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Priest Ward Sphere - Spell Data Files - KloOge

This sphere includes spells that provide protection of clearly defined areas, ranging from small objects to entire villages. The magical boundaries established by these spells prevent entry or negate the effects of specific creatures, energies, or conditions. Many of the spells take advantage of cooperative magic, involving the casting of a spell by a number of assembled priests to enchant exceptionally large areas (refer to specific spells and the sections and Cooperative Magic for more information). Deities of war and protection, as well as those associated with benevolence and mercy, might bestow these spells.

# Name	Level	Cast Level	Expression	# Memorized	Cost	Rarity	Sound	Effect
Anti-vermin Barrier	1	1	For {$L} hours, vermin are repelled from an area consisting of a {$L} ft cube.	--	1			
Weighty Chest	1	1	For {$L} days, an item is enchanted so as to grow {1d4+1} times the weight of someone trying to lift it.	--	1			
Ethereal Barrier	2	2	I ward off an area from ethereal travel for {$L} turns.	--	1			
Frisky Chest	2	2	Target item permanently flees from anyone trying to grab it.	--	1			
Zone of Truth	2	2	for {$L} rounds, people can't lie in a {5*$L} ft square.	--	1			
Efficacious Monster Ward	3	3	Creatures of 2 HD or less are prevented from entering an area of a {$L*10} ft cube for {$L} rounds.	--	1			
Invisibility Purge	3	3	Invisibility in a 10' square is impossible for {$L} turns.	--	1			
Squeaking Floors	3	3	For {$L} hours, the floor squeaks loudly when someone steps on it.	--	1			
Thief's Lament	3	3	For {$L} hours, thief skills in the area are reduced by 25%	--	1			
Zone of Sweet Air	3	3	Gases are kept out of a {$L*10} ft cube for {$L} turns. 	--	1			
Fire Purge	4	4	I protect an area from burning for {$L} turns.	--	1			
Weather Stasis	4	4	Current weather conditions stay the same for {$L} hours.	--	1			
Barrier of Retention	5	5	For the next {$L} turns, the area I enchant can be entered but not left.	--	1			
Elemental Forbiddance	5	5	Elementals can't enter the area for {$L} turns.	--	1			
Grounding	5	5	Everyone in the area is protected from electrical damage for {$L} turns.	--	1			
Shrieking Walls	5	5	If someone enters the room within the next {$L} days, the walls shriek and wail.	--	1			
Undead Ward	5	5	I create an area equal to a {$L*5} ft cube for {$L} turns. Undead that enter the area are subject to turning as a priest of two levels less than myself (I don't actually need to know how to turn).	--	1			
Crushing Walls	6	6	Intruders that enter the area cause the walls or ceiling to crush in on them.	--	1			
Dragonbane	6	6	I create an area equal to a {$L*5} ft cube for {($L/2)+1d4} rounds. Dragons that fail their saves are unable to enter the area.	--	1			
Land of Stability	6	6	Earthquakes, floods, windstorms, volcanoes and other similar phenomena are prevented for {$L} days.	--	1			
Tentacle Walls	7	7	Tentacles pop out of the walls an attack.	--	1