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Phoenix Era - Story Arcs

From 17-4-338 SKR to 9-6-338 SKR

This Era was made up of a set of adventures the group had during the creation of new 1st Level characters. The Dragonslayers as an adventuring group was formed in the aftermath of a battle on the edge of the Mist Wars that went horribly wrong for The Dragonslayers Company mercenary unit.

The story arcs that made up this Era included:

After this Era ended the adventurers started a new Era of Stretching Their Legs.

To help keep track of the new NPC's being encountered:

Corporal Antero HortswaffSergent Snowfoot HecklineLibellula Saturata
Kholnor SlickskinValoris Onod AncienMan in Red Cloak
Arahael MosskinPractumnarishkill 



  • Swamp monsters v. Human populations (Drillian and Carnak)
  • Vampire Lords/Undead v. Human populations (Drillian in particular)
  • unknown enemy who brought in Libellula Saturata to attack Dragonslayers
  • man in the red cloak who was selling slaves to the goblins
  • weres who captured gnome and sold as slave to goblins


  • team building and learning about each other
  • find a way out of wreck of tavern
  • find other survivors of the Dragonslayer Company
  • Training - ongoing

Feed Back & Recollections

I enjoyed this rebirth of the campaign. I was very happy to see how the players that started this Era took it upon themselves to make sure things did change. I wanted to have players play a different character than they had in the previous high level campaign and everyone did a very nice job of trying to establish new identities. I liked the symbolism of the Phoenix for the restart and being born in fire seemed to just fit. Digging Deeper was fitting in both mood and how the characters learned more about each other and this part of the campaign world. Green Acres was a fun way of expanding the adventures and establishing that there is a whole world outside of dungeons. It was interesting to see how some players expected particular trappings for the adventures and how those expectations got overturned or twisted. Starting with rats in a cellar and eventually ending up with Catalopas and Gremlins haunting a farmhouse.

I think the group's interactions are better than before and we have been lucky to have both a new player and returning players to enhance the newness factor. It was a coincidence to end this Era on the very last week of of the first 16 years of the campaign. I wish I could say I planned that far ahead!

Thank you to all the Players who made this Era a success. Fritz, John, Mike, Kaz, Guy, Beth and our newest player Lisa. Barb and Brian both came back to try out the new setting as well. I look forward to the next Dragonslayer Era with some more fun story arcs and perhaps other players returning as well.

And as always I hope that the individual players will add their own comments and feed back here or on the various story arc pages.