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Percival comes from a family where the father was a very successful cavalier and became a lord and landowner: Strom Christianson?. Percival's track is a little different and he will never be the 9th-level fighter that his dad was (18/73 Strength, specialized in longsword). Since Percival is a Paladin, he won't have the strength or the time to dedicate to specialize in longsword as his father did, but he has higher goals than his father ever had. His father is respectable and honorable and noble, but a little disappointed that his son wasn't the single-minded fighter that he was. Percival was always just as interested in religion as he was learning how to fight. In Percival's teenage years, his father could see that he wasn't as large as some of the other youth and definitely not as hearty but he certainly had spirit. So he tries to hide his disappointment and is proud of what his son has been able to do considering some of the physical limitations he has. "People have always loved the boy," he knows, "and that has to speak for something."


Percival wants to combat evil. And since there is a bladesinger in the party whose mission is to seek out foes of elvendom and defeat them, that's a good enough cause to enlist his services. In the elimination of foes of elvendom, there is the reduction of evil in general, so Percival is definitely in league with Arilyn?, although perhaps not to the level of intensity that Arilyn? has. Percival would like to understand why the enemies have declared themselves against the elves, while Arilyn? may not be so concerned with their frame of mind. Percival also wants to know why bad people are bad. Why can't they just be like him and be good? Would that not be better for all of society? Why would you choose any other form of lifestyle other than one that is productive and contributes to the good of everyone?

Basic Information

Percival is a knight errant who comes from a small but wealthy family, always showing the love of God through his words and deeds. He wants to help the world and he is sure there is a higher purpose for him that will be shown to him sooner or later. In the meantime, he helps out where he can and is perpetually brave in the face of adversity. He loves people and lives his life as example to all. He tries to be fearless but he knows that he is not the best of fighters. With God on his side, he can do all things.

He really hopes to be able to do something big like save an entire territory from a wicked dragon and then he would be an official dragon-slayer. He does not abide evil and combats it in all its forms, whether it is the powerful exploiting the weak or thugs harming the innocents. Percival is prayerful and always wants a priest to bless him before battle; he doesn't seek out combat but it always seems to find him. He will try to use his wisdom to find the best solution to any problem and he will try to persuade others he is doing the right thing and they should, too.

He doesn't lord his goodness over others but lives humbly in the hopes that they will want to be more like him, even if they can't live up to his high moral standards. He also knows he is not that strong and gets tired easily, so he stays on his horse as much as possible. He has the absolute minimum physical and mental attributes to be a Cavalier Paladin and is knows he is blessed to have made it as far as he has. He seeks out service whenever possible to show his thankfulness. He's got pretty good muscle but not stamina and pretty good balance but not aim. (His problem with aim may be a subtle vision impairment.) He likes to sing to encourage his compadres to victory and improve morale.

He has 2 henchmen, a priest Glabius and a fighter Taurus, both lawful good, of course. The fighter is his page who carries all his stuff for him (because Percival is moderately encumbered even with magical armor, shield and sword). Percival is in search of a holy sword for his crusade.