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Priest Travelers Sphere - Spell Data Files - KloOge

Spells of this sphere provide aid and comfort to travelers, making their journeys safer, easier, and more enjoyable. Deities sympathetic to the well-being of explorers, nomads, and other wayfarers often allow access to this sphere.

# Name	Level	Cast Level	Expression	# Memorized	Cost	Rarity	Sound	Effect
Know Direction	1	1	I know which way is north.	--	1			
Aura of Comfort	2	2	I'm protected from harsh weather for {$L} hours.	--	1			
Lighten Load	2	2	The weight of the stuff I'm carrying is 50% less for {$L} hours.	--	1			
Create Campsite	3	3	Tiny invisible servants run about and setup a campsite for me in a 50' radius area or less.	--	1			
Helping Hand	3	3	For {$L} hours, a disembodied hand goes off to fetch help.	--	1			
Know Customs	3	3	I know the customs of the local area as believed by the target of this spell.	--	1			
Circle of Privacy	4	4	Chances for random encounters at our camp are reduced by 50% for {$L} hours.	--	1			
Tree Steed	4	4	I turn a large piece of wood into a steed I can ride.	--	1			
Clear Path	5	5	For {$L} hours, dense paths in front of me are cleared so I can move better.	--	1			
Easy March	5	5	{$L} people can force march twice their movement for {$L} days, though they suffer a -1 to attacks.	--	1			
Monster Mount	6	6	I compel a monster to be my mount for {$L} hours.	--	1			
Hovering Road	7	7	I cause a road to appear for me for {$L} turns.	--	1