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Plains of Purple Dust

This is a famous region of the Raurin Desert, so named for its colorful geography. The Plains of Purple Dust are not true plains, but a broken wasteland of sandy dunes and craggy, upthrust mounds. The softer, purplish stone has eroded away, leaving behind fine sand of a purple cast.

Only the harder rock, ancient volcanic cones, still remains. These thrust up in craggy, straight-sided towers. The purple dunes pile around their base. It is in this desolate region that the Grinning Skull Oasis is found. The Plains of Purple Dust is famous for its monstrous population. The towers are popular breeding grounds with the desert dragonsócopper and brass. Rocs are said to make their nests on the fiat tops of the towers. Rare purple sandlings dwell in the dunes.