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Party Pack

Treasure - Coins - Gems - Containers

This is the list of items that the group carries around in the 'party pack'.

These items are not owned by any one individual in the group but is carried so that any character who needs an item out of it can take something as needed. These items are what is available to the adventurers while away from home.

Back at Home Base there are many more items that the group has collected and stored.

Things we have on the road

Travelling Type Items:
couple of sacks
2 Small Chests
Spyglass, worth 2,000 gp {carried separately in its tube} Carried by Indigo - Ilero wants to take?
Scrolls & Potions as listed below
Medium Chest
50 ft. of rope
1 bone scroll case - just the case
Room Scroll inscribed with an elaborate drawing of a doorway into 10-ft square room. It's lit with 2 beds, a table and two chairs, and food and drink for two on the table. On the far wall a pair of swords hang above a pair of shields
20 gp

Loot Chest:

  • 13 gems - ghast
  • 2 priest scrolls for creating undead - DESTROYED - ghast
  • 3 potions - ghast
  • 1 magic dagger - ghast
  • text book on blood magic to charm people - skull church office
  • 3 magic books, Suomi Religion on controlling undead, charm, & honoring the dead or maybe raising the dead - skull church office
  • magic ring, glowing as an evil item or cursed - skull church office
Small-sized gems
Hematite, worth 50 gp
Rhodochrosite, light pink, worth 10 gp
Eye agate, white circles, worth 10 gp
Hematite, grey-black, worth 50 gp
Liquid of Metal Fatigue
Potion of Super Heroism - Warriors only - made 2
Potion of Health - made 2
Potion of Vitality - lasts 7 days - made 2
'Oil of Animation' - would cover about 2 sq ft - made 2
Potion of Yellow Dragon's Breath, in a yellow crystal vial - made 2
Oil of Anger - made 2
Potion - Minor Globe of Invulnerability - made 2
Potion of Spirit Lifting - feel lighter than the physical body - made 2
Unknown Potion - needs testing
Potion of ESP - made 2
Potion of Ventriloquism - made 2
Oil of Armour - covers skin in armour-like toughness, enough to cover one person - made 2
Potion of Gaseous Form - made 2
Potion of Blindness - made 2
Potion of Animal Control - made 2
Potion of Zombie Control - made 2
Potion of Climbing - made 2
Potion of Protection from Magic - made 2
Potion of Enlarged Muscles - made 2
Potion of Humanoid Control - made 2
Potion of Levitation - made 2
Potion of Mist Dragon Breath - made 2
Aleese's Philter of Overwhelming Love - made 2
Oil of Stone Giant Strength - made 2
Potion of Worm Calling - made 2
Mojo liquid - made 2
Cordial of Kindness - made 2
Protection from Acid - carried in bone scroll case
Protection from Therianthropes
Protection from Undead
Protection From All Traps
''Loot Acquired - in loot chest unless indicated’’

High Level Party Pack