'll see her again later and that'll determine what she is, but so far she's only threatened, well, one of us (two indirectly for Tiberius) and hasn't harmed any of us, at least...

11/30 John

Your summary saved me from reading the log of what I missed, I appreciate what you do. I have plenty of ways to add to the story so I do not feel the need to edit summaries, even if I find something misleading. Just diffrent versions of the same story.

11/30 Carissa

Not sure why it's on my mind moreso now than before, but I've realized by writing the summaries, I'm often able to give more insight into my character(s) (plural because wolves/bird - not that there is much insight to give on the wolves/bird...). I know I've said it before, but I'll put it here to make it super official: if you have something you want to add to summaries (like insight to your characters), please do. I can obviously interpret the motives of my character(s) correctly (I hope), but there is always a chance I haven't a single clue why your character decided to join the circus even with their crippling coulrophobia. Even if they're just little snippets here or there, edits are welcomed.

(And if you ever get a hankering to try writing a summary one session, let me know!).
(And Ilero is a possible exception to all of this because he is simply the definition of stupid decisions ;) ) (This made my morning. Thank you! - TMO)

On that same thought, I think I might carry on the grey text I've been doing for this last summary page into future ones. Which means you will have an unintrusive way to add things if you want. Any thoughts? I'll assume no replies to be agreement :P

11/13 Lisa

Great summary for last week, Carissa! Thank you! Yes, I think you got our subtext pretty much down :)

Thank you! I kind of rushed it at the end, but I figured I got the most important of the conversations so typos aside, it's all good! And now I know it is! I will also add that I wanted to do a play on TMO's code for the subtext of Sam/Marisu conversation, but now I'm not sure I understand the code so that one is up for grabs if anyone wants it :) - Carissa

It should be the first letter of each sentence, not each word. Much easier to write and be discrete.

For example:

  • Keeping safe here.
  • Everything is just fine, no problems.
  • Leaving tomorrow for on a short trip around the country.

That sort of thing. - TMO

Ah, that makes sense. Easier to do, but I do kind of like his misunderstanding. I feel it's a little more subtle, but either or! And that did give me inspiration so offer rescinded for anyone to add subtext - already added! - Carissa

11/10 TMO

Just as an fyi, I may be in and out a bunch tonight. We're setting up for a garage sale tomorrow morning, so I'll probably get yoinked around to carry stuff hither and yon.

11/10 Carissa

We should really take our time and plan OOC before we start tonight.

...which will delay everything and would be appreciated since I'll be a little late today.
...unless all it's delaying is character deaths. I'm okay missing that.

Ok, thanks!

11/6 Carissa

Magic bow and a few +1 arrows here plus priestly skills (including some "sun"-based ones...but they're weak). So good here, I believe.

And agreed, well done on the letter. Good luck on the next one ;)

11/6 TMO

Nicely written letter, Lisa.

Lisa - Thanks! Now I get to write one to the guy who can't read :) You do have Marisu's magic crossbow bolts on her char sheet? I know it isn't an endless supply but they are there for emergencies.

TMO - Ah! I had forgotten about those! Thanks for the reminder.

11/6 John

Hoffman has a magic club when it is needed and the rest use magic so my characters are covered but have no extra.

11/5 TMO

Slightly off-topic, but in the future we need to make sure everyone has an appropriate magic weapon. Ilero has his Flail, but he can't backstab with it (I don't think). I'd offer to trade it to one of the fighters for a magic dagger or shortsword (if they have any), but I'd be willing to bet none of them are trained in its use. Marisu has no magic weapons at all, other than her voice. ;)

Yes, thoughts of backstabbing the Queen are what prompted this realization. 0:D If she is a vampire, I don't believe non-magical weapons will do anything. For all Ilero's had the worry about Drake coming after him, he hasn't done much preparing for any such confrontation.

The Wedding page is up and ready for people to contribute to if you wish. I believe I was true to the characters as I spoke for them.

I wanted to do it this way to have us move through this portion quickly so that Friday nights can have lots of conversations about what MIGHT happen (as we did) and what DID happen as you now see. As of right now that I just posted there is space for Lisa to write two letters prior to the wedding.

The start of the conversation now is about the reception immediately after the wedding and prior to morning coming and everyone leaving to head back to Dryads Lair for Leg B of the journey. Leg A is now completed on the Wedding page.

There are of course a tremendous amount of threads to pull from this tangle and lots of potential adventures that will happen based on the new information you discovered during this Era.

It will be fun.


11/4 Carissa

Glad you enjoyed the movie!

True, we did want to go in this not planning to kill her. I guess it turned to that when she pretty much threatened to kill us after stealing Sam. Or ideas of killing her came up, anyways. Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think any of us seriously think we have a chance against her...for now.

Of course, I'm personally curious as to how Jennevive will react to this because she may take less kindly to leaving Sam behind. And Shi? She's just coming along for the ride. Killing vampires isn't on her bucket list, and to be fair, she has nothing invested in the outcome of Sam except that her friends care.

And apologizing for past and future if there are questions (especially directed at me) that I miss (and can answer, to be fair). I'm still trying to figure out if I miss seeing them or if they really aren't showing up. I don't remember seeing Mario's question of specifically asking if anyone could see what he typed (maybe I couldn't see it?) just like I don't remember seeing Hoffman asking Shi questions for the wolves. Probably human error, but it does make me wonder...

11/4 John

Yes, Thor with the family was worth it. Not all Marvel movies are comic book movies, just because the characters are from comic books. It did look like some of Mario's questions were overlooked, been there This sound vary familiar plot I missed once before, something about someone telling someone there was a vampire and a question of player knowledge vs character knowledge. All our characters talked about just treating this as a royal meeting rather than a confrontation, no matter how paranoid we are. My characters especially are only going to follow Branwyn's lead until something changes for them. Dying while trying to kill an evil Queen is never not an option but not my first plan. Not sure they care to get overly involved in the political mess for Sam but will do what the party wants and needs. Using an evil character seems a lot like using poison. But for a chaotic person, seems doable. Oh did I mention I killed a vampire before by sacrificing a henchwoman?

10/25 John

I thought it might be about about Branwyn's issue with scrolls. I was waiting until it came up to discuss more but I at least want to put this out there as sharing what I know / think. If there is any reason to believe Dispel Magic will work, and it's important enough, priests have a distinct advantage. A group of them can cast a cooperative spell to temporarily raise the level in one of them so the spell cast is cast at a higher level. I am pretty sure all the priests have to have to be the same religion but it can significantly increase the chance of Dispel Magic or Remove Cure of succeeding. If I was the planning type, I would love to have Miranda go back to her original home after she became able to cast priest spells and exchange a favor for a favor to repay Branwyn for what she has done for Miranda and the whole party. Just don't tell Lisa about the planning. She hates planning.

10/25 Carissa

Well I feel like an idiot. I forgot about the priest version of the spell. Looks like Miranda and Shi both have it (and possibly some others) based on the spell list on site.

...but I don't remember now why I asked...damn. Maybe as a precaution...? Hmm...

10/25 John

I have to say, I think the answer is yes. I have to get on line to confirm but technically I could cast my third level priest spell but it would cost me xp. I we can wait till I gain a level, no problem. How bad and when do we need it?

HAH on Dispel magic.

"We do not dispel magic in this house!"

*sigh* Admittedly it was only a small, useless hope... - Carissa

10/23 Carissa

Only posting here to make sure Spring sees it (Hi Spring!), but further thoughts on charming made me realize we can use the horse as our guinea pig before we move to humans (or Sam, specifically, if we decide to proceed further). I'm unsure for Jenn's version of the spell, but Kenna I believe has the same of Charm Human or Mammal spell as Shi. Provided Jenn does have the same spell, I'm thinking Kenna should charm the horse and then Jenn can see if she can override the spell.

Shi doesn't need more animal friends hence why I would prefer Kenna (and I have thoughts for Shi's part later on if it goes well so hope you're on Friday, Spring!). While I don't think it'll matter, I still want to make sure a higher level won't play a possible part in maybe overriding the spell (the whole point of the experiment) hence Jenn.

Sadly this means the flute likely won't be useful for this experiment, but I feel like the horse is less risky to experiment on to start with.

And no, the wolves do not volunteer.


One more thought/question: does Miranda know Dispel Magic?

10/23 John

Thank you Lisa. Yes, I understand that playing it freely would potential charm any man only for the duration of playing. I learned to play it so I could avoid our party members having to make saves. I am still trying to get my head around the language barrier, wondering if I just play it without trying to be selective, would male orcs have even a chance of being charmed. Most charmed spells do not rely on language for the charm, only for instructions. (from what I understand) I will keep playing and try and learn more.

10/22 Lisa

Just an FYI in case you are interested - I was doing some research on the flute and found the chat log when Ilero took ownership of his hand and Miranda was testing the flute for the first time. The hand is "a Wonderful Hand, also known as a Hand of Remote Action" and Miranda's flute is a "Flute of Seduction."

See -

Basically what we found out at that time is that it only works on men and only while someone is playing it for them to hear it. I didn't see in the test where the subject was affected after the music stopped, but then Qui punched Hoffman so perhaps more testing and punching is necessary. :) Language would seem to be a factor, as well as focus on a target, since in the test, Miranda made Hoffman dance but it left Qui alone because that was her intent as she played. If she wanted to affect both of them she could have. As for language, how could Hoffman know to dance and not instead to break out into song or something, unless he could understand the message Miranda was sending? Or maybe I don't understand how psychic messaging works (which is entirely possible!)

And from see below

[JohnAA] what did we find out about the flute, with the skill
[Master] Miranda knows how to play the flute now
[Master] she knows the flute it magical
[Master] then the rest is roleplay experimentation or Identify
[Master] she understands how to play the flute well enough to be able to use any functions she discovers of the flute

So when Branwyn casts Identify on the magic ring, she can examine the flute as well if you want. Maybe we can spend a day in Cornelia where Branwyn hides out and does nothing before we head back home or she can do it more easily when we get back to Dryads Lair. Either or.

10/19 Carissa

Mario most markedly made major, meaningful modifications. As an architect and as an artisian. Tons thanks to...tu.

...which is to say, all the credit to Mario for all the technical, artitectural, and deciphering-of-my-half-formed-ideas part. It was fun to work on! And, probably, to continue working on, but at least no one has to wait any longer (yeah, who?) for the majority of it :)

So a thank you, to you, too, Mario!

(And after the difficulties and pains of those first three sentences, I'm going back to just name allierations and puns).

10-18 Mario

I have posted the long awaited (by who?) background info for Divaekah. Although I did the actual posting, please know the city concept and design was a true team effort. Carissa acted as Creative Consultant, Giver of Names, and Knower of All Things Flora. No matter the challenge, she found a real-life counterpart from which to draw inspiration. And the naming alliterations are never-ending. Thank you Carissa!

Very nicely done Mario and Carissa on the homelands creation. Looking forward to using some of that in upcoming adventures.


BOB 10-5

A note to remember to see if we can automate some of the tags in KloOge like the language tag. Not sure if the percent signs will work in chat or if I can put in an apostrophe or if we can make it a one key macro that you can hit, type and it comes out 'elvish'

Some experimenting to try.

-TMO: That will make the Chat History in the game much harder to read. And it would require everyone to remember to do it live, every single time they post something. However, one thought that might work is to come up with single unique characters to start your sentences with (it wouldn't work with action lines), like @@ for in character and ## for out of character, then do a global find and replace on the log once it's up on the site and replace those with the style command.

I am starting to do some serious thinking about what I will have the story arcs be for the Twenty-fifth Anniversary Game. I know it still seems far away... but we are closer to that date now then it took us to play out War by Art from start to finish. 30 something sessions to go.

9/28 TMO

I might be late this Friday. We're doing JTom's birthday dinner. If that's just his favorite meal at home, I should be relatively on time, but if it's over at the in-law's house, I'm not sure when I'll get home to get online.

9/27 Lisa

Thanks for making that change! It think it looks very nice. I moved BOB descriptions to the left in the first half of the Birthday Game chat and think it looks a lot better. I agree that we don't want too many categories. I'm happy with the way it is now and can't think of anything else I want to change, unless you, Carissa or anyone else has suggestions.

9-27 TMO

I've updated ENV to use x-small instead of small for font, and limited it to 50% screen width just like the left and right columns, only centered.

Would you like me to make a separate ROLL style, different from ENV? Or one for the IC descriptions? We don't want TOO many different styles so that it's impossible to remember which one you want, but we can do more than 3.

Yes to Lisa, I like those suggestions.

I agree with the ENV being 1 notch down in size too.

Thank you everyone for the help on this,


9/26 Lisa

It was nice to re-read the chat while doing it. We are all very entertaining peoples. :) I don't think we need different formatting codes - I think I need to work on consistency and what will work best for readability. But after I say that, the only formatting code change I can think of is if you like the combat, spells, nwp checks centered in ENV, could we take the font down one notch in size? Just a tad smaller so it doesn't overwhelm in heavy combat.

The other things are just judgment calls as to what content is IC, ENV and OOC. I may do some chat formatting again tonight despite what I said yesterday. You'll notice at first, I started putting when BOB describes a scene in ENV (centered). It really isn't an IC speech, but it's important to know for gameplay so I didn't want it in the OOC section with us just talking, going afk, etc. BUT then when we got to combat intensive scenes, I started thinking it was too much text centered and so I started putting the scene descriptions and comments on the left IC section. I guess I just have to pick one and stick with it. I am leaning toward putting:

  • BOB descriptions in IC in addition to all our IC dialogue
  • Time of Day, combat, spells, nwp checks that produce something in ENV (when someone did a hit w/o targeting and had to re-roll I put the bad hit in OOC and the good hits in ENV for example)
  • All miscellaneous stuff not in the above categories in OOC

Sound okay?

9/25 Carissa

Wow. Thank you, Lisa! Looks good! Guess this means I definitely have to go back and add to the summary now :)

9/25 TMO

Thanks so much for doing that Lisa! Any suggestions for improving the formatting code that you want me to implement?

9/25 Lisa

I went ahead and formatted the birthday game. Whew! That was a long chat! Let me know what you think. I think I need to add some spaces between lines when I make things centered. it runs too close to the right/left chat. Let me know what you think though. I made the spells and combat centered so when you see the combat with the hill giants for example, the attacks, damage, spells and health status run down the center. If that bothers anyone, I can flip it left for next time. Please don't make me edit this 196 page chat log any more! :)

deleted Also a note to BOB for Friday so I don't forget - add 10 hp to Branwyn. She made her save but you knicked her for 20 hps for the second round of dragon acid.deleted

9/22 Carissa

I'll let you decide, Lisa. Helpful, yes, but not sure about necessary. The summary is technically done. At this point, I'm mainly adding the details I didn't get initially that I think worthwhile to add like the flying Hoffman :)

But of course, a long week later, and I know I'm forgetting things so I might start referring back to chat.

9/22 Michael

So, I didn't have a bad week per say, but I was totally looking forward to taking out my frustration on helpless cannon fodder bob was going to send out way while we tried to sleep. And then, gods above and below, I remembered that he is living it up at his Disney Conference ;) . So, I'll see you all next week. I may need some poor creature as Hugh's punching bag.

9/22 Lisa

Liked the links, Carissa! Question - I kinda had it in my head that since you were writing the summary during the session, we didn't need to do the chat formatting. Would it help you to do it at this late stage? :) I can toss it into Word and do that if you want.

Thank you to everyone, it was a fun game.


9/20 Carissa

Just pointing out there could be a solution to the possible laptop shortage for Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Game (I have expectations now) and, you know, it might also be a good time to introduce some new spells, I think.

(Okay, admittedly, I find the pet names by the neural network the funniest still, but I doubt a dragon could survive being attacked by Stige Dling, right? And I'm sure Cow of Auraly would quickly become a favorite spell of Branwyn, right? Sadly, it looks like 4th edition gets some of the funnier ones like Forceful Force or Primal Prayer Bear...)

9-18 TMO

Just as an fyi, probably the main reason my wife didn't play is that she's come down with a cold, and so doing the stuff she wanted to get done on Saturday took her longer (and some of the stuff we were supposed to do got completely forgotten). I imagine she'll come along and give it a try some time.

9-13 BOB

Final storm update from me. We have power and internet at the house now (Wednesday afternoon) so the Birthday Game is on.

I will be off Thursday through Sunday to recover and recharge for work.

I will post again but as of now things are back to normal for our game as of this Friday.

9/12 Lisa

So very happy to read your post, Mario. Thank you! Bob said that he still doesn't have Internet or cable yet. But power is definitely a good start. Hope you and John get your houses back on the grid soon.

9/12 5:00 pm Mario

Hi all, Just a quick update: Our apartment still was without power as of 11 pm last night. Jo-Ann and I had dinner with Nyrma, then slept at Bob's mom's house (as she had power). I worked from my parents home today, as they had power. As of this morning, John A did not have power, not sure where they stand as of now. I understand Bob now has power. We haven't been home to tell if we have power, but if not, we have many places to go. There was no structural damage to any home of our families, so we are very thankful and fortunate for that.

9/12 Lisa

I'm with Carissa. No way, Jose! He can just keep spinning around in circles until he gets dizzy and peters out.

I have faith that between Bob, John and Mario, one of the three of you will have power by this weekend. And the lucky winner will host the Friday night and Birthday game. Right? :)

9-12 BOB

Just finishing my over night shift. As of right now (Tuesday morning) there is still no power at the house. Libraries are beginning to open up again but no one knows how bad Main Library is.

Closer to point here there is not an ETA for restoring power at the house. Once that happens I will update again.

9/11 Carissa

Tell Jose to go away. Try shouting at him (since I guess you're apparently not supposed to shoot at hurricanes? Surprising). Fingers crossed that clean-up goes faster than expected. Thanks for the updates. Hope everyone else is safe (and home damage minimal), too.

9-11 BOB

Early morning. The storm has passed, there is extensive damage and debris throughout the County. I was escorted out side of the building when we explored the idea of my charging my car so I could taxi people around. We could not get a car the 100 yards from the parking garage to the EOC with all the debris.

From what I understand there is no significant damage around/to the house, but I have not been there in three days. The current plan is that I will be able to leave here and go home for about 12 hours before returning for more shifts here.

Power may be out for a significant time, they are reporting potential several days to over a week to restore power in the County.

So that might affect our Birthday Game plans.

Plus there is Jose out there that is on a path to loop around and head towards the Bahamas on that Friday......

9-10 BOB

Right now still have power in the EOC, even after a tornado hit the building overnight. My house where Mario is has no power currently. John is without power currently. (11:00 am) The storm is just starting down here we will know more on Monday morning when people can go out and do damage assessments.

Someone here laughed when I said I have plans next Saturday that I do not want to get messed up. A friend looked at me and knew how serious it might be when I said that.

9/10 Lisa

Glad to see you are with power and not underwater. Hope Mario and John will post that they and the families are doing okay as well. They locked you up so early. Today is the day that I am worried about you all. But also very happy to see you are taking care of the dangerous typographical situations. Talk about a possible diplomatic disaster!

Stay safe and hope to hear more news from you all soon.

9-10 BOB

You might be amazed at the kinds of questions you get at 4 AM during a hurricane. While I was in between calls I was idly looking through the site and noticed.... at some point we messed up the name of Branadarus' Kingdom. It is officialy Cornelia not Cordelia. I went through and fixed all the spots outside of chat logs that we messed up.... I think.

9-9 BOB

So as of right now (4:30 pm) South Florida is starting to feel the effects of the storm. There is not a lot we can do for people now who call in until after the storm is moving out late Sunday night.

So of course I took advantage of the time and did a few new tweaks to the Summary pages to help keep them a little more organized rather than being one huge long scrolling tapestry.

At this point the Birthday Game weekend is still on. After the storm is over depending on power and clean up efforts I plan on being off on Friday night and Saturday all day. Mario might still be at the house then so it will be easy for him to join in. More updates to come as we find out new things.

Thanks everyone

9/9 Mario

Just a quick FYI: As of 10 am, all is well. The eye seems to be aiming for the west coast now, so we may be spared the brunt of the storm. No rain yet, but the winds are picking up. Bob is locked up for everyone's safety, as Lisa pointed out, at the EOC until Monday, when we expect the worst to be over (it's too dangerous to drive back and forth in the storm, so he's staying there).

To make up for missing last night, don't forget we have Bob's birthday game to look forward to next week. Two days of fun! I'll post again once the storm hits, if we still have internet and power.

9/8 Michael

Thanks for checking in Lisa. Was curious on what was going on. Hope everyone is all right.

9/8 Lisa

Just to confirm. For the safety and well being of everyone during this hurricane, BOB has been locked up in the Evacuation Operations Center bunker without the use of his personal laptop. It is unknown at this time when authorities will release him back into the public sector. Unfortunately this means he will not be able to perform gaming duties this evening. I am sure more updates will follow.

9-7 TMO

First off, confirmed I will not be online 9/8, if there is actually a game. Going to be out of town. Either way, watch out for Irma (seriously, she works in my office - scary lady).

Second, for giggles: Renamed D&D Monsters

9-5 TMO

I've tested a text-to-speech addon to Chrome, with the thought of maybe having it read adventure logs to me and try to take notes about past episodes and things my chars should know and remember, that I don't. That is something I've *never* done, and it's obvious from this last adventure arc how much that's handicapped my play.

Take care during the weather everyone in the affected area.

(PS - O. M. G. - this reader doesn't understand Ilero's accent, no surprise. So it spells each word out.)

9-4 BOB

It is beginning to look like there will not be a game this week (Sep 8th) because I will be working the Emergency Operations Center for Hurricane Irma.

Nothing is definite yet at this point but current models put it over our area on Saturday morning... and I work the 10 pm to 6 AM shift at the EOC.

I will post or text someone to post for me when we know exactly what is happening.

(That is a better excuse than "got blown away in a hurricane". Still a few days away to know Irma's path, but stay safe!) - Carissa

9/3 TMO

I'l let you know for sure, but I might not be in Friday 9/8.

Nice editing job on the session log, Lisa! Thanks!

9/3 Carissa

I know, I know, I should have been on sooner Friday for planning, but is it too late to have had Shi ask someone to look for berries at the market (to become goodberries)?

...can Branwyn cantrip berries or some sort that could be changed?

I mean technically there are berries beyond your common dewberry family that can be foraged and eaten that are lesser known but still edible...(ask Mario! I've taught him plenty on our Diveak plans).

(And please excuse the delayed posting of the question; busy weekend and just remembered to ask).

09/01 Michael

Hey guys, I probably wont be able to make it in tonight due to work. I'll try and make it but if not, message me. I'll keep a work laptop with me for emergency healing or anything like that. I'll try and keep you all posted. PS. I hope everyone is doing all right.


8/31 Lisa

Nice article and video. That DM guy talks fast! It got me started watching some of his other ones. Very entertaining. I liked his one on the 7 types of players. :) Comments bad. I actually admire your bravery in leaving one in the first place. Even if you say the sky is blue there will be people trying to rip your head off for it.

With all the wine we drank at the manor, I'm sure we have no shortage of corks for Shi :)

8/30 Carissa

But...but he was employee of the year more than 20 years ago AND he is always winning arguments. He's a winner. The best at winning. Only the best. Wait. I think I know this guy... (And how can you decipher half of what he says, anyways?)

As a side note: I vote Deck of Many Things at the 25th Anniversary game, but stacked so someone pulls The Rogue and Jilly goes hostile on them. It would be entertaining.

Edit: I'm going to put this article here since it kind of relates (although I don't think it applies to TMO's new friend).

As for Friday, I'm still thinking I'll be able to swing on the last hour, but no guarantees. On the chance they do set sail before I get on (likely), I'm going to throw out that Shi is probably trying to gather any materials needed for water-based spells before they do leave. Unfortunately, the only component I remember that she'll need for one of the spells is a cork. At least it's easy to find? I think they other ones are, too. Hopefully.

8/29 TMO

For fun and giggles, and just to remind you that the internet is still full of idiots:

8/29 TMO

I'm on the other side of the state, 8 to 10 hours from the coast. I won't get more than a some rainy days from a worst case scenario. And, contrary to my characters, TMO was lifeguard certified at age 9. That may be part of why I don't remember to buy it for my characters - I have trouble imagining anybody *not* knowing how to swim. 0:)

As far as I know, all of my friends and family in the affected area are safe. I believe some cousin-in-law's have water up to the sandbags, but I haven't heard of any property damage yet.

And I'll check out the Party Pack to make sure I've grabbed all the really good loots before anyone else can get it.

8/29 Lisa

TMO - Hope you are okay out there! Too tall to be underwater? Does TMO have a Swimming NWP?

Oh. I thought that list was for the story arc as a whole. For the record, Johan should probably go in the second column since he is still an NPC. Since Branadarus said that his royal palace is smaller than Ashcroft Manor, we will most likely need to stay in an Inn when we get to Cordelia. I will help on limiting people by leaving Branwyn's people behind for the Cordelia trip. Johan and Howard can be packing up the library and Jilly can be training the new cook.

Of course Spring has the final say on Snee. I have a recollection that she didn't want to play 2 chars but I could be wrong. But she should definitely be added if she is coming.

Next week is the final chance to grab those loose items at the top of the Party Pack page. I will be moving them into group loot if no one confirms they are adding the items to your char sheets or claiming them to do that by Friday. Don't mean to sound nagging, but there is some great stuff in there and if I add it to your char sheets then you will probably less likely to remember you have it available. If you already added it, I just want to know that so I can rest easy :) What I don't want is to think, oh we gave the magic bolts to Marisu and I delete the entry when TMO hasn't added it to her sheet and the magic bolts then magically disappear.

8-29 BOB

For the questions on who is going on this trip. I intended to have the list of NPC's on the A River Runs Through It page list who was part of each leg of the journey. The legs are A - To Cordelia from Dryads Lair; B - From Cordelia to Dryads Lair; C - From Dryads Lair to Drillian.

Spring should decide if Snee is coming along on which legs. It has been decided that you are not taking everything with you along each leg. Just a normal travel gear set up for A & B, then everything you can for leg C. Just as Lisa will be deciding if she is leaving Johan or Howard behind {I actually should have left them off the list}.

Thank you all for a great set of stories with Diplomatic Entanglements. It has been a while that I ran a single story Dragonslayer Era so I decided to make the journey home to Drillian one. A River Runs Through It should be a fun excursion that will cover a few of months real time and game time.

I have not updated the Experience Points with the 10% bonus yet for the end of Diplomatic Entanglements as that will take a bit of research to see how much each character earned etc. It will be done by the end of A River Runs Through It so that when we start the next Era we will likely be doing training right away for several characters.

I have uploaded a new version for the Google Earth plug in on the Campaign World page. It includes all the locations the group visited and all the various Countries that were mentioned in morning meetings, ambassadors that were discussed or met etc. There will be another update later in the Spring of 2018 when you do make it home and the new places you are about to discover are added to it. Mario and Carissa that includes Divaekah in the Lorien Woods for you. Mario I believe you have been doing some building we can work out how to incorporate that. You will see that there is still lots of unknown territory in front of you on your journey to come.

I like how our game always evolves and how we share it does too. With the Session Summaries started by Michael and continued by Carissa, to the new formatting for chat logs that TMO created. I anticipate that we will be exploring more formatting in the near future as we all get comfortable with it.

As I always do the name of the Era has several connotations. One is obvious. The subtler one is that we are on a journey together towards a new place. An old home for some, a new setting for others, new wrinkles where you expect them and odd twists where you hopefully will not. We are also transitioning eventually to a new program. Right now KloOge is working well for us but I am keeping my eye open for alternatives if we need one. We also are traveling through some significant Milestones for our game. We added our 50th Player in Carissa this year. We are about to start Adventure number 100 with this new Era. We will soon have our 10th BOB's Birthday Game and of course next June is the Twenty-fifth Anniversary Game. We will pass 1,150 overall sessions late in 2017 and 700 online sessions early in 2018.

It has been a fun trip so far, I am looking forward to watching many more miles pass along on our journey.



I should have the game up at 7 but I am leaving work later than normal on a Friday so do not panic.


8/17 Lisa

I’m sorry it’s more confusing. I was hoping it might help a little. It’s confusing to all of us – and we were there. But that chat and the coronation, pretty much sums up what we found out after a whole story arc of running around piecing together clues.

I also know that I am potentially setting Branwyn up for a huge fall, if she finds out her loyalties have been misplaced. But, given the history of Branwyn and Indigo, they have no reason not to trust that Queen Willimina is a good person and that the former Queen picked her precisely because she wasn’t involved in all of this noble family bickering and drama. So IC they will continue believing until they walk outside and the anvil drops on their heads. I am aware of the risks, but can’t see playing them any differently at this point.

It’s not obvious that people are vampires. The group met a vampire once and no one realized it.

Not completely sure about Prince Vok and Father Drawlin. No one has seen these names before, but it is likely that they serve the royal court. Drawlin would have been a priest, so Queen Catherine may have been angry that this priest could not figure out a way to remove the withering curse. That’s how I read it anyway. Prince Vok could be a mage and she was angry for the same reason?

Last thing - I’m sorry but I couldn’t wait for TMO to post. The thing about the falling off the horse reminded me of something and made me laugh. TMO was great here.

Right before we left for Dryads Lair this mysterious man named Orlin shows up at the house and delivers ring and a cryptic note to Ilero. Orlin then takes a letter and snuff box from Ilero (given to him from Regor the Mad). Since the transaction was complete, Orlin jumps on his horse and goes to leave. Within a few seconds he falls off said horse, breaks his neck and we have a dead messenger on the path leading up to our house.

Branwyn is convinced beyond doubt this is some evil scheme of Regor the Mad. Almost everyone was pretty sure that this man was murdered or at the very least something strange was going on. But, Ilero?

Ilero (TMO)] He fall off horse. People die t'at all time.

We ask Imari, our priest to speak with dead. Twice. And the mystery remains a mystery.

[Imari (Mike)] "What killed you?"
[Ilero]] (TMO) mutters. "Hye see it. Fall off horse."
[Ilero]] (TMO) mutters again. "Happen all time, but nope. Gotta be hye fault."
[Traveler (Master)] I heard my horse startle
[Imari (Mike)] "There you are."
[Imari (Mike)] "He cannot answer what he does not know. Perhaps you can search the area for tracks."
John Anstett “what we need is talk to horse”

So, I guess people can just fall off their horse and die. Still sounds fishy to me.

8/16 Carissa

I finally had time to try to read that chat. The whole thing is confusing. All of it. I was hoping to be slightly less confused, but I don't think it's working so I'll just go with my original thoughts.

I'm still not entirely convinced the deaths were as innocent. Maybe one, but I'd be curious to the details of how Dioma fell of his horse and died. Or I just really distrust the new Queen with what I've read, but I know I'm missing many, many pieces of the story. Either way, I'm unsure if it is connected or not, but I'm curious if Prince Vok and/or Father Drawlin are involved simply because, besides the Coronation, I cannot find a single mention of them anywhere. Is there a reason the previous Queen openly glared at them that I missed somewhere?

Controversial, but makes sense, as you point out. Is it obvious he's a vampire (well, any of them)? I can just imagine how the elves would feel about the new Queen's alliance with the undead ;)

All of this said, I did like this quote for reasons!:

[Fritz] So after sharing that "Let's Kill the Queen"
[BiBo!!!] amen
[Lisa] then we get a big civil war
[Lisa] will be very messy

8/12 Lisa

Thanks, Carissa, for looking up the deaths of the former Queen's sons. Seems like they were simple deaths and not assassination plots. The thing about the Mosskin's? There are two separate Mosskin families. It confused us to no end while we were travelling around and someone would be talking about this Mosskin that wasn't "our" Mosskins. So I'm thinking Dioma fell off his horse at that "other" Mosskin estate.

I found the chat log that ended our part of the story arc. This is where we find the Queen and Willimina, and Branwyn makes Drake a vampire. It's really too much to excerpt, but it shows how confused we were at the time and gives lots of information. At the end BOB have us a chance to ask questions IC, but I think we were all too stunned by everything to ask as much as we probably would if we had another chance at it. It does have Willimina saying that no weres bit her during her time with them. Anyway, anyone who wants a read on more info on what was going on before the change of power, you can check out the chat. After 4 years there was definitely a number of things I had forgotten.

Regarding an alliance with the vampire lords (We find out in the above chat that there are about 6 of them), I think it's understandable given the circumstances. What Willimina and the Queen did was very controversial and she needs all the allies she can get. Also, Drillian has the Mist because of the vampires.

If you ask Branwyn or most people that live in the Mist how it all came about, they will tell you this (breaking into semi-IC for this). The Mist is the result of a peace agreement arranged long, long ago between Drillian and the vampire lords. The vampires leave the people of Drillian alone, and the Mist allows the vampires to walk in daylight. In an odd way it also protects Drillian, as who wants to invade and potentially incur the wrath of an unknown number of vampires? If you disturb Drillian's peace, you potentially invite a war with the vampires.

This doesn't mean that there aren't those who try. The Brotherhood, as they are known, is a Kayugan order that follow the god Cahus and are a select group of Paladins who are dedicated to exterminating the undead. But even this sect has never tried to invade the densest portions of the Great Swamp to try to put an end to the vampires once and for all.

How much is true and how much is legend is up for debate as no one dares to go and find out the truth. The Mist is Drillian and we all accept that. Most especially by the people that reside inside it. As BOB and TMO pointed out last night, not all of Drillian in covered by Mist, but when you leave Drillian and tell people you are from there, the Mist is usually the first thing anyone is ever asked about.

Excellent summaries as always by Carissa. Yes there are lots of questions.

1 - Ancestry can be tricky sometimes, especially with bastards, misstresses and non-traditional family lines. To show a fully Drillian line of succession there are a couple of tricks that TMO and I used with multiple parents.

2 - Everyone can edit and add more to the trees. It is always good to have more NPCs floating out there even if they are in the distant past.

3 - Yes Drake is of the true line. He was ashamed and had to hide that he was NOT a vampire by acting like one. Then in the process of the Blood Trail Era Branwyn converted him into a vampire with Mina's help.

4 - The Mist will be a topic of conversation again when you approach Drillian after your jaunt over to Cordelia.

8/12 Carissa

Well now you made me curious so I looked at chat logs and such after reading the Coronation. This leaves me with some questions as well including ones some may or may not be able to answer.

  • The Queen has an alliance with vampires? That doesn't
  • Is Count Drake of the Drake family line?
  • If I'm reading Ancestry right (and after last night, who knows), Uklo is the husband/line of Queen Catherine Eustace, right? Does this mean there is importance to the Drake/Uklo feud? Is so, and I have my lineages correct, I am now slightly more suspicious of the deaths of the Queen's sons.
  • Again, not sure on Ancestry, but why is Dioma's death listed as happening at the Mosskin Estates...?
  • Apparently you can use Detect Curse as one way to see if someone is a therianthrope? Have absolutely no clue how you'd be able to do that to the Queen. Is detect curse like detect magic? As in through a crystal ball...? Not sure who has that spell, though.

Back to some more searching. Might add more thoughts later.

And already back to say yes, Ancestry is correct, as the family tree is also here on the site.

And back once more just to place this here, an excerpt from May0313:

[Heckat (Fritz)] So the current queen choses a woman to marry a male who is in direct line to the throne?
[Toybin of Castling (Master)] Prince Bran died three years ago
[Toybin of Castling (Master)] it was very hard, he died of the grey death
[Heckat (Fritz)] What if there was another male in line to the throne?
[Toybin of Castling (Master)] prince Dioma died just over a year later, he was killed when thrown from his horse
[Toybin of Castling (Master)] there is none
[Heckat (Fritz)] What if there was another male in line to the throne?
[Heckat (Fritz)] What IF?!?!?!
[Toybin of Castling (Master)] Anastacia had two younger brothers
[Toybin of Castling (Master)] both are dead
[Toybin of Castling (Master)] I think that is why the QUeen is looking to name her heir now
[Grink (Devin)] Then someone is getting the throne pulled out from under him and is probably going to land on his ass.

8-12 Lisa

I wanted to toss out this link at the end of last night but got tired and forgot. This is the Coronation Ceremony BOB wrote to end our Blood Trail adventure that put Willimina Mosskin on the throne. Gives a listing of the houses up for the position and how Toybin was seemingly more controversial than Willimina herself.

Four things that didn't really get discussed last night were the following. I have no doubt some of these things will come up again as we go home to Drillian.

1. How did Queen Catherine Eustace's sons die, leaving no consort for the sucession? I need to do some research on that. It might not be a big mystery or due to nefarious circumstances.

2. Who gave Queen Catherine Eustace the withering curse in the first place that caused her reign to end prematurely and her to have to name a new Queen Presumptive without a son of her own to become Consort? BOB mentioned it but because we didn't know, that line kind of died in chat. Could it be the ones that were most angry with the results? The Bolpels and Doeskins??? See the Coronation link if you haven't looked already. The Bolpels were very angry at the way this whole thing went down.

3. Rumors swirled around Drillian after the Coronation. Here is one we got from Regor about Branwyn. No one but Regor has actually confronted her about this.

Excerpt from chat: May 18 13 - Twentieth Anniversary Game - She Said Yes!

[Regor the Mad (Master)] at least I am not Elanore Bolpel,
[Branwyn (Lisa)] We are all thankful we are not Elanore Bolpel, but any particular reason today?
[Regor the Mad (Master)] you really need to be careful, she will have your head
[Regor the Mad (Master)] oh come now, you must have heard
[Branwyn (Lisa)] My head?
[Regor the Mad (Master)] she has been very loudly proclaiming that you enchanted our lovely Mina
[Regor the Mad (Master)] and that is why her son is not on the throne
[Branwyn (Lisa) laughs
[Branwyn (Lisa)] I am sure you can dispel that rumour. Have you ever known me to charm anyone?
[Regor the Mad (Master) LAUGHS
[Regor the Mad (Master)] THAT is the Branwyn I know
[Branwyn (Lisa)] You should be my biggest ally on that score.
[Regor the Mad (Master)] I would hate for you to lose your head

4. The other rumor swirling around after the coronation was that Willimina Mosskin is a therianthrope. Now, we do know she was captured by weres. This happened during our rescue of her. But we have no information that tells us whether or not she is or not. And it seemed to be an awkward question to ask, especially when addressing a Queen. So we let it lie at the time. It could also just be rumors being spread by the insurgents. We don't know.

Those are all of my latest thoughts for consideration.

8/12 Carissa

I'm going to sneak this under Lisa's post since it makes a little more sense to me chronologically. After this last summary without the formatting, I do think I prefer the formatting. I can work with either one, but I'm more convinced it definitely helps for when I do the summaries more than day later (like a week and a day later). Also, I vote For the Love of Fog, but that's just me. Not at all because it's my entry :)

Quick Summary for Aug0417:

  • Housekeeping includes finaly getting stats straight for two bows found at bugbear keep, half of us are briefly trapped in a mime box (also known as kLoOge being weird), and the title for the new ambassador title is found which leads to...
    1. The Queen Wilamina Mosskin appoints as Ambassador to Terraguard, posted to Dryads Lair, the Count Joffery Vilmar.
    2. Who will be assisted by Sir Androp Ilkep of the Silver Balls (as in what the now-queen apparently once threated to cut-off minus the silver).
    3. There is some catching up and exchanging of plesantries and news. The Mosskins are deeply devided and the Bolpel's remain in their swamphold, and oh, by the way, did you know half your family is dead Marisu?
    4. Reasons for the civil war, in short? Queen Catherine Eustace unexpectedly steps down and, then dies of a withering curse which begins rumors that the new Queen Willimina Mosskin cursed her followed by more rumors that she is a Therianthrope and/or vampire.
  • To answer the earlier question, no, Marisu did not know half her family is dead nor that there was the civil war going on. She asks if Branwyn questions her loyalty and is why she was not told earlier, is not satisfied with the answers, and then promptly leaves with a guard to find out what getting drunk is like (but being smart about it hence the guard).
    1. Branwyn and Jennevive discuss how they did not tell Marisu, Jennevive points out that Kel can sympathize in that he knows what it's like to keep information from someone until the right time, and Shi'Nynze is oblivious (also known as Carissa is too tired and too busy finishing packing for her stupidly early flight to want to open that can of worms tonight).
    2. Also Kel accidentally agrees with Jennevive. Then promptly doesn't because no one wants to agree with Jennevive (but they always do).
    3. Ilero decides he needs to go back to Blackwater to talk to some priests, Saint Branwyn says she is the last person to give any advice, and packing for the trip is discussed.
  • A Lord Matsoni Grimbos appears and invites members of Branwyn's entourage to a party he is throwing. There is absolutely nothing odd or bizarre about the whole affair, and his hair is definitely as real as his tan. The party will occur in a few days' time which gives time to decide upon costumes.
  • Marisu has been gone for quite some time. Maybe we should go track her down? She took a guard with her, right? Maybe the other guards know where the guard would take her? Oh, hey. How about that? They do. A much better idea than dragging the wolves around the city.
    1. Hugh, Neith, and Kel go track down the tipsy Marisu who is in an empty taproom (save for the guard). The effort to give her a peptalk so far fail (as does Kel's attempt to hold her hand). So what will it take to get through to Marisu and stop her drinking? Find out next time! Or, like, in two seconds. When you scroll down to the second summary for last night!

Quote of the Night:

Ilero (TMO) slumps back in his chair and covers his eyes with one hand. "Hye meet Tiera. He block path with Lemminkainen's shield to afterlife, send hye back."
[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Then you have a purpose
[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] a destiny
[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] there can be no other meaning
[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] you are obviously worthy of dying
[Ilero]] (TMO) sighs. "Hye afraid t'at."
Ilero (TMO)] Why gods not just leave us be?

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Quick Summary for Aug1117:

  • For this housekeeping we discover the keyboard shortcuts are in the kLoOge folder (or at least I didn't notice before hand) and clicking a character icon and hitting C and X will enable and disable chat (respectively) as that character.
  • And so we return to the scene of the drunken teenager who has access to magic that is emotional and unwilling to listen to anyone. Maybe someone should ask her about Drillian politics? Hint, hint!
    1. Marisu describes the politics from her point-of-view, her family tree suddenly grows immensely (contemplation that half the new individuals TMO adds to her tree are now dead), and then she passes out drunk (presumably) and wakes up back in the mansion with a hangover that Neith kindly lessens with Orison.
    2. Aunt Jennevive agrees Marisu is not a threat, Branwyn apologies again and believes maybe Marisu's family hasn't written her to possibly protect her, and offers once more to teleport her as close to home as possible which Marisu refuses as she believes she is safest remaining with the group for now.
  • Once again there is argument on what to tell Sam as he will be joining them for dinner. Maybe Indigo should tell him so it's not from Drillian? Aunt Jennevive says rather than tell Sam directly, let Prince Loplin or the Celestry announce it for some chaotic fun. Branwyn points out Jennevive wouldn't be around to see the fallout anyways so not a good plan (well, for many reasons, but that being maybe the only one Jenn cares about).
    1. Marisu points out only three other factions know Sam's heritage: Prince Loplin, the Celestry, and Lord Branadarus. Jenn speculates The Celestry would likely want a Kayugan on the throne, Branadarus's mother would likely want a pure family member on the throne to control, Sam NOT knowing now seems dangerous, and this is simply a mess, isn't it?
  • The table is set, most everyone is there (12 seats total), and Sam joins us for dinner. Alone. Also there is a ball at the end of the month for Branwyn and her ambassador replacement which means Branwyn, Branadarus, and Ilero will miss the mysterious party. What a crazy random happenstance! By the way Sam, you want to know that thing we discovered that will change your life and was kept from you by Prince Loplin for a reason? Of course you do.
    1. After Marisu casts sound bubble, she tells Sam that he is the son of Venile Ronwith and Dwan Jarvis. Wait. No. Sorry. Venile Ronwith is the father and son of Francis Farthorn. Hold on. That's not it, either. Okay. According to Ancestry, you are the son of Venile who is the daughter of Farthorn? Well this is not confusing at all! Is that tree correct? Ah, wait, hold on. Here we go.
    2. "Lord Hightower, your parents are Venile Ronwith and Francis Farthorn, the Tenth King of Terraguard. Your mother's father is Dwan Jarvis, last known heir to the Jarvis throne."
    3. Jarvis who? Is that a place? Oh that tiny kingdom? How interesting. But now a Farthorn, yes, Sam knows that name all too well. No, we haven't a single clue how your parents met, and yes, Branadarus, it is a bit of a legend to follow in the footsteps of Reginald the Ranger. Are you implying that Sam could not?
    4. Don't forget every Happy Meal comes with a free toy! This one comes in the form of a prophecy! Well aren't you just the lucky one today, Sam? Wait. Why aren't you happy?
    5. Sam still wonders if his mother was a commoner, Indigo promises to protect him, Sam says the guards protect him not that anyone bothers him, it is pointed out someone will likely start bothering him, perhaps he should come to Drillian, and now we wonder what will you do Sam? Oh. Go for a walk and try to figure out who you really are? Well, I suppose that works.
  • After Branwyn asks for the demon book, Sam leaves to go walking (rejecting Indigo's offer to protect him on his walk), and we end for the night. What will Sam do? Well this time you really do have to wait until next week to find out!
    1. Bonus: If you were curious, Sam, this was Jennevive's advice to Marisu that might help you: link.

Quote of the Night:

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] And my obnoxiously loud friend over here
Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) gesturing to Hugyh
Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Shrutgs
Kel (MarioCS) sigh of relief
[Kel (MarioCS)] /mw whisopers " not me..."
[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] You are aware Kel has a talking sword?
[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] He's the most messed up of all of us
[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Who knows what's up with it

Glad that things are better at home TMO. The new language formatting is nicely done. That echoes what I wanted to see in our new VTT for the multiple languages. I added a new page for everyone to make suggestions on for future additions. We also need to work out how to make that happen automagically through formatting in KloOge chat to cut down on the need to go back and add formatting.

Yes for Carissa to post summaries here for sessions that do not make sense in other places.

Current plan is to have dinner with Sam, discuss IC and OOC (the OCC can happen here on this page too) on planning for the trip, packing (party pack page), shopping for gifts, etc.

Then slip forward a couple of days till the 28th and the party that you were just invited to.

Then on the 1st head out to Cordelia and the first leg of the trip home. Three legs total. To Cordelia, from Cordelia to Dryads Lair (pick up stuff) and then Dryads Lair to Jistille Estates. Still need an official name for that Era. Top three are:

  • For the Love of Fog
  • A River runs through it
  • There's Knarr place like home

It looks likely that on Sep 01 17 we will be starting play on the morning of 1-6-1267 TGR

8/5 TMO

Well, that was an interesting evening. Wheee... Family drama in game AND real life! *rolls eyes*

First off, if I'm too stereotypical in the behavior of a 16 year old girl, I apologize. To the best of my knowledge I've never actually been a 16 year old girl. ;) And when I was 16 I sure as heck didn't understand girls at all. :P

Second, next week... where do you all want to pick up at? I can continue doing the current story if you want to explore it further. I very deliberately did not send Shur or Ilero to the inn with the rest - I don't think I could have handled running multiple personalities in this situation. There are limits to my abilities. ;) Besides, Shur probably would have just sat down and matched Marisu drink for drink.

Third, we're all alright here IRL. Son slept very late this morning and hopefully has caught up on his sleep. He melts down occasionally when he's tired, just loses all sense of restraint and proportion. One of the things that set him off was the dog chewed up his toothbrush at some time. *rolls eyes* Brother-in-law has been having eye problems (blurred eyesight and multiple visions) and it was contributing to a migraine. They couldn't do the CAT scan though, but it's probably nothing more serious.

8/4 Carissa

First thing first, that formatting did help for this summary. I try to do it morning after when everything is fresh, but for last minute like this one? Much easier. And seeing how next summary will also be delayed, probably will help then. I'll let you know, TMO.

Second thing, I didn't know any of those either, but Lisa makes a strong case for DSLAYER, or at least not your choices. Because what if the library becomes a bed and breakfast AND the hololens is replaced? You just never know!

Third thing last is quick summary just in time for tonight (but lacking usual finesse, oh well):

Quick Summary for Jul2817:

  • Mercy will be joining us on the adventure with Neith being her main caretaker to take her away from the fighting if things get a little hairy (or in centipedes, of course).
  • Kenna will be travelling with the group to see the wedding, but awaits higher purpose from her Celestry that will drag her to the heretics near Jistille Estate. No, I don't mean the group. Well, okay, maybe some of the Dragonslayers are heretics, but that's neither here nor there, right?
  • We are all reminded that no horses existed as they are all dead. Or have been made into glue as per the demands of the bugbear (pig) named Napoleon. I assume, at least.
  • There is a brief transition into the Magical Kingdom (also known as Disney) when Shi convinces a bird to carry a message home. There was probably singing involved. Response is slim. Bird hunting is currently banned.
    1. We also find out Jilly has been keeping correspondence with Scruffy and Billy.
  • It is decided that Sam will be told the truth about his heritage, Branadarus wants to tell his mother, and Marisu, while failing to intimidate Branadarus, keeps a close eye on his scheming.
    1. Also Marisu rolled for spells and now knows Glitterdust. Glitter everywhere!
  • No time for potion making so no one else get poisoned on the return trip, okay? Okay.
    1. Is Jenn coming on this trip? No one seems very eager to ask her...
  • Music threads abound this session which are acceptable in place of puns.

8/4 Mario

Honest, I didn't know any of the ones you listed. I am definitely for DSLAYER! I may also add: DYCROLR or 1BADDM

8/4 Lisa

did you mean DS SCTY? I guess whatever makes you happy... No one who is not you will know what your plates mean. Guess it also depends how long you want these plates. What happens when the unruly factions outside your building stage a coup and take over the library and turn it into a bed and breakfast, leaving you to have to find employment elsewhere? What happens when the Hololens goes the way of Betamax tapes and is replaced with some other piece of equipment that only 3000 people in the world have?

How about DSLAYER? No one will know about the dragons but the slaying part will be there :)

8/4 BOB Totally random question:

I am looking for a new license plate and might as well get a custom one. Any ideas? thought?

7 letter including space and or hyphen


Have a week or two to mull over.

8/2 BOB

Very interesting TMO, I think it will be good to see it over the course of a couple of sessions to see how this can be used.

Carissa might like it for her summaries?

8/2 TMO

Carissa - Shur is probably the only one of my three who might have made an effort to spend time with the wolves. She's a Ranger, although not a big Animal-oriented one.

All - I changed the most recent game session to add some formatting. This is a test, and it doesn't take a whole lot of effort to apply it. RP is aligned to the left of the screen, OOC chat is to the right, and Environmental stuff (like time/map changes, or logins) are centered.

Let me know what you think of it. Changes are easy to make, as is removing the whole thing.

7/29 Carissa

In regards to Snow Carissa and her Merry Band of Wolves (I like it and I will keep it):

When the dog meets a character (player or otherwise) for the first time, roll on the Encounter Reaction Table (Table 59, p. 103, DMG). Any result other than “friendly” means the character is treated as a stranger. After 1-3 weeks, or on an initial “friendly” reaction, the character will be considered a friend. After an additional 4-6 weeks of close daily contact, a character may achieve the status of “pack member.”

It has been 11 weeks of training plus however many weeks of traveling from the bugbear keep. Even with the late introduction of Kenna to the pack, everyone could fall into the the "pack member" category, technically; however, in my mind, I would say there is leniency for it. If they were traveling, sure, you're in close contact, but wolves in the stables? How many went to go visit them? It is more for the roleplaying aspect, but at least at this point, I am unsure who would be pack and who would just be friend as that is more up to you.

In my mind, at least, a few I imagine are Kel being pack and likely Hugh (who agrees wolves need healing first! but what about Mercy?) whereas someone like Branadarus? Friendly at best as he only comes to visit Branwyn. But then Jilly befriends everyone so she would probably be friends with the wolves, maybe to the point they'll protect her fiercely because she slips them dessert ;). Of course, after being cooped up on the Knarr, it will probably change soon enough, but just some thoughts.

One last thought is if you think it worth summarizing sessions like last night? It was mostly housekeeping, but personally I'm thinking it's still nice to have it tidy and easily accessed (especially if you want another way to go back and figure out what you did without having to search chats). Not exactly sure where to put the summaries that are for the Era in general, though. If you think it worthwhile, I submit the motion to add a special page for general era summaries for the next Era.

And I think that's all. For now.

7-28 Game Checklist. Feel free to add.

  • 1. Sam the Bastard
  • 2. Demon Book/ Doom
  • 3. Illero the Theif and his connections
  • 4. The Tale of Mercy : Complete. She is going with us and Neith will be her primary caregiver while Hugh watches over them and assits.
  • 5. Snow Carissa and her Merry Band of Wolves
  • 6. Preparations for the Journey (Not that bob wont destroy us anyways, but hey. We tried)

07/28/217 Spring

I would suggest exploring your backstory to look for a spinster aunt or similar to take the little waif in, get her educated, teach her good morals and such. You'd send back funds to keep her supplied. However, I do agree it's imperative to first find out what makes the nannies quit, and make sure it's something Auntie Zelda can handle.

07/28/217 Michael

And that is why bob keeps chat logs. To make my life difficult :P. Perhaps we'll figure it out. For now, OOC Head bang on desk. And yep, I remembered about responsibility, that's why i'm trying to figure it out, rather than we head out and I have this baby on my back, and then in the grass "suddenly a wild troll appears." "GO! ____ Kudos" if any of you get the reference. But, yes. I'll try and work it out with Bob. One way of the other it'll get sorted out. I hope... Other than that, I should be on about 7 Bob's time so yeah. If any of you want me to look something up before then, feel free to post. Other than that, see you tonight.

7/28 Lisa

Well, that would be you and me from Sept 18 2015 chat (BOB can insert link here) (There you go! - Carissa) when you first arrived at the manor with the baby. I'll take responsibility.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] If it helps she is remarkably silent. She only points at food and that's about it. I don't believe she would cause a noisy ruckus and disturb anyone. Quite frankly she seems a little odd to me. But I won't complain about silence. She also like to play with sharp things. So don't tell her to take these scissors and run to her father please.

Branwyn (Lisa) looks at Hugh oddly "That's disturbing. The first demon perhaps?"

[Indigo (Lisa)] What demon?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Yeah I don't think she's a demon or if she is she is really nice. Aren't you Mercy!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Oh demons are coming.

Hugh D'Ambray (Michael) Peekaboo with mercy for a moment

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] A demon named Mercy. Huh

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Let's see how that works out

Michael July 28 2017

Haha, yeah you're right. Hopefully Bob will provide some helpful guidance regarding what to do, because i'm pretty confused regarding geographical principles and time line for getting there. But also half serious, does anyone remember who started the whole demon baby thing? I need to slap them upside the head :). Via words online of course, I wouldn't do that to an actual person. I'm really hoping to figure it out. I really want it to work, but it may end up an adoption thing which is not something I really feel comfortable with. I could always see if there is someone willing to relocate to Drillian and want's to travel there with an armed escort. They would get the benefits of free travel with a group of armed people, and a small stipend to take care of Mercy. Honestly I think the main trouble would be feeding her. That's one thing I need to figure out Asap because the problems will add up quick.

7/28 Lisa

Oh, roleplaying with your own characters can be fun. You always know what the other is going to say and you can use the opportunity to character build and let us see what/how they think on things. Mario and Carissa have made great posts that let us see where their characters are coming from.

Regarding Branwyn's teleport spell, that and the crystal ball and Jenn divination, etc. will be going away when we get back to Drillian, as all sorts of fun things don't work in the Mist. So use this stuff while you can as it will soon be gone.

I would recommend roleplaying out what you want to do and talk to BOB about how real the responsibilities are so you can make a decision you will be happy with. You are right that combat is a real issue. Holding her in combat would put her in danger and would put the person holding her out of combat until they could put her in a safe place. It's not like dropping a sword and pulling out a bow in same round. Dropping a baby is not cool would likely cause some baby damage. :) Now, can you hire a nursemaid to carry her around and have Neith take a round to put a protective spell around her during combats? I'm not sure what Neith's spells are, but if she has some kind of ward or other protection type spell, that sounds workable and would only cost Neith one round to cast it and then she could do whatever she wanted to in combat after.

If you did decide to leave her in an orphanage, we could make a 300-500 gp donation say, and probably get the whole orphanage named after her and guarantee her excellent care, etc. as that would be an outrageously large donation to a public house. Then you can make arrangements for someone to check in on the place to make sure they are doing things right.

There are all sorts of ways to do it. Those are just a couple things that came to mind this morning. I'm not sure how hard BOB will make it to take a caregiver with us. We are looking at a lot of travel and so would be getting someone willing to leave home, etc. But we can always ship someone back to Dryads Lair after the trip is over and then hire a new person in Drillian.

Last thought in my head would be to seriously question the people who know why all the nannies are quitting. We were told that but not really why. Is she really a demon baby? Why would experienced caregivers be quitting right and left? You might want to get those questions answered before making final decisions. :)

7/28/2017 Michael

No problem Lisa. I'm glad you mentioned it. The thing is, I was hoping between Neith and Hugh, they could figure something out. It's a matter of role-playing between two of my characters, which make it difficult. Another problem is that I want to take her with us, but honestly with all the encounters we run into, it may not be safe, which again makes me concerned. It's not like Hugh can teleport her from the house to the next house and I refuse to ask Branwyn because after the last game session it's all too clear to me that she can teleport into a rock. Also that's probably out of her range. There might be someone in the city willing to do it, but I have to figure that out. I'm not sure I can do that without Bob's help which makes it difficult to judge how to do that. Neith is trained in a several subjects as she is a minor noble(?) need to check on that and is properly trained in some useful subjects. But, again, I cannot do that without some input from Bob. I have no intention of sticking her in an expensive boarding school, that would be crazy, and would not ask for such an expense. As for the end goal of where we are going, we may be able to hire a partial nanny on occasion when Neith has to go on an adventure for her healing experience :) . As for the rest, I would love some suggestions because to be honest, I really like her, I just have a hard time figuring out what to do with her. That probably means I would be a horrible parent haha. I just really dislike what happened to her and don't want to give her up. Besides, she's interesting. My god, what baby doesn't cry when hell hounds appear out of nowhere. That's cool! I am hoping between the two of them they might come up with something.

7/26 TMO

Bob had said at some point it would be okay for me to post here. If anyone is interested, I've started running a Play-by-email RPG. I have room for a few more players. More info on the game is here, and I'm up for questions, although we shouldn't take any of Bob's game time to do so.

7/26 Lisa

Thanks for reminding me. I hadn't paid for the training yet :)

Now, we usually don't parse out the loot individually after an adventure. We just toss it all in the party pack and use it for whoever needs it. That goes back to the low level character days when we had little loot and the thieves and mages needed training constantly, plus mage spells, books, etc. At the same time fighters needed relatively little in terms of cash. It was a group decision back then to just pool it. We don't have that group any more and are much higher level so if people want to change that system, we can certainly discuss. I can break out loot from the pack and people can put them on their character sheets to manage for themselves. Or create separate sections on the party pack page for each PC and what wealth they have to work with, etc.

But in this instance right now, we have funds in the party pack and BOB/the players/characters can discuss what you want to do. I don't see the group being thrilled to pay for Mercy to live in a fancy boarding school, for instance, but basic care that you are responsible for handling, seems like something that everyone would be on board with. Hugh also has probably a good deal of his 100 gp Branwyn handed him when he came to live here in the city if you want something special or don't want to deal with the group discussion. Remember that 1 gp doesn't equal a dollar. You can get a room and meal for the night for about 5 silver. 100 gp goes a long way (except when it comes to training!)

The thing I am thinking about with the baby is that we are leaving Dryads Lair soonish. If you keep her, she will always be an issue of what to do with her. The party pack has funds for a competent nanny, but there will always be the issue of what do you do with her when you go off adventuring? Carissa/Shi is going to have the same issues with her 4 wolves. This is an issue whenever a PC picks up a "pet." Branwyn is not trained or particularly interested in dealing with a wolf pack if Shi wants to leave for a couple of weeks. And after we leave the City, we lose our loyal staff. Phillipe, Joseph and Atribella are taking care of us now, but won't be coming with us when we go to Drillian. For me, it's not so much about the costs as it is about the responsibility. And BOB needs to come on here with how demanding those responsibilities are/will be. Lots of times I don't know and I don't want to say they are more or less than what BOB will say they are. Is tossing a couple steaks in the barn every day for a few weeks okay as far as "taking care" of the wolves? Or would someone have to take them out for runs, etc.? And who is eligible to do that? I have no clue. Same thing with the baby. Some of the characters will just have a reaction if asked to take on something large that they do not want. Some might not. Kel might be secretly loving the thought of babysitting. Who knows?

But this is why I like having Branadarus as Branwyn's pet. He is house trained and if Branwyn goes off somewhere without him, you can just tell him to leave :)

07/26/2017 Michael

Hey Bob, I have a little free time this week and I was hoping to start some planning for Mercy. Is there a page where we can start out sorting her situation out? It is totally my responsibility as Branwyn pointed out :) and I was hoping to begin planning for her future. Also Lisa, question for you? I'm unsure what our profits were for our last adventure, but may I ask what my cut was (if I got one?) That will help me have a starting point for taking care of Mercy. Apparently she's going through nurses like crazy so will have to figure that out. I may be able to ask other caregivers in the city what options are available to substitute substinence. If there is anything else you guys would like my input on for the other adventures that I missed, feel free to post here and I will get back to you. Like I said, during the day I have some free time to catch up so to speak. Thanks!

7/22 Carissa

Yes, BOB. Yes I DO think you'd put people on Ancestry in 2015-2016 in anticipation for a story a year later. Oh. Hey! Would you look at that! And now those lineages make a little more sense! :)

I'm unsure where else to put this since there isn't a specific OOC section for the prophecy, but just tossing out some current thoughts on it. I'm at a disadvantage of coming along in the middle of searching for those scrolls to begin with, and with a lack of time to try to even the playing field (training in Minneapolis this week; no red-eye for me, but I do get in around 6 PM on Friday so fingers crossed I won't be late). But, maybe someone will have or remember something important? Worth putting out here either way.

Now while Sam IS on Ancestry with his correct heritage, there is no knowing when things were updated or what might be important, but at this point, after last session, I'm willing to bet the prophecy is about him. So some food for thought:

  • Oklean Jarvis is brother of Reginald, the beginning of the royal lineage, as Reginald is the founder of Jarvis. So what exactly does this make Oklean? He is not technically royal descent, just related to royalty.
  • Sam is the last known heir to the Jarvis throne (well, known now by a select few), but what if there are others? Is it or is it not important that maybe, just maybe, someone named Gerwin is out there and possibly related...? Or was his death date just "forgotten"?
  • So in conclusion, maybe Mario was onto something about Jenn's wording about breaking the chain of Jarvis'. Since, while technically a Jarvis, Sam is not a descendent of THE Jarvis. If that makes sense.
  • And seriously. Why does Jenn keep "forgetting" the prophecy and claims there are many now?
  • No thoughts on Farthorn, sadly. Kind of wish it was him because a certain elf's sword would likely be very, very happy if the chain of Farthorns suddenly broke. Hmm. Maybe Teb shouldn't meet Sam anytime soon...

Also really?? It was a Fleetwood Mac song this whole time?? And I know the song well. I feel like an idiot. Well, according to Fleetwood Mac, we should break the silence. And we really should listen to Fleetwood Mac, right?

Wait. Is there a love interest involved? Or unrequited love somewhere? And back to the drawing board. Maybe it IS Branadarus and specific to his love of Branwyn...

Also sorry if this all ends up being a huge misdirect or something. Apparently I am prone to falling for misdirects.

Edit: Oh and is it complete coincidence that way back when BOB pointed out that Delta Rae did a great cover of The Chain? And a quick chat search also shows Mario picked up on the song right away. Ugh. All these subtle hints are suddenly becoming more obvious. Maybe too slowly, though...not that it's making sense yet, either.

Hey all,

As you know for me, monsoon season is a time of lots of extra work. Compound that with an extra internship and me finishing out my degree and whew, I haven't slept this week. Turns out, i'm in for yet another storm tonight and will need to work. Therefore, You shall all have to do without me tonight :( But! Fear not! I shall hopefully be in next week. If you are in dire need of healing, I may be persuaded to wake up from my nap before work if you call me three times in a row. But, please be aware, I will hold it over you for some time to come. LOL! Thanks guys. Sorry.

Sincerely, Michael J. Harmon

7/23 Mario

Quick Name Thoughts, to add to the other Mist- based names from the chat session:

Magical Mist-ery Tour
Magical Mist-ery Knarr

That is all, for now

7/20 Lisa

Way too many choices now. I'm personally liking For the Love of Fog, but thought I'd toss a couple more into the mix.

Knarr's No Place Like Home
Play Misty for Me

7/19 Carissa

Well, I mean, if you really can't wait until Friday, not that I can top the suggestion of My Greek Wedding (and lucky (unlucky?) for you all, I'll be too busy tomorrow to add any more amazing ideas)...

A Knarr With A View
A Farewell to Dryads Lair
Gone with the Mist
Dragonslayers' Travels
More Than Three Men in a Boat
A Passage to Drillian
All The Queen's Men
The Knarr and the Mist
Of Meetings and Men
Great Expectations

7-19 BOB

My Greek Wedding

There and Back again

A River runs through it

The Call of the Mist

Homeward Bound, I wish I was

I look forward to less healing

Dragonslayers in the Mist

7/18 Carissa

For The Love of Fog, Missing the Mist, Homeward Bound, Homeward Bound 2.

Wait. Scratch that last one. Now to figure out where I put those other ideas...

Edit: Okay, promise, I had real ideas, not just jokes. A few more I think might be worth adding:

Adrift to the Mist, Comings and Goings, Longest Journey, (yeah, rift on game title, but shh, just don't include "the").

And that's all I have for now. Maybe more Friday, if you care.

7-16 BOB

We have 9 more sessions till this year's BOB's Birthday Game in September.

My tentative plans are to wrap up the Galatea adventure and skip forward through all the training. Then we wrap up the Diplomatic Entanglements Era and move to the next Era. I am looking at being able to start that new Era on or as part of the BOB's Birthday Game.

I am looking for names, The Journey Home? Returning Home? Back to the Mist? etc.

The plan is to pack up all of your belongings and head back to the Jistille Estates by way of Cornelia; which of course lies in the opposite direction up river. So this will be an Era filled with things that are more of extended encounters rather than full blown story arcs. It will involve the departure, travel, visits, travel, visits meeting old friends and making new ones, etc. The trip will take a few months of both real time and game time.

Then when everyone {hopefully} is home safe and sound at Jistille we will start up a new Era again.

Thinking farther out that change over might be near the time of the Twenty-fifth Anniversary Game. Which I am actually starting to plan the adventure(s) for that time period now. It will be fun.

7/14 TMO

I did indeed laugh at the idea of Ilero moving to Blumm Wood. If he ever is forced to, he'll sterilize the whole area first. Purification through fire!

7/14/2017 Michael Hey guys, I should be in tonight. Is there anything you would like me to do before we start playing? is there any thing we should discuss? Thanks!

7/13 Lisa

I didn't remember about the emeralds. So I guess if we put our two memories together it almost paints a whole picture. But it still doesn't answer what you should hand over to the two guys I guess though

7/13 TMO

From One-Eye he got 4 emeralds, I do remember that. They're cached somewhere in the mansion. And BOB should know not to test my memory by now. I ain't got one. :P My real memory is actually not *that* horrible (although it's not great), but this once a week thing gives me plenty of time to forget in between sessions. I've gotta figure out some way of flagging or noting important things for myself.

I'll have to look up Dagger Eye and make sure it's not the same as One Eye'd Pete's (I think it is). The box from the horse messenger contained something, a ring, I think, that I passed on to Master Kolpin. From the reading I did do, I know Ilero is supposed to be sending messages to the Queen in code. I know I haven't done that. Hopefully he has. ;) If not, he probably should figure out what he's supposed to be reporting on. However, I think it's pretty obvious that he's a *lousy* spy, if that is indeed the role he's supposed to be playing. Hopefully everyone just thinks it's a ruse, and that he's really super clever and covering that up with this clueless rube act. 0:)

7/13 Spring

Sorry, friends, can't make it tomorrow. :-(

7/12 Lisa

@TMO: We'll see how much info BOB gives you. But off the top of my head, I think he is messing with you to see how much you remember. Since you got here, the international thief network knows of your association with Regor. And I would bet Regor sitting in his cell in Drillian knows as much about our activities in the City as Jennevive does. I think you got "tribute" at One Eye'd Pete's. Was that for Ilero to keep or to send to Regor? You must be really easy to have around the house at Christmas time. :) You got a box from Dagger Eye and a box when that messenger fell off the horse and I don't think you've opened either of them. I don't think I could have kept myself from opening them. But anyway, maybe your visitors want that second box?

7/9 Carissa

Working on summary and since I wasn't there at the time, going to add on here that Shi has OBS and isn't doing any training for herself right now. She is training the wolves, but since that's 2-3 hrs a day, she could help train others, too, right? If needed? Or between training the wolves? Might be done with instinct training by the time Hugh is done with longsword, at least.

6-27 BOB

Change of plans.

Nyrma had a heart attack. She is ok and will be better, but she is still in the hospital as of Tuesday night. So the trip has been canceled. We will be playing this Friday (Jun 30 17) with who ever can make it in.

  • Tell her to knock that off. We'll have none of that type of misbehavior around here! And make sure she gets better. - TMO
  • Heart attacks are not allowed. Did she miss the memo? Glad she is okay. Keep it that way! - Carissa
  • Hey Bob, tell Nyrma to get better! I'll see about re-arranging my schedule so I can hop on! I'll probably be there.

6-27 BOB

Yes to Carissa's thought on the bow and sword. On the weapons data list it has long sword and long sword, elven that has the bonuses built in properly.

Yes to the unicorn speculation as well. It is possible that there is an elven maiden with a unicorn mount out there that you know of but again that would be very rare.

6/26 Carissa

Two elf-related questions for BOB since I've been trying to read all the elf stuff after the initial dragon-elf link search:

  • Have we/are we calculating the +1 hit with bow/sword? Or am I misunderstanding something/missing calculations I should have done?
  • Is there an association (or chance? what word am I looking for? anyways based on maybe the correct monster manual) with elves and unicorn mounts? More a question of curiosity or possible future storytelling or something (and if it is yes, would that mean Shi/Kel possibly knows someone(s) with such a mount?).

And I think there was some other question somewhere, but those are the only two that remained in my head. For now.

6-24 BOB

A word to make sure everyone is on the same page.

For rescuing Kenna. The Galatea adventure is not meant to be one that ensures everyone goes out as a group, rescues Kenna and brings her back. It is meant to be a group effort of smarts and planning and helping each other find the best path to solving the mission. If that means Braynwn teleports by herself so be it. If it means Ilero goes by himself that is fine. If it means tying up Kel and dangling him like a lure outside as a dragon treat that is up to the group. I want people to work things out here on the site, In Character and Out of Character, as well as on Friday night.

There is the morning meeting that everyone can contribute to, ask questions, find out about who is in the room, what you want to ask them, who you think might help, etc.

Maybe you want to Gate a river into the dragon's lair and pull Kenna out of the flood pouring out the front of the cave.

I am not saying that is a good idea, or even a sane one, but you have so many things available to you and so many ways of going about this that I have no clue how you will actually pull it off.

I do have faith that you will come up with a plan and that a good attempt will be made to rescue Kenna.

Yes to thoughts on gold being not truly relevant to elves. Mario can create more backstory for Kel as desired but yes you might very well get taken in by merchants.

Yes to the idea that the Hill Giants would be a weird complicated way to work things out. Remember that most charm and sleep spells work based on how many hit dice it affects so you might not have enough to affect even one. Plus the whole idea of who will talk to them.

Yes to Michael on creating armor with the Dragonslayers crest on it. Yes to the idea of creating armor here through comments, etc. However you are training for three proficiencies right now so you cannot do anything until that is over. That will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-21 weeks to finish. Then to do armor (quote from the Armorer proficiency page): The time required to make armor is equal to two weeks per level of AC below 10. For example, a shield would require two weeks of work, whereas a suit of full plate armor would require 18 weeks of work.

So your current plans plus making the armor would put you at 28 to 30 weeks into the future before all are finished. There are 36 weeks in a year. You are currently moving at about 1 game day per real world week. Though that will greatly increase as soon as we have a full listing on the training page for what slots each character is training for and how much you want to pay for each. AFTER figuring out what to do about rescuing Kenna.

Lots of good thoughts swirling around here.

No idea is too crazy to suggest, sometimes it helps to solidify that the simple solution really is the best. Other times you stumble upon something that no one ever thought of.

Knowing what spells you have available from everyone, what magic items you can use, and what favors from which NPCs you can cash in or request to do for someone.

Remember after reading through TMO's account (which was great) and all that happened. You got through in the end and actually have the King of the Bugbears as your friend now.

True you do not have any way of talking with him still but one step at a time right? :)

6/22 Carissa

Elves earn their livelihoods through whatever craft pleases them most. Often, this will be something that is beneficial to the entire community. Sometimes the goods are traded with humans for manmade wares but, more often than not, the items remain within the elf community. Since elves need not be concerned with money to the extent humans are, their home lives are rarely marked with worry about when the next meal is coming. As long as they produce something of value for their community (and probably even if they did not), the other elves will support them. Giving something as ephemeral as humor or laughter to brighten the days of others would be reward enough for the easygoing elves. to Mario on if they have any concept of gold. Or at least definite no to Shi. Kel might have at least somewhat better idea since he left the Wildlands before, but my guess would be not great. Better than Shi, but not great. Probably just wowed they were given something. Or acting wowed out of politeness :)

Hmm, but really interesting. I never thought about the gold or how they'd react or view it...

And nothing to add to Michael's thoughts except it sounds good. Until BOB gives the exacts to making armor and then we find out we have to go kidnap a baby green dragon or something to make a single enchanted piece (or maybe just baby dragon breath, I don't know, but I foresee something ridiculous).

6-22 Mario

Not sure if this goes here, but GA-OOC didn't seem right either...

Branwyn offered Kel and Shi 100 gp for pocket money, new outfits, etc. What is the elves' concept of money? Do they know it's value in a human city? Would they be wowed by that amount? Elves aren't driven by the quest for riches, so I'm not sure how they would react to it, and what if anything, would they feel the need to buy? If Kel and Shi should walk the city, as I suspect they are dying to, are they going to get swindled by an unscrupulous vendor selling an apple for 10 gp.? Or do they know better? (on an extended thought from this: how does the money system work for them in Divaekah? Is the value of gold the same? Is their economy driven by gold, or barter? Wow, so many questions!)

I'd like to hear the thoughts of all of you.

06/22 Michael

So Bob, I know you mentioned I could do some stuff on the side if that's okay with you. This stuff can be done almost exclusively through the website if you're up for some additional role-play. We don't have to do it either, it's no big deal. :). Anyways, I thought if one of my skills became armorer, I could spend some spare time making some items for the dragonslayer group. I was thinking more along the lines of customized armor that might offer some bonuses to the group that might go beyond the stock bonuses. Just to throw out an example: Plate mail that doesn't weigh a literal ton. I understand this might involve certain steps, I.E. finding an enchanter or mage that can work upon the armor, but I think it might be fun to do this in spare time that doesn't involve in game roleplay. And yes, before you think i'm crazy, I understand doing something like an enchantment might cost a literal crap ton of gold or other weird favor. If your NOT okay with that, then just fitting our group for nice armor would be a nice way to earn my keep at the Manor and maybe do a side business or something.

And...Second question: If this was done, could the armor have the dragon slayer emblem engraved to show allegiance to Branwyn? Just a thought. I really want to show allegiance to a particular person. Hugh is a decent fighter, but he doesn't have any magic. Thus my thoughts are basically make him into a tank at this point. Thoughts?

6/21 Carissa

So green dragons love to eat elves? Ha! Did we ever determine if Lisa was Ravenclaw or Gryffindor because I'm pretty sure she should earn some points for picking up on that elf-dragon link so fast.

But I'd be surprised if it wasn't common knowledge to elves (long as they live and as much as they love stories) which does make it easier to determine who maybe shouldn't be part of the rescue party, then. If you decide to try the teleport route, then maybe while they're gone, Shi can go visit those woods to the south for some potion creation.

And I add another vote to Kel going to the Thieves' Guild because it does sound humorous :)

6/21 Lisa

I agree with TMO. I prefer the idea of watching the roleplaying of Kel walking into the Thieves' Guild and proclaiming "Here I am!" Much more fun.

6-21 TMO

Given Ilero's stats are pretty piss poor, you might want to find another teacher anyways. ;)

6-21- BOB

Yes to Mario, 30 points of training in X number of weeks

6-21 Mario

So, just to clarify, would it take base time for each skill learned, regardless of the number of points learned? or base time for all thirty points, regardless of how many skills are learned? (Base time = 19 - WIS of trainer)

6-21- BOB

Yes to training as TMO describes. 19 minus the wisdom of the trainer is the number of weeks it takes to train.

6-21 TMO

From what I remember, Ilero can train a lower level thief even if that thief is moving above the trainer in that particular skill. I believe Marisu is better than Ilero in a skill he trained her in.

6-21 Mario

After reading the ecology of the Green Dragon, do the elves themselves know they are a green dragon's number one preferred snack? I would imagine Teb would know for sure. Just not sure if that is common knowledge among elves.

As per the Thieving Skills training, since thieves get 30 pts to spend, is the time calculated for training based on Points Learned, or Skills Learned? I would argue that thirty points would require the same time regardless where they are spent. Just less time is spent in each skill. As per Kel's training, another option is for Kel to self-teach himself (?) 10 pts in both Hide Shadows and Move Silently, and then another 5 pts each in Climb Walls and Open Locks, as he has points in those skills already. This is totally dependent on the length of time required to complete thirty points of training. On the ohter hand,what difficulties would he have in joining a Thieves Guild? What are the larger ramifications? I've never had a character do this before. Does Kel just walk in and say " Here I am!"?

6-21 BOB

I updated the Dragon page to make it easier to use. I also added in a start to ecology for each type. I thought you might like the Green Dragons first. :)

Yes to Carissa's wolf training plan, that is what we need to know, how much time each thing takes so that we can plot it out on the time line easier.

Yes to TMO and Lisa deciding just how much each knows and where to go from here. Jennevive as usual will listen and add comments as she thinks is appropriate.

As of now I do not know if I am bringing up Klooge on Friday (6/23) night but I should be able to check in here and answer questions and do some RP at some point in the evening.

6/20 Carissa

My goal is to finish up Galatea summaries by Friday. Related, I also went ahead and moved a few things over to Out of Character Discussions to start trying to plan the rescue of Kenna. For some reason, I'm having a good week when it comes to wanting to be organized!

6-20 TMO

I didn't find any mention of anyone telling Marisu about the rebellion during my research the other day. It's entirely possible that Jennevieve has enlightened Marisu during their time holding down the mansion while everyone else was out having a good time. :P But I didn't want to assume that, because it's also entirely within Jenn's personality to want to make Branwyn be the one to tell her, as a sort of joke.

If you want to say that she's been informed offscreen, we can do that, and I'll pick up the thread in the next session.

6-20 BOB

Some answers and comments on many great posts.

Mario - sorry to miss the thief training. Yes a thief is a thief and can be trained by any appropriate thief. Yes to most likely wanting to be part of a guild. Ilero could do your training for you so it would be free only owing Ilero the favor. It will take 8 weeks to do that. However that will have to wait until after Ilero is done with his current training as he cannot do both at the same time. So you might want to commit to paying gold for training here in The City or doing a favor like Ilero is doing. His gold was refused, they would rather have the Prince owe them a favor.

TMO - Yes to Marisu being able to find a spell at the mage's guild. As a bard she does not do research, she just finds spells she likes in her travels and learns them. Because she has access to the guild she can peruse their spells. Essentially any Common spell would be available. She has other places to look too, there are other libraries in The City as well as other places that a bard might hang out like theaters, guilds, etc.

Lisa - Almost all perfect on the magic item creation except that Priests need an altar to their goddess/god to complete such things. In the residence there is obviously not anything suitable for an elf. However outside of The City there are woods on the south side of the wall here on the peninsula.

Carissa - Excellent job on the summaries, you really do have a way with them. Yes to wolf training happening nowish, it is somethign that you started on the knarr on the way home. That is two days of training so far. The details are on the site about who how what for training on the page you linked to before that TMO set up.

Michael - Yes we need to know what skills you wanted to learn other than long sword to fit them into the potential time line.

Spring - Yes to Kenna getting XP for surviving being a dragon tutor.

There will be adventures that not everyone gets to go on when the group gets large like this. What we have done in the past was have two or more groups go out on separate adventures or have those training stay home while the rest go out. That is one reason to have henchmen, etc. to always have a speaking character to help out.

We will do lots more here on the site over the next