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Priest Time Sphere - Spell Data Files - KloOge

The spells of the Sphere of Time explore ways in which time can be altered and perceived. These spells manipulate the effects of the passage of time on objects and creatures and can also affect the passage of time itself. Such spells are often the province of deities associated with nature, philosophy, divination, and trickery.

# Name	Level	Cast Level	Expression	# Memorized	Cost	Rarity	Sound	Effect
Know Age	1	1	I know the age of a creature or object.	--	1			
Know Time	1	1	I know what time it is.	--	1			
Hesitation	2	2	Up to {2d4} HD worth of creatures suffer a +4 penalty to their initiative for {$L} rounds.	--	1			
Nap	2	2	I sleep a full night's worth of sleep in one hour.	--	1			
Accelerate Healing	3	3	For the next {1d4} days, I gain twice as much hit points from resting.	--	1			
Choose Future	3	3	My next attack, initiative or saving throw roll can be rolled twice, and I take the best one.	--	1			
Unfailing Premonition	3	3	I sense danger for the next {($L*2)+10} rounds. In combat I get a +2 to ac, though there's a 25% chance that I lose my action for the round.	--	1			
Age Plant	4	4	A plant grows older by up to {$L*10} years.	--	1			
Body Clock	4	4	I rest better, and hold my breath longer for {$L} hours.	--	1			
Age Object	5	5	The object ages up to {$L*20} years.	--	1			
Othertime	5	5	I step a few rounds into the future.	--	1			
Repeat Action	5	5	The target repeats the action of the previous round, with identical results.	--	1			
Time Pool	5	5	I look into a reflective surface and see some time in the past.	--	1			
Age Creature	6	6	I age the target {$L} years, or reverse magical aging in the target.	--	1			
Reverse Time	6	6	I reverse the last {1d4} rounds of action for the target.	--	1			
Skip Day	6	6	Those in 10' radius transport 24 hours into the future!	--	1			
Age Dragon	7	7	For {$L} rounds, the target dragon gains or loses {$L/5} age categories.	--	1