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Priest Guardian Sphere - Spell Data Files - KloOge

These spells place magical sentries over an item or person. These spells are more active than protection spells because they create an actual guardian creature of some type. Protective, healing, and trickster deities may all grant spells of this sphere.

# Name	Level	Cast Level	Expression	# Memorized	Cost	Rarity	Sound	Effect
Blessed Watchfulness	1	1	For the next {4+$L} hours, the target is wide awake and vigilant.	--	1			
Light - Priest	1	1	I create a 20' radius globe of light which lights the way for {6+$L} turns.	--	1			
Sacred Guardian	1	1	For the next {$L} days, I know if the target of this spell is in danger.	--	1			
Iron Vigil	2	2	For {7+$L} days, the target has no need for food or drink and can easily withstand harsh climes. Sleep can be replaced with meditation.	--	1			
Silence, 15' Radius	2	2	For {$L*2} rounds, no sound can enter the 15' radius area.	--	1			
Wyvern Watch	2	2	A wyvern like haze guards a 10' radius area for up to 8 hours. If an intruder enters the area, it attacks. The intruder must save vs spell or be paralyzed for {$L} rounds or until the caster releases him.	--	1			
Continual Light - Priest	3	3	A permanent, 60' radius globe of light is created.	--	1			
Glyph of Warding	3	3	I create a glyph on an area which explodes when someone touches it. Individual glyphs may vary.	--	1			
Abjure	4	4	I send a {1d20-11+$L} HD creature back to it's home plane.	--	1			
Dimensional Anchor	4	4	For the next {$L+10} rounds, the target creature is unable to use any forms of extradimensional travel.	--	1			
Dispel Evil	5	5	I send back evil creatures to their home plane if I touch them.	--	1			
Unceasing Vigilance of the Holy Sentinel	5	5	I create a 5' radius sphere which sticks around for {$L} hours and allows those within it to be better at guarding an area.	--	1			
Blade Barrier	6	6	I create an immobile barrier of blades between 5 and 60 square feet in area. Anyone who is caught in it takes {8d8} points of damage. The barrier stays up for {$L*3} rounds.	--	1			
Forbiddance	6	6	No one can enter the area unless they meet my criteria.	--	1			
Symbol - Priest	7	7	I create a symbol which discharges later to some effect.	--	1