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Player Communication

This page is for news, announcements, game discussions, and issues that might have previously gone into emails. Anyone can start a topic or add to one already started. Please type four dashes after your name and before starting your message so it is easy for everyone to see each person’s contributions.

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1/15 Carissa

  1. Oh right. Duh. And double-checked schedule and shouldn't actually be late Friday unless something comes up.
  2. There. I think *almost* everyone is one there with exception to the dwarves (too much math and little care for their age at the moment) and the new NPCs (Tarsaps) mainly because I'm not happy yet with their story and might rewrite it. Hopefully their ages make sense? Wish I had just stuck to generalized "middle-age" and "super old" but noooo. Also added a few extra NPCs and family trees to the slightly more important ones. Probably won't add them to the page, but they're at least on Ancestry. And a few relationships. Have fun with it!
  3. If only Ilero hadn't chickened out and backstabbed those 32 orcs we could have had a bigger ship... ;)

1-15 BOB

TMO emailed me this:

Bob, This is just a me thing, and if you decide to do it, would involve a *lot* of pain and work. So I don't expect you to go with it. ;) The dates for the game sessions are MMMDDYY, and when sorted in the Search list (or categories), the game sessions are sorted into an order that is very hard to look through. Whenever I put dates in file names (I do this a lot at work), I use YYYYMMDD (2017-01-11) so that everything always sorts into ascending order. Like I said, changing would be an incredibly massive task. 25 years of files and links .... *shudder* But I thought I'd at least put the idea out there for you to consider (assuming you haven't before now).

So I thought I would take the time to post a bit about why I did this. Over in the Dragonslayer Thoughts section that has fallen on hard times.

1-15 Lisa

Good news that Portstown is out of the Mist. Then all I need to do is roll the dice one more time on a teleport. Portstown is where we usually dock the knarr, Branwyn has stayed at the tavern there and was where we had the original meeting with Toybin, Anastacia and Red Cloak after Wilamina disappeared so she should have enough familiarity to make it a relatively safe roll. Because my teleport rolls are never close calls, right? :)

1-14 BOB

No to Lisa that Portown is inside The Mist.

Yes to a hard limit of 20 people on the Knarr.

Yes this puts a kink in the planning in Rivers Bend when the two newlyweds expect to re-board their ship to head home.

I will point out that before you hit Portown you will be inside of Drillian and all that entails with a civil war maybe happening etc.

It will depend on what you find out before you get there and who you want to walk in with.

1-14 Lisa

I realized when I was looking at updated pages with all the people on the knarr, that we are fully loaded with 20 people - without Branwyn and Branadarus! Do they need to get their own boat? Is 20 people on the knarr a non-negotiable reality? If I remember correctly Portstown is inside the Mist so we can't teleport - is that correct?

I do like how all these NPCs want to follow around my PCs, but they are seriously overfilling the knarr.

1-14 BOB

Yes to Shi being able to ask, there is an In Character page here for a reason :) Use the Leg C In Character page to ask away for anything that anyone wants to before getting the loading of the knarr started next week.

Yes to being able to add new people in Ancestry. How I do it is I pick a person, make a husband of wife of that person as the new tree that I want to start and then build up that. You can then go remove the original link for that person and the tree still stands on its own. We have lots of disjointed trees there with various Dragon families or Elves on there already.

1/13 Carissa

  1. Shi meant to ask if there were any letters (or birds with letters) at the manor before they left and since they technically haven't left yet (and there is a chance work might make me late on Friday...)
  2. Trying to add to Ancestry like previously requested, but I don't know how to add someone completely new with no relations to anyone else on the tree? Figure it's worth asking on here since it might be worth others knowing, too.

1-10 BOB

I am ok with people tagging categories on pages. It might make searching easier also because you could restrict your search to that category only.

BUT I would not require it from anyone and I would not want it to interfere with the ease of what we do now by just adding the brackets.

How it looks to work with Ilero's page seems just great.

If people do choose to use them then we should have a page set up to keep the categories organized (ie spelled consistently) which we can add as an appendix to the Rule Book.

1-9 TMO

Okay, this is a little out of left field, about the wiki. This is not my first wiki. 0:D One of the things I set up on my previous wiki was the use of Categories. From a bit of research, it looks like this version of PMwiki handles them a little bit differently than my prior one, but it's still usable.

A category is a flag added to a page, and a page for that Category automatically links to every page with that flag on it. So, for example, if we put the flag PC on every player character page, the wiki will automatically create a page called Category.PC with a link to all of those individual pages.

  • If* we want to give this a try, it will take some planning and forethought on how we want it to work.

If anyone wants to see the previous wiki, here are some links (I'm not responsible for a lot of the content - it's user supported):

I honestly don't know for sure if this would be worth the effort of doing, but it might be. The wiki here has a defined and intentional style, and categories have not been part of that design so far.

1-3 BOB

I was thinking along those lines of adding color commentary/notes on people and places to the pages that have things you visited. Mostly off of the Rivers Bend - City Proper page and the various districts. Very much the Branwyn's guide to Rivers Bend sort of thing.

1/3 Lisa

Slightly confused. You mean just making a summary page that consolidates info we already have? Mario and Carissa are world building - which is absolutely fantastic by the way. I'm not good at that, so I hope that's not what you are asking. I did find that it took me a while to even find the page that lists all the regattas, so I can do a kind of highlights page of the people to see and places to go in Rivers Bend kind of thing. Fodor the World Traveler's Guide to Rivers Bend?

1/2 BOB

Also Lisa if you have information about places, people, events to add to the pages for Rivers Bend so that everyone can find it that would be a very helpful thing. Grins, sort of like what Carissa and Mario are doing for their village.

Rivers Bend and Loosend are going to back to being the big cities on the edge of your adventuring area so the more info there the better. Plus the more there for when the group arrives the better.

1/2 - BOB

You have a good point on how often the regattas are. They start at the harvest festival (beginning the 8th month so about two weeks away) with practices and then kick off with the Regatta di Burano on the 1st day of the Ninth month.

Which is to say that if Branwyn and Tiberus stay in Rivers Bend for a while you will be there, or the group might be there in time of them depending on how long everyone takes.

Branwyn teleported on 22-6-1267 TGR, arriving in Rivers Bend that same day under a pile of fish. :) So you have about 62 days before the anniversary of the race you did during Pirate Queens. Of course there is always something happening in a city like this. Feel free to watch or participate in a smaller run up regatta to the main events later on in the year.

The rest of the group is currently on 4-7-1267 TGR and about to reach Dryads Lair the next day. So the earliest they would arrive in Rivers Bend would be about the 10th. That gives the newlyweds about 18 to 20 days of alone time in the city if they wait until everyone arrives.

Sarengar is at the Opera house working on his current production. You have all those NPCs at your disposal as well.

1/2 Lisa

Great! I will try to work on some things. I forgot before to ask - Are you sure there are no regattas? I checked the page and there is one every month from the 9th month to the 1st month of the year and we are in early fall are we not? Not that it really matters I guess. I was just going through our old Rivers Bend information yesterday since that seemed a better plan than college football.


Lisa, I should be available for several posts this week before we get to Friday. Only a couple of meetings and I need to work on a presentation for Friday morning so I will be distracted to look on the site during the day. :)

You can run with the Lodge with no problems.


1/1 Lisa @BOB

Last teleport entry is up. I did want to have a Branwyn/Bellamin chat at some point and can't really do it myself as I wanted her to talk about the vampire and don't have the necessary information to answer my own questions. Well I could, but you might disagree with the answers. :) Let me know when you want to do that.

Hope you and John enjoy Branwyn's choice of lodgings in the city.