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Party Pack

Treasure - Coins - Gems - Containers

This is the list of items that the group carries around in the 'party pack'.

These items are not owned by any one individual in the group but is carried so that any character who needs an item out of it can take something as needed. These items are what is available to the adventurers while away from home.

Back at Home Base there are many more items that the group has collected and stored.

Diplomatic Disbursements

Things we have on the road

Brooch - 122 gp ruby set in gold - Branwyn's gift to Queen of Cornelia
Potions, scrolls and such as we normally carry with us

Loot Chest

Magic ring - needs Identify, no effects on human female except a tingle - hill giants and ogres
16 gp
44 sp
Black dragon head

BOB's container set ups are in blue, of course these can be mixed between several people if desired. The Small Chest does fit inside the Backpack currently with the weight totals.


2,277 gold pieces
100 silver pieces
100 copper pieces


Huge gems
Pearl, flawed - 10 gp
Large gems
Quartz, transparent pale blue, worth 50gp
Medium-sized gems
Banded agate, brown, worth 50 gp
Small-sized gems
Eye agate, white circles, worth 10 gp
Hematite, grey-black, worth 50 gp
Hematite, worth 50 gp
Rhodochrosite, light pink, worth 10 gp
Tiger Eye Agate, worth 10 gp
Gems of unknown size
Diamond 1000 gp
Blue quartz 50 gp
Quartz worth 10 gp
Ruby worth 750 gp
Turquoise worth 10 Gp
Blue Quartz - 10 gp
Eye Agate - 10 gp
Hematite - 10 gp
Emerald 4,000 gp
Black Opal worth 1000 gp
Hematite - 10 gp
Malachite - 10 gp
Rhodochrosite - 10 gp
Rock Crystal - 50 gp
Rock Crystal, worth 50 gp
Hematite, worth 10 gp
Turquoise, worth 10 gp
Peridot 100 gp
Small Freshwater Coral - 1,000 gp
Zircon (Semi-precious) - 5 gp
Ruby (Fancy) - 100 gp
Tiger Eye Agate (Ornamental) - 10 gp
Hematite (Ornamental) - 10 gp
Rhodochrosite (Ornamental) - 10 gp
Rhodochrosite (Ornamental) - 10 gp
Chalcedony (Semi-precious) - 50 gp
Oriental Topaz (Gem) - 400 gp
Pearl - 15 gp
Pearl - 50 gp
Pearl, 100 gp
2 gems, 1,000 gp each
24 ornamental gems, - 10 gp
21 semi-precious gems 50 gp each
7 precious gems, 500 gp each
Unknown Potion in a large, bluish-white crystal box with an inscription on the lid that reads ICE; contents are a bluish-white salve that had no affect on Branwyn's finger or on the wooden table
Ointment of Far Seeing, works on the Elemental plane of Ice
Potion of Certain Death, honey-scented liquid in a plain fired-clay bottle with a wood stopper; if someone were to drink the full potion, it would be instant death with the person's soul ripped out and transported to some unknown place
Potion - oil, needs testing
Potion - 1, need testing - from earlier than 11/15 - check exact circumstance
Potion - liquid, no reaction from human or plant - tasted like nothing not even water
Potion of Super Heroism - Warriors only - made 2
Potion of Vitality - lasts 7 days - made 2
Scroll of Protection from Good
'Oil of Animation' - would cover about 2 sq ft - made 2
Potion of Yellow Dragon's Breath, in a yellow crystal vial - made 2
Oil of Anger - made 2
Potion - Minor Globe of Invulnerability - made 2
Potion of Spirit Lifting - feel lighter than the physical body - made 2
Unknown Potion - needs testing
Potion of ESP - made 2
Oil of Armour - covers skin in armour-like toughness, enough to cover one person - made 2
Potion of Gaseous Form - made 2
Potion of Blindness - made 2
Potion of Animal Control - made 2
Potion of Zombie Control - made 2
Potion of Climbing - made 2
Elixir of Health - 1 left
Potion of Protection from Magic - made 2
Potion of Enlarged Muscles - made 2
Potion of Humanoid Control - made 2
Potion of Levitation - made 2
Potion of Mist Dragon Breath - made 2
Aleese's Philter of Overwhelming Love - made 2
Protection from Cold - 2 scrolls
Blank scroll
Priest Scroll -- 3rd level Celtic only spell - Frenzy of the Celts - creates battle frenzied warriors
Mage scroll Bigby's interposing hand Bigby's forceful hand, Bigby's grapsing hand, Bigby's crushing hand and Bigby's clenched fist
Protection from Acid - carried in bone scroll case
Protection from Therianthropes
Protection from Undead
Mage Scroll - Conjure Sand Lion - 4th Level, Al-Qadim
Shield of Cahus - Kayugan priest scroll - 5th Level
Travelling Type Items:
couple of sacks
Small Chest
Spyglass, worth 2,000 gp {carried separately in its tube}Carried by Indigo
Small & Medium Chest
two belt pouches
1 bone scroll case - just the case

Holding for Appraisal when Ilero levels next

  • Gems - 16
  • Pearl
  • Earring
  • Death Head horn set with gems - Goblin horn
  • Gold ring with large sapphire - non-magic
  • Cup (art object)
  • Ball of yarn (art object)
  • Gold plated large chest



Spear glowing with a magical light, +1 and +2 against Bullywugs - not appraised
4-foot long magical giant dagger "Mick Giagger" +1, may be used as a long sword
Magic mace, details unknown
Magic Mace +3
human-size field plate armor +3

Magic Items, Ingredients or Tools

Small cast iron potion pot - put potion & equal part pure water to get two potions - kept in Branwyn's Laboratory
Large magical crystal sphere - Branwyn - can see and send messages but can't hear subjects
pouch with graveyard dirt - taken at midnight during full moon
Set of magical Hinges for man-sized door {adds 3 pounds of space}
Rod of Resurrection - Priest Item


Chalice of Charon the boatman, used to drink the waters of the river Lethe; carved from tooth of Tiamat (priceless artifact)
Collection of Maps
Small book of prayers to Kiputytto - magical
Small cloth doll, grey with use, one leg with a black stitched spot on it
A dozen sheets of magical origami paper in a flat wooden box, possibly from Kara Tur
Map of Lake around Rivers Bend
Cloak clasp - 300 gp
Beetle Butt Acid
fancy wooden box - 10,000 gp
Goblet -- 5 gp
Book - "Mastering the Art of Seduction"
Book - "Gardening Secrets of the Dark Forest"
Book - Domville family history, from when Duke thought his daughter was going to be new Prince of Dryads Lair
Mirror - 15 gp
Small silver bracelet with brooms engraved on it 500 gp
Broken bracelet - not worth anything - anyone want to fix?
Marble seal - 1,400 gp
Ivory seal - 400 gp

  • Hugh Pack:

Empty Book, Two Scrolls of Vellum Parchment, Charcoal Stick, Ink and Pens, Small wooden box, Canvas bag (medium), Leather water bag, Fist sized rock, Oilskin blanket, 2 glass vials in leather pouch, small cloth rag, string, however much obsidian I can carry with me on the way out of the city.

  • Ilero - * 4 emeralds - currently stashed in a hidden place in the embassy
    • small crossbow with 4 magic bolts - Marisu
    • magical long sword +2 - Hugh
    • Ring of Thief Negation - Ilero
    • Wand of Rust - with gold at both ends - Alteration have command word, but only Wu Jen can use - Gave to Wu Sen Chu

High Level Party Pack