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Potawatomi River

One of the Great Rivers of the world the Potawatomi flows from the northern section of the Great Plains south to merge with the ?? river near the city of Everreach.

The Siletz tribe controls most of the length of the Potawatomi with the exception of the headwaters that are in the Calimay tribal area. Because the only way for an outlander to trade with the tribes of Everreach is to come through Outreach and travel southeast these two tribes control much of how the rest of the world views their lands.

The Potawatomi is a shallow slow river that during long dry seasons can become almost unnavigable and during extreme droughts most of the headwaters will dry up and disappear. Along much of the length of this river there are graceful willow trees, aspens and cottonwoods. This is where most of the limited wood that the tribe uses comes from.