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Protectorate of ElvenStier

This country was founded by Paul ElvenStier of the Dragonslayers. It lies along the Great Trade Route at the far northern end north of Wolfspack. To the West lie the Bronda Hills and to the East are the Great Mountains. To the North is Terraguard.

Being fully surrounded like this requires an active patrolling force that Paul maintains by continuing to adventure with the group to recruit and keep his treasury full.

The Protectorate is centered around Gon, which was the site of one of the Dragonslayers first triumphs.

After the events of Paul's Day, including the destruction of the towers Paul built around Gon, Paul instructed his follower to blend in with the local citizens, defending the area without looking like a standing army. Even before Paul's arrival, this area was used to frequent attacks from all sorts. But being a notable adventurer with an established keep just seems to attract more problems then it repels. It is still early in the Protectorate's development, but so far everyone seems to be happy with the current arrangements.