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Priest War Sphere - Spell Data Files - KloOge

The Sphere of War involves magic specifically for use on the battlefield--in mass combat between large units. Usually, these spells are granted by deities of war: those Powers who believe that victory and courage in battle are the ultimate goals for mortals.

Priests who follow these gods are sometimes generals or leaders of armies. For these priests, tactical and strategic brilliance are as important as personal skill in combat.

There are significant differences between the spheres of War and Combat. Combat spells are those the priest can use in personal altercations. These spells inflict physical damage on an opponent or improve the combat abilities of the priest and several comrades. War spells, on the other hand, are concerned with aspects of large-scale battles other than direct infliction of damage: observation, identification, movement, morale, and the like. Few spells of this sphere inflict physical damage on the enemy.

Unlike spells of other spheres, most War spells can be cast only on a single military "unit." The definition of a "unit" is that which is used in the BATTLESYSTEM™ rules; however, the DM may rule that any large group of troops accompanied by PCS may qualify as a unit. Units can be infantry or cavalry (ground or airborne), human or non-human, of regular or irregular formation. In general, they must be organized as a single unit and must be at least five individuals in number. These spells are generally useless in individual combat.

Spells from the Sphere of War are designed to be used in large-scale battles like those played using BATTLESYSTEM™ rules; thus, these spells refer to concepts from this game system. Distances are referred to in linear inches (not game inches) and times are referred to in BATTLESYSTEM turns, but the DM is free to modify these statistics to suit combat outside the BATTLESYSTEM rules.

The deities who preside over the Sphere of War are careful when granting these spells to their priests. They will generally grant such spells only when a priest is about to enter battle. In the case of the more militant war gods, a priest who petitions for these spells inappropriately or misuses them may suffer dire consequences.

# Name	Level	Cast Level	Expression	# Memorized	Cost	Rarity	Sound	Effect
Courage	1	1	The target unit does not need to make morale checks.	--	1			
Morale	1	1	Target unit's morale is raised or lowered.	--	1			
Emotion Perception	2	2	I learn the morale rating of up to {$L/5} target units.	--	1			
Rally	2	2	Target unit makes a rally check.	--	1			
Adaptation	3	3	Target unit fights as though they have a different favored terrain.	--	1			
Caltrops	3	3	I summon forth caltrops for {$L} turns.	--	1			
Fortify - War	3	3	I create a fortification equal in size to a {($L/2)*10} ft cube.	--	1			
Entrench	4	4	I create a fortification equal in size to a {($L/2)*10} ft cube.	--	1			
Leadership	4	4	I'm now better at leading troops.	--	1			
Tanglefoot	4	4	I double the movement cost of a type of terrain for {$L*2} turns	--	1			
Disguise - Priest	5	5	For {$L/3} turns, the target unit is disguised to look like another.	--	1			
Illusory Artillery	5	5	I make illusionary artillery fire which causes the target to make morale checks.	--	1			
Gravity Variation	6	6	I can cause or negate the effect of slopes for {$L/3} turns.	--	1			
Illusory Fortification	7	7	I create a large illusionary wall.	--	1			
Shadow Engines	7	7	I create illusionary siege weapons which deal half damage of real ones.	--	1