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Poseidon - Greek - Priests - Gods

An older brother of Zeus, Poseidon is the god of the seas, oceans, rivers, lakes, and earthquakes. Poseidon has the power to create new life forms, and is the creator of bulls and horses. This power often brings him into conflict with Athena. He can also summon and control any non-divine form of sea life, and change his own shape into that of any living being at will. In his true form, he is a man standing a hundred feet tall.

Role-playing Notes:

Poseidon is a possessive god, his waves constantly lapping at the land belonging to his fellow gods, breaking off a bit here and a bit there. Poseidon also has a terrible temper, and vents his rage in the form of storms or earthquakes. His churlish disposition causes his fellow gods to consider him a foolish old fellow, but only the mighty Zeus would dare say so to his face. If any coastal polis neglects his worship, he is quick to flood it with a tidal wave or smash it with an earthquake. Omens from Poseidon take the form of storms, trembling ground, or visits from hideous, newly created monsters. When especially pleased with a priest, Poseidon rewards him with a paladin-quality warhorse, or by creating a spring in a place of the priest's choosing.

Gods Information

Alignment: CE
Worshiper's Alignment: Any
Area of Control: Water, Earthquakes, and Creation
Symbol: trident

Avatar Information

Poseidon's avatar is a huge, bearded man. He can draw upon the all, animal, divination, elemental, healing, plant, and weather spheres for his spells. (Druid 14, Fighter 10)

Str 20 Dex 18 Con 18
Int 13 Wis 15 Cha 18
MV 15 SZ 30' MR 15%
AC 0 HD 14 HP 112
#AT 3/2 THAC0 7 Dmg 1d6 +1 (trident) +8

Special Att/Def: Poseidon's avatar can move through water with complete freedom, just as if it were air. Any being hit by his trident must save versus paralyzation or be stuck on its prongs. They will remain there until removed by another character (inflicting 1d10 additional points of damage) or released by the avatar himself.

Worshipers Requirements

Requirements: Standard
Alignment: any Non-Good
Turning: Nil
Armor: Any Non-Metal
Weapons: Trident

Major: All, Animal, Divination, Elemental (water only), Healing, Plant, Weather
Minor: none

5th - Water Freedom (as a ring of swimming that also bestows water breathing) 10th - Control Winds (direction but not intensity) for up to eight hours 15th - Earthquake

Duties of the Priesthood

Poseidonís priests must throw a bull into the sea as a sacrifice at least once a month. They are also expected to bless the boats of fishermen, and at least one priest is usually taken along on any long sea voyage.